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Penny Dreadful season 4 ?

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Penny Dreadful season 4 release date 2017

Will there be Penny Dreadful season 4? Do you want to know the exact release date of the series in 2017 on Sky and Showtime?

Despite of the fact that the season 4 of the series Penny Dreadful has not yet ordered, fans are already demanding from the creators a date of the release of new episodes.

This horror project gained a huge popularity in the UK, and the USA, and its cast was nominated for several prestigious film awards. Experts believe that it would be wrong to finish this story this year, because the show has great potential, so it deserves a place in the television broadcast in 2017.

The representatives of the Showtime channel, as usual, are not very talkative about ordering new episodes of the show Penny Dreadful, but they do not deny such possibility. We follow the news from the right holders and will publish the new data as they become available.

Remind that John Loganis a creator, script writer and producer of the show, who never tire of thanking from fans for his excellent work.

Penny Dreadful season 4 release date – [ended] (UPDATE 1)

We hope that he will renew his contract and will create the fourth season, because the viewers desire this. We are waiting…

UPDATE 1 (June 20, 2016): Series creator John Logan announced that Penny Dreadful had ended. The show not returning for Season 4.

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  1. Bridget C.

    Not happy that there are only 9 episodes in the season. We need MORE! Please SEASON 4

  2. Alicia Hampton

    I hope it gets renewed for a 4th season!
    Excellent show! Great cast!

  3. Acqcel

    best show in the Television today with the most amazing cast specially Ms. Eva Green…..incredible talent.. hope to have more Seasons and more than 10 episodes each…most underrated show…

  4. Allison

    Please……never end!!!

  5. Bonnie Larzelere

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE – we need season 4!!

  6. D saul

    Love this show. Look forward to it every year! Will miss Vanessa, but that doesn’t mean she can not re appear…..She was the glue that held the show! Love the story line.. Classic master piece with a horror twist!

  7. Rebecca

    This is an amazing show with a very talented cast. I love this show. Cancelled my Showtime subscription only to renew it because of this show. Wish this show would go on for many more seasons… I agree that it is the most underrated show.

  8. Steve Lowery

    It could be considered a crime to end the series, with season 3… Hopefully the show will be renewed, with episodes expanding on Dracula and Mr. Clare…perhaps even Captain Nemo..Invisible Man.. not to forget about Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde…Season 3 only touched on the two additional characters, briefly… So you see.. there is still plenty of storyline remaining…

    • Dibakar

      To say nothing of the famous resident of Baker Street.

  9. Babs

    This can’t end yet. This can go so many places. We never even really touched on the Jekyll and Hyde monster transformation. Please please please continue! And bring back you know who, I am devastated!

  10. Machelle

    Surely you will not leave us with,the fins as claiming this season as just the end, with so many open ended stories waiting to come to life. Miss Ives dead?? Please bring us season 4

  11. Betty Shinkle

    We need season 4 Showtime don’t stop this fine series!

  12. Sher

    Gotta have season 4. With the mummy in Egypt and maybe a reincarnation of Vanessa Ives. That would be kool

  13. C Odell

    I cried last night at the end of the season finale. When I saw The End put up on the screen my first thought was, Oh know!” This is just a tease for Season four. I love this show and its actors. Please, Please bring it back Penny Dreadful for season 4.

  14. Kristen

    Why not the show is excellent!! He’s being selfish

  15. James Lynch

    This is the only show on Showtime that I watch regularly. Without a Penny Dreadful season 4 I see no reason to continue subscribing to (and spending the money on) the Showtime channels. Hopefully, Showtime won’t let its’ best series end like this.

  16. Morgana

    I do not want to believe that Penny Dreadful is finished. What is John Logan thinking? This is a most fantastic, original show. Plus, a leader and refreshing change in the horror genre. All of the actors were so great. Eva Green, Josh Harnett, Timothy Dalton and the rest. I can’t believe we won’t get the chance to be seeing them all again in this series. The good shows always finish before everyone has got their fill of them.


    68 , love the show, hope it comes back, husband and I watch every episode, when “THE END”, popped up, it was like we were stabbed in the heart, come back with some great stuff, plenty of good ideas out there, so come back.

    • Mary Lee Feltner

      Feel like I was stabbed in the heart when Frankenstein walked his dead son out to the water. That was so heartbreaking. I have always sympathized with the monster and he brought out my old feelings from childhood.

