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«Sherlock» season 3: release date

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When will «Sherlock» season 3 premiere? What is known about air date? [confirmed].

Steven Moffat, one of the creators of «Sherlock» show, stressed that the main character of the story will be no longer opposed by Professor Moriarty, since the last appears in the story only once.

The producer announced the shooting process to be started in March this year. The premier episode will be based on Arthur Conan Doyle’s «The Adventure of the Empty House» book, where Holmes’ fake death is revealed. According to Mark, the first episode of Season 3 will be aired at the end of 2013. But also its release date is possible to be postponed to the beginning of 2014.

«Sherlock» season 3 premiere – [January 1, 2014] (U.K.), [January 19, 2014] (U.S.)

Mark Gattis also added that shooting process wasn’t started in January as it was planned before due to the absence of one of the actors.
«Sherlock» season 4
What do you want out of season 3? Let’s support the show in comments!

Season 3:
episode 1 (The Empty Hearse) – January 1, 2014
episode 2 (The Sign of Three) – January 5, 2014
episode 3 (His Last Vow) – January 12, 2014

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  1. simon

    I can’t believe this! 2014? Give me Sherlock now!

  2. tores

    Sherlock being delayed is an absolute tragedy! but… if they promise us a season 4, I will forgive them =)

    • tusher

      they have signed people for season 4

    • DuneNova

      Agreed, a fourth season would good a long way toward smoothing resentments. . . . .

  3. kate

    2014? Seriously? I may die before that….

    • Steph Beach

      Hang in Kate: This is too Important to die before.

  4. violetta

    Happy that Sherlock is coming back, 2014 can’t come soon enough!

  5. mark s.

    I’ve been expecting to hear that Sherlock Season 3 would be pushed back since they decided to make a third Hobbit movie

  6. solda

    Can’t wait for the new episodes!

    • matt

      do u think it is wierd that he mentions cloning it the hound of the baskervilles and in the latest episode he says he needs the nurse

      • Rachel

        He doesn’t have a clone it is more clever than that. See my other comment.

  7. kaboo

    they really need to tell us how sherlock survived.

  8. Expas

    need mooooore sheeeerlock!

  9. cwebster1st

    Sherlock one of the few shows worth watching.

  10. Mouses

    Smartest show on TV. cant wait …

  11. portes

    Elementary on CBS is every bit as good 😉

    • ctbrdbtjb

      Elementary doesn’t come close to being anywhere as good as Sherlock on PBS.

      • mclovit

        Most intellectual

  12. mahmood

    plzzzzzzzzz………… have more than 3 episodes of sherlock holmes… i mean there should be about 12 of them….. and it should have like almost 10 seasons…..

  13. Lee H (Canada)

    Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait. I have read The Adventure of the Empty House, seen movie versions of it, NOW I have to see how (our) Watson reacts. To prepare for it, watch Seasons 1 & 2 from John’s perspective.

  14. tabi

    sherlock sherlock sherlock sherlock !
    we want sherlock.
    please please please please please

  15. Godschild0927

    Man I can’t wait till this comes back on I was shock to see he alive so you know i can’t wait to see how he survived.

  16. Keka

    I want sherlock now!!!! Can’t wait to see the next season….

  17. jane

    I cant wait either but lets face it both actors have now become big stars and that makes it harder for the show to be made

  18. arnab

    It’s unbelievable!!! 2014 after 2012!! so long..

    • The Dreaded Maloopey

      That’s like almost 4 years!

  19. Darshantk

    It’s officially confirmed that Sherlock is gonna be release on October 31. Enjoy guys.first episode is gonna be named the empty hearse

  20. subam

    big need for compelling dramas. sherlock was one of the best – most watchable, look forward to next episode in next series.

  21. mclovit

    Seriously the best show I’ve watched. Want more more more. Hope actors can find time to make many more episodes in a more timely manner

  22. Rachel

    They left clues for the observant to tell you how he survived. They are subtle and in the background. 1) Telling Molly he needed her 2) Telling John to “stay where he was” There is another one that I noticed but that one you have to find for yourself, watch carefully because it is moving.

