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Outlander season 2: premiere date

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Starz renewed the Outlander series for a season 2 to consist of at least 13 episodes. When does new season premiere in 2015? We know the air date on TV!

TV-channel: Starz
Pilot episode: August 9, 2014
Developed by: Ronald D. Moore

Season 1 episode 1: 0.72 million U.S. viewers

Season 1 episode 3: 1.00 million U.S. viewers

The fans of «Outlander» television series, which has been launched in the current year on Starz, can stay calm concerning the project renewal, as, according to the official announcement of the rights holders, the season 2 will be ordered.

The TV channel management confirms that 13 new episodes will be ordered, the premiere date of the first of which is scheduled for 2015 April 9, 2016 (UPDATE 4). More exact information concerning the second season start will be published on our website, as soon as it is announced.

According to Chris Albrecht, the Starz Director General, such an early renewal of the show is possible only thanks to the viewers’ support as well as the positive critics’ reviews.

It should be noted, that the next portion of the episodes will be based on «Dragonfly in Amber», the second book in Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series.

UPDATE 1 (September 25, 2014): Outlander show will continue on April 4, 2015 (S1E9).

UPDATE 2: Outlander season 2 release has been postponed to 2016. Follow the news!

UPDATE 3 (September 13, 2015): Ronald D. Moore stated on Twitter that he expects season 2 to premiere in March/April 2016.

UPDATE 4 (February 11, 2016): And Finally: The second season of Outlander, consisting of 13 episodes and based on Dragonfly in Amber, will premiere on April 9, 2016. Let’s wait!

UPDATE 5 (June 1, 2016): Outlander will be back for a third and fourth season!

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  1. Owen

    Outlander is the best show I’ve seen in ages! I hope they continue with a season (or more) per book!

    • idaseeit

      With Ron and Meril at the helm – The show will go on to achieve the critical acclaim it deserves. Terry’s designs are inspired. Keep it coming.

    • Ann W

      I agree that Outlander is the best show on television. I can’t find anything I enjoy as much when it is not on. I hope they continue it for all 8 books, all of which I have read since the first episode appeared on TV. It is the greatest. I love it.

    • Ann S

      I have bought the first 2 DVDs and can’t wait for them to release the next one. I can’t get Starz so this is the next best thing. I am on the 4th book and am enjoying it but it’s not like seeing it. I love the actors and hope to never seeing them replaced. The author for these books is so talented. I am never board.

  2. Bernelle N. (Outlander fan)

    A very smart move by Starz!

  3. Judi

    I can’t wait to see how Starz pulls off the second book! Dragonfly in Amber is my next favorite of the series to Outlander.

  4. Gennie43

    Excellent and quality show. Love the book series. Very pleased with the casting as well.

  5. Maurice Rice

    This is the 3rd show I can think of this year that starz has given an early renewal. Good move!

  6. Jean McKenzie

    An outstanding series. Hope they are smart enough to keep the story line close to the book. AND who ever help pick the cast should get an award of some type. The actors are perfectly suited to their rolls. Good job Starz!

    • Ann W

      The actors are all perfect for their roles. They make it seem so real. They are all wonderful.

  7. Carly

    Love this show!
    Reminds me of my first love and heartbreak.
    I really hope stars continues with several additional seasons:)

  8. Kay

    I love the Outlander!! My favorite show! I hope it comes back before April 2015!!! I can’t wait that long – Come on now – don’t leave us hanging until April!

  9. Maggie

    Kay I’m with you-April is too long to wait for Season 2. I could probably read all the books in the series before then!

    • Jo Stalvey

      You could…I did !! Lol ! Can’t wait for season two. 2016 is a long ways away!!!

    • Stella

      I’ve read all about 3 times each. Can’t get enough of this EXCELLENT written series..Spell binding, and the all cast is perfect.

      • Gayle

        I have read the whole series twice myself…
        I really enjoyed the Outlander series so far. They are doing a wonderful job!!!

  10. janelle

    April is so far away…ugh! I just love this series. One of the best in a long time.

  11. Cheryl

    Best show ever! The books are wonderful and at long last a movie that actually follows the books! Great job filming and acting! Must watch! Thanks for finally making this movie! I’ve been waiting for years.

