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Orange Is the New Black season 4: release date (2016)

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When will Orange Is the New Black season 4 be released? The show was renewed for the new season, scheduled to premiere in 2016. Let’s wait for the start!

Channel: Netflix
Created by: Jenji Kohan
Producer: Neri Kyle Tannenbaum
Production companys: Lionsgate Television, Tilted Productions
Genre: Comedy-drama

While watching the third season of «Orange Is the New Black» television series the viewers can be calm concerning its closing as, not waiting for June 12, the rights holders decided to renew it for Season 4.

Such an early order of the new episodes can be explained by a great popularity of the given show and its importance for Netflix. The TV-project really deserves to be renewed for Season 4, as this year it has been nominated for many prestigious movie awards and it couldn’t go unnoticed.

Unfortunately, there is no information concerning the exact number of episodes (13 episodes), which will be financed, but its premiere date on Netflix is scheduled for June 17, 2016 (Friday).

Are you surprised?

UPDATE 1 (January 5, 2016): Orange Is The New Black has been renewed for 3 more seasons! Are you waiting for Orange Is the New Black SEASON 5?

UPDATE 2 (February 29, 2016): OITNB Season 4 Teaser:

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  1. Pam<3

    Season 4? Yeaaa!!! I’m really excited to see season 3 now. It must be good if they’re taking this leap.

  2. Toby

    Love this show! First two seasons were really engaging for me. Can’t wait S3 and S4 ))

  3. Trey Barros

    Great news! Please keep the show forever. So addicting, I love it!

  4. 1stEnoch

    I personally love this show! Iv already watched both seasons waiting on the third. I hope there will be more and more seasons to come.

  5. Berna Bufkin

    So excited for season 4!

  6. Heidi N.

    Actors are amazing, the script is fabulous. Best show on Netflix!

  7. Ela Welles

    This is the best show ever! My boyfriend and I are so hooked. Happy for season 4.

  8. Renee

    Omg i love this show! Waiting for season 3 and now season 4 is scheduled to release? YAYYYYY! this is THE BEST SHOW ON NETFLIX NEXT TO HOUSE OF CARDS. They are head to head in my house! Keep up the awesome work!

  9. Riq

    Love this show…. Counting the hours til season 3 … But why release it for me to watch for 3days straight then make me wait a whole year for more -_-

    • lynda jones

      Couldn’t agree more…I did the same thing and then was devastated to find out I have to wait until July…totally unfair on the part of Netflix…don’t start something if you’re not prepared to carry it thru…especially with such a winner as this show appears to be…

  10. kimmy

    Why not put 2 season together why wait a whole year.

  11. sherri

    already watched season 3 in less then three days I cant wait a year. love this show it is the best beyond anything I have ever watched. now I have to wait. hope that the series never ends

  12. Chris

    Please release episodes spaced out and to wait till next July is too far away

  13. katlin

    I want more ALEX !! Season 4 !!!!!

  14. nicolen75

    I can not wait til July 2016, that is crazy!! They should do 2 seasons a year! Love love love this show!!!

  15. smillz

    I don’t think we should wait that long. their should be 2 seasons a year

    • lynda jones

      So totally agree…Netflix (if you are listening), don’t start a great series like this and then almost bale out for a year…not fair to the fans…

  16. WendyT

    This show is brilliantly written! Love, love, love this show!!! I cannot wait for Season 4! Please hurry July 20016!

    • jan

      when in july ??????????????

  17. LilaS

    I hope Bennett comes back to Daya and the baby

    • lynda jones

      Seems he is busy on ‘how to commit murder’…don’t think he’ll be back…sad, thought they might make it…

  18. kayla

    I was able to say busy and waited 2 weeks after season 3 was released before i started watching…I think i still have to wait for everrr until season 4 🙁 lol

  19. Jolene

    It August I have not seen season 4 of orange is new black on yet..!! Why I have it I?

    • Greg

      July 2016

  20. Kareen

    But why??? Why do we have to wait sooooo long for some of these series? I understand budgets and all but geez when we love a series why are they waiting so long and having so much trouble when its so popular? I’m not trying to sound naïve because I’m not really, but they do all types of things to get other very odd and awful things out too. Just a few very frustrated watchers is all.

  21. Trish

    Can’t wait for season 4! I have my friend also addicted to the show! Can’t get enough of it. So well written. The acting is awesome! Crazy eyes rocks!!!!

  22. Pam Goodie2shoes

    Totally hooked! I’m now in full blown withdrawal until I get my OITNB fix scheduled for July 2016. Hopefully sooner!

  23. lynda jones

    Binge watched the first 3…now I miss the ‘girls’…please, please air sooner…I’m totally addicted…simply can’t wait until July 16 to find out what happens to Alex (totally love her character…great actress…

  24. angie edwards

    I just read that the show wasn’t gonna air again until 2016? Dangonnit! that seems forever! I had impression when on 13th or 14th of Oct. 2015 BIG BOO showed on the Wendy Williams show,it was coming soon.Now I have to be honest here,I kindly cheated. i got 100% into OINB immediately,therefore, I couldn’t help but to continue on with the episodes i had (season 1-3 NETFLIX). Now I’m anxious to see season 4.Thought it was to be on sooner than 2016.Bummer!!!! love the show!!! to ALL actors\actress’,writers,directors etc….Keep it up! doing a fine job in my eyes.Keeping me in one spot isn’t easy to do. you done it!for many,many hours!looking forward to what y’all will come up with next!

    • Joyce Cote

      Have you all tried the show ” Wentworth” it is similar to this one and an awesome show. all about women in prison too. Give it a look ,while you wait for Orange is the new black to return. I watch Wentworth and I love it. Let me know what you think. it is on Netflix too.

  25. the smooch

    great show can relate to the comedy wish I could get a small part for next season. if not still keep producing more seasons I will be watching happily. may the force be with you(GOD)!!!!!!!

  26. zetta

    Hurry up already. I love the show, but all this time waiting is ridicules. Take a month break then get on with it.

  27. rgereau

    The “miracle” is the show. Absolutely brilliant and addictively engaging…hoping for a minimum of six seasons (that’s minimum)….A thank you to everyone involved making this masterpiece.

  28. Laurie

    this show rocks. Love, love love it

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