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Peaky Blinders season 3: premiere date

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When does season 3 of Peaky Blinders premiere? The show was renewed! A third series has been commissioned. What is known about the start air date?

TV-channel: BBC Two
S1 episode 1: September 12, 2013
Created by: Steven Knight
Genre: Historical fiction

Season 1 Episode 1: 3.05 million UK viewers

Season 2 Episode 6: 2.24 million UK viewers

Steven Knight’s historical crime drama «Peaky Blinders» was successfuly launched on BBC Two in September 2013. The TV-project managed to attract more than 2,2 million viewers in the UK and the USA.

At the moment the ordering of season 3 of the given show has been confirmed officially. The premiere date of the first episodes is scheduled for the fall of 2015 May 5, 2016 (UPDATE 1).

Netflix will also broadcast the new episodes, but they will be available only after BBC Two transmits. Obviously, show won’t end in 2016, as its rating is still high enough. What do you think?

UPDATE 1 (Nov.23, 2015): The third season of Peaky Blinders is currently filming and is scheduled for broadcast in the spring 2016.

UPDATE 2 (May 5, 2016): All six new episodes will be available to stream from May 31, 2016 (U.S. premiere, Netflix). What about SEASON 4 of Peaky Blinders ?

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  1. Jim

    If series 3 is coming out next fall, I don’t think I can wait that long ((

    • Melodee

      I just learned about Peaky Blinders day before yesterday. I watched all the episodes yesterday and can hardly wait for new ones. Excellent show!

    • tony

      It won’t be out until 2016

      • straightuplady

        Why 2016 now??

  2. Lamar29

    The best show I’ve been hooked on in a long time. Can’t wait!

    • Diane B.

      Have you watched Ripper Street???? Right up there with Peaky Blinders!!! Ripper Street was suppose to end after Season 3, but Amazon is going to have the boys back for a Season 4 & 5…So excited!!!

      • Patrick St.X

        Ripper street is alright, but honestly Peaky Blinders is on a entirely higher level with their writing, acting, and production.

        • Brighttyger

          Ripper Street is pretty good, but Peaky Blinders is phenomenal. Far better cinematography for one thing. Cillian Murphy and the women leads are amazing.

  3. Faye Briggs

    Awesome series. Good actors, good story line and good music. Please make lots more episodes!

    • paparo

      their music is great it makes the episodes burst to life and the series (which i have watched for the second time) is one of the best shows i have seen in a long long time the actors are stupendous. the plots are very well thought out and what Thomas Shelby has planed next i cant wait to watch

  4. Daphne Solomon

    Oh my one of the best shows on Netflix. Love everything about this show can’t wait for it’s to return back.

  5. wayne pole

    LOVE the show. I’m hooked on the show, very interesting with all the sub plots!! Arthur is my kind of guy—takes no prisoners!

    • Treslin

      Ah, a fellow sociopath to Arthur…

  6. Heather

    My all time favorite series

  7. shirley

    I have watched series 1 and 2 of Peaky Blinders several times recently. The writing is superb, the acting extraordinary and the story lines wonderfully and carefully crafted. For me, the question is whether the writer will remain loyal to the character Tommy whom he’s developed. A character who is warped by the atrocities of the Great War that have triggered his ruthlessness and his unrelenting ambition. Yet, he has one redeeming quality–his allegiance to and love of family, a constant value most dear in the gypsy culture. But will the writer trivialize this quality, or negate the importance placed on “blood,” by having Tommy reject the woman he loves and their unborn child to satisfy his need for even more wealth and power? A need that could be satisfied without marriage to May, who is currently a business associate but who could eventually turn against him for her own “illogical” reasons. My instinct therefore tells me that something’s not right with May and that Tommy, although highly intelligent, may be blinded by what her influence can do for him and his business. Moreover, a Tommy-May marriage is hard to swallow because neither Tommy nor Grace has ever stopped loving each other.

    Grace brings her own strength, intelligence. sense of security, outspokenness and values to the table. But we still don’t know enough about her. It is still not clear whether her family is upper-middle or working class? Does she have siblings? Did she work while living as a single woman in New York? Did she tell Tommy that she joined the intelligence service because she wanted to avenge her father’s death at the hands of the IRA? Is her mother still alive?