  12. Diana

    I have read all of Diana Gabaldon book series, Outlander and 8 + books. Marvelous writer, fantastic filming and acting. Best show ever! I hope Startz continues with her series. I agree, April is too far away.

  13. Kim

    Can’t believe I have to wait until April for season 2!!!

  14. linda

    I love this story. I love the way it follows the book so closely. I cant wait for the next season. But I just read that starz is not going to finish the first book. I’m vvvvvery disappointed. There is so much more action there to deal with. So much of the story line that is important to later episodes. I was looking forward to see Jamie rescue Claire from jack Randall where the first season left off.

  15. Marcia ritz

    Outlander is Starz best show out right now, if. They are smart they will ride the wave as long as they can. Good job on this one !!!!!!!

  16. shaz

    I enjoyed this series, and really can’t wait till the next season starts. I’ve read the first six novels in the outlander series and it’s a brilliant story.

  17. Linda

    I was reluctant to watch the series because I loved the books. To paraphrase Caesar: I came, I saw, You conquered!! Love it./ Can’t wait for more…

  18. skw

    The ONLY reason I added stars to my subscription

  19. ct

    Just happened to see the show love it and I’m hooked started to read the books and can’t put them down. Hope to see all the 8 season by the books.

  20. Essayem

    Just to clarify, the show will continue on April 4 @ 9 pm. It is not season 2, it is the second half of season 1, and will continue with the story in the first book. Each season will follow the next book in the series.

  21. evelyn hubbard

    I wantto be jameys mother on the show im old enough 64 I feel like im right there in Scotland mesmerized by the show

  22. Sharon

    Love Outlander -incredible job by Starz bringing this wonderful series to life perfect casting-can’t wait til episode 9 airs

    • Joyce

      Evelyn, I read your comment and if I could be anything it surly wouldn’t be his mother.

  23. nadine

    I will watch every time it is on just to see jamies beautiful smile and soul piercing eyes. if Claire gets tired of you im here lol.

  24. sheila

    Love the show. Hope to see all 8 books come to life in this series. Better than the game of thrones

  25. Carmen

    I sure hope they don’t go and cancel this show anytime soon. I can’t remember the last time I got this s*cked into a story. Started reading the book after watching the first 8 episodes, and found them equally riveting. Wonderful cast and scenery.

  26. Cheryl

    Love the book series and am most joyful that the TV series is following the books so closely!!

  27. Debbie

    Great series,looking forward to season 2.

  28. Kristina

    Truly amazing series and one of if not the best I have ever seen. Superb acting. Close to the books and improves on certain scenes. Please keep this series going to the length of the books.

    • Esther Graham

      I agree, must keep this series going the length of the books, also, makes you remember your first love. So hot and heavy,….

  29. Jensie

    I missed the first episode of Season 2 of Outlander, Does anyone know if/when they’ll start showing that particular “new” Season 2 episodes a second time? I also have “On Demand” but don’t know when they might wait to show that episode (and the others) on “On Demand?” Thanks in advance for any info re Oulander

    • LIL

      jensie , on demand has 16 episodes on now. I have them all right now and have watched them over and always see something I missed before I find this is the most compelling series I have seen,I find myself thinking about these people frequently

    • Leanna

      You can watch the whole from start to current on starz play [.] com as my hubby has the tv I only watch on computer

    • vee

      the starz line out is still showing the first series of outlander…………scroll all the way down last show on there

  30. jules

    I hope that there is a series for each book, but I fear that would take years. As I’m already quite old I hope they get a move on. I’m a bit annoyed that no UK station took it on as some of my friends were looking forward to seeing it. Now they will have to subscribe to Amazon Prime.

  31. Weny

    Best show ever! I am watching Season 1 over again via DVD.

  32. Jen

    Really excellent series! It has been helpful to see what Scotsmen and the Scottish landscape probably looked like after having read the books. Better than the imagery in my head! Thank you!

  33. Lisa B

    Hmmmm..Note most of the comments r from women…could it have anything to do with Jamie?!
    What a hottie!

    I’d take him in a minute but would for sure be a cougar thing…

  34. Angelene

    Love love love this show, I’m addicted and can’t wait till the next episode it’s what I look forward to all week long

  35. Margaret

    I stumbled across Outlander by chance and I was gripped from the beginning. I love the opening music it brings the hair on the back of my kneck stand up. This is a great way to learn history and I do not need to watch 50 shades of Grey either. I wait every week to watch another episode. Thank you.

