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Pretty Little Liars season 6: premiere air date (2015)

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The ABC cable channel has renewed Pretty Little Liars for seasons 6 and 7. When does new episodes premiere in 2015? Air date coming!

TV-channel: ABC
Pilot episode: June 8, 2010
Creator: I. Marlene King

Season 1 episode 1: 2,47 million U.S. viewers

Season 5 episode 1: 2.72 million U.S. viewers

The one shouldn’t even expect the youth drama «Pretty Little Liars» to be finished.

The creators have decided such a popular project should be on air for at least another two years, that’s why both season 6, which is to premiere on June 2, 2015, and season 7, which should be launched in June 2016, have been financed.

The executive producer Marlene King noted, the ending of season 5 required to continue the story, that was why the announcement about renewal was made so early.

Are you excited for more PLL?

UPDATE 1: Filming for the sixth season will begin on March 24, 2015.

UPDATE 2: Season 6B Premiere (Return Date)- January 12, 2016.

UPDATE 3: Will Pretty Little Liars Season 7 be the last? What about SEASON 8 of PPL ?

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  1. Amelia Padilla

    I’m a little disappointed. I love the show but I can feel it losing steam. I’m ready for it to end.

    • Leslie

      Agreed! The show lacks luster and I find that I can’t wait to have each episode end, so that I can just watch something else.
      Who they are accusing of being “A” is totally off the wall. The audience never know this character.
      I know that the series is based on books, but these book must have a sorry ending, if indeed any ending.

      Time to call it a day.

      • Kahleesi

        How about instead of bitching about the show, you don’t watch it. Don’t sit here and complain about it and try to ruin it for those who still love it! There is nothing stating you HAVE to watch it!

        • Jessy

          You stole the words right outta my mouth girl! I was just telling my sister the same thing! Is someone twisting her arm? If u don’t like a show don’t watch it! Geeze! Some people actually like pretty little liars, like us! We love it! Can’t wait for the new episode but I wish I knew when it starts…?!

  2. Kara

    The show jumped the shark last season. Hopefully they can get it back on track.

  3. Fannie L.

    so amazing love the show

  4. Nancy Morrison

    I thought a 6th-but 7th too! Hope we find out who A is and then they try to catch him or something.

    • Sarah

      At the Halloween episode the director said before season 7 starts you will know who A is 🙂

  5. Brooke

    I am not happy at all about this! I want to know who A is, and this is now going to be two season too long.

    • beth

      atctuley we find out before season 7!!

  6. Ashley S.

    OMG this show needs to END. season 6 – ok! but season 7??????

    • Paul Walker

      they can do it easily with a change of pace. new story lines would make for many more seasons

    • meggan harding

      stop complaining if you don’t want it to keep going then stop watching it because the majority of people want it to keep going

  7. Leona (Nebraska)

    I can’t believe they really renewed it for 2 more seasons. And I can’t believe there are people really happy about it!

    • meggan harding

      they can go on as long as they want they could make 15 seasons I wouldn’t care, I mean yeah I would like to know who a is but I mainly care about the relationships, preferably ezria<3 but all ya'll just quit complaining if you don't want it to keep going then stop watching it it shouldn't bother you

  8. Beth Ruiz

    Oh hell yeah!!! Is about damm time to find out who is A and finish the series with dignity!

  9. lena

    I want pll to be back sooner! we all have been waiting to find out who A is. I wanna finidh this quicker

  10. nancy

    this show is the best ever. it can stay on as long as they want . I love this show.

  11. shay Simpson

    Who is A

    • Anonymous A

      I think Emily is A!

      • precious

        Did you not watch the ending of season 5??!?!! Its not Emily. Its Charles *whoever* ( maybe dillaurentis?) go watch it again

        • CeCe Drake

          And sara harvey almost blew them up in season six that really shocked me but at the same time she was always really sketchy so yeah I love how emily punched her thoe lol i was like damn, knocked the lights out haha and how CeCe aka Charles allisons dad and brother in a paralyzed state I really think season six built a really good plot for another season I cant wait so stoked…:) 🙂

  12. lacrystal

    really lobe the show its worth the wait me and my 9 year old sister watch it, we loveeeee all u guys your all great actors and actresses ❤️❤️❤️❤️✔️A

  13. Windy

    Love the show, and it keeps you guessing..

