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The Red Road season 3?

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Will The Red Road be renewed for a third season? We are waiting for the premiere air date in 2016 on SundanceTV. Stay tuned to this continually updated page!

TV-channel: SundanceTV
Created by: Aaron Guzikowski
Starring: Martin Henderson, Jason Momoa, Julianne Nicholson, Tamara Tunie…

Season 1 Episode 1: 0.34 million U.S. viewers

Season 2 Episode 1: 0.19 million U.S. viewers

The fans of «The Red Road» believe that the second season won’t become the last one for the show. Six new episodes, which are to be broadcast in 2015, must have a good influence on the popularity of the given series, as the creators don’t hide they still hope to bring back that 340 thousand fans, who were at its start.

Based on the statistics, it is difficult to make any prognosis for Season 3, that’s why the premiere date of the new episodes is still a question.

At the moment SundanceTV hasn’t made the official decision concerning the renewal, but we’re following the announcements and will inform you about the decision.

The Red Road season 3 start – [cancelled] (UPDATE 1)

Follow the updates!

UPDATE 1 (May 24, 2015): Bad news… The series was cancelled after its second season.

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  1. Luigi

    Great show and strong actors. Don’t want to see it cancelled. MAKE season 3 !!!

  2. Matthew R.

    Great series! Looking forward to the third season!

  3. Keri Dent

    Absolutely loved it. Great cast, great story and a great show!

  4. TRR

    It should have another two or three seasons!

  5. Alexia

    Absolutely wonderful great plot can’t get enough can’t wait to see third season.

  6. mayeve

    Wonderful show! I want more of it. Each season needs more episodes!

  7. Charles

    I do hope this intriguing show is not cancelled…

  8. mike

    Loyal for 2 seasons loyal for 3rd
    Great series

  9. Michelle

    Jason Momoa announced on his Instagram that there will be no season 3! 🙁

  10. Robin Oglesby

    Can’t get enough! Season 3 should begin in the fall 2015 not 2016. Great show and need more. Please don’t cancel.

  11. Rodger

    This show should be up there with Hell onWheels Gives us more

  12. SUSAN

    my husband and I would love to see the red road season 3. please make the episodes longer and don’t cancel. When will season 3 start?

    • Kathy Denham

      PLEASE don’t cancel season 3. Love this show

  13. Wendy

    I can’t believe this series got cancelled!! I love this show and we need to know if Phillip’s mother and Junior survived!!! One more season is needed.

    • danielle

      Yes, I hate it when a show get cancelled in a juicy part of the series. We do need at least Season 3 in order to get some questions answered even if the show have to be an online only show or a DVD set only. It is not good business and it sucks when a show end a season with so much tension and then don’t come back for a final season, at least a final season. In this case, the show was a waste of time and air time. We need a final season.

  14. Steve

    Great show don’t cancel season three !!
    Pleas bring it back we need great shows like this to watch !

  15. kitte haynes

    This is sad, as it was one of the best shows on television. Besides, of course Games of Thrones. Given the poorly written and weak acting, Red Road shouldn’t be cancelled. Please reconsider cancelling.

    • danielle

      Actually, it is like canceling Games of Thrones!! This s*cks!! I’m sitting here waiting for a Season 3 because Season 2 ended so intensely and Season 3 is needed. Other than that, watching the first two seasons were a waste!!

  16. Shelley

    Please, don’t cancel it this show.. I have waited for it… I love the drama and back ground that is all mixed up… Acting by the way is great and story line is as well.

  17. Alex Segura

    That b*tch Judge Judy says she has 10 million viewer which is a lot less than Red Road and she gets to stay on. I want my show!

  18. Jade

    If this show was advertised more than what it was, it could have been a bigger success…only reason I came across it was doing search on Jason Momoa on Netflix because I loved him on Game of Thrones, saw Red Road Season 1 and watched…..was hooked! Good going for bad PR that killed a good show!

  19. Lynn

    Oh come on I need there to be a 3rd season!!

  20. joann

    you guys need to advertise these shows more!! I just accidentally found season 2 on Amazon and bought it. I don’t get Sundance on my cable. This is such a great show. Please do a season 3!

