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Recovery Road season 2 ?

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Recovery Road season 2 premiere date

Will there be Recovery Road season 2? Do you want to know the premiere date in 2017 for the second season? Let’s wait for the start!

Original networks: Freeform
Genre: Teen drama
Starring: Jessica Sula, Sebastian de Souza, Alexis Carra, Daniel Franzese…

The first three episodes of television series Recovery Road were available online in December 2015 and premiere on Freeform took place in January 2016.

The story is based on the 2011 young adult novel of the same name by Blake Nelson, and tells the story of a young girl Maddie Graham, who was forced to undergo rehabilitation for alcohol dependence in the establishment Springtime Meadows. The first season was quite well received by critics and the grade on Metacriticis 70/100.

At the moment, the show has about 500 thousands of fans in the USA, which gives a better chance for Season 2. The representatives of the channel are not ready to report about the renewal of the project, but discussions about this are already underway.

Recovery Road season 2 premiere date – [cancelled] (UPDATE 1)

Well, we are waiting for the announcement from Freeform! Follow the updates!

UPDATE 1 (May 13, 2016): Freeform has cancelled the series after one season

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  1. Rachel T.

    Ratings haven’t been doing so well anyways but I hoping for a renewal.

  2. Wanda

    They do absolutely no promotion for the show!!! I really love this show! Don’t stop plssss!

  3. Lucas H.

    This show is like a drug ))))) Need MORE!!!

  4. --James--

    All I know is this show had better be renewed. I really hope the next season can just be soon.

  5. Samantha Davies

    Is it just the spring finale. When will the show be back?

  6. HichiTo

    Where is the petition for season 2? We want SEASON 2 Recovery Road

  7. Stephanie21

    I absolutely LOVE this show! If there is no second season I will be very sad (((

  8. Tracey

    What am I going to do without Recovery Road? Show Must Go On!

  9. Diane Arnold

    Are we getting a 2nd season or no? I can’t wait!!!

    • Sonia M.

      We don’t know if it’s been renewed or not. They haven’t made a decision.

  10. Madeline Boyd

    don’t know what I would do if this show doesn’t continue. super encouraging and helpful to addicts. please continue!!!!!!

  11. Stefani

    I agree we need a season 2!

  12. rosella simmons

    they need to keep this show on show what children really deal with in real life I lost my son cause of drugs I have no son and my grandchildren have no dad keep this show on this is real life

  13. riss marie

    soo even way later there is no chance for a season 2? because i am really hooked on to this show. PLEASE release season 2!!!!!

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