Oct 25

Reckless season 2?

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When does the new episodes of Reckless start on CBS? Premiere air date coming? Bad news… CBS canceled show. No season 2 in 2015!

TV-channel: CBS
Pilot episode: June 29, 2014
Creators: Dana Stevens, Joel Silver
Genre: Legal drama

Season 1 Episode 1: 3.99 million U.S. viewers

Season 1 Episode 13: 3.63 million U.S. viewers

Pretty dubious decision was taken by CBS channel management concerning its summer drama «Reckless». According to the announcement, the show has a «closed» status, despite it keeps its audience and has no negative reviews.

In the middle of the season there was even an increase in the number of the fans in the comparison with the pilot episode, but it hasn’t influenced the rights holders’ decision.

The start date of the second season, which has been already discussed on some Internet resources, isn’t relevant any more, as the new episodes haven’t been financed.

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  1. Ray7

    show was terrible… so contrived

  2. Peter

    Not surprising

  3. Susie M.

    Do not cancel this show. We really enjoyed it.

  4. Cathy

    Keep the show!

  5. Emily Potter

    I really enjoyed Reckless show. Too bad it got cancelled. Hope another station will pick it up.

  6. Leslie

    I watched this show yesterday for the first time and i really enjoyed it i do not see why it would be cancelled there are other shows that i believe should not be aired but they are it’s very shameless that this show was cancelled hope Reckless finds another air station to continue season 2.

  7. Rebecca

    I loved this show!! So sad it’s been cancelled

  8. Berenice Moran

    this show was amazing it had it all action, mystery and a love story! Yes I would love to watch many more seasons of reckless!

  9. Amanda

    Of Course!!! What is up with this!!! Finally, a show that is GREAT and …… GUESS WHAT! It’s over. How sad!

  10. Patty

    HATE, HATE, HATE IT!!! Really loved the show…please put it back on!! Need season 2!!!

  11. wanda

    One of the BEST police, lawyer, and government shows I have seen on TV this year!!!Please have a season 2!!!!!My husband, grandson,and me have watched the whole 1st season on Netflix today!!!!!!! It was GREAT!!!!

  12. Brooke

    Just watched the show on Netflix, devastated it won’t be continuing

  13. Lillian

    I just finished watching Season 1 on Netflix, can not believe they cancelled the show. Please bring the show back, I truly enjoy it.

  14. Michelle

    I just watched ALL OF SEASON 1 in one Sunday!!! I love, love this show!!! Really!! No season 2 and there are other season after season shows of such mindless shows! Finally something that leaves you wanting more! Thump on the head to you!

  15. Cheyenne

    Please keep the show!!

  16. Mary

    I loved this show!! I was really looking forward to Season 2. Very disappointing to leave such a cliffhanger on Season 1 Finale to only find out that the Season 2 has been cancelled! I think this was a poor decision on CBS’s part and you should really bring back Reckless!! Millions of dedicated viewers… What more could a TV station need to see that will show them this show was successful!! #BringbackReckless!!

  17. Elizabeth

    Maybe the show wasn’t advertised very well because I have never heard of it before. I watched it on Netflix and I liked it and would have watched a second season. I hate when they cancel shows and don’t tie up loose ends.

  18. kellie

    So sad about this show especially since cbs never puts out anything good. Nbc and abc always have better tv shows but now you get a winner and people watching this show and what a dumb move on their part by cancelling after one season. Nice going cbs. Reckless is a good show. Hopefully another network is smart enough to pick it up.

  19. Mary

    I also watched the first season on Netflix. Fell in love with the show. Think it has a great plot and very interesting story line on each show. Sad that CBS has chosen to cancel this show when there are plenty other shows that are not worth anything.

  20. KT Dean

    This was one of the shows I looked forward to each week. Bring it back!

  21. Jen G

    Just binged watched the whole first season and now I am devastated to hear, that its been cancelled! Please change your mind and bring it back!!!

  22. Becky

    A thought the show was a perfect combination of actors and drama. Sorry to hear it not coming back. I don’t understand why this great show is canceled, yet boring over the top shows go on and on.

