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«Parenthood» season 5: premiere date

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When does «Parenthood» season 5 start? Renewed or cancelled? What is known about premiere date?

TV-channel: NBC
Pilot episode: March 2, 2010
Creator: Ron Howard

Season 1 episode 1: 8,1 million U.S. viewers

Season 4 episode 1: 5,48 million U.S. viewers

The creators do not hide the fact that Season 5 of TV show «Parenthood» is likely to be financed, since it is one of the best shows broadcasting on NBC recently. The need for its continuation is also confirmed by many nominations and prestige film awards its cast received. The premiere date for the new episodes, which hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, will be scheduled for September, as this period of the airtime has been reserved for TV show «Parenthood» for a few years already.

«Parenthood» season 5: premiere – September 26, 2013

And you will be the first to know about the official confirmation! Follow the announcements!

What would you like to see in new season?

UPDATE (26.04.13): «Parenthood» was renewed for a full 22-episode season 5!

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  1. wooman

    It’s the only one I watch that is listed. renew Parenthood please.

  2. misery

    It would be great to have Hank and Seth go up against each other!!! Hank the best!

  3. Geraldine

    This is the BEST show on tv………will be devastated if it doesn’t return. I know viewership will continue to grow. Please don’t cancel Parenthood. 🙁

    • Samantha

      I read an article recently that Parenthood has been financed for 2 more years (through 2015). I read also that season 5 starts September 2013.

  4. samanta

    i’m soooo happy! awesome job! love Parenthood =) and can’t wait for season 5

  5. Barbara Derus

    Please, please keep this program going. It has such good story lines that are true to life. Don’t lose something that is this good in place of another stupid reality show. I am so happy it is coming back for season 5. Lets work for season 6.

  6. Momma b

    Ecstatic about the renewal of Parenthood! Best show on TV!

  7. coope

    best show ever!!!!

  8. gaga

    i’m realy happy! can’t wait for septemberrrrrrr

  9. Orit

    Such a great show!! Can’t wait for Season 5!!!. Israel.

  10. allisa

    this is the best show on tv absolutely love. Makes you laugh,cry and experience full range of emotion..totally relatable! Very smart show!

  11. terri dawson

    i hope season 5 is longer than season 4… that was way too short!!!

  12. beverly cochlin

    pleas renew parenthood. i watch it, never miss an episode. so does my hairdresser, and we discuss it each week. it’s fun. some of the things that happen there happened in my own family, so i can relate. very good show

  13. Carla Andrick

    It took me forever to find the date, but it’s Sept 25 or 26. Ican’t wait I love this show!!!

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