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Orange Is the New Black season 3: start air date (2015)

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When does season 3 of Orange Is the New Black TV-series come out on Netflix? We are waiting for the start air date of the new episodes in 2015!

TV-channel: Netflix
Pilot episode: July 11, 2013
Creator: Jenji Kohan

Jenji Kohan’s popular drama «Orange Is the New Black» has been renewed for Season 3 already before Season 2 is launched.

As we know, the premiere of the new episodes on Netflix is scheduled for June 6, but the rights holders decided not to wait for the set date and announced about the financing of the third season.

A few days earlier Laura Prepon, an actress, published the information about project renewal on her Instagram, and later it was confirmed officially. The new episodes will start in summer 2015, but the exact timing is to be announced later (UPDATE 2).

Is the project worthy to be renewed for Season 3?

UPDATE 1 (February 20, 2015): Jason Biggs will not return for Season 3.

UPDATE 2 (March 2, 2015): Netflix announced that season 3 of Orange Is the New Black would begin streaming on June 12, 2015.

UPDATE 3 (April 15, 2015): Good news! The series was renewed for a fourth season.

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  1. Luchia

    Great news, but I’m still waiting for the second season.

    • Crystal

      The second season is already out… It’s on Netflix, where are u trying to watch it? Well I just realized you put that up in May of this year. Just incase you’re still trying to watch it just get Netflix instant.

  2. DobberMan

    show has my two favorite categories in a series (comedy,drama) and finds the perfect balance tween both. hope for more seasons in future.

  3. kimber

    Love this show stayed up two whole days watching it

    • Dannie

      Me too!

  4. gucci

    Love the show! But it s*cks that we have to wait an entire yr for new episodes!!!!

    • Chris

      This is one of the pitfalls of Netflix way of releasing shows.

  5. Katy

    I agree!!!!!!! I watched the 2nd season in a few days, and now I have to wait a year for the next season!!!!!! I looooooooooove this show. SPEED IT UP NETFLIX!!!!!!! 🙂

  6. cheverisima


  7. Sandra

    OMG 2015!! I cant wait that long! 🙁 I guess I shouldn’t have done Orange is the new black marathon! yikes!!!

    • janette

      How is it possible to stop yourself from a marathon? I was staying up till 3 – 4 in the a.m. on week nights because I lost all self control!…

      • ana

        I’m currently doing so…. :3

    • Laura

      ME TOOOOOO Sandra!!! Only a couple months to go now – thank goodness!!!

  8. Sarah

    Seriously?!?!? You get people addicted to the show then you make us wait until next summer? I will forget about the show by then. Guess I will have to find something else to watch.

    • Jordan


  9. Tammy

    A YEAR????? SERIOUSLY??????? That’s ridiculous!

  10. Olivia

    I love the show, but they are waiting way too long to air season 3, and it sucks, so no reason for Netflix now!!!

  11. Janessy

    Why so long?! It’s my favorite show

  12. honesty

    I totally love this show. But really a whole year for 3rd season. Omg…like another said ..Please speed this up…..

  13. Mya Marshall

    Another year? Waaaah

  14. Franny

    Come on now one year to wait. I love the show as well as my daughters . Pick it up or start showing like a tv series … Needing my fix before I find a new addiction

  15. Betsy

    Darn!!! I hate that it will be a whole YEAR before new episodes!!! I’m watching Season 2 now and was hoping for a Season 3 marathon session!!!! Darn darn darn

  16. Kassandra

    REALLY !!!!!!! A whole year I can’t wait that long come on now I never watch tv and now that I found a great show that I really like I have to wait a whole year just to watch season 3…. No good at all please speed it up..

  17. david

    Guess its time to cancel streaming video until it starts up again

  18. Michelle

    Cancelling Netflix is a great idea. Save the cash while OITNB dilly dallies…

  19. Sarah

    I can’t wait that long oh my gosh this show has got me emotionally invested, I just finished the second season last night and all I can say is I want MORE

  20. Terri

    I love this show!! Why must we wait a whole
    Year! Hurry up Netflix. I can’t wait to see the
    Next episode!!

  21. Shelly

    I enjoy watching tv most times but orange is the new black has me hooked. Crazy eyes makes me laugh and cry. Piper goes through so much learning how to cope inside. Red is so resourceful but the mommy & friend for those that come to her. I stayed up glued to the box at 12am although I had work the next day. Lol!!! I just hope Netflix continues with a good plot that keeps the audience wanting more.

  22. Ginger

    This is how Netflix is trying to get people to stay with them. But waiting a year on the show everyone wants to watch. I don’t care how good it is, you’ll lose customers during the off season. They will just come back once the season is released. Not good marketing.

  23. Kerry

    Once a year is a tease!!!!! It should air atleast 2-3 times per year. I love this show but waiting a year in between each season is hell. Season 3 is probably already made!!!!

