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«Spartacus» season 5: release date

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When does «Spartacus» season 5 start? New episodes coming? What is known about (air) release date?

A historical drama «Spartacus» by Steven S. DeKnight is one of the most pioneering shows of all time of Starz existence. «Spartacus» franchise has three complete Seasons and one additional mini-series «Gods of the Arena», taken for one of the main Seasons by many TV viewers. Taking into consideration this prequel, the show fans will be expecting Season 5 of «Spartacus» after the final episode of «War of the Damned» story. The release date for the new episode is being discussed on many Internet forums, but it hasn’t been confirmed officially. The creators’ official announcement is very depressing since it confirms closing of the show after «War of the Damned» Season.

In 2012 at one of the official arrangements in California, Steven S. DeKnight and Chris Albrecht announced that Season 5 of «Spartacus» wouldn’t be aired as the further development of the storyline would have a negative impact on the franchise as well as on the integrity of the story. The creators noted that the decision to close the show wasn’t spontaneous since the given issue had been discussed many times before.

Would you like the show to be renewed?

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  1. michael

    I haven’t watched it…

    • sanrico

      Wooa please I can not wait for season5 of sparticus

      • rehmat khan

        f*ck it how they can kill they liam mcintyre mean the spartacus because he started so finish will be on him

        • Sebastien

          love the grammar

          • swiker

            Yea it’s pretty bad. Something makes me think, English is not their primary language. lol

        • Bob

          Best actor!

      • oluwashina ayomide

        am willing to buy it for some of 5000 naira

        • adi

          please release season 5 i ll give u 10,000 dnaria…

          • Amalia

            Give you 50,000 dnarias but please do it

          • Ahmad mujtaba

            Give me ur whatsapp number and also fb if pls

        • Michelle hale

          I just started watching the series would give all the denarie in the world for season 5 plzzz say it can at least be pushed by those who want to see it

      • Daniel

        Bring Back Spartacus

    • ISRAEL


      • Ali

        Hey if you gets the DVD, can you share it with me

    • Sunzy frosh

      I really want to see the end of this great movie series and I really wanna know did Spartacus really died or not

      • Sunzy frosh

        Where is season 5, Spartacus must not die he started it and he must end it

    • Bob


    • arega


  2. Daemon

    You will truly be doing yourself a horrible disservice if you don’t watch. This is an excellant show!

  3. mike

    it was a great show!! i hear they wanna go back to the beginning for season 5.bad idea,people wanna go forward not left a great opening at the end now write a script for it.the bad guy won and the good guy died,but there not all dead so they can regroup and kill the bad guy and people will be happy to end it there.ty mike

    • Smithy

      They should make a spin off about ceaser? Surly that’s why they brought his character in?

      • scott

        yeah good idea.. i believe in history that ceaser had a taste for the arena.. maybe he can own his own gladiator..

    • Tahir Zaman

      yes i will agreed with you the last eppsiode is not up to the mark i am very disapointed of last eppisode.

    • hugo

      This is a shor based in real live, spartacus did died and crassus pompey and caesar not, at least in that war, they arnt going to change history, that’s why spartacus the main character finally fall.. Read more

      • Sniper

        honestly there is so much possibility with the next season:
        1.agron is alive crossing the border he could regroup and come back to rome with a stronger force teaching them how to fight as a gladiator
        2.galicus was crucified but we didnt see him dead so there might be a way he agron
        3.he made love to the woman in the last stronghold forgot the name he could have had a child with her
        4.its very depressing ending it where it did…rome won???slavery continued?

        • Abraham Fynn

          It was not easy to watch Spartacus die and that was disappointing

        • Amin

          My thought exactly…. after all that slavery is still in play…. the crassus and Pompey are going to find a way to kill those freed guys….. this series ended soo badly .. I feel unsatisfied

      • evans

        i think producers were too much drunk whn realizing episode 10 coz hw comes the best fighters were all dead gannicus the man with no words bt when it comes to blood shading he is the best.crixus deserved to die becoz he had his own desires.then one of the girls should have remained especially gnnicus’s ex girlfriend.finally, am too much confused whether this story was based on moses with the israelites people because moses died before reaching cannan,and spatacus died nearly reaching the is the confusing part, gannicus was supposed to kill ceaser the spy and yet ceaser survived how??cryso took everything from spatacus in seoson1 and finally the man didn’t payback infact he survived. pliz bring back spatacus and gannicus in sn 5.