  18. James

    This show is one of the most entertaining, intelligent and well acted show in recent history. It is a crime to cancel it after only three seasons. There are so many evolving story lines that could still be explored, even with the absence of Ms. Ives. Showtime should pay more attention to the fans of the show, we are after all the ones who pay the bill with our subscription to the network. Without this show, I will be cancelling my subscription. I call upon all the fans to tell Showtime and John Loganis how sad it iis that they have given up on one of the most original show on television. Please, please, please reconsider.”

  19. SteveC

    PLEASE, Season 4!

  20. deb

    I will cancel Showtime if P.D. does not return…One of the most original and unique programs on the air.

  21. Karen

    Absolutely one of the BEST shows ever, my husband and I couldn’t wait to watch it every Sunday, so sad that it’s over. I know you have to end it at sometime but I wish it could of been at bit longer. Thanks again for a great show


    Penny Dreadful is genious colaboration of all the Monster we know and love in History.

    It is a shame to be teased and then tortured with it’s untimely end…

    I am very distressed over this .. I was looking forward to Sunday nights just for her.

    3 seasons were not enough..

    Vampires do not die from guns, you can do it.

    BRING HER BACK !!!!!!!!!!!

  23. martin

    Why end a hit show !!!!!!

  24. Carol

    No no no, this can’t be the end! I sincerely wish that you would continue with this incredible story. The writing, the direction and the actors are excellent. I haven’t been this moved by a story in such a long time. I watched the last two episodes 3 times and I’m still crying. This show is worth Emmy’s upon Emmy’s. There are no other choices. Thank you, Mr. John Logan, for flawless writing and the fantastic selections of actors who truly made each week worth waiting for. I will miss all the characters.

  25. Linda

    I love this show… I was very upset to see Eva green’s character die off… But you never know… Just like another viewer mentioned… perhaps she could come back… and just like another view mentioned… you have others that could be brought forth… The Invisible man… Captain Nemo… and many, many more… Please come back with another season… I looked forward to my Sunday nights…

  26. Srestel Dnal

    Penny Dreadful is a awesome creative show. I can not believe that no season 4. It was just getting good. Maybe a spin off? But I’m sadden of the fact that the end ended the way it did. leaving me wanting more. Like The God of the Wolf. Can continue with a whole new story line. Don’t end with so much more need to be scene…..

  27. Rita Burns

    Please do not end Penny Dreadful! Please, create a season 4!

  28. Miriam Elmore

    too few episodes in this last season…. we are left with the need of more…..

  29. Peggy Goodson

    I am so disappointed as well. It was the best.

  30. Raye Ann Wicketts

    I figured Episode 9 of Season 3 was the final episode of the series. At the end of Epidode 9 of Season 3 it said, “The End”. Also, what would the series be without Vanessa?

  31. Kay Mac

    I hope there is a Season 4! Loved the season and how writer brought new characters. I was thinking that writers could might bring Vanessa back as a vampire since she was bitten by Dracula and obviously had his blood in her! Bur if not, they could replace Vanessa with another character!

  32. Angel jablonski

    Please please dont end! I need you

  33. mike kadid

    i think ‘THE END” means farewell

    • Tamara Eyberse

      It seemed like a rush job to end the show,lost all the interesting details and just barreled on fast to a shoddt end,IF ITS GONE SHOWTIME IS DONE GONE OFF,BYE!!!!!

  34. Mary Chestnut Schroeder

    Please please continue this show ! Acting and writing incredible ! Do not stop this ! How sad that tv has come to this . Well written shows , cancelled, idiot shows continued !

  35. Lara murray

    Awesome show! Please, please season 4!! And more!

  36. Jacqueline Ellis

    I believe that if showtime doesn’t renew than try own or chiller.I got a member ship to Hula just so I could watch Penny Dreadful. Please come back, horror was great and it had not been a good horror on TV in a long time. Please come back.

  37. Alma Osorio

    It’s one of my favorite shows, please bring it back. You can’t leave the fans hanging like that. It’s has mystery, horror, love, drama and more. I love it.

  38. Lisalynn

    I was completely shocked to see that there will be no season 4. There is so much that can be explored and followed for a few more seasons. Please don’t end this show now and take away this great cast! My husband and I have enjoyed watching this after our girls are asleep. It would be like ending Walking Dead or GOT way too soon. You are leaving us hanging!

