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«Supernatural» season 10: premiere air date

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«Supernatural» TV show holds its position on The CW. When will season 10 premiere in 2014? Series has been renewed for the new season! Air date coming!

TV-channel: The CW
Pilot episode: September 13, 2005
Created by: Eric Kripke

Season 1 Episode 1: 5.69 million U.S. viewers
Season 9 Episode 1: 2.59 million U.S. viewers

Mark Pedowitz, the CW Network President, proudly announced about the production of the tenth season of «Supernatural» TV show.

The rates of the television series are high enough for the show to be renewed till it is watched, Mark informed. «Show-veteran», as it is called by critics and fans, attracts more than 2.5 million Americans, so its closing doesn’t make sense. In addition, the spin-off of «Supernatural» show is in process of production and is to premiere soon, however the exact air date is still unknown.

As for the original version, its Season 10 will premiere in October 7, 2014, and apparently it will again contain 23 new breathtaking episodes. The rights holders extended the contractual agreements with the main actors till the end of 2015, so besides Season 10 we will also enjoy the eleventh one.

Pedowitz admits the show fate depends only on the amount of fans, so let’s support the show in comments! Bravo the CW!

UPDATE 1 (March 11, 2016): The CW renewed the series for a SEASON 12.

UPDATE 2 (January 8, 2017): The CW renewed the show for a thirteenth season.

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  1. Jimm N.

    f*ck yea! good news ~~~! best show ever! i need more and more … tu The CW!

    • Melissa

      Couldn’t agree with you more.

    • AngelBlack

      Oh yes! Can’t wait for 2 more seasons and hopefully a 12th!

  2. Cortny

    season 10 season 11 season 12… please, dont stop!

    • Sharon Canteni

      I am truly addicted to this show. The writing and acting are excellent.

  3. Kira $

    i love you Jensen! you’re my hero 😉

  4. Bloggingurl

    Supernatural is a great show…. I can’t wait to see Seasons 11, 12, and more….keep em coming CW!! TV wouldn’t be the same without my favorite two brothers.

  5. Jennie-o

    Best news all year!!! Love Supernatural, my whole family follows the series in any form we can get it. Can’t wait for season 10… let’s go for 11, 12, 13, 14….

  6. Peter Wone

    This has been a highly entertaining show but despite very clever handling by the writers, it’s wearing a bit thin. I daresay the actors would like to do something else. Better to go out with a bang than a whimper.

    • Stephanie

      As much as I love this show, I agree with Peter. However, only about the actors wanting to do something else. The plot seems ok, everytime I think there can’t be anything else, they pull a rabbit out of the hat. I also imagine Jensen and Jared have very fat wallets. Hard to walk away from all that money. This show had been great!

    • Andrew

      Supernatural is just a Superfantastic show that seems to continue to to get better all the time. I thought the end was when Sam went to hell. The show just continues to amaze me. I hope it runs for another 10 years. What an imagination these people have. Keep on bringing it, there are way to many 5 star fans watching this 5 star show waiting for what is going to happen next.

  7. M

    yea good news thanks i love them 🙂

  8. thaQuiet1

    Despite many great episodes after the fact, the show should have ended with season 5!!! Fighting Lucifer should have been the pinnacle for the show. The 5th season finale would have been one of the greatest show finales ever so no matter what happens it’s going to be anticlimactic…the CW just doesn’t know when to say goodbye!

    • **BossLadie14**

      I would just like to add that the 11 year old anti-Christ only made the one appearance (in the episode that had joy-buzzers and itching powder killing people because of the boy’s imagination) leaving open a super-climactic possibility of the antichrist returning to face the second coming of Christ maybe. Also the pendant Castiel tried to use to find God…that has relevant origins tracing back to….? as well as the cursed items storage locker. What is your opinion?

      • Jennifer and Jason

        You bet there are so many possibilities. This show rocks. Heaven,hell, angels,demons. 2 hottest men in the world. Can’t miss with that. My family and I will watch to the very last then start over we have all the DVDs and watch them over and over. Love it. Always have room for pie.

  9. Jennifer

    I luv supernatural… Do not stop making these series, they are awesome.. Jensen is so fine.. im so hooked, keep going..

