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Sherlock season 4: premiere date

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When does «Sherlock» season 4 premiere on TV? We know release air date (U.K.). The show must go on! You can watch new episodes in 2014! Wait for Christmas Day!

TV-channel: BBC One
Pilot episode: 25 July 2010
Creators: Mark Gatiss, Steven Moffat

Season 1 Episode 1: 9.23 million U.K. viewers

Season 3 Episode 1: 12.61 million U.K. viewers

The creators of «Sherlock» TV series have confirmed the project would be renewed for the fourth season, as there is no reason to close the show. According to Steven Moffat, the future Season 4 won’t be the final one, since its number of fans all over the world ensures it’s financing for many years.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, the actors, announced about their decision to continue starring and even signed an official contractual agreement for three new episodes. Benedict has noted: the given format of the seasons (three series in each) is perfect for «Sherlock» TV show, as it makes the TV viewer wait for more.

Also he said about his desire to see his character aging, but will the franchise be extended for such a long time? The release date of the fourth season of «Sherlock» television show is scheduled for January 1, 2017 (UPDATE 4) and, according to Steven Moffat, the TV viewers will enjoy three exciting episodes.

What do you think about Sherlock Holmes’ «resurrection»? Did he manage to surprise?

UPDATE 1 (July 2, 2014): Sherlock officially renewed for Season 4 with a Special Twist. Shooting on the special will begin in January 2015. Production on Season 4 set for later next year. Possible broadcast – Christmas 2015.

UPDATE 2 (October 24, 2015): The upcoming 90-minute Sherlock special, titled “Sherlock: The Abominable Bride”, will make its PBS debut on Friday, January 1, 2016 at 9/8c (in the US and the UK). The three-episode series (fourth season) is scheduled to be filmed in early 2016. Premiere Date TBA. Follow the updates!

UPDATE 3 (April 6, 2016): Production on Season 4 of Sherlock is officially underway in the UK. There’s no official word about when the new Season 4 installments will make their PBS debut, but the prevailing theory has them unspooling in early 2017. Follow the news!

UPDATE 4 (October 26, 2016): BBC announced today that Sherlock will return on January 1, 2017.

Will there be SHERLOCK SEASON 5 ?


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  1. Rikki N.

    Yeaa! Their 3 episodes format for each season is perfect. Cumberbatch is AWESOME – best Sherlock on TV !!

    • Lukas T.

      maybe Robert Downey Jr?

      • Scott

        Sorry – not even close.

    • bipin

      cumberbatch is really awsome……

  2. Kira

    perfect resurrection! Benedict, i love you!

  3. Porta

    best news ever!!! need moreeeee Sherlock!!

  4. Carry May

    dec 2014???? again??? Can’t wait for the new episodes so long time =( HURRY UP, creators!!!

  5. sam

    My favorite show!! Young Sherlock Holmes was awesome. They should have made more of those movies.

  6. diana

    good news! My only wish is they would expand each series to 6 or 12. Elementary have 24 ! 0_0

  7. simao

    best show ever!!!!

  8. Micron

    we need Sherlock! show must go on!!!! when exact season 4 premiere ?

  9. Iqbal

    Now we have to wait another year -_____-

    • pengwingzzz

      IKR??? lol

  10. Yuniper

    It took me a while to get used to the modern Sherlock, but now I’m hooked. I hope it continues. I wish there were more than 3 episodes a season, too.

  11. nursevoodoo

    yeah! tv is dull without mr holmes

  12. Marilyn

    The problem with Elementary is that Johnnie Miller has no dynamism in his voice. He swallows his words, so it is impossible to hear him. Doesn’t anybody associated with production realize this?

  13. Courtney

    This show has got to be one of the greatest on television. I hope that these two keep making Sherlock great for many years to come!

  14. faith p.

    i love benedict cumberbatch as sherlock and martin freeman as dr watson

  15. ben

    it is like hanging on a thin thread everyday and just kept wondering what will happen in the next show. I don’t like the wait and it needs to get on air in the fall of sept 2014. the only question is why 3 shows a year. it is ridiculous!

  16. Larease

    I Love this Sherlock series but the long wait time in between seasons and only 3 episodes each makes it to hard to know when or if to look out for a new season. There is a long time in between season of the Walking Dead but it is so good fans do not mind waiting and we known that the wait will be worth it. If then seasons for Sherlock were longer waiting would not be so bad and view numbers would go up. I also watch Elementary and it is justn as good just in a different way, dynamics between actors and setting between the two Sherlocks is what makes watching them seem totally different but they both hold true the original characters.

  17. Frieda

    My daughter just introduced me to Sherlock, I am awestruck by the production and writing as well as the charm of the actors. Three a year seems somewhat painful for wait times, however I will wait and watch!
    Not since the introduction of “MASH” has a program held my attention with such incredible delight. Sherlock as a high functioning sociopath is by far the most entertainment possible from the original material. This is masterfully acted, Cumberbatch is perfection.

  18. Jessica Josephson

    BEST SHOW EVER!!!!! Lol 😛

  19. Liana

    My sister Lucille showed me Sherlock a year ago!i almost forgot,hi I’m Liana and I’m ten yrs old! When Lucille showed me Sherlock, he was AWESOME!!! But, please don’t make season 4 & 5 ridiculous because Benedict you are the awesomest detective EVER!!!!!! IM YA BIGGEST BIGGER BIGGEST FAN!! You are awesome! Violin time Benedict! LOL!

  20. anne

    I cannot say enough good things about this “Sherlock” it is the most inticing,captivating Sherlock.I have been a fan of all the classic murder mystery,the way that Sherlock has been brought into this modern time is genious. I am waiting for more with the greatest anticipation!

  21. sai

    when was the exact release date for season 4 pls reply me can’t wait!!


    if you really like sir arthurs body of work it was very well presented by granada television with jeremy brett as sherlock and david burke as dr. watson in “the adventures of…” then in the “return…” mr brett returns as sherlock and sir edward hardwicke plays dr. watson. i believe they did more than 40 episodes set in the correct time period in england. i own the entire dvd set which i obtained from mpi home video. if you hunger for high quality sherlock holmes entertainment you will not be disappointed. these episodes took very few liberties with sir arthurs work and more correctly represent the time. however, that being said i am immensely enjoying the newest “sherlock” with mr’s cumberbatch and freeman. the idea of a modern “sherlock” is quite brilliant!
    true sherlock fans and avid readers should pick up a copy of sir arthur conan doyle’s “the complete sherlock holmes”. for true and new sherlock fans it will provide many hours of mesmerizing entertainment as well the comprehensive background of the great detective. having read this makes the new “sherlock” on bbc one and pbs all the more entertaining because of the many references to sir arthur’s work. i am so pleased that his great work is being dramatized again. though i am american, i much prefer british actors in the role of sherlock like mr. cumberbatch and mr. brett. the movies with robert downey as sherlock have missed the mark entirely. after seeing mr. brett and now mr cumberbatch in the part i am sure that authenticity is an absolute requirement for the part

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