  24. Nia Brewer

    So in love with this show can’t wait for season three!!!

  25. janette

    a year is just ridiculous. ridiculous.

  26. LISA

    OMG!!! This show is soooo addicting… It touches on every emotion. You laugh, you cry, you get shocked and enlightened.. You actually find yourself cheering for them… what a ride… It’s just good. If your going to make such a fantastic well received Netflix Original.. Then be prepared with continuous episodes to keep you viewers watching.. jeez… a whole year??? Better hope viewers don’t get hooked on something else on Cable and forget about you……..

  27. LINDA

    SUMMMER 2015…..NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! That is just toooo long!!!! I wish I had known, I would have waited and watched one episode a week to keep me going until the new season starts!!! Addicted and anxiously waiting for Season 3!!!!

  28. Charlotte Bryant

    Can’t wait for 3!!!! Hurry up already!!


  29. Deborah Wornum

    Arer you serious!!!!! They cannot keep up in suspence till the summer of 2015. By then we will be so frustrated that will not want to watch it

  30. Anna

    While it saddens me that I have to wait til next summer to see the new season, I can wait. My absolute favorite show is American horror story and I have to wait for a year for that too. Trust me you will wait and enjoy it just as much. I try to look at it this way. While yes I will miss seeing what’s happening next, a year gives the writer of the show to develop a really good script with interesting points. It doesn’t just get sloppy and overdone. The plot will be clear and she will do a good job with it. So I’m excited to see what is in store for everyone next season! Keep up the good job 🙂

  31. Miranda

    BEST SHOW EVER! Can’t wait for season 3!!

  32. Wendy

    Good grief why so dang long Netflix? I finished the 2nd season in like 3 or 4 days. And now you expect us to wait another 9 months or so. Ugh :/

    • Tabitha


  33. may

    Darn…….now that she -devil “V” is gone, I need my fix!….don’t know if I can take this….. with waiting so long for Season 3!…….LOL! Love the show. It’s too much fun!

  34. nikki

    miss the show so much, watched both seasons so many times and kinda getting bored. Please tell us when the new season is coming out on Netflix in the uk

    p.s Alex is hot
    love all of the orange is the new black team. mwah xxx

  35. Tabitha

    Really, A year in-between seasons? That is stupid. Every 6 months there should be a new season. Look at other shows. they take a break over the summer etc. Not an entire year

  36. Patty

    They really need more than 13 episodes per season….this show is sooooo addicting…LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  37. Shelly

    I had a friend let me use her netflix account specifically for this show. Now that I finished 26 episodes I have to wait a whole year to continue it. I have started an addiction to this show. Why do we have to wait that long? That’s ridiculous. I guess I’m going to have to turn to “how to get away with murder” to get my Officer “hottie” Bennett fix. Thanks netflix

  38. Danielle Hogan

    Hell yes it’s worthy of a third season!!!! The only complaint I have is that it’s taking too damn long to air!! I absolutely LOVE this show! I didn’t watch any of it until Season 2 was already over (I didn’t have Netflix until then), but I watched every single episode of both Season 1 & Season 2 consecutively over a 3 day period (because some idiot told me that Season 3 was going to start “in a few days” & that was in like July of 2014….stupid) & was hooked & ready for more. I think it is such an amazing show, covering every emotion, showing that these women are just that, women…..women who, due to their life’s circumstance, wound up in a miserable place & are trying to survive it & still better themselves so they never have to return. Then, those who are lucky enough to arrive at their release dates, find out that it’s become more than a cage, it’s become home, a safe place where the rules are more comforting than life on the mean streets. (Corny I know, but that’s what I got from it as a whole, from watching it in its entirety. It’s tough, touching, & pulls you in & makes you a part of the lives of all of these women. It’s amazing!)

    I cannot wait for Season 3!!! Maybe they’ll take pity on us & start Season 3 a bit sooner than summer of 2015. Perhaps early Spring or late Winter? Hmmm? Sounds good to me!! (lol)

  39. Brenda

    Love this show!!! I miss the characters and can’t wait to see what’s next!! Why do we have to wait so long between seasons?? Pure torture!!

  40. Alyssa Heidrick

    I have watched both seasons 1-2 of orange is the new black. I really enjoy watching this tv show. And I can’t wait to see what happens in the next season. I really would like to know when the next season starts. I was so disappointed when I got to the end of season two and couldn’t move forward and see what was next!!! when does it START?


