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Pretty Little Liars season 7 start date 2016

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Pretty Little Liars season 7 start date

Pretty Little Liars was renewed for its seventh season. When will Season 7 premiere? Do you want to know the exact start date?

The rumors that the seventh season of series Pretty Little Liars will be the last gradually become real. Actress Lucy Hale in a recent interview said that this seventh season would be the final for this project and, in her opinion, the final storyline would be “really tragically“.

Remind that the PLL creator I. Marlene King in Twitter just wrote about the final of the current “uber A” storyline after the seventh season, but he did not exclude the possibility of ordering the eighth season, and even a feature film. According to the creator, it just fans should help to decide about the closing or renewal of the series, as they maintained the project for many years and deserve a worthy finale.

As you can see, the final decision from Freeform has not been made yet, so the fate of the series Pretty Little Liars is in the hands of viewers.

By the way, the seventh season start date is appointed to June 21, 2016 (at 8/7c) and it consists of 20 episodes. So is it worth to finish this show? What is your opinion?

UPDATE 1 (August 29, 2016): Marlene King confirmed that seventh season of PLL will also be its last. The final 10 episodes will begin airing in April 2017. No SEASON 8 of PPL.

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  1. Christie

    I don’t think PPL should end any time soon. I love it and look forward every tuesday!

    • ABUSER

      first of all its PLL soooooo if your not dumb Christie you would know that DUMBO.

  2. CarroL

    Do not end the TV show! I would love to see more seasons and a movie of PLLs.

  3. Mokkaa

    Need #PLL Season 8 and further. Don’t end it yet!

  4. Jae Barrs

    I hope this show ending with a movie.

  5. Rochel N.

    Love PPL. The whole series shouldn’t end no one is ready for it! I want it to continue. So keep pll going.

  6. Carrol Taff

    The characters are awesome!!! This show is the second most watched cable TV Show! Not ready to say goodbye.

    • nella

      what is the first one

  7. steve

    I love pll do not end it ever it is awesome .I want to see what happens next so keep pll going and don’t stop ever

  8. Carol T

    CDT – I started watching PLL on Netflix recently. I am nearing the end of Season 2. Wow, I’m hooked, I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. Good suspense!

  9. Fiona O

    Can’t wait for Season 7 of PLL to start on 21 June 2016. Hope that it continues. Writer really knows how to pen a good mystery and keep you on the edge of your seat. Cannot wait to see what plots and twist Season 7 is full of. Brilliant. Hope it keeps going for a long time yet.

  10. Alexis

    I don’t think that they should ever stop with pll its my favorite show ever.Please don’t stop with them.

  11. nella

    who watches vampire diaries

  12. Kimberly Parks

    6 yrs of 141 ep (season 1-6) and it shouldn’t be finished!
    THERE SHOULD BE A TENTH SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Elaine

    I would hate to PLL go. Ive been a fan since the beginning.

  14. Kristina


  15. maree

    A massive fan from the start.. So pls don’t END PLL !!!

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