  21. Joyce

    Love love love this show !! Please please don’t cancel ! I want season3 !

  22. Jon Ogden

    Superb ! Great acting, solid scripts and sound production values. Hopefully this gem will be seen for the precious jewel it really is. So much garbage on the air these days, the Red Road must be seen to be appreciated. Talk it up folks, we need that 3rd season.

    Jon in Kingston,Ontario,Canada

  23. Briar

    Please don’t cancel the show! With all the garbage on tv, this is one of the best.
    You can leave the story lines in limbo. We need to know what happens. Come back for
    Season 3.

  24. Lydia

    Omg so upset!! I have been looking forward to season 3 I hope they bring it back or a major cable channel picks it up

  25. Pat

    Great series. Looking forward to season 3.

  26. Vanessa

    To cancel this great show would be truly tragic. A show with a real plot line and intriguing characters for adults to view without overly obvious gruesome violence and gratuitous s*x is so refreshing, of course the network would cancel it. This is why so many people are rejecting network sponsored shows, because the leaders are clueless.

    Truly a sad day.


    Oh no! Someone bring a third season!

  28. Shirley

    Love this series, we don’t have that many good ones on Netflix to watch and this is good … pleas don’t drop the third season.

    Very sad to know people are not interested in an adult program that isn’t silly. Just like Longmire, Hell on Wheels, they are all good.

  29. Naya

    The only thing on television regarding the native nations, issues faced and lives lived.
    Any time a group appears in popular culture it helps reduce the pre-judgements held. This is well done, representative of a slice of American life that few understand– and a piece american heritage that is little understood. If this and other pieces like it continue — who knows maybe in our lifetime we will hear politicians being concerned about the vote from native nations.
    It should not be cancelled — rather utilized for teaching, as well as entertainment. That it has been produced at all is indicative of a move towards health in our culture ( which needs lots of moves towards health)

  30. Harper

    There just had to ba season 3 this can’t be it for the red road!!!!

  31. Brandi

    I am addicted to this show and I hope and pray that there will be a season 3. It is a great show. Love it!!!

  32. Sam

    Watched two seasons in two days. Please, please do not cancel season 3. Great show!

  33. Corrine Miller

    This far surpassed some of my
    favorite shows Bloodline , Rectify, I am extremely disappointed to hear it will not be renewed.

  34. Marcia

    Really liked the show. Looking forward to the next season. If it’s true that it was cancelled, then Sundance TV made a huge mistake. I want to know how it turns out, it was a cruel thing to do to the fans.

  35. BradK

    This is a fantastic show. Great writing and characters. I would be a mistake not to do a 3rd season.
    We found out as it was a banner on Netflix. This will be a well watched show once people tell others to check it out. I know I will. Bring back season 3.

  36. Arlene

    That will truly be a travesty if there isn’t a season 3, simply because of the way season 2 ended. There has to be more. It’s one of the better shows I’ve seen in a really LONG time.

  37. Charmaine

    This is one of the best Netflix shows. I watch Season 1 and Season 2 in four days. I hope they have a season 3

  38. Dawn

    Awesome show that was never given a chance to get great following! Bring it back!

  39. Roxanne

    This was a great show. I’d hate to see it end soo soon.

  40. karla

    Awesome show!!! Was riveted with every episode!!! What!?! No season 3?? Are you kidding me!?! Please reconsider!!! The series was just getting started!!! The characters/actors are strong and identifiable!!! I’m so disappointed that it’s been cancelled!!! If you listen/read these comment, Netflix people, season 3, please!!!

  41. nancy

    please don’t leave me out to dry please have season #3

  42. Brenda

    This is a great tv show. Please make season 3. I just found it and need more. Great acting and story line.

