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«Ravenswood» season 2?

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Will «Ravenswood» TV show renewed for a season 2? We need new episodes in 2014! What is known about air date on ABC Family?

TV-channel: ABC Family
Pilot episode: October 22, 2013
Creators: Joseph Dougherty, Oliver Goldstick

Season 1 Episode 1: 2.12 million U.S. viewers

Season 1 Episode 10: 1.39 million U.S. viewers

The television series «Ravenswood» failed to hold its positions on ABC Family channel and its future has been already determined. According to the recent data, the show has been closed already after its first season, so the release date for its new episodes has no sense any more.

The creators admitted the given spin off for «Pretty Little Liars» television drama was supposed to attract more attention, but after the successful launching it was only losing its audience with every new episode.

The second season has not been financed, which angered the fans. However, their requirements were not satisfied.

Should we feel sorry for the show?

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  1. Alex

    What? That show is very popular so why cancel? Now Miranda will be stuck in limbo forever… not cool ABC Family, not cool at all.

  2. Samanta

    my daughter and I love this series! show left a huge cliffhanger. please bring Ravenswood back!

  3. Petra

    I really liked the supernatural corporated in it and I love Caleb’s character. All the acting was done so well. And I do believe that people just didnt give the show a chance =(

  4. Jamie

    This is the Third show ABC Family Cancels and right when it’s getting good. Wow still can’t believe!

  5. Felicia

    If he continues to cancel popular shows ABC Family will not exsist. 1.39 million viewers are better than zero viewers. Bring Ravenswood back!!!

  6. Brad

    That s*cks! I really liked the show

  7. Polina

    maybe the real reason why they cancelled ravenswood is because they need tyler back on PLL?

  8. Lynnette

    I think you need to bring Ravenswood back for another season everyone was left hanging in the finale. Personally I loved the show we have to know how the new Miranda can come back since her uncle said there was a way fpr her to come back. And what is going to happen between the new Miranda and the old Caleb I need and want answers. BRING RAVENSWOOD BACK ASAP. Thanks

  9. Ashleigh

    was hooked from the 1st episode now left hanging… WTF ABC Family… Bring Ravenswood BACK! It’s ridiculous how can a show just be cancelled and the audience is left with nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Trisha Herren


  11. Kelly

    I knew a lot of people who loved this show =( I recommended it to even more!! Bring Ravenswood back!!! It was so interesting. I loved the characters!

  12. crazynbama1964

    ok family Channel you are now on my s@%t list and if you don’t bring Caleb back I will never watch your station again

  13. Ilovethe80s

    I LOVE RAVENSWOOD! Finally, an original show. ABC Family is making a big mistake not giving it a real chance. I was really looking forward to season 2.

  14. nkiru eze

    Why do good shows get cancelled, it s*cks…Ravenswood is a good show nd should be renewed for the season 2…

  15. Brit

    ABC family need to get their priorities straight, like UK viewers are always left in the dark there is no info where pll will be airing tonight so I’m super annoyed! Ravens wood was such a great series how can you cancel it! You have to bring it back. The more amazing series cancelled the less viewers they will get!

  16. Angel

    I don’t see why so many people stopped watching. I understand it wasn’t anything like Pretty Little Liars, but that doesn’t mean anything. Me and my mom watched every episode as soon as it was released. We would actually get together to watch the series. It was the only thing that we could agree on, or so it seems. It’s a shame it ended. Especially with the huge twist at the end of the season. If the producers should give any television show a second chance, it would have to be this show. Just saying.

  17. Wynn

    I loved Ravenswood!!! Please bring it back!!! The only shows I watch on ABC Family is Pretty Little Liars, in which I am about getting tired of the story line and I can’t believe I am saying that!!!!!!!!!! Melissa and Joey and of course Ravenswood! All of the other shows I can’t believe are still running, I have even tried watching some, not nearly as good as my top three!!!!!! Please bring back Ravenswood!!!!!

  18. nicole

    This is just plain stupid. I have watched a couple of episodes of PLL but I hated the show and never cared for it at all. However I LOVE RAVENSWOOD and have been waiting for the new season to come out for me to watch. I had herd rumors that the show was canceled but I didn’t believe them because it was such a good show (and mostly because I didn’t want to believe them). The plot in PLL is all about the chick named A that is just in my opinion a psycho and they never get any closer to figuring out who the heck she is. This show will have to end soon and without Ravenswood getting them more viewers I am afraid that this channel will loose a lot of its customers. I personally only ever watched the one show on ABC and only watched PLL because of Ravenswood now there isn’t a single thing on that channel me or my children watch. Ya’ll are killing your network and loosing a lot of viewers because you have canceled this show. And for crying out loud you didn’t even leave us with a good ending, we have one character stuck in limbo and 4 others watching their backs hoping not to join her. Why wouldn’t you at least do a season 2 and sum it all up for us at least. If you had maybe then you would have kept those of us who were watching other shows on your channel just because of Ravenswood. Come on seriousally this is not good common sense.

  19. Pesh

    Seriously ABC Family…some of us were yearning for the 2nd season of it…
    Like bring Ravenswood back…Seriously
    Very unsatisfied viewer

  20. Jessica

    This is so sad! Need to watch this show some more.

  21. Amanda

    No! We need Ravenswood back! Its a great show!

  22. Cristina

    I have been waiting and wondering when season 2 of Ravenswood would air and got even more suspicious when the new season of Pretty Little Liars came on and still no Ravenswood. I don’t care that there was lost people because you could have gained them back. I had people I told about the show waiting on the new season and to watch the old season. They got cable just from me telling them about these shows and they can’t even watch it. This is ridiculous and Ravenswood needs to come back especially when we fans were left in the blue from the last episode and now Caleb even comes back to Pretty Little Liars and he didn’t just lose a lot of weight but became an alcoholic. Why?? None of us fans know because Ravenswood isn’t on. Seriously bring it back because its a lot better than a lot of shows on air right now and I don’t get attached to shows that much, it’s a rarity, but I did with Ravenswood and I don’t even get to watch it. Please, PLEASE bring back Ravenswood!!

  23. Kerry

    I love this series, if anything it is attracting more viewers to pretty little liars so isn’t that better. Also you should at least make one more episode so it doesn’t leave people on cliff hangers! Also it’s bad for pretty little liars if you stop Ravenswood because it will make people mad and think you will do it to Pretty little liars so they will stop watching that before they get more into it. So overall it is proved that it’s better off for everyone if you keep it on air

  24. kiki

    WTF this is one of my favourite shows, I think they should have advertised the show more because I had never heard of it until a week ago,but it is one of my all time favs

  25. Fluerette

    what a shame…

  26. jay

    Bring Ravenswood back it’s so good and it deserves a chance to show people it’s full potential

  27. peter

    no man please i love ravenswood and i bet you there is millions of fans.please people vote for ravenswood season 2 to be filmed.its the greatest series ive ever whtch,cry…

  28. alexis

    if we can make it popular again i hope they can do more seasons

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