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«Single Ladies» season 4: premiere air date

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When does «Single Ladies» season 4 premiere on VH1? Will the TV show renewed? We need new episodes! Show must go on in 2014.

TV-channel: VH1
Pilot episode: May 30, 2011
Creator: Stacy A. Littlejohn

Season 1 Episode 1: 1.84 million U.S. viewers

Season 3 Episode 1: 2.59 million U.S. viewers

The cable television channel VH1 has closed the show «Single Ladies», which third season is being broadcast now.

The rights holders aren’t to renew it, despite the fact that the show is being watched by about 1,8 million Americans. Such a decision didn’t satisfy both viewers and critics.

An unexpected cancellation of season 4 production is somewhat contradictory, and the rights holders didn’t suggest it to be irregular. According to the VH1 official announcements, they’re planning to cooperate with Flavor Unit Entertainment Studio, attracting new actors and directors into the show.

Will the next show of the television channel be successful? Is it worth producing the new series, if later it is closed without any serious reasons?

UPDATE 1 (April 8, 2014): BET Networks ordered a fourth season which will air on Centric. Premiere date – March 18, 2015.

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  1. Sara

    I will miss Single Ladies, it showed women in a different light, all flavors, a lot of classy, and sometimes a little sassy, women living the life some of us wish we had the same.

  2. Violetta S.

    I liked the series. Stacy Dash’s departure allowed the series to go in a younger, more realistic direction. I hope BET, TVOne, or Centric picks it up.

  3. Kiya

    I love this show! It really s*cks that its ending.

  4. Kote4you

    Why? I love this show. I’ve been a fan since the very first episode.

  5. Hope

    Single Ladies is a great show. Maybe OWN will pick it up.

  6. Star

    VH1 is stupid for making this move to cancel Single Ladies this is a great show. These TV executives are idi*ts and should be fired themselves.

  7. Kristina

    But why?? Single Ladies has such high ratings, this was a very bad move.

  8. tracey white

    What a dissapointment someone has to pick this show up. what a lost

  9. Tamara G

    I have been a fan since season 1 episode 1. Are you serious? Canceling this show is horrible. Time to petition this decision. BET pick this show up. You will not regret it. The GAME is on season 7. I know this show deserves at least 3 more seasons. Just sayn’.

  10. Bebe

    I’m seriously confused. Why give up on success?

  11. Burrell C.

    OMG!!!! Like who does this? Single ladies is the best show ever. I look so forward to watching it every week.
    It has the best ratings & actors ever, I can’t breathe right now. This whole ordeal may make me need a lung transplant. Please DO NOT…do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Audrina Berger

    As one of the 1.8 million viewer I feel the show shold be picked up by another network. The ending was excellent, but the way it ended, I feel the show is not over. I need more.

  13. Alicia

    This show shows women in a classy light. All vh1 wants is rachet fack reality shows. Its ridiculous

  14. Angie

    I miss the show, bring it back I am awaiting season 4.

  15. Valerie Ledlow

    This was the best season, and now you want to cancel it. I don’t think that’s a good idea. I do agree some of the casts need to go. For instant Latonya Lucket, I didn’t care for that role.

    Please rethink this idea of cancellation.

  16. Sarah

    season 4 should be there..we have to see what happens to Malcolm and Keisha…they were in a good place and then ‘ Bang’…ahhhh
    Wasn’t great at all…i miss them so much.
    Raqel too, her merger with Terrence…the future of Frank Jewels after the saga, and that b*tch Naome…how could she???
    Please have the 4th season…please

  17. Jay

    ive picked up so much confidence just from watching this show, and to live without a man and still fight for wht I want and know I deserve, its so wrong to take that away from us younger females!!!!! dumb move for real!!!!

  18. liz

    I love the tv series, pls don’t stop it now, I av learnt a lot frm it. Still hoping for a season 4.

  19. Jara

    This is the best show for women, it has all the elements of success. I hope TV1 or BET picks this show up. I agree that Lisa Raye must stay on the show along with the rest. Someone please pick up this show. We love it.

  20. Jara

    Not only do I want a fourth season, make it five, six, seven and so on.

  21. MLT

    I have been fan from season 1, the must be season 4-6. I truly miss the ladies was they demonstrate friendship, relationship, business decisions, and fun. Bring back the ladies!!

  22. Amber H.

    WHAT!!!!!!????? I’M SOOOOO VERY PI$$ED OFF RIGHT NOW! What a big STUPID move by VH1… They will regret this. It was such a great show, with great actors and actress. I really hate how they can do this and leave us all hanging like this. If you must cancel at least finish out a story line. don’t just drop it. NOT A HAPPY VIEWER makes me want to NEVER turn to VH1 EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. jameta jones

    Big mistake you need to bring this show back if not I hope someone like own pick it up

  24. gertrude

    big mistake the series should not be cancelled please we need season 4

  25. Lady T

    Every time a good shows come on – the big guys upstairs have to go cancel- I liked the show and the cast. It shows strong women and we need more like this. Wanted to see what happened between Malcolm and Keisha.

  26. anita liddell

    will single ladies return this year

  27. Adre

    U guys better bring back the show!!!!u made us wait a longtime for nothing will it ever come back in 2015 at lease

  28. Emi

    Love this show!!! Why is it canceled?.?? 🙁

  29. Shirley

    Why was Raquel killed off the show? As much as I love this show I don’t care for some of the new people on this show. I really don’t care if it goes off now. Without Malcolm and Raquel the show is not worth looking at.

  30. kay

    The new single ladies s*ck without the previous ladies. You might as well cancelled!!!!!!!!!

  31. theola bennett

    love the show would like to buy all of the DVD, I already bought 2 of DVD 1&2 i’m so happy they back on tv. they have class not all cussing and vulgar words which most shows have black women with no class. and in real life most black can relate to single ladies a fan for life thank you thank you. and bring Raquel back and Malcolm with his handsome self. find away to put them back into the show.

  32. bezii

    come on pllzzz its the best movie series even I usually never see series movies but this on cought me plllzz u really have to continue season 5

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