  10. Bill

    This show could become the longest running TV series, (of any kind) in history.

  11. Donna

    I”ve been watching the show from the beginning. I am so glad they decided to renew for a while longer.

  12. gloria DeLeon

    Watch it all the time can not get enough

  13. W.V.

    hope for more seasons

  14. Liza

    Been with you guys since episode 1 and can’t get enough. Best show ever!

  15. tina

    I never want the show to end I love Sam, Dean and Cas and miss Bobby

  16. mike

    it is the best freakin show ever i dont want it to ever end. Plus u can bet that it is helping to show children not to be afraid of the dark.

  17. scott

    great new lets have another 10 great season thanks !

  18. Ananya

    Fans are going to support the show as long as they continue giving us such AMAZING episodes.

    It would be even more awesome, if they include Misha Collins who plays the role of Castiel in the show in season 10 too. Everyone else being dead on the show now, Castiel is one of the main characters. And the show wouldn’t feel the same without him. But, it’s totally upto the writers.

    Thanks and kudos! 😀

  19. Judi

    Keep ’em coming! We will watch forever! #Supernatural

  20. M_Fiebrantz

    bring it back to UK

  21. Mona

    I will watch it to the end.

  22. Amanda

    Thank Castiel it has a season eleven, too! I only recently got into the show because I was like, four or five when it aired and was more concerned with playing outside and making tub-a-goo everyday.
    And it would have really s*cked if I only just caught up about a month or two ago, just in time for its last season. My life wouldn’t be the same without the Winchester brothers and Jared&Jensen.

  23. Ter

    We all love the show, it’s a family affair…The only disappointment is in the looong breaks,but we know everyone needs a break 🙂 Keep them coming!
    I wonder if you all do a count on live viewing alone, because I know plenty of people that re-watch it and go on a marathon viewing kick…just saying 🙂 Great Show!

  24. Ryan

    This is my favorite show! I hope it never ends! We all this show. CW doesn’t make a better show-so everyone show as much support as we can to make history with Supernatural!

  25. Marie

    The show is the best so if you can’t say any thing nice Shutup!
    This comment is direct response to Peter Wone

  26. Rita

    So happy to hear that it’s not all over just yet! I love this show! Can’t get enough… re-watch every episode. Think I’ve seen my favorite ones about 20 times each. Love it….keep’em come’n!

  27. sarah

    unless the actors all slip into comas, I really see no reason to ever stop making supernatural, its one of my all time favs! as long as you guys keep making it, i’ll keep watching it and buying it when it comes out on dvd! besides jared has great nipples:)

  28. shannon

    I have started watching series of other shows and never gotten into it like I have with Supernatural. It is not just the actors but the plot lines and creatures they encounter that holds my attention. Keep making them and I will keep watching and buying the dvds when they are release. It is a great show for a range of people so keep them coming so i can keep watching 🙂

  29. excerzor

    All the good shows get cancelled at some point but I’m truly amazed that supernatural kept going!! That’s awesome!! Keep on going.. Can’t wait for 10,11,12. Etc..

  30. Judy Faircloth

    Supernatural has been one of the best and amazingshow that anyone ever came out with 🙂

  31. Faith

    I love and enjoy watching supernatural season 1 – 9 and I can’t wait the next season.

  32. mike jesiolowski

    the show has so much more it can do with it, it doesn’t make sence not to renew the show. The show is bar none in my opinion the best show on tv. can’t wait till season 10 airs and where they take it

  33. Melissa ;)

    I hope to Castiel the show goes on till the end of time!! IM a stay at home mom and I even watch the reruns on TNT in the mornings!! Couldn’t make it through the day without my main men!!!!?!!! ;))

  34. Amanda

    I am so excited for season 10!! I can never get enough of this show! Keep it coming, that’s for sure!

  35. Michael Thompson

    Well Dean just became a demon. I predict Sam becomes an angel and they both fight the Armageddon fight. Brother against brother. But wait, Chuck, returns as none other than god, and saves them both, for all of their accomplishments.

  36. Sheewolf

    This show is the best ever, I watch everyday, no matter how many times it re-runs, it never gets old… Looking forward to Season 10 and more… Love the Winchester boys!! <3

  37. Nessa

    Thank goodness, this show is awesome I hope it just keeps going.