    I love this show!!! Hate that I waited so long to watch! Also hate that I don’t have another season to watch, I didn’t want it to end! Can’t wait for season 3!!!! I hope their is even more to come after that!LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SHOW!!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

  42. luv onb

    I love this show soooooo darn much I watched both seasons 1 n 2 over the summer then, realized I had to wait a whole year for season 3 but I just renewed my Netflix and restarted Orange is the new black and I love rewatching it. Usually I cant wtch things twice but this show is so freaking awesome I can watch it all day and aLL NIGHT

  43. kari

    The animal, the animal, trap trap trap till the cage is full.
    The cage is full, the day is new and everyone is wait for you…….and you got time!!!!!!
    Bring it on NETFLiX!!!!!! WE GOT TIME<<<<<<<<<

  44. Leigh Anne

    Watch season 2 the day it came out, all 13 episodes back to back!! Can’t wait for season 3 to come out. I’ll have to do a marathon of seasons 1&2 right before season 3 starts to make sure I remember it all since we gotta wait so long!! Come on Summer!!!

  45. Beata

    Loveeeeeeddddd ! Just finished season1& 2 marathon in 3 nights ! THE BEST EVER !

  46. Justine

    Of course they should have a 3rd season. This show is brilliant

  47. Domini vanhausen

    The show is only on netflix rite?

  48. Jessica Swenson

    I absolutely love this show, I have gone years without getting into a “series show”, the last show I’ve watched more than one episode of was Niptuck and I used to watch it with the first girl i fell in love with, this is so amazing, and the chemistry between piper and alex is unfathomable, it inspires me to get into acting myself just to be apart of what the characters do! can’t wait to see the new season 3, I literally spent the last two days watching this series not leaving my bed unless to pee or eat food! and it was said best, laura prepon playing a lesbian is by far the best thing ever, I liked her on that 70’s show, but I love her on this one more, especially with dark hair and glasses, super hot! 🙂

  49. Sunshine

    season 3 need to start soon cause I love dis show like omg. I CANT WAIT!!!!

  50. Marie M. Dunnam

    My niece had me watch several episodes over Thanksgiving 2014. I don’t usually watch television, but started going through the episodes in late January, and would watch one after the other until the wee hours of the morning. I am a social worker, and the stories behind why certain characters are in prison plays right in to my life’s work. When I watched the last episodes early this morning, it was upsetting to find there are no more until later in 2915. This series should definitely continue. I would think it would be interesting to anyone in the field of psychology, sociology or social work.

  51. morgan

    I haven’t found a show that I have loved this much in a long time. There isn’t another show that has the much raw and realness in it. Definitely a favorite of mine
    Im also getting really impatient for season 3. I cant wait

  52. Name

    I love this show and now I have to wait another few months! PLEASE Netflix speed it up! My mom and myself look forward to watching this. Now we have to wait and there is nothing good on tv Monday,Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday. On those days I watch Orange is the new black.

  53. Michelle

    Am with EVERYONE else on here!!! Come on PLEASE hurry, we are running out of things to watch while waiting for season 3!!! WE NEED OITNB like NOOOOWWWWWW!!!!!!!!

  54. Kendia R

    That is tooooo long to wait! I am spending my time watching stupid reality shows when I can be watching something that’s actually WORTH watching. If I see another rerun of Love & Hip Hop I am going to explode.

  55. Jennifer and Larry

    We really liked this but the longer they take to release the next season, the more we are losing interest. It’s getting ridiculous with that. Might not watch season 3… ?? It’s not fair to the fans.

  56. Red

    Why all the questions about season 2? I finished watching it a few months ago. Where are folks waiting for its release? It’s a Netflix series, so that’s where I watched it, and gave it 5 stars!

  57. laura

    I love this show and it is to long for to wait and see more . Hope that season 4 doesn’t take that long . I hope they are working on it now

  58. lanie

    A great show with an outstanding cast. I just joined Netflix. I don’t know what took me so long. Lots to catch up with until orange is the new black returns. Thumbs up, Netflix.

  59. Lisa

    Can’t wait for season 3 to start. Let my Netflix account cancel cause I don’t watch anything else although I hear there’s some more series coming out, but will have it up and running when the season begins. HURRY UP

  60. Tatyana

    Does it only come on Netflix or does it come on the actual tv

  61. Juany castro

    Can’t wait for season 3

  62. Shannon

    Stop complaining! You aren’t waiting any longer that you would with a normal series. One season a year. The difference is that we all binge watch them within a few days of release.

  63. Diane Whetsel

    When will we be able to rent season two? I don’t have streaming so after season one, we were left in limbo! Arghhhhhhhhhhh

  64. Bobcat

    Love this show. I hope they keep it going more then 4 years.

  65. Kay

    *\o/* SEASON 3 STARTS 6/12/15 *\o/*

  66. gottaloveit

    8 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait to see season 3.

  67. tnt

    I’m so lucky my sister in law introduced me to orange is the new black just a few weeks ago just enough time to watch season 1&2 no anxiously awaiting for the 11th I just hope they don’t leave use waiting a whole yr be for season 4…….

  68. JAM

    Finally only a few more days and season 3 starts love this show nothing like it

  69. Phil Ryan

    How cool is this show. I hadn’t really been interested in this series, but once I started watching my Wife and I could NOT stop watching. Now we are drooling fools waiting for Season Three. Please hurry up!!

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