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«Desperate Housewives» season 9: release date

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When will «Desperate Housewives» season 9 air? What is known about premiere?

In September, 2011 ABC Studios started to broadcast the eighth season of famous «Desperate Housewives» show. This story about the lives of women from the suburbs has a lot of fans and is mega-popular. After the broadcast of the final episode in May 2012 TV viewers started to ask whether the season 9 would be produced. Earlier the representatives of ABC Studios stated that the eighth season would be probably the final one.

Despite that fact there were some rumors about the new episodes of «Desperate Housewives» show. The release date wasn’t announced but the information was supposedly confirmed by the rightholders. The latter denied the rumors and announced that the show was officially closed.

It should be mentioned that this wonderful show, created by Marc Cherry, consists of 8 seasons (180 episodes).

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  1. Gina

    I said goodbye to Desperate Housewivesa long time ago.

  2. Fugs

    I need more =). I love the actresses

  3. Deeway

    Another stupid decision by ABC

  4. Out B.

    Why in ABC’s right mind are they cancelling it? one of the best shows on tv!

  5. Koko

    I hate this show is ending !

  6. smile

    why stop something that is so popular…

  7. alleveamb

    The fans deserve a season 9!
    P.S. Susan was annoying…

  8. xedo

    DH is something that keeps me alive! This show is so smart, funny, and sexy! There must be a season 9

  9. I❤desperate

    Come on! I love it. I think i am addicted to it. So dont stop now. I miss them already:,(:,(:,(:,(:,(:,(:,(

  10. chase

    Susan is “REAL…and THEY’RE SPECTACULAR”!!!…as was the show. Thank you, Marc Cherry for “Devious Maids”…best follow-up to a spectacular series like DH. Still would love to see my hottie neighbor-girls together again. If ABC is to ignorant (as they usually are) to produce and air another season…send it over to TNT, Lifetime, or A&E…they know a good show when they see it! Best wishes to all of the cast, production people…all of you creative guyz! -Chasen

  11. anonymous

    I think it S*CKS !!! That DH is over it’s the only series I really enjoyed and think that it should definitely continue (I just wish marc cherry could make another season for the millions and millions of fans)they were so talented and sometime it convinced me to want to live in the suburbs someday so that my life can also be so interisting as DH

  12. Torrie Stringer

    ABC can’t do this to the fans!!! Like another commenter let another station pick it up like Lifetime they can maybe take this shoe further.. Keep these wonderful ladies and the land going!! Just hate seeing this all coming to an end!! Sure gonna miss all the fun and drama from the ladies and wonderful neighbors of Wistetia lane! DH is one of the best shows I’ve ever seen and now ABC is pulling plug, ughh!!! Plz dont keep it going’!!

  13. Goddessisha

    I think that ABC must continue DH, but if they sustain their decision to keep the DH out of air, at least make a special show where the characters reunite again. No matter that in the season finale they Mary Alice stated that they never met again. ABC is in debt with their audience and DH fans.

  14. Nadine Knox

    I love desperate housewives

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