    OMG!!! what an amazing show, ive watched all episodes atleast twice now and think its THE best show on tv. im on the edge of my seat everytime there is a season finale praying for a hint that there is another season coming. I really hope supernatural never ends, its freaking awesome!!!! keep up the good work peeps.

    cheers Munky UK.

  39. musa xarcks

    Been here since day 1…..love ds show…and kudos to CW

  40. footprints48

    I like Supernatural and it is one of the best shows on television. Glad to hear it will be on another season. I also think Jared and Jensen are wonderful actors and if they want to do anything else, their writers and producers will allow them to. I cant wait to see what season 10 will bring, it should be interesting!

  41. Robin sweden

    Its THE greates serier ever !
    Dont stop and do it more insance:D

  42. Elizabeth M

    Supernatural is the only thing me and my now 21yr old son can agree on, we have both both been into the show since the beginning, and in his teen years when he wouldn’t even be in the same room with me, we still always had our supernatural ritual. We DVr’d the show I’d make dinner and for one hour every week we would share our love for the show. Not only is it a kick *ss show for all ages, but I can honestly say this show actually brought my family closer. what other show can say that!!!! Thank you CW , PLEASE DON’T EVER STOP SUPERNATURAL

  43. sean

    We need to keep supernatural going! Its the only show I like to watch even if they just go back to hunting and not have a big story line id still watch it no questions asked!

    • deidre

      i totalllllllly agree with u sean….

  44. Darriu Smith


  45. AmyDEO

    Please don’t stop the show!! It is wonderful! I LOVE THOSE GUYS!!! You would be crazy to stop such a great show as this one. It keeps you hanging on the edge of your seat every time! IT IS THE GREATEST SHOW EVERY MADE!!

  46. Kathy

    I Love this show!!! I’s so glad there will be a season 10. 🙂 Keep up the great work guy.

  47. Brandon

    Keep em coming we want more of the Winchesters, best show of all time.

  48. Katrina Longworth

    google shearch for season 10 air date and I find this! There will be an 11 also! YESSSSS 🙂 Oh Sam and Dean, I love you!!

  49. aya

    supernatural is the best TV show i really want to watch season 10,11 and why not 12
    jensen, jared and misha are outstanding actors

  50. Jarred Walker

    supernatural show old is one that I would live four day today waiting for the next new release. of newest episode. I never had a tv series interest and literally transform my way of watching tv. I have been following this series since the beginning and i do not look forward to its end. I has to be the best created and i look forward to the opening of season 10 with dean turning into a demon Castiel losing his grace metatron l
    Ocked in heavens dungeons. Keep it going !

  51. hanna

    I love this show !

  52. Sherry

    Supernatural to the end of time . I have watched since first episode and have enjoyed watching jenson and Jared grows into two wonderfully talented actors. The way they show their emotions towards each other as brothers is truly what makes the show Excited for season 10 hope to maybe see bobby back. Great job to all involved in making the best tv series ever. This show doesn’t get the credit it truly deserves

  53. Dee

    I LOVE SUPERNATURAL!!! DONT EVER STOP! ILL WATCH TILL THE END OF TIME! Sherry is right just being able to see Jenson and Jared grow up and become awesomely talented actors is a blessing! I hope ths show keeps going!

  54. trail blazer

    I’ve got my entire family hooked on “my boys” (Supernatural)!! You’ve GOOOOT to begin season 10 episodes ASAP! Good luck and take care!! See ya’ll soon!

  55. yukikz13!

    THANKS C.W. Love those Winchesters and cast of hundreds. Keep ’em coming…seasons and
    Episodes and stories galore. Sometimes, they seem far out, still enjoyable! Let us see how far
    We can go with our boys and their friends. By friends, I mean enemies, demons and angels alike.
    Love them on TNT also. Thanks.

  56. sonal

    I love supernatural and i will watch any number of seasons, just keep them coming.

  57. rosanna mcguinness

    i have been watching this show from season one, turned all my family and friends on to it , have every dvd. and watch the reruns every morning. the boys have a dynamics that is just fun to watch. love the show. if they are ever in florida you might give me a heads up.

