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«Parenthood» season 6: premiere date (2014)

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When does «Parenthood» season 6 come out on TV? Will show return for new season in 2014? We waiting for the iar date! Foolow the news!

TV-channel: NBC
Pilot episode: March 2, 2010
Creator: Ron Howard

Season 1 Episode 1: 8.10 million U.S. viewers
Season 5 Episode 1: 5.06 million U.S. viewers

It can hardly be said that the start of «Parenthood» fifth season has been very successful, as the number of the TV viewers, who watching the first episode, has slightly decreased in the comparison with fourth season start.

Despite this fact, the NBC President Robert Greenblatt remains satisfied with the rates of TV project. About 5 million American fans still ensure renewal for the show for the sixth season and, according to Greenblatt, the project is favorite family drama and has all the chances to be renewed.

«Parenthood» season 6 premiere – [September 25, 2014] (update 1)

The premiere air date on TV of the following season hasn’t been confirmed yet. However, the experts believe the fan support will guarantee renewal not only for season 6 but for a few more.

Please, share your opinion in comments. Should the show «Parenthood» be renewed?

UPDATE 1 (May 11, 2014): NBC has renewed Parenthood for a 13-episode sixth (and final) season.

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  1. Fred

    I haven’t seen too many episodes of Parenthood but it seemed to be a pretty decent show.

  2. Papa

    It’s one of the best shows on TV!

  3. Vi0L3TTa

    please NBC!! Renew it already!

    • Sammie

      Yes I just started watching and I’m hooked! Don’t cancel it now!!

  4. Justin

    we waiting for season 6!

  5. donna

    its an awesome show, i never knew it existed until this year, then i went back and watched all the seasons on netflix, i cant wait until more seasons come out !!!

  6. liz

    I love this show and hope that there will be a 6th season. It reminds me of how a family is in real life. Everytime I get into a show the producers always end the show after a couple seasons and I hate that. Wish more ppl would watch the shows I watch so that the ratings dont go down to the point the show ends. This show has so much potential that it could go on for more seasons. Dont stop producing this show now cause it is a really good show to watch. I’m already excited to see what happens in the next season and would love to see how everything pans out with everyone in this show in season 6 because of the ending of season 5. Really would s*ck to see this show stop after 5 seasons.

  7. Ang

    Me, too! Renew, renew!!! Awesome show!!

  8. Carol

    Please renew it – I am addicted to this show!

    • Dee

      Me too! Please continue it…

  9. Charlotte Rhodes

    I have watched every show every season. I truly love this show and I will watch Parenthood as long as it is on. I hope that’s many more seasons.

  10. Joan Armstrong

    Please renew it. It is an awesome show. Very believable not like the other stuff on TV. Lots of good storylines too

  11. Bobbi

    Love Love Love this show, I look forward to each new episode. The writing and acting are so great. Please keep renewing it. It is just a perfect combination of all that is right. Anyone who is not currently watching needs to start tuning in and catch up on the previous seasons. You won’t regret it!!! 🙂

  12. KathyNYC

    The absolutely best show on TV..with the BEST cast ever. I have not missed one episode.

  13. Kathy

    Please renew! It’s the only network show that I watch and the only one of its kind!

  14. Darlene

    Parenthood is the Best show on TV. Please re-new for another Full Season of 22 episodes!!!!! Love, Love, Love this Show!!!!! In fact another few seasons would be Great!!!
    Thanks 🙂

  15. Marianne Henderson

    My favorite show, in fact THE ONLY SHOW I watch on TV at all!! I look forward to watching it & plan my day around watching it every Thursday night. It’s such a thought provoking & memorable show that I long to see & feel sad when it’s over for a week. It’s so true-to-life that I almost feel like the characters are family.

    • Joan

      I love Parenthood. Look forward every week. My favorite show. It has something important to say in every episode. The actors are superb worthy of many awards. Why hasn’t it been given the recognition it deserves. And I would applaud Peter Krause if he were reading the phone book in Swaheli. I love his everything.

  16. Ashleigh

    Yes this show should be renewed! Maybe move it to the 9pm time slot instead. I love this show n no matter what I will continue to watch! We have a whole group on Facebook who love n adore the show.