    Even though we know how ruthless Tommy can be, Poppy calls him “soft,” like Grace, I believe, and I do hope I’m correct, that Tommy will realize, having been on the threshold of death, that he now has the opportunity to make his life more complete, with a wife whom he loves and their child. The impact of this relationship on him as a husband and father and businessman can add a plausible dimension to the storytelling.

    In closing, I’m reminded of the advice my mom used to give me when I was about to make a decision related to the children whom I nurtured during their development: Don’t be stupid!

    • mattp

      Damn dude, you should be a professional critic.
      I loved your summary, it gave word to my thoughts and it was great.

    • Diana

      I agree we all want Tommy to do right by Grace…

      • Christian

        Don’t put too much faith in Tommy Shelby. He is ambitious at heart and may not fit the settled marry life. I think he marries May Carlton as she can assist his ambition while a marriage to Grace will be dull, lifeless, and dangerous for her and the child (she claims is Tommy’s, but who knows without DNA testing). Plus, Grace wants to be in the Americas, and Tommy clearly does not.

        I see three more seasons at least, making the total six at the end. Arthur will be killed off by the fourth season and Cousin Michael will take his place in the pecking order.

        By Order of the Peaky Blinders!

        • lyndsay crawford

          I agree! I really hope he marries May! The foundation of Tommy and Grace’s relationship is shaky at best. I still think she done unforgivable things and I even believe she met up with him in London (while visiting from NY) to try and get pregnant!

          When she was still undercover she got to accomplish many things, revenge on members of the IRA, retrieved the guns and I thought grassing him up to Billy Kimber wasn’t a sign of love, she didn’t have to do that! Marrying May makes much more sense for Tommy’s character.

          This is one of the best written shows I’ve seen in a while, I absolutely love it and cannot wait for S3! I’m wondering how much of a time skip there will be and if it will possibly start with Tommy already married with or without a child or children?

          • Daniel

            If she traveled all the way to London from New York and met up with him just to get pregnant why would she refuse to see him again when he asked? Sleeping with him as many times as possible would make conception more likely. Sorry but your theory makes no sense.

    • laura

      well said!! great show

    • Jessica

      I dont like Grace.

      • C frederick

        Don’t like her either

      • Blue dahlia

        You are out of our mind. I love Grace. She adds tension and she is the perfect flame for the gun powder keg. That kind of love surpasses time and eventually all obstacles- because of its innocence.

        • Cousin Michael

          Grace s*cks. Traitorous, meek little weak thing that she is…Tommy cannot possibly marry her. Polly will kill her if she reappears in Birmingham for long, so I don’t see how anyone familiar with this outstanding saga can truly think Grace will be the one with Tommy’s ring on her finger.

      • Kate

        Can’t stand her either.

    • J Trevino

      Your points are very well made, the writers of this show can take this in so many directions I can’t wait. This is the best thing on TV!
      -Campbell is dead, a new villian will have to rise, perhaps a gilted May with all her influence.
      -Polly has vowed not to forgive Grace, oooo someone has to go.
      -Chuchill will be working with the Bliders soon
      -Michael’s role looks to expand and don’t forget Esme Lee is pretty vocal
      – Soloman and Sabini steal every scene they’re in
      I just hope they don’t kill this show like the way Downton Abby did.

    • paparo

      the marriage to grace is doubtful, she is currently married and committed adultery with Tommy and after one night with him the test says shes pregnant, i missed the time difference in that but i think a marriage to grace would probably end bad with poly chocking the life out of her lol

  8. KelliJo

    LOVE LOVE LOVE IT !!!!!!

  9. Jarrod

    Love this show. Don’t want to wait til fall of 2015 for season 3!

  10. Nickole

    BEST SHOW EVER!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Mandy

    I absolutely LOVE this show! It’s like a breath of fresh air; there is nothing like it out there. BTW I think I am in love with Thomas Shelby.

    • Margaret Fernandez

      Me too!!!

  12. deba

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this show!!! Thank god they were smart enough to keep it going as there is such garbage on TV!!!

  13. Kimberly O'Hara

    I freaking absolutely love this show! From the u.s., I found it on netflix & figured I’d give it a go. Just finished watching season 2. OMG! Can’t wait for season 3 🙁 I’m so hooked! Wow!

  14. Judy

    Why do we have to wait soooo long?????