  58. James Yong

    I collected all the series from season 1 to 8 now, waiting for season 9 now. I hope Supernatural can last till season 12 because I really enjoy Dean, Sam, Castiel and Crowley character.
    I hope supernatural also can bring back Gabriel (Joker) back as well, he’s really funny. I thought he really back in season nine but it seems Metatron is playing with Castiel.
    Also I enjoy this Bela Talbot in supernatural season 3, hope she can return to Supernatural as well.

  59. staci

    this is the best show ever, i love sam and dean, they’re awesome! I hope this show is on for a long time. Supernatural Rules!!!!

  60. sue woodward

    Best show on TV , Will we get Season 10 in England

  61. spnlit

    One of the all time best shows! You would be amazed at the number of new fans discovering this epic adventure each year. SPN is like viewing great literature on the screen! Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) will go down in fiction history. Will watch as long as the Winchesters continue working together, pulling each other off the edge and keeping the other human.

  62. Cris

    Supernatural has been my favorite show for years! Love Dean and Sam! Everyone on the show is awesome! Hope it continues for more seasons!

  63. Staci Thompson

    Love Supernatural, hope they can keep story going!!!

  64. cher

    LOVE THESE GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Priscilla Hendricks

    BRING BOBBY BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Sandra Smith

    Can’t imagine my life without the Winchester Men…I’ve watched every single show and look forward to many more…I guess my two favs are when Dean and Sam are trying to complete the 3 stages..The scene when Dean was confiding in Sam his feelings ( Sam was tring to cure Crowley..) it was touching to hear the “brother bond..my 2nd is when Benny goes to pergutory to save Sam…(I really liked Benny!!!)…Keep the Supernatural Going!!!

  67. Butters

    Love the show keep them coming can’t wait for season 10 11 12

  68. Sheryl Gay

    I’ve been watching the show since the beginning! I love this show so much and hope it never ends as long as I’m alive! Keep it coming…… I love you Jensen and Jared forever, your #1FAN

  69. leo


  70. Chris

    Supernatural is the favorite tv show of not only my husband and myself, but also our son, daughter-in-law, 4 teenage grandchildren, nephew, his wife, their 3 children ages 6 to 11. So as you see in this one family everyone (6 to 60) love your show! Please do not start a spinoff if it at all threatens to put an end to Supernatural.

    • sharon

      I hear you, my whole family’s favorite show, even my neighbors come over to watch it with us.

  71. staci

    supernatural is the best show ever. I love Sam and Dean , the storyline never gets old and I’m always left guessing. Keep up the good work CW,and us fans will always be there for the ride. Supernatural Rules!!!!

  72. Kita

    My whole family and close friends (10 different households) love Supernatural!!! we have watched it from the beginning and will continue for a lifetime!!!!

  73. Sharon

    I love the show, more than any show ever, and I don’t want it to end ever, could watch it a lifetime. I don’t understand why it’s being cancelled, I look forward to it each week, it’s funny, sad, exciting, and sexy all rolled in one, and you won'[t see that in any other show going today. It’s as great now as day one, please don’t cancel it. CW your making a big mistake, a very big mistake.

  74. Ray

    Yes I love this show seriously

  75. chuckieed

    Best show ever I can’t get enough I hope they never stop

  76. Michelle Sewell

    This is by far the best show on the CW and I absolutely love the actors and the story telling everything is good I’m looking forward to September to get here

  77. Shawne

    Fantastic! It’s a great show. Many more seasons I hope. Can’t wait for September. Sam and Dean – may their epic road trip never end!!! Love those Winchesters.

  78. Donna

    I love this show. Sam and Dean rock. Can’t wait for season 10.

  79. Nadia

    OMG yes! I can’t wait!!! PLEASE PLEASE make more seasons!! I love spn so much XD

  80. Jim

    Supernatch is the absolute bestshow ever, lets keep em coming and make it the longest running series known to man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • jordan

      wouldnt that be somthing

  81. Nae


  82. Diane

    I would like to see Sam & Dean to be real brothers again.

  83. Iamtheraven

    Joss Whedon has lost so many good shows, and with them, my wife and I have lost so many good shows, please keep this going, it is the last good show of its kind. I am amazed that they let the whole high froctose corn syrup thing air, dont buckle under the pressure.