  17. Ruby

    Can’t wait to Thursday nights to see what happens. They are Like watching family. Love this show and all the braverman family members. I hope that Joel and Julia get back together. It’s killing me that they are apart.

  18. Carol

    Please renew Parenthood for season 6

  19. Jeanne

    Please renew Parenthood for season 6. I have watched it from the first episode. Good show true to life. Let’s get Joel and Julia back together.

  20. Nadin

    for sure…go braverman’s 😉

  21. Lee Ann

    Parenthood HAS to be renewed for Season 6!!!!! The absolute best show on TV. I’ve watched it from the first Season…….. I want to be a Braverman!

  22. Dee

    Parenthood is the best show on TV. If NBC doesn’t renew it I’m done with them for tv

  23. Kathleen Hughes

    Parenthood needs to be renewed … I never miss an episode and have many episodes saved on my DVR… I LOVE LOVE this show and hope its on for many years to come …..

  24. Nina

    I love how real the characters are in Parenthood. I feel like they are literally allowing us into their lives. I certainly hope the show is renewed and continues on for many more years.

  25. Yami

    Please, please renew Parenthood for next season. This is the one show that I watch every week and tape every week as well. So look forward to Thursday’s when I know it will be on. Such a real family. Love, love Parenthood!!!!

  26. PETA

    Love Parenthood please, please do a sixth season. Have to know if Julia & Joel get back together. Would be most disappointment if we don’t get a sisxth season.
    Love the cast of the Bravemans !!

  27. kay younger

    Please keep Parenthood coming for more seasons! Bravermans rock!!!

  28. brittany


  29. Lanesa

    With all the trashy shows on regular television these days Parenthood is a real gem. Believable story lines and characters you can’t help but love. I have seen every episode and will watch every episode made. Please renew…not just for season 6, but for at least another 6 seasons!

  30. Karen Parker

    My family’s favorite show…please renew. Everyone can relate to this fabulously written show. Love love love it. Have watched forever…from week to week the waiting kills us. Such a wonderful show!

  31. Brenda Stahl

    please renew Parenthood for season 6 and many more!! please and thank you!!

  32. Tami Murray

    Please keep our show Live for many seasons to come Parenthood #1 show on all of TV! Thank you 😉

  33. Trisha Jones

    Please renew Parenthood for a Season 6 and beyond. It is an unbelievable, real family drama, with
    such a talented cast who tackle issues that we all deal with, and solve them together. The Braverman’s make you feel like part of the family, and you feel their pain, happiness, strife, and love, because they hit on our lives so perfectly. It would be so sad to cancel such a great show that NBC got right. Please keep this show on. I’m sure other people feel this way.

  34. Sandi

    My very favorite show. Please don’t cancel it. It has fans of all ages.

  35. Cindy

    Best show on TV. More real than any so-called reality show. Please renew for many years!

  36. Amie

    PLEASE renew! I look forward to Parenthood every week!I love all the actors and storyline, one of my all-time favorites.

  37. Leah lyerly

    Please renew. Best show ever! I’ve watched it from the beginning and watched it again on Netflix. Love Love Love it! Please renew

  38. Gayla

    This is my favorite show and I do not miss it!! I ordered all of the seasons on dvd and watch them over and over again. I love this show!! Please renew for many more seasons!!

  39. Amy

    It’s the only show I watch on TV. I LOVE IT! The best show on TV! Please renew it.

  40. Bonnie Barnard

    This is the best show! Love it and for sure my favorite.

  41. Kristen K

    It’s a relatable, honest show that always leaves me wanting more. I am in love with a family that is not my own & their names are the Braverman’s!!!

  42. Olivia

    I love this show and am hooked! Season 5 leaves me hanging! They should totally continue and do season 6 ASAP!!! I would be so incredibly happy!!! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASEEEE!!!!! This is a definite favorite of mine! I love the storyline, plot, and actors! This is a great show and I really do hope that they renew it! 🙂

  43. Joan

    Forgot per above to say the producers, directors, writers and crew (everyone) also deserve recognition for their genius. Why haven’t they received recognition? They provide the platform for the talented actors to showcase their abilities.