  15. Jeannie Fingar

    Love this show!! Cannot wait to see new season!

  16. Theresa

    Love Peaky Blinders! Great actors! I can’t wait till fall for season 3! Please keep this series on forever!

  17. sp

    I’m obsessed with this show and Fall is too far away!!!

  18. David

    Love the show. the story line is great. The end of season 2 was a cliff hanger. I was surprised. what and end to season two. Keep up the good work. Please keep all the Characters that is what makes the show so great. Along with the twisted story line.

  19. Rich

    Best show since Breaking Bad. Can’t wait for season 3.

  20. Meg

    Hooked. Best show ever, hate waiting for S3. Acting, story, music. Perfect.

  21. Tanya

    Love this show!!! My husband has watched it over and over at least 10 times. I can’t wait until season 3 comes out. It is addicting!!

  22. Kathryn

    wow Cillian’s eyes are entrancing, awesome show, please speed up the release, fantastic show agree this is the most addicting show since Breaking Bad, just finished episodes over the weekend, sad its over for many months

  23. dan

    Beautiful production, sound track, superb writing, and clearly the Brits are still at the top of the acting and theater game. Such a joy to watch awesome talent honed by hard work and discipline. There are no supporting actors in this series, each performance by each cast member is a jewel. Must be a fantastic team that creates this art.

  24. E M James

    Can’t believe how much I love this show. I got to where I was drinking Irish whiskey and wearing my cap by the last episode of Season 2.

  25. Michelle

    Omg, Cillians eyes are absolutely orgasmic!!! This show, actors, story line the absolute best in such a long time!!! Love it!!!!!!

  26. Reddog

    Peaky freakin’ Blinders. Recently discovered on NetFlix by recommendation from friends. My instant favorite show. Great, great … Great !

  27. SE

    AWESOME Can’t wait love love love the characters. Best fav new show hurry up fall times a wastin!

  28. ey

    I am going crazy waiting!!!!!!!I keep watching season 1 and 2 over and over again! If the powers that be see this they gotta speed it up!!!! This is the best thing that’s hit TV!
    Who else is in love with Cilian Murphy!!!:)Spool hot!!
    Question: I wonder if Mr.Campbell dies for real? Probably not ,as he is an integral part of the show.

  29. Robert Rudenauer

    Excellent series!!!! As I peruse through Netflix I see the name Peaky Blinders and say to my self strange title,and pass it by.Well the beginning of this week I thought I would give it a try. I knocked both short seasons off in one week! I am hooked big time! Casting is perfect. I dig Pol

  30. Dottie K

    This series is full of mysteries and strange twists in the story plot. I just hope Tommy’s choice for a wife isn’t Grace. It’s a long time to wait to find out what he will do. I find myself wondering how all of the characters will develop. What a show! I haven’t enjoyed one as much since the Sopranos. After the snowiest winter ever…I find myself anxious for the fall….Peaky Blinders HOO-RA.

  31. Mike c.

    Just finished season 1and 2 can’t wait for 3 amazing story line and acting.

  32. ben dickey

    Watched one episode and was hooked in every way…i finished both seasons by the next morning and began speaking with an accent and remembering not to parley on my back foot…impressive so far

  33. dee

    Having come late to the table; I have spent my weekend streaming and of course binge watching peaky blinders. This has become my new obsession. It can not come back soon enough. Fabulous story lines, wonderful characters and some of the best acting I’ve seen in the longest time.

  34. Sally

    Amazing, thrilling and Thomas is down right delicious !!!!!!

  35. heather

    F*cking love this show!!!!

  36. Maurice

    I rarely get involved with anything episodal, if that is even a word, but I am truly glad I gave this shot. I have grown so disenchanted with everything that is being put out now. What with, underdeveloped characters, washed out predictable plots and lazy continuity issues.This is what I wish just a few shows were like, I’m not greedy, just a few. Thank you so much for the Peaky Blinders.

  37. Dean

    My new favorite show of all time, just nudging out Deadwood. The only tragedy is it’s only 6 episodes per season.

  38. ray

    excellent series thoroughly enjoyed and watched all season episodes as quickly as possible!!

  39. Jakester

    Peaky Blinders had me hooked in Season 1 and I stayed up all night when Season 2 came out on Netflix!
    I am so glad we will be seeing a season 3!

