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Peaky Blinders season 4 release date Netflix

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Peaky Blinders season 4 release date

Do you like the Peaky Blinders series? Will there be a Season 4? We are waiting for the exact release date in 2017 on Netflix and BBC Two!

The series Peaky Blinders has a good chance of Season 4. The fact that this year the project again received a lot of praise from experts and critics, and this was happened even before the official premiere in the USA.

The representatives of BBC Two channel are satisfied with the result that demonstrates the project, so in 2017 we can see its renewal, some publications say. There are no official data (UPDATE 1) on this issue and a renewal of contracts with the creators is not discussed, but we will follow the announcements from BBC Two and we will report the new information as soon as it appears.

The series Peaky Blinders is British crime drama by Steven Knight (known in the film Hummingbird with Jason Statham), that tells about the life of the Shelby family in Birmingham in 1920. The plot is based on real events.

Peaky Blinders season 4 release date – [November 5, 2017] (UPDATE 1)

The American viewers watch this project on Netflix and we would like to note that the number of the fans here is very large. We are waiting for news…

UPDATE 1 (May 26, 2016): Peaky Blinders has been commissioned for a fourth and fifth season.

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  1. Lonnie Ryan

    Please make series 4
    P.S. 6 episodes won’t be enough

  2. Grace T.

    BBC aren’t gonna make any more after series 3, because it’s costing too much.

    • Vera Duncan

      It can’t be true. I’ve heard that they’ve already commissioned series 4.

  3. Darla

    Loved series 1 and 2, but series 3 is a masterpiece! It is far more intense than the two previous! Of course we need series 4

  4. Denise C.

    You absolutely must make a series 4. I cannot put in words how intense and great this show is. I just don’t want it to end,

  5. Elssa

    My sentiments exactly, Denise C. I can’t get enough of Tommy especially. The theme song is super; the acting outstanding; and based on real events makes it more meaningful for me. Please give us season 4,5,,,

  6. louise

    I agree elssa tommy is hot and the whole series has been brilliant loved the story lines they HAVE to have to another series ,I watched 1-3 in two days addictive!

  7. Neil J

    There will be 2 more series after season 3, so season 4+ 5 to come.. It was announced on the bbc after episode 6. But not premiered til 2017. Gutted its absolutely brilliant, acting is superb. No wonder Tom Hardy was cast to be in it.

  8. Kim

    We WANT more peaky blinders!!

  9. B. J. Smith

    Excellent acting & plot. Well written, very enjoyable series, to me best series I have viewed.

  10. Tammy tiffey

    Yes i hope there is a season 4 i love this show after season 3 was over it left me wondering whats is tommy shelby will do next so please let ther be a season 4

  11. Nancy Rinaldi

    Best show on air……criminal to stop at 3!!!!!

  12. Yvonne Eijlers

    ……….so we hope Series 3, 4 and 5 will be coming to South Africa …………….have absolutely loved Series 1 and 2 – great story, great acting and Cillian………..Wow !
    Yvonne Eijlers, South Africa

  13. Allie Cat

    This is the best series that I have seen in a long time…. Maybe ever. Can’t wait for more and more seasons! Cillian Murphy is outstanding in this role!

  14. Eva

    BEST series. Beats, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Narcos.

  15. Kk

    Thomas Shelby wonderful and powerful acting. Can not think of a better person to play him. The music and scenes are great. My one wish is that they had development the relationship more with Grace. It is such a great story that maybe do a remember episode or have him or family show more what happens wit them. Cullian is an amazing actor and so powerful. Fantastic job by Auther and John also, if they could ever do a more indepth season on tommy relationship slower with grace and more with the boys and more with the bar and business deals. with the Lizzie she was ok for awhile but now time to stop the sec with her to have someone. She does not fit at all anymore with him

  16. Jay

    I don’t care where this show is made. All i know is that it is absolutely one of my favorites to watch on Netflix and am dying for more!!!! So whenever or if there is ever a season 4 and/or 5 OMG all the better & i will be counting down the days until i can finally watch it! Actually, literally by the hour & minute i will be! I’ll sit there from midnight the day its suppose to be coming out until its available on Netflix just to watch it! I STILL watch seasons 1,2&3 over n over to this day. In fact i just got finished watching them all AGAIN yesterday. I think ive expressed how much i love the show as it is but honestly, awesome, awesome, AWESOME show!

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