  44. Maryanne

    Love this show! I have watched it since the beginning. Hope they continue airing it for many seasons.

  45. Big Fan

    This is by far the best show on television. I really hope it gets renewed for season 6!!!! It is one of the few shows that I watch on a regular basis. And I look forward to it every week.

  46. Judi

    Just binged on the entire series. It is amazing and one of the best shows with certainly the best actors and actresses. Would be a shame if they cancel it. I am thinking they won’t.

  47. Karen Naugle

    It is my all time favorite show. I sure hope for a season 6.

  48. D. Payne

    I live for Thursday nights! I love Parenthood with all it’s ups and downs. I watched the scene with Max and his parents in the car after his disasterous school trip 4 times. Cried every time. Great “real” acting!

  49. Angie

    Love, love, love the show.

  50. Tiffany

    Parenthood is my favorite show. I am with everyone else. Please please please do not cancel. I look forward to Thursday nights and even though it is in my recording schedule on my dvr I wind up staying up late to watch it since I don’t want to wait.

  51. Karmen

    Renew, renew, renew…PLEASE!! It’s the ONLY thing I watch for “me” on ANY channel! Great show!

  52. sil

    Seriously the best show ever because it is so real! PLEASE renew!

  53. Clemence

    I absolutely LOVE this show. It can’t end before its time ! Please, we need a season 6 !

  54. Gesche

    I am german, living near Hamburg. I watch parenthood online in english and I love the show too! I have to wait til Friday to watch it but its always worth waiting for! I really hope there will be a season 6! Julia and Joel have to get back together again!!!

  55. Rebecca

    The fans deserve a Season 6 and hopefully more!! Please renew!!!!!!!!

  56. Debbie sayre

    Great show I really enjoy it!

  57. Akgirl Inlv

    I love this show! Please NBC let this show run a full course! It is only one of the very few shows I even watch on NBC!

  58. Heather Aguirre

    Yes please!!!!! The only show I watch, seriously.

  59. Molly

    Please keep renewing this show!
    I love Parenthood.. It’s the only show
    that I watch. I have watched this show
    since episode one.. I love the Bravermans!

  60. Peggy

    Parenthood is so true to real life. One of my very favorite shows. Please renew!

  61. Jada Kreifels

    I love this show. Please don’t take the show away. This show means the world to me

  62. Connie

    We love Parenthood and can’t wait to watch the newest episode. Please tell me it is coming back!!!! It will break my heart if they cancel it, I have seen every episode since the very first one.

  63. Pam

    Best Show on T.V. We need more of these type shows.
    This is the only show that I make a point to watch. At least I have something to look forward to
    One day a week as far as t.v. Please,please have season 6
    You can’t end it. I can so relate to this show and I feel most people can and that is not true for other shows.

  64. Mark P

    We’re huge Parenthood fans from the UK & followed Lauren’s migration from Gilmore Girls… been watching all the seasons live via a proxy server & it’s the only show on tv we tune into religiously…..please renew this fabulous show, the cast/writers/production really is top drawer. Parenthood is a classic example of everything that’s right about quality television!!

  65. leigh-anne

    I love this show,it sparks,weekly conversations between myself and my daughter and my friends,it is such a decent program lets keep these ones going please,these people are like my family In good times and bad im here with the bravermans.

  66. Barry

    Parenthood is an excellent show that should be renewed. It is funny, sad, sometimes thought provoking. Doesn’t involve zombies! 🙂

  67. Pat

    Parenthood is such a warm feel good show. I love all the characters. Won’t miss an episode, best drama on television today. Please do not cancel.

  68. Sue

    My favorite show and I always look forward to the next episode. Please renew for YEARS!

  69. Heather

    I did not realise it was the final last week, hope it is renewed cause it is just getting interesting!

  70. Sam

    I’ve gotten 2 other families hooked on this show. The autism piece makes it so incredibly appealing! We need more family shows again and it’s no wonder that Ron Howard has had a finger on this … his entire career has been centered on “Family” in entertainment. It is the best show I’ve seen on TV in years. Can’t wait for season 6.

  71. Robin Acheson

    Looking forward to Season 6 – Thank you to everyone responsible for this well thought out television.