  39. Tamara Eyberse

    this show is the only reason i have showtime,if they cancel, goodbye showtime!!!!!!! i was shocked at the stupidity of canceling such an exciting well writen popular show! i was angry and felt betrayed i will cancel movie channels,there is still walking dead,supernatural etc.this was my favorite it has everything.the paranormal,eccentric,romantic and exciting characters who are unpredictable, great dialogue,storyline and making old movie monsters scary is an achievement by us penny dreadful or showtime is canceled.oh,and bring mr. lyle home.please!!!!!!your canceling before the show even got started,this show has at least it all(a list actors)and could last 10 to 15 years…of making you money.

    • Sheri White Eagle

      I agree with al posts. Frankenstein COULD bring Vanessa back if he wanted and yes, there is so much more that could be written into this story line. PLEASE bring back and keep it going!!! It was aazing and the only reason I kept showtime. I have just bought episode 1 and 2. Will get 3 when it gets a bit cheaper. Please bring it back1

  40. Susan

    it S*CKED.. i am so glad it is OVER

    • Mary Lee Feltner

      You are deranged if you did not like this

  41. J Owens

    I am beyond devasted that show creator, John Logan, has chosen NOT to continue this fantasticly rich, deep, twisting horror series!!! This is the best show on Showtime right now!! Please Mr. Logan & Showtime bring this back for more seasons!!! Totally underrated and cannot end like it did!!! Way too many stories, of all the characters, that could still happen in this series! I Penny Dreadful so much I’m binge watching the 3 seasons on showtime over & over again!! Incredible!! Would be such a missed opportunity to NOT have more seasons!!! Please!!! I implore you all!!!

  42. Mary Lee Feltner

    This show mesmerized me from the start. More than a ” horror show” because you find yourself caring for these characters. While I love every single one, Frankenstein took my breath away. Each character grabbed hold of my heart in one way or another. Please bring Vanessa back to life and continue this story . It is a piece of art. Thank you Mary Lee Feltner

  43. Justin

    Bring the show back t was just getting good !!! Love it ! Can’t wait to see what’s lurking behind the next corner !!

  44. Randy H.

    I have loved this show since day 1 and would be heartbroken if the show suddenly ended. I think
    the show has a brilliant cast,excellent sets,and every episode keeps me on the edge of my seat.
    Please,please,please bring the show back for season 4.

  45. Queeny

    Nnnnnooooooo please bring back this show for Season 4! I love the show and it’s actors…or make a spin off with Ethan Chandler- he’s my favorite

  46. Dawn Steves

    I can’t Believe that there will not be a season 4 of Penny Dreadful!!!!! It seems like all the people writing these new series only have enough imagination for a few seasons after that they call it quits! What’s the point in even watching any new series when it’s going to be cancelled after the 3rd or 4th season! It’s just like the series “Those who kill” cancelled after the 1st season! and what’s the deal with TRUE DETECTIVE??????? I’m sure the new series West World with Anthony Hopkins will be cancelled after the first few season!!!!!

  47. Connie

    Omg…for real. They left the last series off at such a cliffhanger. I can’t believe Showtime didn’t resign this show. Horrible ☹️

  48. Sandy

    So disappointed there will be no season 4. I was really looking forward to it. All the characters are great & a few new ones were added that I had hoped would be explored more. Rewatching season 2 right now, my favorite & the best one in my opinion

  49. Penny Dreadful Fam

    STILL UPSET!!!!!!

  50. CINDY Simpson

    I have never understood why creators of series cancel shows despite the fact that the viewers want more of it! I don’t watch much serial TV. Yet, I find myself fascinated by “Penny Dreadful”. This talk by the creators & Showtime about not having anywhere to go with the writing anymore is just cr*p! Creativity wise, this show has soooo much potential.

    I had not been watching Penny Dreadful all along. I recently purchased Showtime from my cable company. I always thought Penny Dreadful sounded interesting. First thing I did was to look up Penny Dreadful and started watching it. Now I’m hooked on the show! Well written! Well acted! Horror in film & TV is not explode enough! This is quite a unique program. TELEVISION!! Always leave the stinkers on the air & take off the good one( the ones that actually make you think ). Most television shows are an insult to the American public!!!!

    CIN from small town America.

  51. Tracy Tanner

    why cancel it ????? It’s awesome!!! I got hooked just to get let down!

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