  84. jordan

    really happy supernatural has been renewed loved it from the start cant wait to see what the next few years holds and i hope its continues for more years 2 come

  85. Annette

    I’ve been watching Supernatural since day one. I hold my breath at the end of every season wondering if it will be back in the fall. Thankfully it continues. I even watch the reruns on TNT every day, and I’ve seen them all a hundred times. But it never gets boring. I love this show. I was sorry to see them kill off Bobby, though. They need another helper to work with them, but no one can really replace Bobby. I can’t wait for the new season to start in the fall. i remember Dean when he was Eric on DAYS Of Our Lives. Liked him even back then. I know this series will come to an end pretty soon. There’s not much left for them to conquer. They’ve done just about everything on the show. I just hope they give the brothers a good send off.

  86. fernan

    i think they must bring supernatural in theaters.. “supernatural the movie” that will become highest gross movie of the year..

  87. jose

    yess keep it coming I’m a supernatural fan from the Philippines.

  88. James Wilson

    Thanks for a great show it is the one how I watch every week keep up the great work can,t wait to see what,s in store for Dean and Sam next

    thanks James

  89. sharon

    I want more and more and more of supernatural forever, best show going on any station ever.

  90. Isprettygal

    Just started watching the show and it’s awesome! Can’t stop watching it!!!

  91. Austin

    I love supernatural just as much as the next but I’m ready to see lucifer come back and have the final show down. Besides that’s what he said would happen in season 5 that him and dean would end in 2014 so I would love to see that

  92. jeri

    I have watched this show since the pilot and fell in love with it. I watch the reruns on tnt and have it on netflix.
    Carry on is the ringtone for my phone and I have a supernatural badge pinned to my purse. My husband, daughter and grandkids all love the show. I hate it when each season ends because i’m afraid that it won’t get renewed. I dvr each episode so I can watch it all the time. Yes, I am a big fan and I hope that CW knows hat a what a hit they have and dont cancel until they run out of ideas…maybe the fans can suggest storylines…please keep it going. tv has become nothing but reality shows. Please keep Supernatural going. And find a way to bring Bobby back.

  93. cristy & colby

    we are a married couple from tennessee. we started watching the show together. our three children then followed. we love the show. we think they should keep it going as long as the brothers enjoy it. we will watch every episode they put out. we love it.

  94. Whitlee

    This is my fav. Show the only thing i really watch on tv because you see I’m not like normal people I stay busy and the moment I sit down I fall asleep… However, this show hold my interest…I sit on the edge of my set week after week excited about what the boys are going to get into next… The writers of this show are genius… I love it! I feel like when it finnally ends, I will cry just like I did when “Angel” and “Buffy” finnally chaper was closed. But just like those two shoes “supernatural” is a epic show and one story line that will never be forgotten in my mind…

  95. dsrtnite

    I would like to see this show last as long as Star Trek and M.A.S.H for years more to come..

  96. clyde

    Supernatural …..EPIC…… Need I say more..? Support all the way from sunny south africa.! Hope it never ends..!

  97. WJS

    Cult classic……..love the humor……..love the show……….love those Winchester Boys!!!!

  98. Afshin

    guys guys

    i love the show and hope to have more .
    ty CW and Ty guys for your support

    need i say more than ya guys>?? i dont think so.

    love ya all

  99. tina

    i live and breathe supernatural!!!! thanks CW for yet another season!!!! and hopefully more to come

  100. Nadia

    Supernatural is amazing!! I never want it to end! Edge of my seat and an amazing show to cuddle up with someone and eat popcorn to. Love this. So many of my friends are hooked.

  101. Tash

    This has been my #1 show for years i never want it to end

  102. D. Dennis

    supernatural is what I consider to be the best show of all times and I have been around for 50 years ,I have had some shows that I truly love but this has taken it to level that can’t be touched. its straight awsome!!!!!!!!

  103. Greg

    I’ve seen every episode & this has to be the most anticipatied upcoming season ever! Dean’s a demon! How awesome will this season be!?

  104. FsDal

    Not only the main characters are awesome but the supporting characters are amazing. Crowley, is the best. So handsomely witty! Abandon, great actress too. Wish to see more of Gabriel.

