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The Killing season 5?

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Will The Killing crime drama television series renewed for a season 5? We are waiting for the show return in 2015! Premiere air date coming?

TV-channels: AMC, Netflix
Pilot episode: April 3, 2011
Developed by: Veena Sud

Season 1 Episode 1: 2.72 million U.S. viewers

Season 3 Episode 1: 1.76 million U.S. viewers

Despite the successful season of «The Killing» television series on Netflix, the rights holders again confirmed the fact that the show would be closed.

The last 6 episodes only proved the project was worth being broadcast, but season 5 apparently wouldn’t be ordered.

The fans expected the creators to take into account their requirements and the release date of the new episodes would be announced already after premiere on Netflix, but it didn’t happen – on the contrary, the story about Sarah Linden and Stephen Holder came to the logical end.

Should we expect the new investor for the show renewal?

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  1. Nicole Sanchez

    It’s the end of the story (Mireille Enos).

    • tommie lee

      “Oh snap” are you serious no # 5.

  2. Anna Ruis

    I really loved the ending. I’m glad they didn’t kiss…

  3. Douglas

    I absolutely love, love this show. Please bring it back!

    • Brenda Smith

      I love this show. So addicting. Husband and I spent many hours watching this. And would love for it to continue. Bring the two back, working together. I would give it a rating of 100 stars.
      Please give us. a 5th season

      • Philip_Diane

        The Killing is like a great book that you can’t put down…Plz, Plz bring it back
        Looked all around and nothing compares.

    • Trish

      Yes, Please bring it back.

  4. Jo

    I want Netflix to bring it back for a 5th season!

    • Deina

      Absolutely into this show … Netflix bring a 5th season and more season

  5. Darryl Bor

    Bring the Show back in 2015

  6. Lamar Santos

    Best show I ever watched on TV. I love all the characters.

  7. Miller

    Season 5 better be in 2015 😉

  8. Billie4love

    Great 2014 final show…..can’t wait for next season. please, Netflix make season 5!

    • Frannie

      Totally agree. It stinks when you invest in theses shows & understandably they want to move on BUT…….WE ARE THE FANS THAT MAKE IT HAPPEN. . #discouragedwithNetflix

  9. thekillingjoke

    please bring the show back!

  10. T

    Great show with great ending. But if you could, please make season 5 happen. Great show people cant get enough if it.

  11. Wanda

    Watched all 42 episodes on Netflix in les than three weeks. I loved how it ended. Thanks Netflix!! Hope to see season 5 on Netflix

  12. Judy

    I loved the the Killing,,I was totally addicted to it and could not stop watching it. I even watched seasons 3 and 4 back to back in one weekend. The main actors were awesome, cannot wait to see them on their next acting endeavors.

  13. pmseid

    This is one of the best shows ever. True, realistic drama.

  14. Mary

    Loved The Killing! Will miss Linden and Holder very much. I think they were superb.

  15. David McBrayer

    Please bring this show back for season 5. My husband and I love this show. The Killing is the best and only show that is this great anywhere. We love both detectives. It is truly edgy and pulls you in so many directions. I need this show. Come on Netflix… Please!!! My wifes nurse friends LOVE this show.

  16. Cevie

    please bring the show back., awesome acting, awesome storylines, i love this show!

  17. Perry

    If they don’t bring back for season 5 there will be, a killing, in my town

  18. Ana

    THE BEST SHOW EVER PLEASE Netflix could you make another season , it is the best drama show I have ever seen, my husband ad me could not stop to see this show, we saw all the seasons in 5 days ,but we need more, it was like an addiction but a good one.

    • Anita

      Same for us. We never watch any series, but this one got us addicted! Please make more!!!

  19. Rhea Jack

    Damnit! I just got tuned into The Killings. Detective dramas are not my thing, BUT I luv this show. I spent the last month entralled in this drama and went online to see when more episodes were coming! Come on Netflix…you can do it? The end of season 4 was just so good. I need more.

  20. Lucy

    OMG The last episode snuck up on me!!! It took me three weeks to watch all 4 Seasons and I love every minute invested in “The killing.” Pleeeease bring in Season 5

  21. Amanda

    Bring theee killing back!

