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«Private Practice»: season 7?

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Will «Private Practice» return for Season 7? Renewed or cancelled? What is known about premiere air date?

Famous American series «Private Practice» premiered on ABC TV Channel in September, 2007. This story, created by Shonda Rhimes, is a spin-off of famous TV show «Grey’s Anatomy». It was very popular among all the TV viewers around the world.

In autumn, 2012 ABC channel aired the first episode of Season 6 of the given series. But there were some news that made fans worry. The reason hides in rumors concerning show cancelling, published on the Internet in June, 2012 when Kate Walsh (played Addison Montgomery) officially announced about her leaving after Season 6.

The given information was confirmed in October when Shonda Rhymes doted the i’s and crossed the t’s. She announced that 13 episodes of Season 6 would certainly be the final ones. That’s why «Private Practice» Season 7 shouldn’t be expected. Premiere date for the final episode was scheduled for January 22, 2013. After that the series was closed.

And have you been waiting for a new season? Leave your reply below!

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  1. ann

    We dont want private practice to be over

    • peace

      I dont private practice to end its one of my best medical drama shows

    • Mary

      I hope they bring back private practice I love the show bring it back

    • Liz Polverari

      I couldn’t stop watching it I watched every single episode where would the end such a good show

  2. doshia

    I love private practice and dont want it to be over. But I understand and I dont want to watch without allison. Its better to wnd on a good note…

    • paige

      How can you watch 6 season of the show and not know her name is addison?

    • Kaylee

      How can you “love” Private Practice and not know her name is Addison?

  3. Sarah

    I hope they do not stop with season 6 of private practice. There is so much more than can do and so many ways to continue the seasons by the way they left it. And I hope all the actors stay in. Im still upset that pete died

  4. linda

    private practice is a excellent show!!! even my husband loves this show… there has to be season 7

  5. Barb

    I am addicted to this show… I felt it ended on a bad note… which is ‘it should not have come to an end’… I want to see Season 7, c’mon Shonda… please 😮

  6. Summer

    Pleasea bring private practice back. It was one of the best shows along with greys anatomy.Please make a season 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Alice

    Please make a season7 of private practice this was one of my favorite shows along with grey anatomy

  8. Stacey

    It won’t be the same without Addison she’s the reason I started watching it. Maybe she will make a few appearances on Grey’s Anatomy. I’m going to miss this show 🙁

    • Jhnealle

      I am really desperate to see season 7

  9. sue

    we dont want the season to be over even with out addison.

  10. Lisa H.

    Private practice is my favorite show I always go out and get a bottle of wine to watch the show.

  11. martha

    please bring the show back it’s my favorite show the whole cast is great

  12. sandra

    Private Practice was one of the most intelligent and socially relevant shows on TV. Why did you cancel it? Bring it back. The story lines were meaningful. It explored a lot of different issues . Like drug addiction among professionals, rape and the difficulties of having a real relationship. What has it been replaced with, some vampire/zombie thing? Come on people, give us something real that requires a frontal cortex to grasp. Give it back!
    I am going to miss Sherman!

  13. Hyacinth

    I love cooper and charlotte – bring back season 7

    • Mandy Haskell

      As mean as Charlotte is, she is my favorite, I absolutely love her .

  14. Tawanda

    Please bring the show back! I love the show, the cast, the characters, and the plots. It brought real live drama to the forfront; marital issues, dating, self-esteem, medical and health issues, workplace issues, issues that teenagers faces, motherhood, and so forth. I believe that is is a show that everyone can relate to and can say to themselves, “Hmmm!”.
    The writing is phenomenal! Again, love the show! Please bring it back; pretty please! 🙂 When you do, do not change cast. Keep Taye Diggs and Naomi. I think they have a story line that is unfinished. I think they will late realize that they really have/had something special. Taye will realize that he still have feelings for Naomi. He may believe/feel that he has moved on but hmmm, there is something holding him back. And for the other couple, Violet and Pete. I also believe that as Violet pursue her dream, years later her son who is all grown up will come back into her life. Charolette and Cooper will continue to have a love-hate relationship that is unreal, funny, and out of this world. You could not never pick a better actress for that role. She is beautiful, talented, and unbelievable phenomenal. Loved her in “A Family that Prey Together”. Next to Linda Carter, she is a bright shiny star.