  72. jennifer

    One of the best – appreciate all the genuine work involved, and really can’t get enough – give us MORE

  73. Kermit

    I LOOOOOOOVE this show!! I feel like a miserable dry drunk sitting here impatiently waiting for next season.

  74. Alan

    Count me in with the renewers. My wife and I never miss this show even when we are traveling. No matter your age or position you can relate to someone. For us this year it was Zeek and Camille with the downsizing. Please nbc renew this show. There are lots of other shows in your lineup that needs to be replaced.( see all the inane comedies) leave this one alone please.

  75. Gina

    Please renew! Love the show! It’s my favorite!

  76. Cindy

    I love the show and have even bought all of the seasons on DVD, can’t wait for season 6 so please renew already!!

  77. Peggy Davies

    Parenthood is an incredible show in the midst of so many not so incredible series! It touches on the reality of normal family life and how special everyone is even though there are many imperfections.

  78. Ginger

    Are the ratings just counted from the people who actually watch it when it is aired on Thursdays or does it include the peole that record it or watch it online? Because i never get to watch it on Thursdays when it actually airs but i record it ever week and it is the first thing i do on Fridays. Please don’t cancel this show.

  79. mike

    Best show on TV

  80. Ivy

    definitely! Good show..u laugh, u cry..better come back season 6!

  81. Cait

    I can only hope and pray this show is renewed for another season!
    This show is the best on TV!

  82. Rebecca

    Please bring Parenrhood back for Season 6,7,8,9,10……!!!

  83. Tarressa

    I think it’s one of the best shows on t.v. They don’t make family dramas anymore, they have way too much reality tv on. I want for the show to get renewed, I will b so unhappy if they cancel it.

  84. Michael

    This is a great show. My wife and I watch every episode, and love them all. Let’s keep it going for a long time!

  85. jodi

    This is the best show on television. It is so well written and the cast is amazing. The issues that the Braverman family deals with are issues that we all face. It doesn’t seem forced, it keeps you coming back and rooting for the best for all of them. The growth of most all of the characters has been amazing to watch. Not since ER have I followed a show like Parenthood and I for one would hate for it to end after only 6 seasons.

  86. Jenny

    It is hard to believe that Parenthood is only going yo have one more season. It is a great show, my favourite and the only one I watch religiously. If it goes off the air…I might as well sell the TV. Sad when there is so much garbage on TV that a really fabulous show like Parenthood doesn’t get supported. NBC what are you thinking????

  87. Julie

    LOVE THIS SHOW!!!! I was eating out recently and there was a couple next to us and he was explaining to daughter what an amazing show Parenthood is. I couldn’t help myself I leaned over and said “I could agree more” He said “See now you have to watch it”. My daughter is 15 this is one of the only shows she will actually sit and watch with me. PLEASE PLEASE keep it on the air.

  88. Michelle

    My Family and I just started to watch the show this last season and not knowing just how wonderful the show was we went back and watched all the old episodes on Netflix. We were very disappointed when we were told that it may not come back. We really enjoy watching it as a family show that we can all relate too so please do not cancel and we are waiting for season 5 to come on Netflix so that we can watch again before season six. What ever the reason for not renewing the show please work it out so many viewer’s will be disappointed 🙁 Thanks ! Loyal fans……………The Belanger’s

  89. Angelina Gilmore

    I hope they make more seasons of parenthood!! They always seem to take the best family shows and the best shows in general off the air. Parenthood, even though it is mostly fictional has made a huge impact on several people including myself!!!! I am sure my comments won’t push hard enough on the station or writer’s of the show but I will still make my comment and hope it makes a difference please keep parenthood on air!!! Thank you

  90. Lyn


  91. Nancy

    I have loved every episode .. Cried and laughed time and time again. The characters are like family!! Please renew!!!

  92. Sara


  93. Carol

    Absolutely love this show. I have watched the complete 68 episodes in less than 3 weeks. It is so refreshing to be able to watch a show that is not filled with dirty language. I would love to know when season 5 will be added to netflix.

  94. Jackie

    I absolutely love this show!! It’s like true to life, not like the other trash that’s been on TV lately. PLEASE do not cancel this show, or I won’t have anything to look forward to this fall and winter.