  22. ossie

    I am addicted to this show! Can’t wait to go home after work and just plunge into the story. How can one of the smartest tv series be cancelled when there is so much garbage out there being renewed year after year? Acting is superb; story line excellent – and then you go and cancel it? Just like “Justified” – great show and being cancelled too. I will have to go back to watching BBC stuff because there is just nothing else that has smart, well-produced programs. What a shame!

  23. Ashley

    Please have a season 5

  24. JM

    I agree, one of the best shows. Bring back for a sea on 5.

  25. 2bayside

    Terrific actor Joe K who played Holder should get an Emmy so good!! Please bring more!

  26. Claudia

    Look. I don’t get addicted to TV shows. Except this one. Great show and I’m putting my order in for Season 5. Please and Thank you.

  27. Stacie

    Please bring it back, i love this “The Killing”

  28. Nancy

    Please bring the show back. My husband and I would rather watch a ‘Killing’ episode on any evening on Netflix than go to a movie. We just watched the last one and hope we can find another show just as great. Sure, I didn’t like all of the ‘F’ words but the acting is so great and amazing casting!

  29. fran balentine

    One of the best crime series I’ve ever seen, please continue with another season.

  30. Dee

    Really Great Show!!
    Hope they change their mind and do Season 5.

  31. Colleen

    There has to be Season 5. This is one of the best shows Netflix has to offer. Please let there be a season 5. Same characters, same suspense. To good not to have another Season. Actually I would love more than just Season 5 but will be happy to start with 5.

  32. Kake

    PLEASE, another season…please

  33. Kenda

    Netflix!!!! Please continue The Killing, this show is hands down worth continuing. We’ve been here before with AMC and it’s unfortunate since the show is well worth continuing. The characters and storyline keep us wanting more, just do it already the fans are loyal and we are growing….

  34. Jill

    Remember That scene in the Titanic when Jack’s slips underwater and she has left on the surface crying and saying, “Jack, come back!”? That is exactly how I feel about the show. Please reconsider your decision!

  35. Nan

    Great drama and outstanding acting. The ending of Season 4 brought a tear.

  36. Linda

    What is the matter with the networks. How can you take a show off like The Killing which is excellent. So real to life and the acting wonderful. Then shows like the simpsons is on for 25 yrs or more. Doesn’t make sense. So much garbage on tv and The Killing gets canceled. Come on Netflix more seasons!!!!!!!

  37. Victoria

    I just discovered this series and I am flying through it! I luv it! Bumming only 1 season left to watch! Please continue!!!

  38. bonita




  39. Theresa

    I “LOVED” THAT SHOW! I looked forward each and every Sunday to watch it. COME ON GUYS! BRING-ON-SEASON-5! PLEASE!

  40. Jeffrey

    Great show. Please return for season 5 and season 6. Keep the same Characters.

  41. Amanda

    Please bring back!!!

  42. Debbie

    Please bring the show back! I was so addicted and after season four I feel I have lost 2 good friends not being able to watch more. The best series on netflix!

    • Shannon

      Definitely the best series on Netflix!! I too watched season 4 slowly cuz I didn’t want it to end!!

  43. Margaret

    When I got to season four I slowed down to viewing only two episodes per day because I dreaded seeing it end and I didn’t even know it was the final end until I looked up when season five would begin. My husband always states that most television is made for a fifth grade mentality. To pass on continuing to produce an excellent show and opt to made some unknown show seems like bad decision making to me.

  44. kim

    This is the best show ever. I want more and more and more. I really hope they bring this back!!!!

  45. Maggie

    This show is great, I hope we have season 5.

  46. Patty

    The Killing was one of my favorite programs. I gave up watching Criminal Minds because it was too simplistic compared to The Killing. This program will grow as time goes on. I never saw it on television just Netflix. I loved being able to keep watching without waiting. I want more of this outstanding show.

  47. Shannon

    The Killing was the smartest crime drama I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. It was fresh, edgy, realistic, and had endless possibilities. The show was led by two of the most memorable albeit flawed characters, so refreshingly real. I’ll miss this show and have no complaints except I wanted to see more!! The way season 4 ended, however, I’m afraid the show couldn’t possibly have a comeback. The cable crime drama shows are all used up!! Netflix doesn’t have ANY crime drama shows that compare to this one. The truly great shows never last and the others last way too long!!!!