    • Mandy Haskell

      What a bad ending, naomi is pregnant by sam, and the triplets are just newborns, violet is getting ready to write a new book and Amelia is finally ready to start a new life after everything shes been thru… why would you stop now, even just one more season, then you end it appropriately….

  15. Tawanda

    Opps! Correction to the following:

    (1) I meant to say, “real life drama” NOT “live”.
    (2) “I believe it is a show that everyone can relate to…………” NOT “I believe that is is……”
    (3) “I think they will later realize………..” NOT “will late…”

    If there are anymore, I apologize. My eyes are so heavy; trying to stay up to catch the re-run episodes of the Private Practice.

  16. Niki

    I have never been so infuriated in my life and I have been delt some heinous cards. :shakes head: im so let down.

  17. Teressa

    I was just looking off the premiere for season 7 I’m shocked it was cancelled. It was an awesome show bring it back!

  18. Jennifer

    PLEASE don’t end, we all want a season 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  19. Auten

    I have been patiently waiting for Private Practice to start record in and it hasn’t yet! Now I can see why. I had no idea it was ending. I still have the last recording and love the show! Why does a show have to end just because Kate Walsh left?

  20. robert worsley

    I can’t believe there not be another season done.i really hate to
    say it. But maybe you should do one more and get
    someone else. To play the role of addison since kate no longer wants to do the roll. I mean come on in the show she gets the baby and gets the guy. There just needs to be more. So just find someone else to play her part im sure. You can find someone one to step in. I know it sounds a little crazy but maybe you could kill her. Some how bring in someone new put a little spice into. I think this were left undone. Would be nice to see a big finish not just something that was left undone. Just saying.

  21. Shannon

    I’m really disappointed that there will not be another season! I love private practice and I’m sad to see it go!!! One of the best shows out there and always looked forward to private practice nights!

  22. Christian

    Private Practice is the best series ever made​​, and it is incredibly popular, must come several seasons, and it can not stop like it did, make many more seasons, so I said came with more. from a big fan in Norway

  23. Tiara

    I love this show please don’t let it be over just yet……… I’ve stayed up every night just to finish please bring it back a big fan in CHICAGO

  24. Esther

    Niet stoppen!! (Don’t stop)!! Ik ben jullie grootste fan in België!! (I’m your biggest fan in Belgium)!!! Bring it on!!!!!!!!!

  25. Yolande

    please bring back Private Practice!!! We need season 7 pleeeeese Shonda!!! I am in New Zealand and I am addicted to PP and Greys! Please please please…..

  26. linda

    I wish it was not ending I like it better then Grey’s…..Please…

  27. Audrey

    Had to wait for season 6 on DVD and it was worth the wait. Please continue this excellent series. The other characters are strong enough to be left on their own without Addison.

  28. jude

    I think they should do more than six seasons I mean seriously.

  29. Florence

    Private practice is my ultimate favorite show! Got my 2 daughters hooked on it!
    Please Please Please bring it back! Reruns are on at midnight Saturdays/Sunday haven’t missed a episode! Also purchased all six episodes! Looking to purchase the wedding scene! Is it available to purchase ? Love to have it!

  30. Patricia

    I can’t believe it ended the way it did!!! I need closure on Charlotte and Coops marriage and how she loves the 3 girls. Addison and Jake are perf. And Ameila
    and James need to have more sex….. I’m a die hard fan. I love PP

  31. Vendela

    I don’t Want it to be over!!! I love this serie!! It’s 1 of the best i ever seen!!