  95. Becky

    Please, please do not take this show away. I love this true to real life show, it is one of very few shows/programs on all week that I can’t wait to watch.

    Perhaps moving it to an earlier time slot would bring more watchers and higher ratings.

    I started watching Parenthood because Lauren Graham was in it (I continue to be a tride and true “don’t bother now” watcher of Gilmore Girls), and I have come to love Parenthood just as much. There is something for nearly everyone in the lives of the families on Parenthood, it is easy to relate to their situations and then see how it plays out.

    Thank you for an opportunity to voice my opinion and plea for many more episodes for many years to come for Parenthood!!!

  96. mel

    Renew please this is the best show on….

  97. janie gunter


  98. Krissy

    It is a great show. I’m truly addicted! I can’t wait for season 6!

  99. Lesa

    ParentHood is one of the best shows. Please keep it on for more then season 6. It is more true to life then those reality shows. It is so worth watching. Can’t wait for it to start!!!

  100. Diana B

    Definitely renew Parenthood. Love the direction the show is going.

  101. Sherri B

    Please Renew! I have watched and re-watched every episode. We have laughed, cried and wanted to box a few ears or snatch someone bald a time or two. The lives of the characters are so “real” that you find yourself wanting to have them over to grill steaks and hang out. Just LOVE this show.

  102. Barb

    I love this show. It is the one and only show we watch. Please bring it back.

  103. Katelyn

    It’s an amazing show and I really hope it gets renewed!!

  104. Shelly

    Love, love, love Parenthood! Great tv. I would be so disappointed if there isn’t a sixth season.

  105. Richard

    Parenthood is the only network show I go out of my way to view. I actually look forward
    to a relaxing evening following the characters as their lives play out in a realistic and
    unforced way. Thank you to the writers of this show. I am really appreciative. Keep up
    the good work.

  106. cheryl Smith


  107. Michele

    I absolutely love this show! Have been watching it from season 1 and is one of my favorites on television. Please don’t cancel it, bring the show back for a few more seasons past 6. There is so much that can be done with this show; so many different avenues! I have seen so many great shows be taken off the air to only leave room for some really stupid television! Don’t make the same mistake, PLEASE!!

  108. Janine

    One of my favorite shows. I have not missed on episode yet. Great cast, few TV programs can beat this one. So true to life. Please keep it on the air.

  109. Alex

    Love, Love cant wait for 6.

  110. SuzAnn Hawkins Worley

    Parenthood should absolutely continue! We are just peaking interest in the intertwining story lines and the characters continue to grow, it’s a developing story much like our lives, which is why so many of us continue to enjoy!

  111. Luanne

    Parenthood is the best show on the air! It should absolutely be renewed !!!!there is absolutely nothing like it .it would be very sad if parenthood does not come back! I am hoping that they renew it along with everyone I know. My husband is a writer and it is one if the few tv shows he truly feels is well written these days!

  112. t

    Love love love the show. Its one of the only shows that I think people can actually relate to. There are so many people that are going through some of the same everyday struggles and issues. And bringing the awareness out is wonderful. Gotta keep the show going.

  113. Sarah


  114. chris

    Please keep Parenthood going. Just binge watched the first 5 seasons with my husband.. Love the show!!

  115. Susan

    Its the setting, the characters, the actors, the story—the ISSUES—I simply love this show and want to make sure my whole family sees it too. Please continue the evolution—the writing is superb!

  116. Cheyenne

    I adore the Bravermans! It feels so good to watch TV that has a show about people you can relate to and feel happy about. If there were more shows about decent people, I’d watch TV again. I so sick of all the shows about killers, murderers, perverts etc. I want to watch shows that lift my spirits.

  117. Lynn

    Great show! It would be a shame if NBC cancels the show. It is a show that everyone can relate to. Please keep Parenthood going for many more seasons.

  118. jim

    Have truly enjoyed this show as it has developed over the years. Glad to see it has been renewed again.

  119. Tanya

    I love Parenthood. Can’t wait for its return. Its one of the best shows on TV. Real life events and situations. It’s the BEST !!