  23. Luisa Sanchez

    Love the show, the cast is wonderful! AMAZING PLOT, great twist within the actors. I would Love to see more of them, in a near by future. Please give us something to look forward this Summer 2015. Bring it back.

  24. Donna Young

    This show is great! Why would they cancel it? VERY disappointing! Finally a show that is really exciting and keeps your attention and they cancel the second season, WHAT? WHY? They should DEFINITELY bring this one back! NOW!

  25. Clp

    Am watching it on Netflix -Y not a season 2!?!???? 🙁

  26. SueBopp007

    My mom got me hooked. I got my sister and my friends hooked. My sister got her friends hooked …and so on and so on. We want Reckless Season 2!

  27. cbs s*cks

    cbs should take another look at there line up. there are plenty of cr*p shows to pick from this show is not one of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. WHAT!!

    I can’t believe CBS has canceled season 2!!! I loved that show and watched every week.. The ending of season 1 was amazing and I want to know what happens!!! Other shows suck and yet they still air.. Oh, it’s about the money, I forgot!!

  29. leslie

    I watched the first episode this week. I thought it was slow to start but has got me very interested in how the show will progress especially with the two lead characters. Its obvious they are attracted to each other. Can’t wait to see the rest of the season. Just love courtroom & police dramas from the US. Please dont cancel the show

  30. Beth Etheridge


  31. Leslie

    This was a great summer show – would be great in any season! Who are the brains behind cancelling good shows? There is so much junk on TV but you get a winner and then drop it? The setting was fantastic, the actors were fun to watch and the story line just kept getting better and better. I was so looking forward to Season 2! Wow, guys – you really flubbed this one!!!!

  32. Elaine

    Loved this show, was definitely looking for more seasons. I definitely wanted to see what was going to happen next. Netflix should pick it up and continue with more Seasons I really enjoyed it.

  33. mary stillwell

    What’s wrong with CBS? Cancelled RECKLESS?? Sad, sad for the industry. CBS, you’d better pick this up quick. I can see most female audiences fell in love with the show including me, and you know who are the most important people watching TV, us females, we took care of the economy by shopping clothes, cosmetic, groceries not even mention SHOES. Ladies, agree? Watch the show on Netflix. You will fall in love too. May be Netflix should pick up the show and run for it.

  34. Teresa

    YES!!!!please keep this show going. It is one of the best show this summer. i couldnt stop watching it. the couples are steaming HOt. Love cam and ann together, his accent is soooo sexy. Ann is the cutest Button. suspension is highly intense. with netflix and other ways to watch the show it is unfair of the rating.

  35. T goligoski

    Binged watched it! Great show!! Please release season 2!

  36. Emmie

    Such a great show!! Please bring season 2!

  37. Ty

    Just finished watching 13 shows of Reckless on Netflix. Very interesting and was looking forward to watching more! So sad that it has been canceled. I was left wanting more. Please bring it back to give the loyal fans closure. Waiting for Season 2

  38. Bridgette

    Please please bring it back you have to live this Show

  39. Dana

    Wanted on Netflix and loved it. Hope some day they bring it back. It hard to find good shows like this one.

  40. Ramona

    Please,please bring it back!!!! At least one more season!!!

  41. Joanne Had

    Please , bring back a Season 2 for Reckless

  42. Carolyn

    Bring back this awesome and interesting series. It’s the best Detective, Lawyer and police series in a very long time.. My family and friends loved it..

  43. Maritza Marti

    And so many stupid shows that as soon a you see first chapter u dropit cuase they ae really bad! Then we reckless worthy of all praise being cancelled! No way CBS, you are way off your public..bring 2 season soon or you will lose!

  44. shelley

    I thought this was a great show. I just bingewatched all of the episodes. Someone made a stupid call by cancelling this!

  45. Barbara Caffey

    I saw this show and it was amazing. Please put the show back on.

  46. Loretta B

    We just binged watch the entire Reckless Season. Great Show…… Why in the World would it get cancelled? It’s hard to find good things to watch, and this show should be a Keeper!!!

  47. Sarah

    What a shame! Great cast, you got everyone waiting for what’s next and they cannot figure out the finances? How sad, for the cast, crew, and massive followers. It 5 years later and people after they see the series, want to see more.

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