  32. Melissa

    I just love Private Practice!!! Please continue the show with a season 7!!!!

  33. April

    Why would you cancel such a amazing show? There is still so much to the story line that needs to be told.

  34. Marcia

    WOW!! I just finished watching Seasons 1 – 6 of Private Practice! Please let there be a season 7 and beyond! The series was so real and relatable! Please reconsider and create the magic you do! Please create more Shonda! You are amazing and Private Practice was so awesome! We need a season 7!

  35. ashley

    Ok so i actually just watched seasons 1-6 over the past couple months and just finished … very upset at the last
    Episode… that series could have went a long time and kate welsh’s new show bad judge is not her type of thing i watched it and it wad hard for me to do so with her poor acting skills so much better on private practice. They should definatly return to abc.

  36. Shalyn

    I was just looking to see if they were still airing private practice an sad to hear no season 7 im currently watching on netflix an im in love I have to force my self to stop watching cause each episode just gets better….and if you do come back with season 7 gotta keep the cast love them all Addison Sam violet pete Sheldon amelia jake Cooper Charlotte Naomi ….bring it back plz would be awesome

  37. Kerri

    Here we go again!! You keep taking all the good shows off! I am so done with Lifetime and there series. You keep taking the goods ones from us. Just like Army wives you took that one and Witches of east end! You all stink!

  38. ELENA

    I would really love a season 7!! This is beyond one of the BEST TV series I’ve watched. I love it!

  39. MARIA

    its 2015 and still waiting for season 7 please, we have to see cooper as a father.

  40. janna

    Really love this show was I a little late to the show just finished season 6 so went to look for season 7 and found this I’m so disappointed

  41. Tiffani

    I really wish they would continue the series. There is no other show that compares to how good Private Practice is!!!

  42. Rochelle gautreau

    Why oh why did they stop. I mean come on. Charlotte and cooper are my all time faviorite couple. My marriage is so much like their its not even funny! But please come on a make another season or 10 if you want. I will sit and watch them all!! So in love withthe show. Think i may watch allyhe seasons again on netflix. Once just isnt enough. Miss my coop and Charlotte!!

  43. Michelle

    You should continue this series….so much left undone. Please, please, please you should make a couple of more seasons.

  44. teresa

    When is season 7 going to start.. Please I loved the show.

  45. Lori

    Please reply I need to see season 7 private practice l love that show it’s been life changing to me. Please. Do you really reply
    The show helps me in my every day life

  46. Shanoah

    Addison please come back we need you!!!!!!

  47. Courtney

    I have rewatched private practice 3 times now. Can yall please make more seasons.its almost better than greys anatomy. Greys anatomy and private practice are my two favorite ones.

  48. Mary

    I’ve been watching Private Practice on Netflix and LOVE it! I’m really sad that season 6 is the last season!

  49. samie

    Just started to watch, watch all the season in a week. Need a spin off about cooper and Charlotte with the babies.

  50. Terry Lynn Garcia

    I don’t want private practice to end just got done watching it and love it so much I so hope season 7th comes with the same characters that play on Private Practice so can’t wait to see it!! PLEASE PLEASE !!

  51. Shelley

    So disappointed there is no Season 7. Watched the whole lot in 2 weeks while laid up at home. It was brilliant. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!

  52. Jennifer

    There should be more private practice this show can make more seasons greys anatomy is up to 12 seasons!

  53. Mae Grout

    You got to have another season of private practice it was an excellent show I want more like it

  54. Nurys Vargas

    I’m waiting for a season7 , I love that series

  55. Shonda (same name lol)

    What?! This show cant be over now, theres so much more to expect! C’mon Shonda you have to make a season 7, please. This show is literally my life!!! THERE HAS TO BE A SEASON 7 IT CANT END LIKE THIS!