  43. DaBDdAss

    I will use all my mutant and altered DNA powers to destroy anyone that would deny us, let alone myself, a third season of this wonderful production! Please……one more season and i swear, tie it iup in a bow and lay it to rest. Phillip needs his redemption and Frank needs to pull his head out of his *ss

  44. cindy holden

    Love this show

  45. David ward

    This is a great show me and all my friends have watched it and can’t wait for season three there is a bigger following then you think and I just stumbled on it know we are all addicted
    If you don’t have a season three then atleast have a closer two hour special don’t leave us hanging

  46. David ward

    If you don’t have a season three then atleast have a closer two hour special don’t leave us hanging

  47. Sylvia & pete

    Heyyyyy! Just finished the red road season 2! Don’t leave us hanging! Great show, great actors, great cliff hanger!!!!!! Please bring it back!!!!

  48. Helen

    I was watching Netflix and noticed The Red Road watched the series and loved the show but you can’t just leave it unfinished we need to know what happened in the end of episode 2. I got hooked! Please bring The Red Road back for more episodes.

  49. Tina

    COME ON THIRD SEASON!! Binge watched the entire two seasons and let’s say….IT WAS GREAT!

  50. Amy

    Love, love The Red Road, great series! We need Season 3 and 4. Great actors!
    Bring it back!

    • michele

      I lthis this show so much im so mad please finish season 3

  51. Mil

    Please don’t cancel. That’s the best show I have seen on TV for a long time. I Love Jason Momoa. I’m a Netflix Fan so PLEASE make # 3. They were all Great Actors why would you want to take it off.

  52. Cleo

    Please give us at least ne more season. The end of series 2 left us hanging. It is a GREAT series that is not only entertaining, but educational as well. I’m begging!M

  53. Abby

    Please season 3!!! Don’t leave us hanging!

  54. Cindy

    Great show, when will season 3 be released?

  55. Kathy

    This is a fantastic show. We need more like it. Please make a third season.

  56. Sandra Smith

    This is A Great show there must be more!
    Come on I love this Guys .season 3 where are you!?

  57. Linda Mcdowell

    Omg! Just finished season 2 and am sick to not know the end of the story! Please please please keep on filming. This is one of the best series I’ve ever seen. The actors are phenomenal!

  58. Chrisdallas55

    The Red Road needs the 3rd Season to flesh out how Season 2 ended.
    The show is engrossing and with only 12 episodes for 2 seasons, these actors are finally getting their wings under them with their roles.
    Sundance Channel should take a sincere re-evaluation and put Season 3 in gear, along with enough hype and promotion that this show deserves to have others catch on to it, as example, Breaking bad, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead.
    Some series just need a change to grow and become their own.

  59. Michael Craig

    Cancelled! You have got to be kidding. Such a good show! I can’t believe Sundance tv would cancel such a fine show. I will surely miss this show and most likely if this show is canceled I will not watch any thing else from Sundance.

  60. Diane

    PLEASE bring back this show. It really is one of the best american made series with its superb writing and great cast. Absolutely love Jason and Martin. I have to know if Marie lives and what happens to the town government.

  61. Guy

    Great show,solid cast!

  62. Sandra

    Please don’t let it end! Ive watched both seasons twice

  63. Barb Amsden

    Please record season 3 – my husband and I kept getting more into it, learning more about the culture, and appreciating the actors more and more. We need more of this show.

  64. Meche

    It is a great tv serie. Please bring it back. Love the actors. The show needs an ending. Please reevaluate your decision. It is crazy to create followers and them leave them hanging.

  65. Christina

    I love this show so much. Really wish they’d reconsider their desicion to cancel. I’ve gone through the struggle of dealing with a mentally sick mother and thinking I’d get it too. So i really connect with jean and her daughter. And of course love looking at Momoa 😉

  66. Brandy

    Please don’t cancel season 3 I absolutely loved it one of the best shows I’ve seen in awhile

  67. Christine

    My fiancé and I love this show, binged in less than two weeks. Please, Please reconsider Season 3! the script and acting are both so fantastic. If NETFLIX were to pick this up, it would take off!!

  68. Barbara

    You guys should, Add A.E.S in your series.

  69. unreal

    That was a good show…make season 3

  70. Jason

    i don’t watch a lot of television but this show really captivated me. Great writing and acting and a multilayered plot, then the punch in the gut to find out it’s been cancelled. Advertise the damn show so people know about it!

