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«Resurrection» season 2: start date

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Will «Resurrection» TV show return for season 2? Renewed or cancelled? When does new episodes start on ABC in 2014?

TV-channel: ABC
Pilot episode: March 9, 2014
Creator: Aaron Zelman

Season 1 Episode 1: 13.90 million U.S. viewers

Aaron Zelman’s show «Resurrection» practically guaranteed itself to be on air of ABC channel during 2014/2015. Such a decision has been shared both by the TV viewers and the experts, as the show has the greatest number of fans among all the «newcomers».

More than 10,8 million Americans guarantee the top positions for the show in series ranking as well as its financing for the second season. The creators themselves have admitted they didn’t expect the start to be so successful; however they’re ready to produce a worthy continuation of the story next year.

«Resurrection» season 2 – [September 28, 2014] (officially)

ABC management will soon announce about the renewal of the show and we will inform you on the start date for the new episodes as soon as it is officially confirmed. Follow the updates of the given article.

UPDATE 1 (May 8, 2014): ABC renews Resurrection.

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  1. Acrobit

    I’ll be devastated if Resurrection is not renewed! By far the best new series of the year on any channel!

  2. Ter

    Loving this new show, good strong characters, really hoping this series continues!

  3. dink

    great show plez infom me when the second season will start

  4. Jennifer

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show Resurrection. There must be a season Two…. It is the only show that I watch regularly. I DO NOT MISS ANY episodes! Please keep them coming!

    • Glenn

      WOW, Jennifer you LOVE so much are you JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT ???.

  5. Abby

    I hope this is renewed for a 2nd season. I am so tired is the stupid reality shows . Hard to find decent t v

  6. Dawn

    I absolutely love this show, I have not missed one yet. Please keep us posted on the date for season 2.

  7. Donna

    Resurrection by far best show ever love it really looking forward to season 2 please release when season 2 premiers

  8. thomas stones

    I love this show!!!!!!! Best show-Ressurection needs to continue for many seasons!!!!!!Please inform me when season 2 is coming out please!!!!!

  9. Hector

    Please bring back Resurrection back for a second season!!!! It is a show that gives faith to people rather than all this rubbish about cops and robbers. It is a show where the whole family can see together and relax together. It is a very soothing show where one can escape from all these depressing times we now live today. It is a very wholesome show that my five year can wait for it to come on!!!!!!

    • carol w

      I agree with you totally with your comment sick of murder shows, sex and dumb reality shows.

  10. Susan

    My husband and I love this show! Can’t wait for season 2. Please don’t make us wait until next year!

  11. Liddy

    My cousin and I love the show and never miss an episode. PLEASEEEEEEEEE bring season 2, but with less commercials…..the finale has left us hanging on for dear life!!!!

  12. Zack

    Bring resurrection back soon it’s really good and they can’t end it like they did

  13. mothertucker2

    have to renew, can’t leave us hanging like this…best series in a very long time RENEW!!!!

  14. Jessica

    Can’t wait for season 2. My husband and I love this show!

  15. Ann

    My husband and I both LOVE “Resurrection”!!! I hope it WILL be renewed for a 2nd season!!! Such a great storyline and great characters…..We cannot be left hanging like this!!!!

  16. melissa

    Bring it back! Please dont leave us hanging love this show!!

  17. Augustina Monpleh


  18. lisa

    Great show and cast. Please return for the second season.

  19. Melissa

    My husband and I love resurection best show on TV in forever! We haven’t missed an episode. Can’t wait for season 2!

  20. Virgil Quintanilla OSF


  21. Ruth

    please bring resurrection back. I am eagerly waiting for season 2. The plot, the acting and the suspense is great.

  22. CJ Gilliland

    Please don’t leave us stranded with the ending of this 1st season. Our family watched it every Sunday night. We loved it.

  23. Joan Stewartson

    I am so hoping they don’t cancel resurrection! It’s my favorite show!!!!

  24. Justin and Erica

    Please get season 2 done and get it on the air asap. We love the show.

  25. Kimberly

    My 18 yr old daughter and I share very little in the way of enjoying the same TV series. This was one I found we did. Others we enjoyed together: Dexter, The Walking Dead, and Resurrection. My daughter never shows emotion for any show. She did show emotion at the end of Dexter, that was to be expected, but generally she does not cry or show emotion like I do. For a few the episodes of Resurrection she was Literally on the edge of her seat. During the last show I looked over and saw her covering her mouth or rocking back-and-forth. Especially the last few minutes of it. It was neat to see since I rarely see her act like that. (When the plotline was happening with the sheriff early in the episode, she literally got teary eyed and kept saying how bad she felt for him. Of course later in the episode, like all of us, I’m sure, she changed her opinion.) I really want to see the show come back for season two and more. I know the chances of them caring what we think on this article are minimal since they’ll never see it, but I hope other forums that they do read reflects the same sentiment.

  26. Ethel

    I sure hope they renew it. They can’t just leave Marty and Jacob standing in the middle of the road like that and us not knowing what happen. This movie is so good and I looked forward to Sunday night just to watch it

  27. Sheila

    My partner and I just watched the final episode (recorded) of Resurrection. We were amazed at the ending, thinking perhaps there was an error in the recording. Please let us see season 2 soon. We are so anxious to know more. We too watched every episode and we too were on the edge of our seats!

  28. Rose

    I really hope they bring resurrection back for another season my husband and I both enjoy watching the show it is very exciting and keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next.

