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Ripper Street season 4: premiere air date

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Will the television series Ripper Street be renewed for the new season? What about Season 4 premiere? The TV viewers would like to know the start date!

TV-channel: BBC One
Starring: Matthew Macfadyen, Jerome Flynn, Adam Rothenberg, MyAnna Buring
Genre: Drama, Mystery

Season 1 Episode 8: 6.44 million UK viewers

Season 2 Episode 7: Under 4 million UK viewers

The television series «Ripper Street» already had a period, when it was going to be canceled due to the low popularity, as the rights holders turned to be unprepared for the fall of the number of fans to 4 million people at home during the second season.

As we remember, this time Amazon Prime Instant Video (LOVEFiLM) helped, having renewed the show and having managed to film the complete third season. BBC America organized the translation of the new episodes in America, but should we wait for the premiere of Season 4?

Do the new creators plan to continue the story? At the moment these questions remain without answers, that’s why the start date of Ripper Street continuation is unknown. We’re waiting for the announcement impatiently.

Ripper Street season 4 release – [15 January 2016] (Amazon)

Follow the updates!

UPDATE 1 (May 28, 2015): Good news! Ripper Street renewed by Amazon for series 4 and 5.

UPDATE 2 (March 7, 2016): The series will end after its upcoming fifth season.

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  1. J. L. D.

    I was never a big fan of Ripper Street but I’m ready to watch series 4

  2. Ryan Coane

    Best show ever. Keep it !!!

  3. Sharon

    Please lplease please can we have a season 4? I just love this how!!!!!

  4. Michelle Musser

    I love Ripper Street!! Tuned into it in Season 2….just by chance….and I was hooked!! Please keep it on the air!!! I will be keeping my fingers crossed!!!

  5. Anna B

    I absolutely love this show. watched it on Netflix and am hooked. I hope all main characters return. Great chemistry between them all.

  6. Jerry clifford

    Please keep this show going

  7. Peg L

    Please bring on Episode 4 ! My husband and I watch it together all the time. Love all the characters !

  8. Mollie

    Awesome show! Very excited at the possibility of a 4th Season, please hurry to confirm.

  9. Debbie Bolen

    I love this show! I especially love Bennet Drake! I am currently viewing Season 3….I do not want to watch the last episode…I would like to make it last for a long while. Please do have a new series!!!!!

  10. Judithanne

    I haven’t watched Ripper Street yet as it hasn’t come to screen in Australia, but my Favourite Actor has made it known he has been cast in Series 4 & 5 so I will not be missing it. I am looking forward to seeing it and buying the DVD on release.

    • Mary

      Judithanne, that’s good news. I just wish Amazon or BBCAmerica would give us a date for season 4 so we can put it in our calendars. I don’t mind waiting as long as I have a date.

  11. Kim

    Love this show!!!!

  12. Duchess

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this series!But then I’m partial to anything Matthew Macfadyenen is in. This series is so captivating! Can’t wait for it to return.

  13. Antiquemomma

    Great show and I am waiting for season 4. Please show it on same channel BBC America.

  14. Carol

    Love this show! the cast is just wonderful! I tell everyone to watch 🙂

  15. Sherry Wessman

    I absolutely love Ripper Street!! I read it will release seasons 4 &5! I anxiously await the return but only if Edmund Reid is in it! I accidentally came across this series on Netflix. So glad I caught it. Great writing, exciting stories. The characters are wonderfully human with their frailties.

  16. Roland N. Pippin

    I have never fancied the idea that people could be truly addicted to something, much less a TV series. I’m afraid I have had terrible withdrawal symptoms since the end of Season 3 of Ripper Street. Anxious doesn’t quite describe how I feel now, believing at least, that Seasons 4 and 5 are near. Many thanks for a great, thought provoking and intriguing TV series.

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