  71. michele

    We have watched from the start not right to do this to us please finish season 3 the story was real to us we live on the Rez and some issues are real deal love the actors Jason your great please keep the show going Michele

  72. sherry

    Please bring it back. There are very few good shows on, and this was one of the best. Hopefully, if you won’t bring it back, someone else will pick it up, like Netflix picked up Longmire. I never can understand why good shows like this are cancelled and the pitiful shows are left on the air. Please reconsider your decision

  73. Don patton

    Very good show want season 3 and more

  74. Laura

    Awesome show!!! Can’t be cancelled… Looking forward tons third season

  75. Amy

    Please, please do not cancel this series!!! It was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! Jason Momoa should be in everything from the big screen to mainstream T.V.

    Great acting all around, please reconsider, I beg you!!

  76. Rose

    Please don’t cancel Red Road. I discover this series late one night, I woke to find it on my tv. I couldn’t get enough of it. I found it on Netflix, and have been waiting and waiting for season 3. I love the show, and i love Longmire, I will stay up all night viewing Red Road and Longmire, also the walking dead.

  77. sue


  78. Karl

    I can’t believe that they wouldn’t make a season 3. The show is fantastic and the acting superb. But even more important to that is the issue of what the show is trying to bring to the public’s attention, the poisoning of thousands of innocent people. This show is based on a true story. It actually happened. The name of the Indian tribe is the Ramapough Mountain Indians. It also, affected (and still is) a bunch of small towns surrounding the Ramapough Mountain. There have been legal battles over the last 45 years trying to get the toxins and mess cleaned up after several incomplete “clean-ups”. It is a very interesting and compelling story, if you do a little research. This would be a perfect series for someone like Netflix or Amazon to pick up and produce, if Sundance won’t.

  79. Cheryl

    This is an amazing series. The writing, the actors, the entire quality of the series pullsyou into their world with its grit and possibilities of it being so close to home for so many people who live in the real world. There are embellishments I’m sure, but the realism of how it is acted is top rate. Thanks for bringing such a outstanding series to us and I hope we get many more seasons to watch in the future. Please!

  80. Mike

    There needs to be a 3rd season. Great story line, interesting characters and non FORMULARY of pat situations and results. Everyone is flawed ….That’s quality.

  81. Janice Jojnson

    We came across thus shiw on Netflix and went through the first two sedans very quickly. We rawly like this show. If Sundance cancels, piques Netflix pick it up!!

  82. Robin

    Great Show! Great Cast! Season 3 Pleeeeease

  83. Patricia Jablon

    With all the garbage on Television I can’t believe anyone would consider cancelling this series. Fantastic story line and great acting; a show that is dramatically different from the rest. If Sundance is foolish enough to let it go I hope there is another to pick it up and continue with season 3.

  84. harland

    canceled red road of course the people who run the networks have no idea what people like look at some of the ones canceled in the past

  85. Joe Steward

    Please bring back season 3; was late to start watching but need more.

  86. Jill

    Love the show! Really hoping for a season 3!!!!

  87. wilma davis

    I love the character phillip .. you cant just leave it hanging on the end if his brother and mother die .. please make another season .

  88. marlene

    Season 3 please…it is not easy to find anything worth watching…love this series

  89. Sandie

    Please continue with Season3 … I rarely watch television but got hooked on this series and would love to see more.

  90. Dawn

    I love this series! Please bring us viewers more seasons…

  91. shane sanders

    Fantastic plot, acting, etc. Must have a third season and more. Such a great show.

  92. Cindy

    Found this series on NetFlix and watched the two seasons all at once. Great show, really would like to see more.

  93. susana nye

    How disappointing that this great show was cancelled when there is so much junk on TV. What is Sundance producers thinking!

  94. Carter

    Wow! My husband and I just binged watched
    Both seasons and are so disappointed
    That there is not a 3rd season.
    Any chance they’ll change their mind?

  95. Jodi Wellington

    Great movie!!! please do not cancel the show….

  96. James Pierce


  97. Barbara Kenerly

    I hate this..the least they could have done was given us a copuple of new shows to wrap up the plots. This is like going to a movie and half way through it ends? Rude people whho put this series on. Shame on Sundance.