  29. James

    I love this show it really has brought family time to a whole different idea. Resurrection has created family time tv and Im so happy for this show Please return in a hurry

  30. Connie

    I love this show. Surely it will be renewed again. Our whole family can hardly wait to see what happens next. Please bring it back soon.

  31. Gregory

    Wow whole family loves this show please bring on season 2 quickly Cheers in advance

  32. Leisa

    Please bring season 2 of resurrection back on channel seven asap!!! Please! Love this series.

  33. Debra Carmichael

    Love the show Redirection. Little Jacob really needs to come back. It really has people wondering where the Resurrected come from and dissapears to. Save the ones that have been caught. Love the man who tried to save Jacob.

  34. Michelle

    Resurrection Needs To Come Back On! I Watched Every Single One Of Them! I Watch Them Religiously On My Phone! Please Don’t Take My Favorite Show Of All Time Away! 🙁

  35. jeckledog

    on an seriouse note im not one for watching tv anymore but used to watch stuff until I lost interest. but yeah I can say this this series has held me captive almost as bad as when I was forced to watch luke and laura on general hospital day show in the late seventies or was it the eighties, either way the best part of this series is the question I keep asking myself . are the returning people of alian source , another dimension holding a part of the world hastage or is it in the water. lololol , .soo yeah keep the movies coming there awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Bob

    Maggie is hot

  37. Ann

    Please renew this great series, don’t leave us hanging as to the outcome.
    I really did enjoy this so different series.

  38. jaiden

    Please give the next season I just started to like this show I want to see what happens next

  39. jacqueline day

    I love this show. Have watched all of them again on ON DEMAND. I also bought the booTHE RETURNED, from which the series was based. I like the series much better. I was somewhat disappointed by the book’s ending. Hope the writers of the series will construct a better ending.

  40. michele

    Great show, Love it ,my whole family likes it better then walking dead. Very Heartfelt show makes a person think about the passed on and what is different now then when they passed. Gives everyone something to think about, Great plot.. Love it.. Please continue the series….

  41. liz

    I must say I fell in love with almost all the actors and their storyline. I am in love and will be so heartbroken if there is no season 2.

  42. charlene

    you do the walking dead many seasons why cant we see the resurrection.. many season I like both shows

    • linda

      walking dead is on amc not abc

  43. jannet

    Great show!!

  44. Mary F. Wilbert

    Please Bring resurrection back, My Husband & I Love it.
    Better than those stupid reallity shows. PLEASE!!!

    • Mary B

      Totally agree. I hate reality shows.

  45. Patsy

    Love the show and can’t wait for it to come back.

  46. Nikki

    Best series ever; )

  47. Lucy

    Love it….want more….please….

  48. Jamie

    Love this show!!!!

  49. Maria restrepo

    Please put the show back!!!! My family and i cant wait to see the continuation of it!!!!!! Excellent show, dont make us wait too long……

  50. Chris

    Can’t wait to watch season 2

  51. Rose

    This is the only show that is really safe to watch together with my family. I always look forward to watch this show with my family. It is an excellent show, … This is the best series ever. It is safe to watch with YOUR whole family. It is a great show. I must say all Actors and Actresses in this TV Show are all wonderful in their parts. That is why this show is so different and very much interesting. This show Makes my children and their husbands and wives and my husband stay home just to watched them great episodes even all my grandkids are watching them too. I know We are all looking forward for the SECOND SEASON. With this TV Show really helps me and my siblings and their siblings to stay home like a big family night. Please we all love this show..IT.Is the BEST Series EVER…..on TV. It is wonderful! WE ALL CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THE SECOND SEASON!!!! PLEASE DO NOT MAKE US WAIT TOO LONG….THANK YOU.

  52. Jerry Day

    I like this show, I like it a lot. Strong characters, strong stories. Each episode stands well on it’s own. Each episode is well worth the wait. Thank you.****

  53. Wanda Buckalew

    I was just wondering why Resurrection hasn’t been on the last two weeks.. We haven’t seen the outcome of the show yet.. How can you just end it without us being able to find out the answers..been watching all this time every week and now it all of a sudden isn’t on! What’s up with that?

  54. carol w

    I love this show very much and I never watch much tv. I wouldn’t miss an episode of it we need good shows like this one.

    • Venessa

      i agree with you 100%

    • Pat

      Why would they bring on another show called the Returned?? Resurrection had much better actors and the show was much more enjoyable. Please put Resurrection back on the air soon

  55. Lorna

    I love resurrection very much it’s the only show my daughter watch together and both enjoy it’s never a dull moment watching strong acting characters.

  56. Venessa

    I love this show and i can’t wait to see more. My mother passed so it gives me a bit of hope. They do a good job keeping the show interesting. Just when I think i know whats going on, something happens!Keep up the awesomeness!

  57. Jane mulvey

    I so love this program can anyone tell me when session two aires in the uk pls.

  58. Mary

    I enjoy watching resurrection very much with my family. It family time on Sunday nights.

  59. brenda g

    great show, never missed one sunday night of it. please bring it back.

  60. Pat

    Please put Resurrection back on the air soon. It was much better than the Returned

  61. Cindy

    Still waiting….hurry up…

  62. Mary Brink

    When Resurrection first started, I wasn’t sure I wanted to watch this type of show. I did however start watching it and I am so hooked on it. I sure hope it is coming back. Love the characters!!

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