  14. sabrina blakely

    i love this show and think it should keep going

  15. Dani Ella

    The show is cool but it is kinda slow paced…. but I’m not complaining

  16. Anonymous A

    I think that a season six and seven would be great! After that I hope there will be a movie! I think Emily is A! If you don’t agree watch season 4 again!


    • Anonymous

      Why would you think Emily is A? Just finished season 4 and no clues…

    • beth

      I have no idea whyyou think Emily is a there is no clue that says that Emily is A. do you remember that time she got lokked in a box with a dead body yer yer would you do that to your self? hu hu would you? no dint think so and anyway she is to quite and nice!!

  17. Anonymous-

    I love this show, how could anyone want it to end!! And ‘A’ is obviously Jason’s twin brother, like in the books where Alison has a twin sister. They’ve twisted it! Season 6 is gonna be amazing. Can’t wait!!!

  18. BlaireBear

    I was really wanting Ryan Merriman to come back to the show on Pll so we can find out what his character Ian Thomas really is because I’ve been watching the show since it first starting in 2010 at 16 years old and now I’m 21 years old and I loved Ryan Merriman as Ian Thomas in Pretty little liars and I always thought that he would be the perfect big A reveal because the only thing I was disappointed about Pretty little liars is that Ryan Merriman role as Ian Thomas never got enough screen time to even now who he really is in the show so basically I’m really wanting Ryan Merriman as Ian Thomas to come back on pretty little liars so he can be big A Reveal because I thank he would be perfect for the big A reveal Role I really do think that Ryan Merriman as Ian Thomas isn’t really dead on pretty little liars so that’s just my thoughts

  19. Hailey Nicholson

    I have to wait nearly three months to watch season 6! I cant wait that long! I really want to know who “A” is! I love it so much im gonna rewatch all the seasons on netflix

  20. Nelson

    I have season 1 and 2 on DVD but yeah I’m 10 years old and I love I’m looking for season 3and 4 and 5 when it comes out yeah 2 more

  21. Sarah

    I love this show. I am excited for season 6 and 7. Its going to be hard to wait for it to come out 🙁

  22. Crystal Girardot

    I’m 325years old a mom of a old sons my twelve and twenty year olds watch it with me it’s our show that and RAVENSWOOD we really liked the spin- off too.but it was cancelled.awww…I hope it takes atleast a few or six more years to find out who” A”is ..OH MY GOODNESS IT’S JUST SO MUCH FUN LIKE THIS.I could watch it daily like a soap opera. The writers are AWESOME.AMAZING.AND KNOW HOW TO KEEP YOU INTERESTED.all the while your going crazy wanting to know who is “A”?? BUT THAT’S PART OF THE EXPERIENCE.please keep up the great work you pretty little liars .and writers.BOTCHED.LOL.HAHAHA

  23. Big Fan

    Love the show, so excited for season 6 can’t wait because I have nothing to watch until it airs again! xx

  24. beth

    I cant wait till the next season and my and my friend charlotte (who is stitting behind me right now) are bg fans of the show and I so happy there is another season!!!!

  25. Lexi

    To all the people who want PLL to end ur gonna wish it still came on after it ends.

  26. Batgeek123

    Omg I can’t wait for season 6 but season 7!?!? I’m so happy this show is the best show ever!

  27. Lisa

    Well it is June 2nd and the show is not on? When will it be on?

  28. Autumn

    This is my favorite show in the whole universe and I’m going to die if I have to wait any longer for season 6 to come on Netflix. I finished season 5 in just two days and I really don’t want to wait any longer!!

  29. Aurora borealis

    Well if u guys were paying attention at the end of season five when Spencer watched that video there were two little boys ( Charles Dilaurentis and Jason were twins) with the little baby girl (Alison) at the farm (where they said they picked apples). What u can conclude from this is that Charles got jealous from all the attention Alison was getting and then got revenge on her and her friends.

  30. linabc-

    Such a mindf*ckingly, twisted, addictive show! Even though I’m wanting to put a face to the name (A), I’m loving how a show can lead you to believe someone is so guilty and change it all around at the lat minute.. I have just finished seasons 1-5 and I’m literally crying because I have no way of watching season 6 episodes! Anyone know of a dvd release date for it in Australia?

  31. Ashley Brooke

    When will season 6 of pretty little liars be put on Netflix!!!!

  32. Danielle

    This show is amazing and should keep going …..everyone wants to know who “A” is but that’s what makes it so good its suspenceful and riveting ….I absolutely love it ………

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