  98. danielle

    I am so mad right now. This s*cks! I’ve been waiting for Season 3 since last year when Season 2 ended!! I need to know what happens next. I want to know if the chief that was stabbed died or lived because when you look back on it, it really left that question. He appeared to have died but not concert; in my opinion. Was that a twist? Like, who do the town sue or who go to jail as a result of the poisoning of the water…did he live in order to be accountable for the crime…Did Phillip’s father get a deal for less time because he held the key to the crime…I have so many questions that need to be answered. It was already bad that the seasons were only 6 episodes per season…now its been CANCELLED!! CAPITALISM…WE GOT TO LOVE IT…RIGHT??!! I’m so mad!! What about the plot of the show and how do we get an ending. This is one show that I need a finale not a cancellation! If they cancel this show I will stop looking at Sundance Channel because this is extremely disappointing. IT’S NOT FAIR…WE DON’T GET TO MANY GOOD TV!!!

  99. Kwhittington

    I can’t believe that this is not coming back for at least a third season! One or the best shows I’ve seen !! A great AMERICAN show! Serious, funny at times, action drama , a real life show! Up there with Longmire,Justified,The Bridge,Low Winter Sun !! Please reconsider!

  100. Lhundley

    Season 3 season 3 season 3…..

  101. carolyn

    So disappointed. Great show

  102. Liz

    Just finished Season 2 of The Red Road and loved it!!! Now trying to find start of Season 3 and find “cancelled”. Really???? Viewers really need to finish this one!! I would not have watched if I’d known….Please reconsider!!!

  103. Ray

    This show shed light through the murk of most of the garbage on television these days. Shame on Sundance!!

  104. RUBY


  105. Rachelle

    Nooooo dont cancel! Please bring The Red Road back! Hopefully Netflix will pick it up or another cable channel, alot of people dont get the sundance channel, if it was on fx more people would have watched it and it would have lasted well past 2 seasons.

    • steve stockner

      Please one more season loved the show. It had a lot of twists and turns,
      miss it

  106. Phillip Kopus

    Please keep making seasons. I want to know what happens. Fans want to see!!!

  107. Mike

    Please bring back Red Road. I don’t understand why sh*tty sitcoms or the ‘effing’ Kardasians, or silly celebrity tripe shows never end and quality stories like, Red Road, et. al., are always clipped in the embryonic state – given no chance to fully develop and become better known.

    Bring back Red Road!

  108. Jackie Parker

    At least do a season 3 to bring closure to season 2. Would certainly like to see several more seasons though.

  109. Carissa

    They need a season 3!!!!! I have to know what happens and somehow kopus needs to become chief!

  110. e

    You would think simply being aware of all of these lauditory reviews (not 1 negative) there really isn’t a question a 3rd season would be very well received or sorely missed. Based upon the date of the cancellation notice, all the actors likely pursued other roles. 🙁

  111. shae henderson

    You can’t leave us fans hanging like that with no intention of wrapping it up!! SCREW THIS AND SCREW SUNDANCE!!! First and last show of yours I will watch.I mean,what’s the point right?

  112. allie

    Please, please don’t cancel!!! What a great show!!! Why can’t you all stick with a good show?

  113. Shawn

    Come on Netflix…please pick up this show for at least two more seasons! Love, love, LOVE this show!

  114. Talia legan

    Bring back this show!!! Season three please

  115. Mimi

    Please continue future releases. I love this show!

  116. Bethany

    Seriously?!? this show can’t be cancelled!!!! Its bc there was no advertising!!! I only stumbled upon it and since then have binged on the show!! I’ve even told all my sisters about it and now to find its cancelled??!? I hope someone reads these comments!!

  117. Ricky Martin

    LACK OF ADVERTISEMENT !!!!!! That’s the only reason this show was cancelled. We discovered it by accident, as did many other viewers. FANTASTIC SHOW . Absolutely ridiculous to have cancelled it. Please , Netflix or somebody, pick it up !!!!

  118. Debbie

    I just found the show on Netflix. Was searching to see when season 3 was airing. Don’t cancel it!!!!