    • theresa

      I did notice those two clues. In addition, I thought it odd that the medics arrived almost immediately after the incident, and that they took the body into a garage (or some dark ally) rather than an ambulance. (me thinks these were his informants). Also, I thought it quite convenient that a biker collides with John before he can come around the car, taking his eyes off Sherlock for an instant, and that the other pedestrians kept pulling John away from the body. These latter points may just be cinema drama, but then again this is Sherlock Holmes.


    I want mystery
     And to be the quality of the first and third episode of the first season and the third of the second season

  24. Pat

    far and away the best show on television. The actors are first rate,fantastic. The producers hit the mark with all the actors but Sherlock and Watson are truly the best. I am willing to wait for this kind of quality any time, but I need lots more seasons. Hurrah for Sherlock Holmes and bbc

  25. Moriarty

    Can’t wait for the new episode!!!! I hope they bring back Irene Adler. I can’t wait for Johns reaction when Sherlock reveals that he’s still alive or if he does (but he has to for the Sherlock and Watson thing to continue) I wish there were more episodes per season 🙁

  26. Mirabel

    Plz realise legend of the seeker season3 i miss the film plz be out i love u all seeker,confessor,wizard,cara.never stop loving each other seeker and confessor.

  27. YANG


    • MrsNaturalCurlLuv


  28. lisa

    It’s a great show! 2013, 2014 no matter. I will be watching

  29. AwayInTheTARDIS

    I want to see some interaction between Molly and Sherlock, I waited 5 episodes for Sherlock to realize what an amazing girl she is and finally he realizes it then dies? No!
    When Sherlock comes back I want those two to have a heart to heart.
    I think that it was Molly who helped Sherlock fake his death, she asks him what he needs and he say “you” but they never tell you what he needed her to do.
    I think she injected him with some kind of chemical that made his major arteries slow down so it looked like he was dead, but Molly injected him in such a way that it was almost on a timer. He had a certain amount of time to stall Moriarty till the last possible moment.
    It was obvious that he didn’t expect Moriarty to kill himself so he was kind of freaked out, he knew that if his heart rate was to speed up it would trigger the chemical.
    When he saw John he thanked the Heavens, he called John and that made his puls slow down, but the chemical was already at work, slowing down his arteries, that’s why he had so much trouble talking to John (he just doesn’t want to admit that he was scared).
    He knew that he wouldn’t be able to jump off with John watching. He keep him talking till the chemicals took control.
    Sherlock didn’t jump, He fell.

    That’s my theory!

  30. MrsNaturalCurlLuv

    I can’t wait for this series to air! The production team is great and they totally got this Sherlock remake right the best EVER!

  31. Webb

    I am a new fan of Sherlock seeing as how I never new it existed until my uncle showed it to and I am so excited for the next season! I hope it goes on for a very LONG time. One of the best shows ever.

  32. Doctor

    I want to see sherlock&watson bang

  33. Devilsangel

    Out of all the Sherlock Holmes movies, shows, and book, this Sherlock TV show is the best. I just watched it last year and I fell in love with it. I can’t wait for the new Sherlock to come out. A month from now seems a long time, but it will be worth the wait. 😛


    I know Sherlock will come in season 3 onwards. But my question is will James Moriarty be back?
    I will miss him and his acting.

  35. Fan

    AH, the wait has been long and difficult – but worth it … I’ll be ready to watch and record S3 on 1/19. SO EXCITED!!!!

  36. Arabella

    AlwaysInTheTARDIS, I can’t agree more. That’s probably the best explanation that I have heard so far. And Moriaraty,I want Irene Adler back too! It would make it even more dramatic and it would make for an amazing new addition to the storyline!

  37. wendy

    im after season 6 sons of anachry does any one know is it released and where can i get it goddddddddddd need to see it

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