  120. June

    This show us one of the best shows I have seen in a very long time . It is a wonderful family that shows honesty and truth and love .Everyone I have spoken to including myself wants to have this family as their own with laughter with tears everyone has everyone’s back in this family

    This show needs to continue the actor are genuine in their roles

  121. Lisa

    Love the show! Cannot wait for new season to begin.

  122. kim

    I love love love this show I watched it from the very beginning never missed an episode its the best show ever love the cast its real life situations that people can relate to, the writer is fantastic I cant wait for it to start again I am looking everyday about now in fall to come back on again please keep the show going!!!!!!!!!!

  123. Ruth

    My daughter and I have watched every show from the beginning. We love the show and the cast. We are looking forward to the new season starting. Please keep the show going!

  124. Kathy Black

    Yes, absolutely…..Parenthood is an awesome show and I can’t wait to watch more seasons…..

  125. Jan

    I just finished watching all 5seasons on Netflix ! LOVED all of them. Love the relationships ! The only thing that drives me crazy is how they all talk on top of. each other ! Calm down everyone !! But looking forward to season 6

  126. Linda Waters

    I am a middle aged woman and I LOVE this show! They have to renew it! I look forward every week to watching it! I love the real life situations in it. I plan my week night activities so I will be home this night to watch it.

  127. Mattea

    I love it, I feel that is what family life should be, love and good times and disagreements.

  128. Leah

    I never want to see this show end. Acting is genius as well as writing ! I’d be devastated if I couldn’t watch it!!!!

  129. gce

    Parenthood is one of the best “family” shows left. It provides good family values and address all issues of family life with its struggles and joys. Not often do you see a show that promotes close family connections and supports.

  130. Lynn

    I am so anxious for season 6 of Parenthood to begin!! I absolutely love this show. Please consider having season 6 be a FULL season, not just 13 episodes. I really hope that you change your mind and do many seasons to come. You can see how many people would be watching!!!

  131. Tracy

    I am so surprised and sad to see a preview of “the final season”. Parenthood is one of my favorite shows! It reminds me so much of my own family! And is so life-like!

  132. Jennifer

    Just watched all seasons on Netflix!! Love this show!!

  133. Karen

    This is the best show on TV! It definetly deserves to be renewed – I love how real the characters are and the situations they find themselves in.

  134. Fabi R

    This is such a great show. Normal family issues. Looking forward to the new season Very sad if this will be the last one. 🙁

  135. charles cohen

    in the five seasons it was on television I never watched an episode…started watching it on Netflix two weeks ago and i’m at episode 86…i’m addicted…love the show

  136. Dee

    I’ve been a faithful fan since day 1. Every show leaves me in tears (in a good way). This is the only show I watch on tv. I love it!!

  137. c

    i love this show keep on running it

  138. Julie

    I have been watching since day one. I love the show. I relate very well as I’m sure a lot of families can since autism is continually on the rise. I’m hooked. Please renew!

  139. Sharry

    I wish whoever would reconsider and not let this be the last season! This is one of the best TV shows on. So many are silly and not funny and never last. This show is about family, very realistic, so many people watch it and love it. Please keep it on!

  140. Chrissy

    Parenthood is definitely one of my favorite shows. I have 8 siblings and the show is like watching my own family when we all get together.

  141. Joy

    Another late-joining viewer via Netflix. Just watched Season 5 ending and had to check to see if it would go into a 6th season…and am glad to hear that it will.

  142. Stephanie

    Love this show!! YES renew the show till the children’s children’s children haha xo

  143. glo

    please,please ,please don’t cancel this show. It’s the best!!!!

  144. Karen

    Please renew! One of the best series on TV.

  145. Debbie

    I started watching it on netflix and I am hooked can’t wait for season 6

  146. Bonnie

    Best program on television…please please let there be a season 7!

  147. Liz

    Like everyone else’s comment, mine is the same! I never watch tv… EVER! But this show is so amazing that I can’t wait for it every week! I was so shocked to hear of it’s cancelation and truly saddened by the news. The stories really are real and even though I pretty much cry during every episode, it leaves me wanting more! I really wish you would reconsider this;(

    • LaQuisa

      Yea. There aren’t enough real shows on tv. Not even the reality shows are really real. Just a lot of fighting and screaming and anger. Human beings possess more emotions and feelings than this. The world NEEDS the show Parenthood. The Directors and writers and actors are real people. We need them to stay around.

