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Outlander season 3 premiere date 2017

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Outlander season 3 premiere date

Are you waiting for the Outlander season 3 premiere? When will the third season start in 2017? Starz renewed the series for a third and fourth season.

The series Outlander has been broadcasted on Starz channel from 2014 and every season is gaining more and more popularity. The project really deserves season 3, what will not be argued even by the most demanding critics.

Remind that the official renewal of the show took place on the first day of summer 2016 and the right holders stated that it was ordered not only the third, but also the fourth season of this incredible project. It is also confirmed that the plot will be based on short stories “Voyager” and “Drums of Autumn”.

Starz CEO Chris Albrecht said in an interview that the series Outlander was a perfect adaptation of the eponymous series of novels by Diana Gabaldon and all this with the help of Ronald D. Moore. The creative group did and now is doing everything possible, so the fans can see the genuine and timeless love story titled Outlander.

We thank the whole team of the creators for the excellent work and wish them success in creating new episodes. As for the premiere date of the third season on Starz, it is appointed to spring 2017 September 2017 (UPDATE 1).

More information will be after the new announcements from the creators. The article will be updated. Don’t miss!

UPDATE 1 (Febr.15, 2017): Outlander‘s 13-episode 3rd season will premiere in September 10, 2017 (at 8/7c), Starz announced.

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  1. Chelsea21

    My favorite show on television. Each episode of Outlander is a precious gift to be experienced. I subscribed to Starz specifically for this and have not been disappointed.

  2. ssstephanie

    I’m so glad they’re making two more seasons. The Outlander show and books are both phenomenal. I really hope that Starz will allot a full 16 episodes per season like they did in the first season.

  3. Erik C.

    Very happy that Starz has so much faith in Ron Moore and the team he’s assembled. Great series!!! Keep it coming, Starz! There is much more story ahead!

  4. Belinda

    Well deserved! By far the best show ever! Thank you Starz.

  5. Drew M.

    Can’t wait! Have read all the books… Thank God and of course Starz!!!

  6. Rose Graham

    It’s one of the few shows I’m impatient each week to watch. So happy! Can’t wait Season 3

  7. Lee

    So beautifully portrayed. Outlander is satisfying both historically and emotionally.

  8. Barb

    this show is the only reason I have starz. I love this show!

  9. Terri Lundin

    The Outlander Series is a must to continue! The stories, writing and acting are superb. The casting is “right on” for each character. The author is second to none and the director is very talented. Both lead actors are great. Please continue this series.

  10. Rebecca Surette

    Having been a fan of the books since Outlander first came out (bought it in hardcover!), I had not watched the series until I finally got my budget on track, and ordered Starz on Tuesday! I’ve been binge watching all of the episodes since then. Tomorrow I’ll begin with La Dame Blanche. I’m so impressed at how well this detailed, intricate series of novels has been handled. Kudos to all concerned!

    It’s funny…when I watched the very first episode, I thought, “That doesn’t look at all like Jamie and Claire!” By the time I had finished the third, I couldn’t imagine them any other way.

  11. SumUpsetSuperFan

    Tired of having to wait almost a year for the next season to start! Love this show entirely too much to wait that long.

    • Patricia Porco


  12. Mairi Bear

    For anyone with Celtic blood, this show speaks to the soul and spirit. Move over Mr. Darcy and Lizzie Bennet! I love this show, it is very addicting.

  13. Danny and Pat

    Me and my wife love the show, and can’t wait to have it come back. Why so long of a wait ?

  14. Patricia duignam

    I read these books in succession since they came out 28 years ago and was so excited when the series started! I’m just so annoyed the break between seasons is so long! Yes they are worth the wait but still….
    Excellent casting and I could watch Jamie over and over again !!!

  15. Linda McCauley

    This is one of the BEST EVER shows on STARZ, The one thing I look forward to every week when it is on. The books are fantastic too, I read them right before the actual season starts/I just wish we didn’t have to wait so long in between seasons, Why not show some of the older seasons and get new people hooked on the series, and give us die hard fans something to watch in anticipation of the new season, I could watch over and over and over. Plus I think Starz ought to have a contest for a trip to Scotland to see the filming of the actual show, now wouldn’t that be AWESOME!!!!

  16. sue

    I had read all the books before the it became a series. I am addicted. Still watch favorite episodes
    cannot wait for new episodes.

  17. Sandy

    I told my 83 year old mom that
    Season 3 would air in April. How am I suppose to tell her to wait longer. September is a long time for her to wait.

  18. Patricia Porco

    It was a big mistake to let so much time elapse between seasons 2 and 3. You just might lose that 102% increase in audience that you gained in season 2.

  19. Elaine Terreri

    Sad I was looking forward to the new season of Outlander I renewed the channel for that very reason and now I am so disappointed that it will not return to Sept. 2017 – why is there a 14 month span. Wow, I have some medical problems hope I am still able to see it then. Don’t understand why the producers put things on hiatus for so long. What are they trying to do lose fans in the process. So many shows I like and they delay the series or there are stretches in between how are fans suppose to keep up.

  20. Karen

    Outlander is the Best Show Ever! I was so disappointed when the start of the 2017 Season was delayed, but I hope this means it will be a longer season with more episodes than normal.
    Jamie and Claire are perfect together and I’m hoping that at some point, Jamie will meet his daughter. Please never end Outlander. This could go on forever if you don’t leave out things that are in the books.
    Thanks to everyone who has a hand in producing this lovely adventurous show.

  21. Marge ortiz

    Never before such a wonderful love story and well matched actors….Cheers!!!

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