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Salem season 3 premiere start date 2016

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When will Salem season 3 come out? Is the show renewed or cancelled? We want to know the premiere start date on WGN America in 2016.

In April 2014 the television series Salem was launched on WGN America. It bases on the fictional stories about the witch trials. Taken place in Salem (Massachusetts) since 1692. At that time mostly the Puritans owned the power of the local colonial administration and the television series doubts their activities and charges against the defendants. John (Shane West) and Mary (Janet Montgomery) are in the center of epic novel and all city is full of hysteria, horror and despair because of ongoing witch hunt.

The project received quite good reviews of critics, which helped to renew it for Season 2 in May last year. The start of the new episodes in 2015 attracted the attention of only 510 thousand viewers, which is lowly in comparison with 1.52 million people, who watched the first episode The Vow.

This reduces the project chances to be renewed for Season 3. The release date of the last episode of Season 2 is scheduled for June 28 and now it is not clear whether it will be the final of the season or of the total show.

Salem season 3 premiere – [November 2, 2016] at 9 pm (UPDATE 1)

Let’s wait for the official announcement of WGN America with hope for the better.

UPDATE 1 (July 11, 2015): Good news! Salem was renewed for a third season by WGN America. Production will begin later this year and the show will be back in late 2016 (Halloween week). What about SEASON 4 of SALEM?

Salem Season 3 Trailer:

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  1. Mayyya

    Please don’t cancel SALEM!!!

  2. Eva D.

    Salem is an amazing tv show with an amazing cast! So excited for season 3!!!

  3. RedNa

    Great news but next season will start late next year! Why not in April again?

  4. Shelly.

    Cannot wait for season 3…..sooooo glad there is gonna be a season 3. Love this show.

  5. mark

    This show reminds me of why I like t.v. shows. great writing and great acting. and of course people it’s all make believe. like star trek, dark shadows, x-files etc. thanks to the cast, crew, writers and even management for a great show.
    mark m.

    • Linda

      omg I have seen some of the reviews and I have been missing a good series. I hope that season 3 will happen Im gonna start watching and informing other people to check this series out. Can’t wait for season 3 to begin. I will start watching as much as I can to bring myself up to par with the show.

  6. shauna

    Glad they’re deciding to renew Salem, absolutely love it, I would binge watch this again and again, lol only thing is that poor wee boy cant act, reminds me of older days acting like in Annie or Oliver where it looked acted out but wow I changed my mind when he became satan, he’s good at that. Love, love, love Mary Sibley and especially loving the sxy priest, is that wrong lol.

  7. Deidre

    I am so glad they are renewing Salem. I love the series. as a matter of fact i’m going to watch previous seasons right now. So excited for the new season

  8. Renate Carrabis

    cant wait till next season I Love this show Please don’t cancel this is one of the few shows I look forward too

  9. Zameer Abass

    can’t wait for season 3 , fantastic show

  10. Heather

    Not many tv shows on for witches,I think I’ve watched every paranormal movie,show,episode. I’ve been waiting patiently for this to air. Looking forward to series3! And don’t cancel Salem! It’s truly awesome!

  11. mickey m.

    yes w.g.n. please bring back Salem. i want to see what happens to Mary and Johns little boy does now that the devil took over his body?????

  12. Caroline M Brodie

    Please keep Salem going. It’s fabulous! I am sorry but I do not watch it on the tele…I hate the commercials and they put me to sleep. I watch all my movies on Amazon and Netflix. Maybe you should take a poll of people who don’t watch the tube. Thank You.

  13. Kevin-Douglas G OLIVE

    I never watched Salem until just last month. I had heard about it, even saw some commercials about it. I don’t live under a rock, and am on social media. I didn’t know anyone who watched it. No one talked about it. It wasn’t talked about on NPR or any of the other outlets I typically listen to.

    Then one day, home in bed sick, I decided to renew Netflix and started watching it.

    In three weeks I’ve watched two seasons. That’s with working full time.

    Excellent show. Excellent acting.

    The fault for low viewership is not with the show, but with whomever is responsible for promoting it.

  14. Diane

    The show is slow but ever-so addictive. Please don’t cancel it!

  15. Donna

    Can’t wait for season 3,first 2 season’s were great and I am anticipating the start of season 3

  16. Rick

    Love the show so glad it is coming back on. The writing and cast are excellent and always look forward to the next episode.

  17. Kelly B

    Ready and waiting for Season 3.

  18. Lisa

    I’m WAITING!!!!!!

  19. Meek

    Whyyy did Tituba have to dieeee! I like her!

  20. Abby

    Love it Can’t wait till October!!

  21. DLC

    This is one of the best made for tv series in a long time worth watching. Can’t wait till October and what this season will bring.

  22. Tamara Eyberse

    ADVERTISING people are fickle,get your 1.25 million back with some commercials,corporate television always screws the best shows.Look at Kung Fu, bET YOU WISHED YOU GAVE Bruce Lee to play the character he developed. You lose so much money screwing up you cant give good shows a break.WE WANT SALEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Nick

    LOVE IT!! Please don’t cancel

  24. John Emerson

    WGN has killed this program by waiting 18 months to air it between seasons 2 and 3. I am a big fan of the show and I will really be angry seeing it go away sooner than it should do to incompetency in the boardroom. This is the best show WGN has released in some time and you blew it.

  25. Tina Hubbard

    Really love this show. I anticipate every show and when 1 season ends, I can’t wait for the one to start. This is one of the best shows on TV. Please do not cancel Salem

  26. Jasmine Diaz

    Omg where is season 3!!!!!!!! I’ve been going crazy I thought it was coming out for Halloween week and I couldn’t find it. I really hope it wasn’t cancelled so many people loved this show

  27. diane

    Please. Dnt cancel this show love it .. Waiting on next season 4 …

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