  36. Rebecca

    Yes, the acting is outstanding. It’s impressive on every level. Set, costumes, historic, and so much more. Just a shout out to the excellent portrayals of a strong women. Jenny and Claire as well as a Gaylis and even Mrs. Fitz. Brilliantly written.

  37. sue

    I hope that they will make the entire series into movies. I probably won’t live long enough to see it finished as I am 76 years old. I have read all the books and look forward to seeing the rest of the series.

    • Leanna

      I will pray for you Sue to finish the series

  38. Mimi Jackson

    Best show on TV. I love the actors,director, and the storyline and bits of history. The show is artistically BEAUTIFUL to watch. I love “The Skye Song” as leadin. I hope they do the entire series of books (like Game Of Thrones). Truly the most enthralling series I’ve ever watched. Thank you.

  39. Ashby

    BRAVO to all writers, producer, directors and cast! WELL DONE!
    BRAVO FOR THE ARTISTIC CINEMATOGRAPHY! Having been an Art/French major and Art History, minor, I love the camera scenes, low-down perspective angles; allows the viewer to feel like one is right there in the scene on the ground, as part of nature feeling the foggy temps, hearing nature and being immersed in it all; the same for the indoor camera angles. Truly deliberately done, in my book which gives it an artistic element head and shoulders above some of the other series I’ve been watching that are long on Hollywood type special effects, but short on character development and historical content.
    What I like about the books are the artistic descriptions of the surroundings, mentioned above but also Claire’s “self-talk”; for those moments, you are a little butterfly perched on her shoulder hearing every thought and surroundings, so eloquently and artistically described, and opening the window into her soul. I was concerned that the TV series would not be able to pull that off, to have Claire’s “self-talk” input BUT, Ronald Moore, producer was brilliant to have Jamie’s “self-talk” added which balances Jamie’s strong charismatic, manly character with the personage of thought out feelings and compassionate consideration for Claire, etc.
    I’ve read all but the 8th book of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series and listened to the CD’s narrated by Davina Porter – fantastic, BTW, and I was pleasantly surprised! Although the characters casted on the screen are not the ones I have in my head from reading or listening to the CD’s, they are comfortably gaining ground and favor. 🙂
    BTW Sidebar: I had Jake Gyllenhaal in my head for Roger Mackenzie, Claire and Jamie’s son in law. 🙂
    Another BTW Sidebar: The other characters are well casted, too. 🙂
    THE OUTLANDER is the best book series I’ve read and the TV series via Starz is commended for supporting it. I look forward to all 8 books worth!
    LAST BTW Sidebar: I only wish the Episodes were 2 hrs. long instead of 1 hour; for 1 book per year, that’s 8 years and some of Diana’s older supportive readership could expire by then!!! One hardly gets started when it’s over in an hour. This might cause some viewers to go into fetal position, thumb sucking until the next episode!!! :o) Just kidding……or…. NOT?! :o) Submitted by happy DG/Outlander Fan!

  40. Leanna

    At first I was not thrilled with the casting of actors but as time went on they have grown into the characters well. Great acting and I hope starz will continue it through the whole book series! I only get starz for outlander and will cancel when they cancel the show

    • Ann W

      I agree with Leanna that if Starz cancels Outlander I will cancel Starz. None of starz’s other series catch and hold my attention. But, Outlander certainly has. It is a wonderful story, greatly performed, and beautifully done.

  41. Patrizia

    Outstanding series….kept me on the edge of my seat. Best show I’ve watched in the long time. can’t wait to start watching season 2.

  42. Karyl Lewis

    When does the next part of the Outlander series start?

  43. Margaret

    like so many others, I am a huge fan of this show. kudos to all the actors, directors, producers, etc. but I’m particularly impressed with Sam H. who plays Jamie. I hope the series will continue as it is the best thing to be on television in years. Scotland for some reason has always interested me but it is now on my dream destination list. love the show.

  44. Gail

    When does season 2 premiere? Season 1 was fabulous!

