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Penny Dreadful season 2: premiere date

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When does season 2 of Penny Dreadful horror TV series come out? We know premiere air date of the new episodes! The show return in spring 2015!

TV-channel: Showtime
Pilot episode: May 11, 2014
Creator: John Logan

Season 1 Episode 1: 0.87 million U.S. viewers

Season 1 Episode 5: 0.79 million U.S. viewers

The television series of John Logan «Penny Dreadful» has been officially renewed for the season 2 by Showtime.

According to the President of the network David Nevins, such a rapid decision concerning the new episodes ordering was taken very easily, as the show proved to be successful already after its first four episodes.

The epic show attracted a wide audience, from drama fans to hardcore genre fans. Nevins noted, such a success couldn’t get unnoticed, as today it was hard to find «the newcomer», which would manage to do something similar.

The exact premiere date for the new episodes is scheduled for May 3, 2015.

UPDATE: Showtime renewed Penny Dreadful for a third season.

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  1. El Gresso

    I just want Eva Green back. She is so awesome.

  2. Martin3s

    This show is terrific! The writing, the plotting, the cast and the surprises are awesome. Great news on the renewal.

  3. desyl

    Awesome news!
    P.S. Ordered 10 episodes!

  4. Roy

    I am seriously considering paying for Showtime just because of this series.

    • Amber

      That’s exactly what I did. I saw the first two episodes for free and they got me. I called them and got it for $10 a month. But I watched the whole season and then canceled it. Ten dollars, was pretty cheap compared to buying it else where.

  5. Gail

    I agree, El. Eva Green was just amazing.

  6. Amber

    This is an amazing show. Eva Green is terrific actress. They all were! It had me so scared at times, I was afraid to breath. Love it, love it, love it!!!!! Can’t wait for season two.

  7. TeTe

    Eva Green is my new crush!!I was hooked the first 5 minutes:)Can’t wait for season 2!!

  8. aymee

    I bought the first series, WOW! Can’t wait to get 10 more hours of it!!!!

  9. BrinnyStardust

    I’m SO happy it was renewed for a second season! The series is PERFECT! Eva Green is perfect… Ugh, can’t wait!

  10. mamaOf3

    ok so I am totally addicted to this show!! Thank you for not making us wait til June for the start of season 2 🙂 I cant wait to see it on my DVR!!!!!

  11. Park Ranger

    I love this show the characters the plot and especially because it is a time period piece. Much work is Taken into the Detail of this production and it will most definitely become a classic. To me this is cutting edge writing that continues to push the envelope on how life was really like in the “White Castle” area of London in the 1800’s-1850,it can be as soft as a feather or as intense as a wild tiger… Kudos to cast and crew.


    I love this show. The characters are fantastic. It’s about time they did something like this show. It is by far the best.

  13. Armand

    I applaud the writers and the cast for this great compilation of horror stories. I’ve followed most of these characters separately but to put them in one storyline is impressive!! BRAVO!!

  14. erin

    Love love love this show! Can’t wait for season 2.
    penny dreadful and the new show Salem are by far my two new favs! Its nice to see shows like these. Dont get me wrong, I love the vampire diaries and game of thrones. But not all the shows they have out lately are adult like. I know they try to push the shows as much as they can in that department, and they can only go as far as the networks will let them. But its nice to be able to see more of the shows that are for my age group!


    Oh! my god! Fantastic season opener. I watch the reruns over and over.

  16. Dalelorraine

    My sister and I absolutely love this show. We have watched ever single episode.
    I like every single actor on there. Can you please e-mail me and let me know when
    Season 3 will begin. Please say it is coming back as I purchased Show Time just for
    Penny Dreadful. Excellent writers and cast.

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