  40. fauxpaw

    The penultimate show. Casting superb. Sets beyond the beyond.
    Acting emotive, sensual, authentic and compelling. Writing splendid,
    realistic and I am totally hooked! What a high.

    • Wayne & Kim

      Best show ever hands down. My mom got us hooked and I got 2 of my friends hooked. We are all absolutely dying waiting for season 3. WE MISS IT BAD!!!!

  41. Wayne & Kim

    Hands down the best show ever!!! My mom got us hooked and I hooked two of my friends and we are all absolutely dying for season 3 to start!! We miss it bad. Nothing compares to this show.

  42. Jan

    I was bored & looking for something mildly interesting to watch on Netflix, decided to give Peaky Blinders a try. I binge watched the entire season 1. A couple of days later, I wanted to replay some scenes only to discover there was a season 2…oh my! I love, love, love this series. I love everything about this series…the writing, acting, scenery, music…all of it! I have watched season 1 & 2 more times than I am willing to admit. Can’t wait for season 3 to start. I think Tommy will pick love, but will Grace be there after her encounter with May? I wonder if Arthur will make it, he seems unable to find any joy in his life. I think the Inspector is dead & might I add, Sam Neill was pure perfection, just superb in this role.

    • Karen

      Right??!!! I love love love this show! Sam Neill – never loved to hate a character so much! But he was such a big role, how can he be dead?! So many questions – come on season 3!!! I can hardly wait !

  43. nate

    Huge fan, can’t wait for season 3. love the english gangster stuff.

  44. Steve Clarke

    Great show, slick trickery by the characters involved, coulda been just like this in the old days. Can’t wait for next season…

  45. jonathan wiley

    Absolutely love everything about this show! Please give it at least 8 seasons!

  46. Dave

    Fantastic series 1. Looking to find S2 and waiting for S3. Prof Karl Chinn gives a very good history about the people and area. Where was the filmining shot.

  47. Margaret Fernandez

    Does anyone know if they’ve even started filming S3??? I can’t find anything on the internet that indicates it has. I need S3!! And please make it longer than 6 episodes!! I’m in love with TS & I need my fix!

  48. T C Henderson

    From the production values to the performances by the actors, nothing this side touches it. It’s nice to know somebody in the performing arts gives a damn about producing a top-quality product. Thank you, producers, actors, directors, art directors, writers. costume coordinators, and all other support personnel for this fine drama.

  49. Jen C

    BEST SHOW ON T.V. We cannot WAIT for the next episodes to air. We think every single episode is better than any movie we see in the theatre. Cillian Murphy and the rest of the cast are beyond fabulous!!!! Thank you. Keep this show going for the next 10 years…PLEASE.

  50. katherine shane

    Love this series. Can’t wait for season three. Each episode is like a movie.

  51. Dhitter

    I’m a series finatic. Soprano’s entourage dexter shameless etc etc etc. this is the most EPIC television series of all time. Season 2 just finished and I was googling season 3 while the credits rolled. The fact I gotta wait all summer is simply unfair. Five stars and I can’t even BLV I read there almost wasn’t a season 3? Who markets this sh*t? Fire them asap.

  52. Ayr4golf

    superb, superb, superb …..all acting is top notch, but, Tom Hardy in a completely different role for him, what a performance !

  53. C frederick

    Best show right now. So glad renewed.

  54. Natural Bob

    Great show. The review comparing it to Deadwood drew me in but I’m not sure I would agree with Dean above that it nudged our Deadwood as favorite. Let’s just hope it doesn’t get killed like that excellent show did (allegedly by the Hearst family who didn’t like the portrayal of their progenitor.

  55. straightuplady

    Didn’t know anything about Peaky Blinders, caught it on Netflix. I just finished watching season 1 and 2. I was looking for more, can’t wait for season 3. Does anyone know when season 3 hits Netflix or if it’s playing on any other stations??

  56. straightuplady

    Cillian Murphy is so fine!!!!

  57. katie Guidry

    I watched all of the series and can’t wait for the next season. It is a very well written show and I love Cillian Murphy.

  58. Karen

    My husband and I LOVE Peaky Blinders!!!! So glad to hear that season 3 is coming- thank you BBC!! The cast is amazing…we weren’t familiar with many of the actors prior to getting hooked on PB, so after we blazed thru the series we looked for shows featuring the cast members. We are absolutely fans!