  56. Jannie

    It’s took me about a week to watch all 6 seasons of Private Practices.
    And I love the show. I was looking forward to the nx season. Can’t
    Believe you would make such a mistake!!!

  57. Britney

    I live for private practice

  58. Joyce

    I want more private practice it’s a awesome show can’t you just add a new character I have bean looking forward to season 7

  59. Christie

    Private practice is so great!!! I have been watching it every day after seeing the first episode in season 1!!! It has to return! Please

  60. Kari McGeorge

    I can’t believe there won’t be a season 7. We don’t want it to be over. There is so much that can and should happen. This is an awesome show. Now what am I going to watch?!? We love you guys and this show. It shows that there can be really great doctors out there. Best of luck to everyone.

  61. Roberta Winborne

    I truly enjoyed watching Private Practice. Please don’t end the show.

  62. Saige

    I really enjoy private practice and Addison Montgomery is one of the reasons I started watching I would like you to continue filming this show so that we can see charlotte and coopers girls older; I would like to see henry older and see sam and Naomi’s baby. Started watching this show because I finished all the episodes of grey’s anatomy and I really enjoyed that so when I heard that there was a spinoff of Addison I was very eager to watch and now that I have heard that season 6 is the last one I am so utterly disappointed. I know that you guys think you are such hot shots but you are just normal people who are really good at your jobs, there is only one difference between the producers and everyone else they are rich and don’t even care about the input of others. BUT because I absolutely love the show I am politely requesting just like all the others on this sight that we get a season 7. This show has actually helped through the really hard things in my life so please bring us another season.

  63. Linda Hawkins

    Really love this show…hard to turn it off…bring it back !!

  64. Lynn Bolle

    Come ON Shonda…………..Please, Please, Please…………Season 7…….

  65. Missy

    I loved this show I really would love to see it come back

  66. Amanda

    Please bring it back. I love how this show and Greys Anatomy tied into each other…please keep it

  67. Maria Suarez

    I love private practice is and increible show please bring it back please

  68. Rox

    Love Private Practice! I watched all the seasons between last year 2019 and finished it in March 2020. Can’t believe that ABC is not thinking of bringing it back!☹ It a great entertaining show! Please bring it!!!!

  69. Wendy Peral

    They should do more seasons of private practice this was a very good series

  70. Lewanna

    O love private practice please continue with the episodes.

  71. santene

    Please bring private practice back.

  72. Elizabeth

    Please bring this show back. It really needs a Season 7. I actually like it better than Grey’s Anatomy. Addison is doing so well since she’s found love. Violet I think should find love as well.

  73. Juanita

    Please bring back more episodes of Private Practice.

  74. Jody

    We NEED a season 7, so much going on you can’t stop now!!! Please reconsider a 7th season. We need it!!!!!!

  75. Roxanna L Soots

    I loved Private Practice I don’t want to end. It end it was getting better there was more to see that didn’t finish it

  76. Samantha brown

    When I first started watching this show I fell in love with it I see so many tv series that have tons of seasons and episodes and this one ends at only 6 episodes? Come on this is the best show I have ever watched you guys could do so much more with this show! It ends with naomi and Sam remarrying Addison is happily married with her adoptive son charolette and copper have triplets along with coopers kid but what happens with violet she’s widowed right now what happens with the doctor who gives birth to the brainless baby you guys could do so much more with this tv series please don’t leave us hanging you have so many people who love this show. I was so upset that it ended with only 6 seasons to it

  77. Colleen

    I loved private practice!!! Please we need a season 7, we need to know what happens with nay and the baby, Sheldon and his life after cancer, Amelia, will she ever have smother baby? Charlotte and Cooper and omg those lil babies… kat, Jake snd Henry!!! To many loose ends, so much more to do with this series…PLEASE!!!

  78. GG

    Bring back season 7..I Love all the characters and the whole different scenarios going on its like I’m part of their lives..please bring them back
    Or start a similar new series .
    Everything about private practice is real life situations

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