  45. Rachel

    I love this show!!! I came across Outlander searching for something worth watching On Demand all it took was one episode and I was hooked. I can’t wait for season two.

  46. Bobbie Beverung

    I am 8l and the series has breathed new life into me. I so hope they get to finalize all the questions; i.e. the signifcance of Jammie’s ghost….how did Jack Randle’s body end up on Jamie’s ? I’d love to know & hope I live so long………………wonderful series….read the books 3 times.

  47. tina

    I am so caught up in this series. Believe me I’ve gotten to the point that I don”t even keep track of the other show that I like. I have DVR”d the entire Season 1, and I look at several episodes every evening and ALL the episodes from 1 to 16 on the weekends!!!!!!! How long will I have to wait for Season 2 to start ? Oh well I do have ALL of SEASON 1 to keep me occupied!!!!! I must admit I’m a late bloomer. I was channel surfing one evening and saw Jamie and Claire’s Wedding, I was hooked !!!!!!! The key to anything is getting the right people for the right job. Choosing the right people for the charactors that they are portraying is Genius. The director Roger D. Moore is excellent. Book author Diana Gabaldon what a visionary!!!!!!!!!

  48. vicki

    best show on tv!!! wonderful acting, love jamie and claire. hate black jack

  49. Leslie H.

    Absolutely love the books and the TV series. I love all the actors and how they keep to the books storyline. I even got my husband interested in them! I hope STARZ continues with the series. Great job!!

  50. marguerite

    San Heughan looks like the long ago actor Randolph Scott in the newly realeased picture as Jamie in Paris seated with another who is pouring wine. Talk about versatile looks.

  51. Johanna

    Did not even know about the show. My daughter told me about it and one day as clicking through on demand and saw outlander. Watched an episode, then another, then another. After 4 hours took a break til the next day. Caught up and eagerly watch every episode. Now I keep checking to see when season 2 starts. Best show I have ever seen. Love all the characters. First time in all my years that I loved watching a man on TV. I am totally in love with Jamie. Jamie is perfect and so is Claire. Glad the rapist got killed by the Bulls. I did not read th books, but hope she will hate her husband in 1945 the way she hated his past relative, the animalistic pervert Jack. lo e t
    He music and dance at the beginnin of each show.

  52. Tamara

    I started watching the Outlander show when the second half of the first season started and fell TOTALLY IN LOVE with EVERYTHING about it!!! And I was able to watch the first part of the season On Demand (so glad I have that!!) Now I’m completely hooked And I got my daughter hooked on the show as well! So, now we’re just patiently waiting for season 2 to start! Is there a date set for season 2 to start?! Also, I have a few questions…during the sex scenes are Claire and Jamie or Claire and Frank actually having sex? I don’t think so but my boyfriend thinks they are. Next question…is there any truth in stones like the standing stones that have or could cause someone to travel back In time? Myths come from somewhere like about fairies or ogres and such. Makes a person wonder if they are or were real?! Final question…will the cast from Outlander ever come to Kansas City (which is where I live) and if so is there any date set as to when??!!! I would LOVE to meet them all!!!

  53. Cj Wills

    I’m a huge fan of another hit show on another station but the only reason that was my favorite show is because I had never seen Outlander. This show is rich; rich with an intriguing story line, phenomenal actors, and the most sensitive, comprehensive directing I have ever seen. Ever. Ronald Moore, you are dynamic sir, and your cast – phenomenal! How you have cleverly created a most annoying heroine but keep the audience tuned in for more is perspicacious and ingenious.
    If there is a flaw, it is in the lighting of the scenes. Some of them, i.e., cave like, dungeon dwellings, forests, dark of night, etc., are so dark I can only hear what’s going on, for I can see nothing. I sincerely hope the execs at Starz realize the beauty of this show and keep it around. I love it and I thank you.
    Why isn’t there more publicity about this most excellent show?

  54. Mary Murray

    I have read all the books. I dVR the show and watch it when I cannot find something else to watch. I was born in Scotland came to this country 51 years ago.My husband family is from around the area where this takes place It makes me homesick,I love all the actors and I cannot wait for the next season to start. I hope I am around for all the seasons. I am one of the old ones.