  119. Sue

    Come on Netflix pick it up!!!

  120. Bonnie

    Love this show, don’t cancel it

  121. Bex

    Such a shame if it is cancelled. What a great series on topics not seen on TV. The American Indians do not get enough recognition.

  122. Rochelle

    I am so disappointed I was so lookin
    g forward to the next season Total BUMMER

  123. jen N shawn

    why is it the best shows are the first to get cancelled? I love this show!!! sure wish there was going to be a season 3 🙁

  124. dingy harry

    Great show. Nothing else like it. Bring it back!!!!

  125. Cheryl

    Why should we watch any of your shows if you don’t have an ending? This is ridiculous not to finish even if season three is only two episodes.

  126. Angela Missouri

    I’m so annoyed that every damn time I love a show, IT GETS FREAKIN’ CANCELLED before we get to see what else friggin happens! THE RED ROAD NEVER SHOULD’VE GOTTEN THE AXE!! Ugh.

  127. Patty smith

    Yes it was fantastic I loved it gotta have season. 3 the end of 2 sucked gotta continue to season 3

  128. Reita Carnett

    I absolutely love this show! it is Fantastic with strong actors and a great story line. Please don’t leave us hanging!!!! 🙁 We need Season 3!! and maybe a season 4,5,6,7……. lol seriously though just binge watched the show with my sister and cant wait to see more!!! I agree with Angela Missouri: THE RED ROAD NEVER SHOULD’VE GOTTEN THE AXE!!! it is an AWSOME SHOW!

  129. Shelly Ulrich

    This series doesn’t shy away from the difficulties of life , even the dark ones … I value this series very much because it shows people pulling themselves and each other from the abyss (where remotely possible ) & courageously rebuilding self and connections when all may seem lost. Far from a mindless shoot em up … we the viewers have no doubt had our own deepest struggle “strings plucked ” with this series. So of course the pull is even more from fans to make season 3 happen for closure etc. Consider the latest rise in the public draw for Jason Mamoa & Wes Studi (once again)… So It is a sure bet Sundance tv can bank on far more viewers than before when you make season 3 happen … EVEN IF ITS JUST ONE MOVIE LENGTH FINALE .

  130. sharon

    I really like Red Road and hope they make season 3 even if it’s a wrap up finale, so we know what happens to everyone.

  131. The RIPPAR

    There has to be a 3rd and final season….it is right at the marrow of the story….what gives ?
    LOVE THE SHOW….make MORE !

  132. Brenda Anderson

    Like others – had not heard of it. Found it in searching for something to watch since TV has nothing to watch. Please give us season 3. Please if you can and if this had been advertised – I feel sure it would have done awesome. This reminds me of Longmire – great show and finally got the ending. Wish it was still on. No good regular TV. Get tired of watching nothing. Please give us something.

  133. randy

    Bad choice to cancel , great cast and excellent storie line . would love to see a season 3,4,5……

  134. mike d.

    It is one of the best series I have ever watched. They got to make a season. it is a shame to see great actors not finish a wonderful movie…Come on Jason…

  135. Kathleen L Snow

    Please do a third season of The Red Road. I very much like this show.

  136. Lucille Faubus

    I watched both seasons of The Red Road on my Roku Netflex channel and was so disappointed to learn that season three had been cancelled. Now all viewers and fans are left hanging and wondering about the outcome of both the Indian and white characters of the story. This is so wrong to do good stories like this. Please produce a final season and bring a good ending to the story.

  137. laura r

    they need to tell us before we watch ifn they are going tomcancel it.

    here is is 2019 and I am a bit late but just saw it!!

  138. Vickie Fentress

    I have Amozon fire stick and I watch The Red Road on Netflix and Please make a season 3

  139. Vickie Fentress

    I watched both seasons of Red Road and please make a season 3 so we can see what happens next it is so wrong that you all left us with a cliffhanger like you did I would love to see a season 3 of Red Road so please bring a season 3 to all that loves Red Road

  140. Norma Weil

    Please, please let there be a season 3. Who made the decision to?
    We are the fans, please listen to us.

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