  48. Barbara Van Patten

    I’m hooked. Bring back for season 5. Have watched on Netflix but will watch on cable.

  49. Alejandra

    Me and my husband just finished watching the 4th season. We just LOVED IT!!! Couldn’t stop watching it!!! Watched all seasons and we need more!!! Please Netflix give us more!!!!!
    I just want more of Linden and Holder!!!

  50. Mary Sanbrook

    Oh my goodness!! What will we do without The Killing? We were completely addicted to this great, great show. We are shocked that it will not be renewed. What are they thinking?? The acting, plots, everything about it made for riveting viewing. A huge shout out to the amazing cast of this show…we will miss you more than you know. Great, great work. Shame on whoever decided to cancel The Killing. We will miss it terribly!!

  51. Sonja

    Please have a season 5 I loved it so much. The best…..

  52. doreen

    All I can say is WOW…this was the most exciting, real to life, amazing show I have ever watched. The story lines drew you in and didn’t let go and the acting was absolutely fantastic.

    So disappointing this show will not be back for more seasons. When something is this good why not let it go on.

    I think that maybe the writers think that if they keep going it will become predictable like every other show on television…then viewers get bored since they can figure out what is going to happen in the first five minutes of the show.

    BUT NOT WITH THE KILLING…whatever you think you know you DON’T, whoever you think did it you DON’T, whenever you think you know what is going to happen you DON’T.

    Loved this series.

    Thank you for the best four seasons of television I have very watched and wish there was more.

  53. Vic


  54. Rhonda Stevens

    Waiting on season 5. Got to give us one more. Why wouldnt they? This is a real tv series, it makes sense, we want more.

  55. jlarue

    Love this show!

  56. bmc

    O snap…. need me some more Holder…

  57. Karen

    Why can’t you just keep the series going? Best show I’ve ever watched bring it back!!!

  58. caitlin

    Please make a season 5!!!!!!!

  59. bonitasonia

    I cant believe I watched season 3 and 4 in 3 days!!! This is what real crime drama is all about!! Please bring it back for a 5th season. It seems like it’s just getting started into a new storyline of murder in Seattle!!

  60. sharyn

    just finished watching entire series. this was the best show ever. please bring it back in 2015

  61. Rebecca

    Oh come on, they leave other shows on for years and years and cut this one short. Please bring these two back in some format. Love this show. Just did a several day marathon to watch it all. The ending did leave an opening I think for a spin-off

  62. Catherine Kelly

    Seriously this was the best show!! Please consider another season. The characters have so much more to offer.

  63. finn

    wtf are you kidding me no more “the killing” what the hell am I gonna do now? we watched all 4 seasons in like 3 days lol

  64. Bill

    Best show I have ever watched…. they need to bring it back!

  65. Pat Wicker

    One of the best Crime shows ever!!! Please Bring it BACK!!! I need more, Netflix please a 5th season and even a 6th. Love the characters, love the story line, everything about this show is Great. Just Bring it Back!!!

  66. Mari

    We loved the show…..Season 5 please!!!

  67. Karina Majik

    I looooooved the Killing amazing story line the actors are amazing. I like how each of them is so different yet they develop such a beautiful bond. It’s got everything you ant in a good show suspense, comedy, drama etc it really got me hooked I couldn’t stop watching it. So please I am begging bring back The Killing. PLEASE I WILL EVEN PAY EXTRA JUST TO WATCH MORE SEASONS LOL. I LOVED THIS SHOE SO MUCH I QUIT WATCHING ALL MY SHOWS AND HINGED WATCHED THIS SHOW. AMAZING. I WANT MORE!!!!!!

  68. brian

    Bring it back – one of the great series

  69. Sarai

    Please please please bring it back really in my feelings write now just watched the last show I love it please I beg you lol

  70. Seattlefan

    Please produce another season. I think The Killing was best show ever. The acting and writing was superb. We miss the show. Can someone else purchase the production rights? I just watched all the episodes again. Just as great the second time! Also, how about filming new episodes in Seattle? Love the Show!!!