  55. dawn

    Very disappointed that season two won’t be released until 2016! There is the possibility of several seasons so wouldn’t think a delay makes sense. There are so many Outlander fans who are going to be disappointed.

    Outlander is the main reason we have Stars!!!

  56. Patricia

    Outlander is one of the best series I have ever seen and so true to the book. I am now into the 4th book and I cannot believe we have to wait until April 2016 for Season 2. This is the main reason I ordered STARZ and I hope that the series will continue through all of Diana Gabaldon’s books- there seems to be plenty of material.
    PLEASE push the start date into the Fall of 2015!!!!!!!!!!

  57. barb campbell

    What can I say my name is campbell, love this program even the reruns

  58. wynona

    So what date in 2016 is Outlander coming back ! I absolutely positively love this show !


    Loved Outlander and can hardly wait for Dragonfly in Amber. Starz has done a magnificent job with location, actors, accurate story line, etc. Mr. Moore and staff have made TV watching a pleasure again. No commercials!!. I keep Starz just to watch the series on demand. Hurry with the season 2

  60. Cheryl

    Man, I am really missing Outlanders! I have watched season 1 three times. Starz has done a magnificent job with location, actors, accurate story line, etc. Now I find out Season 2 won’t
    Start until next year. You have a great series, we all love it, why wait. Please don’t make us wait.

    Now I am even wondering if I will keep Stars (our 6 mo is up next week) as Outlander is the only thing I watch on Stars.

  61. maggie dolan

    Why would you postpone season 2? HBO didn’t postpone game of thrones. Many of us will be discouraged . A series is hard to follow when it doesn’t return in the fall. I’m truly disappointed with STARZ.

  62. Elliott

    Never thought I would say, but something has replaced my all time favorite, Game of Thrones! Keep em’ comin’ Starz, I love this series!

  63. Mary Ann

    In a few days my husband and I will celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary with a trip to Scotland, just so that we can ‘drink in’ the atmosphere of the Scotland that has been such a remarkable actor in the Outlander story. The luscious filming of both people and places has been such a visual feast for me and I recommend to all who can that they watch the television production in full before going back and rewarding themselves with the beautifully written books. I would love to tell each of the actors and production staff how remarkable their efforts have been to my daily joy. Jamie and Claire and their ethics and devotion to one another isworth serious reflection by all who live in this time. Dianna Gabaldon is for me a treasure. Her writing has allowed me to taste, hear and see some of the most remarkable moments of life. All of her books are on my Ipad as well as Starz play… wishing her health and vitality as she writes book 9 in the Outlander series.

  64. Sally Lynn

    Ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto to everything said above.

    The best ever series on television and probably the best books I have ever read. Keep it coming Starz, but speed it up, would you??

  65. Doug J.

    My wife bought season one on BluRay and there were 8 episodes. I am a bit confused by one of the posts saying there were 16 episodes but there seem to be conflicts to that in others.
    Season 2 is to be delayed to 2016 and 13 episodes were ordered by Starz. It seems book one should have more than 8 episodes as it ends with a lot more remaining of book one.
    Can anyone confirm we have watched all that has been released with our season one disc purchase ? Thanks !

    • Roy

      The first season consisted of 16 episodes.

    • Julie

      They split the season..half in the fall the rest in the spring. If you have only seen the first eight, you need to watch the rest before season 2.

  66. Debbie P

    The first 16 episodes have virtually stayed true to the book and had me hooked from first episode. Well done and keep the series coming I want more 🙂

  67. Julie

    I’ve never read a book twice. But when I first started these books there were only 3, so now I’ve read the originals 3 times the rest 1 and 2 times. My favorite of all time!!!. I’m very pleased with the show, staying fairly accurate, which has to be difficult at times. Bravo!

  68. deborah w.

    Ms.Galbadon reminds me of the writing of James author who could capture the history and sense of place and time through the lives of his characters.She adds the dimension of feelings and the motivations that even he admitted his books lacked.But this production of her series is also of superior quality to the movies of his works.The acting is terrific with these superior production assets.Very impressed all round. Congrats

  69. Mary

    I started reading the books last month and I am on Book 4. A friend told me about the Starz series and I fcompleted the 16 episodes quickly. When in 2016 will it start? I love the actors and the behind the scenes feature afterwards.