  105. harold

    best show ever love it never miS an espiode cant wait please keep em comeing yall

  106. harold

    i hope this show stays on the writerS Are truly genus luckly did not descover this show til 2 years ago and found it on nexflix and watched seanson1 to sen 8 all at once did not quit then i picked up on cw my fav show of all time come oct 7 and walking dead 2nd fav

  107. Valligirl

    I am so excited. I love this show. Fantastic News!!

  108. RayMan

    I am addicted to Supernatural. I don’t know what I am going to do when it ends. CW talking about a spin off. Screw that idea. Stick to furthering this show with new casts if needed. Spinoffs are a failure. Look at all the other shows that did this. The brothers, the angel and the king of hell are all serious, talented and wonderful casts. I will continue to support them in all they do in the future.

  109. kelly

    Love love love the series love Jensen and Jarad their awesum actors and I love everything Kripke, Thanx soooo much for the Supernatural series..Hope it hust keeps going and going Btw remember Sam (Jarrad) on Gilmore Girls and Dean (Jensen) on Dawsons creek lol funny

    • sharon

      There was an episode where Sam and Dean fell “through the looking glass”and ended up on the set of supernatural and Sam finds an episode of Dean on days of our lives, hilarious but I remember watching him as Eric (Brady), Sammy’s twin brother (yes another sibling named Sammy). Love the irony of Jared’s characters name on Gilmore girls (it was Dean for those of you who don’t know…lol). Of course that was before Supernatural.

  110. Tina

    Meishamigos!! My daughters and I love Supernatural. J squared forever.

  111. Brandon

    Keep the show going!!! One of my top 3 shows of all time!!!! I love the evolving plot and characters in the show. Season 9 was terrific! Kudos to the actors and writers for keeping each season’s plot entertaining, especially after 9 seasons!

  112. Cheri

    Best show on TV. Can’t get enough of Sam & Dean:) looking forward to season 10!!!

  113. Kim Anderson

    Yes~! Yes! Yes!

  114. poesia

    I fell in love with this show and its characters from the first season, there is such a nice chemistry between the actors, I like the seriousness, and the comedic moments, all emotions come out with every show. Dean is amazing as is Sam……………………

  115. Carrie

    Love this show my all time favorite

  116. Trisha

    This show must continue until we find out what happened to God. Please don’t leave us hanging. Fan from the beginning!

  117. marymary216

    Yes! Can’t wait for October! This show is awesome. The story lines, the charisma of the actors, and the talent of the production crew make this show worth watching every time!

  118. Diane moody

    Good to see supernatural is coming back have been a fan since episode 1.continue to watch on TNT even bought several seasons a fan. Go Supernatural Fans let’s stay tune !

  119. Susan Sarsfield

    Each episode of “Supernatural” keeps its viewers and fans wanting to watch more! All of the past episodes have been awesome! You keep wanting more excitement! My family can’t wait until the next week comes along. It’s like reading a really great book and hard to put down. Great job to all!
    Please keep them coming!

  120. Logan

    I think cw is making a very good decision by keeping the show supernatural on, I love the show, every week me and my mom who’s also a big fan, can’t wait to see what happens to sam and dean, and if dean’s car gets thru each show, so please cw keep the supernatural shows coming.

  121. Manny

    I am almost 70 years old, and I love the show. I like the Devine and supernatural research that is done from tons of books to build the episodes structures believable. Kudos to all involved. As to the protagonists, are just fantastic. Continue with future episodes only if you guys love making it. Then your fans will love it, but if you grow tired of it we will see it in your faces. Good luck, and thank you, so far for good work.

  122. John

    Best show ever!! 11 seasons (hopefully more) would make it longest runing sci fi show in American history.

  123. Denise

    LOVE everything about it. can’t wait for new season .

  124. Melissa

    Love, love, love this show. My favorite tv show of all times. Keep them coming 🙂

    • Tracy

      Agree 100%!

  125. Zach

    The more the better

  126. Angry Dad

    Binge Watching the Blue Rays! Love a 3 day weekend With seasons 1-8!