  71. Rocio

    Great show! It should be season 5. There is a lot potential in those actors. Good job Netflix!!!!!

  72. Laura

    Please bring back The Killing. I live in Seattle and loved all of the wonderful shots of my beautiful city. The twists and turns of every episode made me crazy but I of course tuned in for more of the same. My husband and I could not wait for each episode and ended up watching two or three episodes a night from Season One through Season Four. NETFLIX: PLEASE BRING BACK THE KILLING.

  73. Gerri

    Netflix–Please bring it back for more season’s 5 will not do it alone. This drama was so good my husband and I were glued to our TV’s for each episode…LOVE LOVE LOVE the twist in the story lines..We need more of The Killing..

  74. kali

    Bring it back!! Its such a good show iits definitely my favorite!

  75. jen

    Keep ‘the killing’ coming…someone pick it up!

  76. Iesha

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVED this show!!!! I Really Hope They Do A Season 5!
    There is NO Other tv series like it. That is Very Very Sad

  77. dee potter

    Yay, just read The Killings will have another season in 2015….love that show.

  78. Cheri

    LOVED IT, AND THEN LOVED IT SOME-MORE! Wonderful actors, wonderful writing, wonderful time watching…Can’t wait for season 5???? Couldn’t get enough!

  79. Patti

    This is a fantastic show. Please bring it back. I can’t believe that a show this good only has 4 seasons.

  80. Quicksilver

    Absolutely awesome – never seen anything as good. Just a brilliant concept from start to finish. Linden and Holder were the best duo ever! flawed to the point of destruction then they drag them selves back from the brink. Series 5 must happen!!

  81. Matt

    The most amazing show ever. I never watch this kind of stuff or get hooked on series, but wow! I’m blown away. I am so connected to the characters. It is truly the most addicting thing in my life. Linden’s facial expressions are undeniably the best portrayal of true human emotion I have ever seen!! They are so extreme. Linden’s face moving to a smile is the most amazing transformation I have ever seen. I feel like she could light a third world country with that smile. To the other extreme I never want to be on the other end of one of her condemning/disappointment facial expressions. Her poor husband in real life must experience both of those expressions regularly. What an emotional roller coaster he must ride.
    Holder hit his role out of the park! Unbelievable! How does a guy from Sweden rock that role? Never ever let anyone call you Robocop again. This is your new defining gig. If this show costs money, I’m buyin. I never buy!
    My only criticism of the show is the constant smoking. Are you kidding? Like a forest fire. Linden looks un natural with smokes. Put her back on the gum. Holder looks like he was born smoking. It fits his role. Linden needs some other OCD issue.
    Anyway I wanted to express my deep appreciation for what all of the cast and crew have created so far! Well Done! Bravo! Please feed my addiction soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. susi

    this show was very good and needs a 5th,6th and 7th

  83. Susan

    This show is a surprise obsession for us! I can hardly wait to squeeze in two episodes each night since we discovered it. I’m excited I’m only half way thru but am sad to hear there isn’t a 5th season to look forward to? Amazing actors, story-line, filming and each episode is better than the next. The show is absolutely excellent, a rarity to find five stars really and truly means 5 stars! Why haven’t I heard more about it before?

  84. Dotkom

    Write more! This one is WORTH the investment, Please give us another season or two of The Killing. Who cares if Linden never smiles? Not much to smile about. Thats who she is. And Holder? MM, I could holda him for long time! Such an unlikely pairing but it works! We want more!!!

  85. Tegan

    Before season 4 had even finished I was on google trying to see if there was a Season 5 coming. This show is by far, hands down the best thriller/crime series I have ever watched. Linden & Holder are explosive together and now I’ve finished all seasons I’m left with a feeling of sadness that we’ll no longer see those two on the screen together.

    I would recommend this show to anyone.. 2 seasons watched in 2 days. Incredible viewing. Expect the unexpected.

    Please bring out more seasons.. your ratings will go through the roof!!