  70. teresa latzel

    Follow the book…make the love scenes less graphic…just stick to the book!!

  71. Judy P.

    So thrilled that Outlander season 2 is coming….absolutely love this series. Only wish the 2nd season was showing before 2016!!

  72. Tam

    I love this series! It probably gives Scotland’s tourism and economy a huge boom. Lovely photography, interesting story, and lovely characters. Needs to focus less on bodily parts and functions though. Needs more scenic shots.

  73. Patty

    Best show on tv not only now but for a long time! Actors are perfect for their parts!please let this have 8 seasons for the 8 books!!!

  74. Annie

    The only reason I have Stars is for Outlander!!! This show is done so well! Love everything about this series! 🙂

  75. julia riley

    I love the outlander series here in Jamaica.i am hoping to see more in the future.

  76. cheryl cox

    2016 for the next session? am I wrong?
    yall are stupid, starz I pay for want to see outlander and no I wont read the book, want to see and 2016 is not an option, tell who ever I’m done and wont pay another dime for starz, I have no interest in the others,

  77. Robbie

    The decision to not have a split season like the first one is moronic

  78. Kelli

    This is the best series I’ve ever seen. The most true to life and very faithful to the book. Fabulous acting, realistic dialogue, costumes, and story line. I was so inspired by the first season of the show that I ended up reading all 8 books in the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon over the summer (about 7,000 pages!) Couldn’t put them down. I can’t wait for Season 2. But to have to wait so long! You may lose some viewers by waiting so long; even a split season would be better than waiting so long.

  79. Donna B

    WHEN is Outlander coming back on????????

  80. Marie DAoust

    it may be a blessing as showcase has had some technical difficulties with recording is the past few weeks hope to see outlander real soon
    a fan for more than 10 years love the books and love the series
    @MarieNative55 twitter

  81. Eartha J

    I Looove this show…Please hurry back. Best series i’ve ever seen. The action the scenery, the love…just hurry back…I want more!!!!

  82. Sharon W

    I love the series ,I feel the casting of the characters was excellent! I ‘ve read the 8 books already and can hardly wait for the next season. I realize that there is a lot involved in the Paris connection , getting the sets together, acclimate to that era in Paris etc., but come on to make us wait until April of 2016. Is this a contractual issue with Starz , prolong the series for a few dollars more!!!!

  83. Marilyn

    Its rare that a TV show or movie is as good as the book but this is. They really followed the book well with very few changes. I have read all the books and absolutely love them. One of these days I’m going to visit Scotland and go to Culloden and some of the other places in the books.

  84. Julie

    I highly recommend listening to the audiobooks. Davina Porter did an absolutely amazing job voicing all of the characters. It will keep you occupied until season 2 comes out on Starz. I also recommend listening to the Lord John Grey books on audio. Your library will probably have them. You won’t want to stop driving if you listen to them in the car!

  85. Susan

    Can’t wait!!

  86. Frank DeBilio

    I hope they follow uo Season two with Dianas other books in the series.

  87. cm


  88. bonnie

    Such a long break between seasons I think its to long

  89. Beth Ellenwood

    I read the first book years ago. When I first saw it I was like, ‘I know that’ but couldn’t place it. Until I reread the book and I was hooked. I love it.

  90. Peggy

    Absolutely one of the best series EVER!
    Can hardly wait for season 2!!

  91. Karen

    Why do we have to wait till March/April to start the 2nd season? why so long before the next season?

  92. April

    I would like to see another season if they tone down the rape scenes. Season 1 sexual content was extremely disturbing. Are you promoting rape or trying to stop it? Very very disturbing content.

    • Sarah N.

      They’re staying true to the books, which are FAR more graphic than the show, and those parts are INTEGRAL– they are vital parts of the entire story and cannot be removed or none of it will make sense. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Perhaps reading the books would give you a better understanding, and the written word would be less offensive to you, but it is what it is. There’s always the Disney channel if you can’t handle brilliantly written, scintillating fantasy storytelling.

    • Melanie

      Really?!?!? How do you turn down rape?!?!?!?!?!?
      Rape happens… I know, it has happened to me, but it is good to see someone overcome this tragic scene. I don’t think they are promoting rape. This is an adult TV show, showing things that happen. They don’t repeat over and over to go rape someone. I have seen worse on TV and even more worse on the Internet. Children do not need to watch this, they should be supervised when watching TV or looking on the Internet. SO ADULTS ONLY…. and if you don’t like it, don’t watch it!