  148. LaQuisa

    The situations change from season to season and within the separate, individual families on the show. It’s nice to have a variety of situations though. It helps me to feel like I am not alone as a parent or a sister or a mother or a friend. It gives me comfort and hope. The world needs both of those feelings. NBC, please keep the show around. So far it’s been great. And I have faith that it will continue to be.

  149. Beauty

    I love this show!! They should definetly renew it!!! Every episode has so much meaning to life and how realistic it is. Its the very best I’ve seen on TV for along long time! Please keep it and then make a season 7.

  150. Diane

    With all the trashy shows on TV that are just full of murder, filthy language, and ignorant writing – why would you even think of canceling this awesome show?? The acting is great! and the characters are all so believable! I love this show!!!

  151. Tracey

    YES! It’s one of the better shows on TV and I love the characters.

  152. Lynn

    Above states 9/25 – Where is the show? It is a great show and needs to be renewed for several years. How can you leave your viewers in limbo?

  153. Patricia Baumann

    Please continue the show Just found it last winter and watched all on Net Flix. It is without a doubt one of the most realistic shows on TV and provides terrific entertainment. Stop taking off good shows for trash!!

  154. Jesse James

    Ok when is Season six going to be on Netflix…. I am in love with the show…

  155. Linda Metoyer

    I would love to see another season of Parenthood. It’s a great show. The writer or writers did an absolutely tremendous job.

  156. Liz Bogan

    YES YES YES PLEASE keep the seasons coming! I know others who feel the same way!

  157. Maria

    Great show. I do not want it to end.

  158. Tricia Latimer

    Awaiting News of the sixth season of parenthood. I am totally hooked on all the characters and the storyline. Refreshing to watch a show without violence and sex just every day living with real people and real problems.hope there will be a seventh and eighth season. Dax Sheppard is my favorite as he brings real karma to his character.

  159. Curtis and Marilyn

    We really love watching this show. It seems everytime we find a great family show, they take it off the air after a couple of seasons. That is not fair. Not everyone wants to see sex, violence or dirty talking on tv. Please advise the higher echelon not to take the show off the air. That would be a knock to society, since it is a good clean show and it shows things like what life is really about and how to deal with the problems we have to.

  160. Kathy

    I really enjoy watching Parenthood. It is so easy to get wrapped up in their lives. Love this show and hate to see it end and not return!! It’s a show that the entire family can watch and not have to worry about sex and violence. Keep it coming

  161. Debs

    Please please keep the show going. I love it! I live in the uk and I think us shows are the best tv i have watched. Parenthood is the best! I will miss it immensely! Please don’t don’t end now.

  162. JCW

    I LOVE the Cast~ Love the show~Best Cast~ Best Show I seen in a long time,,,,,,,,,,,,
    Thank You Ron Howard you are the Best
    ratings went down I bet season 4 very Depressing
    NoBody likes watching cancer.
    PLease keep it on the air.
    OH Maybe it should have been Called the Bravermans.
    I never watch it before did not like the name !
    I had no idea what it was missing

  163. jeff

    Hey best show on t.v. in my opinion. Please keep it going , so much to work with there!

  164. Rebecca Waldron

    I LOVE this show! We all talk about it at work! It’s so real, funny, sad, & touching!!! I don’t want to see it end! Please reconsider!!!

  165. Krista Ryan

    Best show ever! I got hooked and watched all 5 seasons in a row. Can’t wait for season 6! And more. True to life. The only thing that lasts through ups and downs is family. Don’t cancel this show!!!

  166. ldy

    I can’t wait for the next season. Please do not cancel this show. Pretty much every episode makes me happy, sad & cry. It is so true to life drama. I have already told my friends that they have to watch “PARENTHOOD”. Please don’t cancel the show!!!

  167. Excited

    When does season 6 come out on Netflix?

  168. Amber

    Absolutely love this show!!!! There is at least one part that each and every person can relate too!

  169. Crystal

    Please please RENEW the show me and my 12 yr old daughter watch and just love it can’t take it off and only season 5 is on Netflix put 6 on and keep it going pls

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