  86. Brit

    I am Spanish and this is the program that we need to learn English with Are community enjoy every episodes…pls pls pls we need to see HOLDER THIS PAPACITO IS HOT.
    I can wait to see season 5, I really enjoy this program…

  87. Eartha

    The Best series I’ve watched in the last 5yrs. Please keep it going Netflix. Can’t wait for season 5, 6, 7 etc. EXCELLENT series! I’m totally hooked.

  88. Glenn

    Please put a stake through its heart. The first 2 seasons were quite good. Season 3 added some bad language and then there came season 4. The language was so bad. The kids on the show would start to emulate the bad language. If the children on TV are using bad language, our children will start to use it. I had discontinued watching it and never finish season 4. The rating for the show should be an R rating.

  89. Patty

    I want more of The Killing. This was a unique detective drama. I can’t think of any other show that even comes close to this one. The chemistry of the actors was great as was the writing. It would be a mistake to end this well-done series.

  90. Linda Harrison

    This is one of the best series ever! Please bring it back.

  91. Rebecca

    Please bring back season 5!!!! Best show on TV

  92. Monica and Edelgard

    We have just gotten to like Linden and Holder , and truly love that they got together .
    These two Actors are great together , We will miss them . We were so hooked on this series,
    We watched it like a marathon . 🙂
    Good Everything and so human xxx

  93. Sandy

    Loved, loved this series. Both actors meshed sooo well. Loved them both but Holder was wonderful. Put such a spin on his character. Great actor. Wish they would come back for season 5. Not many programs that good. Stories and actors wonderful.

  94. Sharon McKean

    They are wonderful together!! They have to come back PLEASE!!!

  95. Debbi

    Great show!!!!! Please bring it back netflix.. Characters were good together.The show kept you on the edge of your seat all the time. When a show has such characters that mesh with real life as well as these do you can only say “Please don’t end”.

  96. Elaine henker

    Please continue with the story line! It is a compelling story that I would like to see more of! Season 5? 6?…….!

  97. Audrey

    Congrats to the cast and crew on a brilliant show! Well done! I am so disappointed to see that there will not be a fifth season. Thank you for such a smart, well played drama.

  98. Marie

    Bring it back, best show ever!!!!

  99. Marie

    Bring it back!!!!!! Season 5

  100. Rocky

    Great show. Addicting. Hope it comes back.

  101. John French

    An awsome show,we need another season.

  102. Julie

    Please bring this show back! Want to see how Holder and Linden work together when they are also in a relationship. Holder is SO hot! I was so glad to see that they finally got together in the end. However, I wish Holder would have kissed Linden.

  103. mark and donna

    whaaaaaaaaaaaaat – no more?

  104. Robyn

    Please, please, please, please continue this series. I recently discovered it and can’t quit watching. “Logical conclusions” can always carry on.

  105. Bueno

    BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  106. Char

    So addictive!! Watched all 4 seasons in 5 days. Great show and it needs to have more seasons!!!!

  107. Lin robin

    Please bring the killing back!! Loved it!!!

  108. Ardella Jordan

    Oh snap, I can’t believe there is not going to be a Season 5, 6, 7……I had to re-watch it because I wanted to see more. Please bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They belong together..

  109. Chuck W.

    Best show ever!!! You have to bring it back for season 5!

  110. M. Holstein

    Awesome show; perfect chemistry: amazing supporting cast; engaging stories. Holder and Linden Each mesmerizing. Together hypnotically totally all-in “oh snap” perfection! Gotta have more!!!

  111. Renee'

    Just watched all the episodes this week. Loved it. Awesome cast. Sarah was great, but she could be rather irritating sometimes. And “oh, snap” you know it. Holder was definitely my favorite. Just can’t believe that it is over. 🙁

  112. Gia

    Please do another season of The Killing, I love, love, loved watching the first 4 seasons.

  113. CK

    What a great series! I could not quit watching. Would love to see it continue.

  114. RobertaLynn

    Great series! I was so addicted that I watched the complete series in a week. Make your audience happy and bring it back!

  115. Jon

    Responding to audience demand, Arthur Conan Doyle brought back Sherlock Holmes. Netflix can surely bring back The Killing.

  116. Gymrat

    F-ing idiots running things. Have no clue what people want to see, and dont ask or care. Well F you destined for hell, miniature dicks and polluted cnts!

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