  59. dorrell

    One of the best shows. I can not stop watching it!! Can not wait until the third season.

  60. Karen

    Absouletelyphenomal. So very much talent especially cillian Murphy. He brings it all together,,,

  61. Doris

    Wish they would use sub titles I lose a lot of dialogue with the accent.

    • Suzan

      These accents are not thick at all! I go to Ireland all the time, and this is nothing! LOL Once you begin to watch many of these Irish, English movies or series….you get used to the different accents. It is nothing to me now. I just love it!

  62. Thereasa Jacobs

    First, can’t wait until Season 3 is released!! The Shelby family are superb together – such great acting. Absolutely, love and enjoy this show. Please, stay for many season to come.

    Second, so Happy to hear about Annabel Wallis dating Chris Martin because Gwyneth Paltrow’s upper lip curls in disdain. Just a snooty person in general.

  63. Tom Sanford

    Season 2 had one of the best endings I’ve ever seen in any series or movie….absolutely gripping!!!

  64. Jake poole

    I f*cking love this show, i want a season 45678910 asap, and im talking asap mob motherf*cker

    • Suzan

      I love this show….this is how I felt about Soprano’s! I was so mad that ended so quickly! I am glad I found this show by accident. I was in Walmart and saw this weird name Peakey Blinders, and picked it up and read it. I am Irish American, and I love anything mobish and about the Irish, so I thru it in my cart. Got home…told my husband about it. We started it…and loved it! Now we are hooked!

  65. Kristin

    Please tell us when the new season will air. I’m so addicted…. I keep watching the first two seasons over and over! I am in love with Thomas Shelby!

  66. Roy mark

    It’s a great drama series, superbly written and acted, the only negative I can state is the inaccurate descriptive of the included factual character,s. Especially Billy Kimber, and the undoubted all time king of the British underworld, Darby Sabinni, nothing like the real man, anyone interested in finding actual history of the great man himself, try reading Britain’s Last Godfather

  67. RAB12

    One of the best series I’ve seen…writing and acting is superb…looking forward to season 3.

  68. Tari

    Just finished Peaky!!! Hurry up season 3!

  69. mick laurence

    i stumbled acroos the Peaky Blinders on Netflix.
    i was hooked after the first episode.
    has everything to hold your interest and want more.
    come on series 3 your fans are waiting impatiently.

  70. Mari

    Can’t wait for season 3. After I was introduced to the 1st season there was no taking me away that I caught up with season 2 in the last two weeks By far the best series I’ve seen in a long time. Can wait for Netflex to have it on.

  71. Kathy

    I’m hooked! Can’t wait for season 3.

  72. Lisa Demanty

    Soooooo, excited for season 3!!!!!!! My favorite series with some of my favorite actors! Super excited. Cant wait.

  73. Antoinette Osuna

    Going to be a great Season 3! Enjoyed all the f*cking Peaky Blinders seasons 1 & 2! All the haters that give low ratings can F*ck Off!!! Lol

  74. Red Villegas

    Freakin’ Peakies ! Can’t wait to see what unfolds. “Almost tired of watching season 1 and 2 …. “almost”

  75. Suzan

    Love this show, once again….the Irish show their best at life…the good and the bad! You got to love the brogue! Even years later on English soil, they were kicking *ss…love it! A race of people that do not sit around and whine about everything, they get on with it, and survive! Hurry up with the 3rd season….I want to see this ASAP!

  76. Randy

    Just got done watching season 1 & 2. Outstanding writing and acting. They need to advertise the Season 3 better. Can’ t wait!

  77. NBT

    GREAT show…It will be worth the wait…!!!…

  78. Desarae Hill

    In love this show ! They need to hurry up with season 3 4 5 6 .. Addictted

  79. The Millers

    huge fan of the show and we are sitting on pins and needles waiting for the premier of season 3!! One of the most outstanding shows we have watched in a long time. Keep it coming please~~

  80. stacy

    When dos season 3 on the pekay blinders come out on netflex

  81. Aida Vazquez

    Peaky Blinders is a great show. I love all the cast, their performance is outstanding. The show is very entertaining and I can’t wait for season three to come out.

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