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«Ripper Street» season 3: start date on BBC One

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When does «Ripper Street» season 3 start on BBC One? LOVEFiLM will revive the show, with filming to begin in May 2014. Show must go on!

TV-channel: BBC One
Pilot episode: December 30, 2012
Creator: Richard Warlow

Season 1 Episode 1: 7.89 million UK viewers

Season 2 Episode 1: 6.45 million UK viewers

The management of BBC One TV channel refused to renew the «Ripper Street» show for the season 3, since series ratings was constantly falling.

The project seemed to be over, but LOVEFiLM company decided to give the mystical drama the second chance. According to the official announcements, the shooting process of the new episodes is to be started and five main actors will be involved.

«Ripper Street» season 3 start – [November 14, 2014]

It was confirmed, that before the official premiere on BBC One, it will be broadcast exclusively on Amazon Prime. As for the plot, the viewers will face the time gap of 4 years. The third season will air on BBC America on April 29, 2015.

UPDATE 1: Ripper Street renewed by Amazon for series 4.

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  1. Christina

    Thank you for renewing this wonderful show. It is so nice to see that someone is paying attention to quality programming.

  2. JR

    Ripper street why is it when a great show is doing well they cancel well season 2 wasn’t as good as 1 so make season 3 better make bbc eat crow im producer my self and some one on season 2 should have done a rewrite and good producer should have caught. let me do the show I will make the ratings go threw the roof and go over 8 million you done cancel a show for just 6 1/2 million viewers loss of 1.5 million on one episode wonder why. Lol bad judgment on your part so let change it. tks for keep a great show don’t make the same mistake.

    • Jade

      Dear deluded JR,

      You can barely write understandable English, and you wish to apply your skill set to improving script structure. Declaring “im producer my self” certainly calls into question the veracity of the statement, whether it is a tragic confabulation or a wishful self-conceit it is a seriously doubtful proclamation.

      I seriously hope this very good program can find an experienced team of qualified and talented professionals to bring it to the public.

      • Chris

        If JR’s a producer, I’m a freaking brain surgeon.

  3. Denise

    This is a great series. Why do they cancel shows that are good and have junk on TV like all the Housewives of who cares. There are too many reality shows and not enough good ones like Ripper Street. Keep it on.

  4. steve rainbow

    Fantastic series , well researched,accurate,gory,funny,moving. All the things that 97% of the pap shown on BBC is not

    • genec

      my wife and i love the series and feel the dialogue has the feel of Shakespeare and music of poetry. the script writers are excellent. we need more programming like this series.

  5. Phillippa Dunkling

    I am upset that the BBC are not showing more seasons of ripper street as I don’t have love film or amazon prime and can not afford it I thought we pay our licences to watch things we like not a load of repeats or things like doctor who

  6. May from glasgow

    Why is ripper street not on the bbc Amazon prime get it and that costs money that’s why we pay for a tv license the bbc are rubbish if they don’t show it soon the programme is brilliant a very disappointed tv licence viewer

  7. Clifton Dukes

    When does Ripper Street start in the States?
    I do not have Amazon Prime, but will it be on BBCA?

    • Alessandra DeMarco

      Clifton, I too am anxiously awaiting an answer to this burning question. Anybody? A little help pleeeeze!

    • Chris

      Just finished watching season 1 & 2 on Netflix – can’t wait for season 3 to be available.
      Good acting, very well done. Has an an authentic, gritty feel to it.
      Sure would be nice to have more quality programs like this here in the states.

  8. Alice Mayfield

    I sincerely hope that Ripper Street season 3 will be aired on BBC (a channel that I get).There are so few quality shows available.

  9. Mary

    I am awaiting season 3! Come on Ripper Street! I love this gritty get down to business series! I can’t wait!

  10. Joyce

    Adding my praise along to the list of those who follow the show. I love the quality of the cast and the fact that its not another reality show full of degradation.

  11. Laraine Santagato

    I really enjoyed this show, probably because I’m British, it would be nice if they keep it going, I can’t stand all the reality show and watch none f them, give me a good drama or movie anytime

  12. Kris Holverson

    Why can’t I get a straight answer as to when Ripper St starts on BBCA? First they said Feb 22 2015, now it’s early 2015. Yikes…….I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!

  13. lauren oliver

    Remember COPPER? That was a good show too.

  14. Sally Cambray

    Absolutely love Ripper Street. The best thing BBC had and they let it slip through their hands in favour of yet more repeats!!
    It’s time they put our License Fees into more top class programs like this instead of lining the pockets of the BBC Fat Cats.

    Please give us a Date for Series 3 to be shown on Terrestrial Television as we don’t all have money to pay for extra tv channels!!

  15. jim

    I had thought Copper had been a great show, but was canceled.. I agree great entertainment but lousy screen writers.. just my take

    • Jim

      How could it be great entertainment with bad screen writers?

  16. Lainie

    Ripper Street was great. I, too, don’t have Prime, so missed series 3 when it went on there, but now catching up on the Beeb.

    Why do they take off a really good drama, just because the ratings look as if no one likes it? I bet these reality progs aren’t watched, they are just noise in the background for doing the housework. Some of us are actually intelligent enough to want to watch something decent.

    I think they should do a poll and find out what we, the viewers, REAlly want to watch on telly, and get rid of some of the mindless pap they put on, just because its less costly and more can go in their wage packets.

  17. patrizia

    yes about time, good dialogue, some intelligence in the acting ,flawed characters, and thank you writers, have enjoyed the show,really good sets and costuming lots of detail in the filming and feel of the era.

  18. patrizia

    I enjoyed Ripper Street . It is the first time,in a long litany of shows I have watched,where I actually sat up and took notice of the good writing and dialogue. Matthew MacFayden is a really charismatic actor. The shows theme is dark and moody. But addictive in a Shakespearean way.

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