      **Sarah N.** I agree 🙂

  93. judi r

    I want to let you know how captivating this show was for me one show and I was. Hooked!!!thanks for a show that is never boring…only disappointed to wait sooo long to come back.good job

  94. Melanie

    Most amazing show I have ever watched. I am seriously caught up in story so much that I am passionately yearning for the next season. Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe have an amazing chemistry together along with acting that explodes on screen. Wanting to see Jamie Fraser’s determination and love to see him through the hell he went through in season 1. The love between Jamie and Claire is so passionate, that it is erotic. No other relationship on TV can beat them. The willingness to die for one other is romantic but they go beyond that for each other. It is upsetting to wait so long for season 2, but I guess the better it will be. Just hope they are smart enough to keep this show going on the TV.

    • Caroline Aguilar

      I agree wholeheartedly! Going to order the books too!

  95. Caroline Aguilar

    Hurry up and release Season 2 Of Outlander on Starz! Seems like l have been waiting an eternity for it, best thing on television in ages! Love it.

  96. Janalee

    Love the books, love the show. Not crazy about having to wait so long for Season 2. I wonder why it was postponed and wonder how many episodes there will be. There was a lot of ‘stuff’ going on in Dragonfly in Amber, I hope there’s not too much left out. I do trust the writers of the show to tell the story well though. Also…I wish the sex scenes weren’t so graphic…I know I just might be a prude but, I get it without having to see it. 🙂

  97. wendy

    Saw season 1 last spring. Fell in love. Never heard of the books but after the first season, read thru them in a nano second. While waiting for season 2, must have watched the first one 20-30 times and still counting. The best thing on tv ever!!! Keep em coming….and tell Dianna to keep writing…

    I tell everyone I know, and even those I don’t, to watch. Huge Sam Heughan fan…

  98. Helen

    Can’t wait for the new season. I even taken to watching reruns in French!

    Excellent! Best program to come on TV in years. Congrats to all the cast!

  99. Ann S

    It is a long to wait for a new one. Did it really take that long to film? I know what that one lady meant I will be dead and buried before we are thru. I look forward to the next show.

  100. Sandra S. Rainey

    I love this show! I’m a fan of Sam Hueghan, so I found the show searching for him. I love everything about it, but I have to watch when my family isn’t at home, due to the language. The rape scene in the prison was so real, I cried for Jamie! And it stuck with me! I hope he overcomes it in season 2. I am hooked!

  101. L. Terrell

    About time that Outlander came back. I read the books 20+ years ago and was thrilled when it came to the TV screen in 2014. Now I just have to wait until April 2016 to see it again.

  102. Roban

    I was very impressed with the first season and I am looking forward to season 2. That being said, in the interim I have read several of the books, and I must say that I hope the TV adaptation has a lot fewer of the continual unnecessary and boring sex scenes that the author seems to think appeal to her readers.

  103. Anabelle

    Everything about Outlander is magnificent. A feast for the senses. Visually spectacular (I’m not just talking about the landscape – Sam Heughan – you are a God!!). Fabulous cast, music, acting. Best series ever on television. So good it inspired me to read the books. Diana Gabaldon is a legend! All the best with the future series. Keep the cast!! xxx

  104. Diana

    How on earth could they POSSIBLY do justice to the vastness of the second book in only 13 episodes? It’s a major saga in itself… I hope they don’t chop too much or alter any more than they have to.

  105. allison sheehan

    It has been a long time since I have watched a show portrayed so closely to the original story. Bravo!!!

  106. Christine Larson

    I am absolutely in love with Outlander and have not looked forward to a TV series in over thirty years. I loved the first season and was thoroughly impressed and excited to see the book was followed so closely and I can only hope the next season will continue the same integrity. I hope all these books are brought to the screen.

  107. June

    I loved all of Dianna Gabaldon’s books and the 1st season of the Outlander was fantastic. Cant wait for Season 2 to be released.

  108. Denise G

    what a show. Fabulous acting, awesome storyline. Can’t wait for Season 2. Bring it on!!

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