  127. Tracy

    I have to watch the show on Netflix now since we don’t have cable anymore. But, I do have every season up to 8 on DVD and now Netflix. I have some catching up to do with these boys! Oh, darn! 😉

  128. Kat Carroll

    Love it. I’ll always watch the show and reruns until the actors decide to move on to other jobs.. I hope it beats Smallville’s 10 year run by at least two seasons, more if possible!

  129. Waseem

    Greatest show ever, recently started watching, had to catch up and ended up watching all 9 seasons in a month. Can’t wait for more!!!!! 11,12,13,14 keep on coming.!!

  130. Supernatural girl

    I am officially a Supernatural addict!! I have watched this series from the first episode. Glad to hear you aren’t gonna make me go through DT’s. Good job Jensen, Jared and Misha, you are what keeps me watchin!!

  131. sharon

    How do I say good bye to my boys. I have been with them since day one. Laughed with them cried with them, screamed in outrage at them and their nemesis through each season. My kids have often thought I was crazy as I screamed at the tv, cried when they did (can’t help it when you see big bad Dean shed a tear), and laughed hysterically so many times I’ve fallen off just about every piece of furniture I’ve owned. I’ve had 3 different couches to fall off and 2 beds. I will miss these guys and mourn them as if I lost my own family. I know it’s just a tv show but in the last 10 years it has been a very big part of my life. I’ve scheduled everything including my love life around them. Nothing interferes with my boys! I’m going to miss you all very much when you finally say good bye, in the mean time I will still continue to not let anything interfere with my show. Love you Dean and Sammy, along with Cass and yes even Crowley!

  132. Johann Nolan

    Supernatural is the best series i have ever experienced, i am 37 now and cannot imagine TV without supernatutal.

    Go for supernatural

  133. Trac

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  134. Linda

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    To many story lines to end. Keep a good thing going.
    This is ENTERTAINMENT!!!
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    • Brandon

      you can go to e-bay or amazon for every season . Hope it helps.

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    Jigz da grim always top 5 4 life haaaan

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    I hope deans god necklace comes back into play in later episodes and they finally meet god. Hopefully Sam saved the necklace from the trash…Sorry just thinking out loud……

    • stella

      I’ve thought the same thing. Hope Sam pulled if from the waste basket as they left. It was a link to their childhood and their devotion. Shouldn’t just be laying in a waste can in some dinky motel. Perhaps they can find god with the help of the necklace. And perhaps, Sam put it in the secret room their father once kept with special supernatural objects.

  149. jo-jo

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    Oh yeah…..any way Bobby can be returned? If heaven is empty of angels – there ought to be a way.
    Just thought….what happened to the young boy who once shrank Castiel? He was very very powerful….perhaps he can join forces with our boys.

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    Carry On, my fellow Supernatural fans!

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    I will say that your show is one of the best that I’ve seen in years, years!!! The story line is great
    and the actors are really into their characters, do they leave at the door at the end of the day?

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    • Sharon

      Go to the CW on your computer and watch the whole thing, I watched it, then watched it again on CW, it’s great and I would of been upset if I missed it also. Were rabid fans for sure.

  174. wendy

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    • Sharon

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    Ian UK

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  186. jorge

    Still my favorite TV show after 9 seasons, so please continue 10th, 11th, 12th…
    My kids introduce me and my wife to this show, and it became a family time in front of the TV…
    We are attending the supernatural event in Houston in January 2015, all my family will love to meet the actors in person, have pictures and autographs…
    Funny to watch the movies mama and the woman in black, and before the end of these movies, one of my kids whispered Dean and Sam will kill the ghost so easy, salt and burn the bones…

  187. Joel

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  188. Joel

    Almost forgot,
    How about a MOVIE!!!

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  191. hopi

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  192. Jeanette Iacovone


  193. Chris Morin

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    Bobby (there seragate father)

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  199. .LINDSEY

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  201. COle

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  202. smiler247

    Best show ever Ive been watching since the very beginning when the boys were boys and watched them grow into men … Ive cried with them and looked forward to every episode … Never want it to end roll on season 11/12 and as long as us fans continue to watch and the actors agree please make this the longest running tv show ever 🙂

  203. jordy

    ive started watching on Netflix and got hooked hope to see many more seasons.

  204. karen clayton

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  205. newcomer

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  209. Zoe

    Supernatural can’t come to an end !!!

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