      • Matthew

        Bro they did fall
        Season 5 of spartacus is probably the the war of germanic & the romans and the real final battle comes

    • jayaraj

      I can feel your worry but no one can have rights to change the fortune of true story

    • Nameless

      I couldn’t agree more,its a great story and moving forward and regrouping and giving it a second try of fighting the romans sound good to me and it as allot of room for other happenings,spertacus’s son could have survive the fall by some miracle and take revenge or so on…and after that you can mabe bring in a new villan to the story or go back to the origin of sparticus’s Thrashien history

      • Amer

        This is the basic reason for more upcoming seasons, cause spartacus’s 1st child alive…

    • Kenny

      It is a historically accurate show. They cant go further and to be honest it is already breaching historical accuracy. Nothing was known of Spartacus’ death. It was never confirmed. Still even if they were to make some minor changes the show would no longer be called Spartacus as the character is gone. Let it go.

    • Denise


      You are brilliant!! I hope that the powers that be go forward as you suggested.

    • kenneth

      I am with you mike.

    • I.Vee

      u make some sense man

  4. Dennis

    Actually, the show more or less followed history. They can’t do a season 6 because nothing else happened after the slave rebellion. I was, however, crossing my fingers and hoping they would tell history to f*** off and let the show end on a high note.

    • Betty

      I agree. Gaaaa …I love this show. When I watched my favorites get killed off, I was actually crying. I couldn’t believe it…..but they don’t have the main characters now to go on. I am so sad :'(

  5. Meeku

    Renewing d show will b a gud ideal

  6. Callum

    I would absolutely love to see the series continue although I fear as mentioned the script writers would have a job on their hands creating a story with as richer tapestry as we’ve become accustomed too..
    That said… I’d give it a good crack;)

  7. Jhon

    Yes there should be a season 5 because we never new what’s going to happen to Cesar and Marcus cryso. And the sirvivers. They should


    Please dont close the show!!! We all want next seasons, next seasons!!!!!

    • Kkyeettii

      Plz dn’t close d show i rily want 2 knw if spartacus x actual dead or nt, nd i want 2 knw wat hapen 2 gannicus…..

      • Edson fan of crixus

        I can’t wait to see the next episode, because the last one was really sad for me, can,t wait to see vengance…. agron revenge of spartacus

        • Betty

          Crixus was my favorite….soooo sad

      • Isapela

        Make season 5 & you can say that Sparticus & Gannicus never realy died at all & go from there & what is Sparticus real name ? Still have heaps to work with.

        • Isapela

          Make it as he cant remember his name as Sparticus & he has to meet up with Gannicus & they team up with the survivors & kill the bad guys.

        • Scott

          There is no reason why you cant continue the show even if you don’t want to keep Sparticus alive as I remember some great shows of the past kept going even though the lead roll was killed off in early shows, example Blakes 7.

        • Betty

          Yea… it was all a dream. But you have to put Crixus back too.

          • Martin

            They should make some cr*ppy ‘it was a dream’ ending for the last episode and carry on from there with sparticus defeating marcus crasus and defeating pompy who just arrives at the end

      • nkuly

        I liked d 1st spartacus 4rm season 1, but liked gannicuses charecter more, i think they should bring him back 2 stand in 4 spartacus since its not cleare wht happend 2 him.

      • temitope

        I need dat film bcs is my life
        Gannicus is my best friend

    • mahboob Ali

      please release spartacus session 5

    • chris brown

      please you guys should find a way to creat the season five and release cus it does not make any sense, if you guys allow it to end this way,led ganicus rain cus he still have a chance to resume the series

    • Shahnawaz

      plz plz I am impatiently waiting for season 5

  9. sumaira kha

    Please dont close the show!!! We all want next seasons, next seasons!!!!!

    • Rohail

      🙁 i m agree with u ….plz continue……………………………. plz :(((((((((((((((((((((((

  10. Laverne Phillips

    Noooooo!!! I feel what the producers are sayin but I could have watched this show every day for the rest of my life…PS my birthday is in August, please send Danny Frrrreuugl??! He would b the ultimate gift!!!

  11. ALI

    We want to see the next seasons 5 and it will end of war who survive the won of battle! Please do it next for last season of 5. Most of world of people love to see this Spartacus series TV and it should be son of father of Spartacus in the next one! We hope to watch the continue…..!!!

    • Michael

      To my own view, there should be a season 5 because spartacus made love to Laeta the Aedile’s wife of Sinuessa en valle and Gannicus made love with Sabyl a slave girl from Sinuessa.

      I think both of them will be with child. So the show can even continue to season 12, if they really wish to write we are ready to buy.

      Please forget about history and bring out what we need to see.

      • Genvy

        Yeah!!! Pls continue the show forget the f*cking history… Lolz

      • Kamal Haruna

        The Spartacus show can be continuing up to season 20 if you like it. And people really need to it

  12. bob

    This is a greatest series, dont stop! make more seasons of Spartacus!!!!

  13. Nastya

    On the one hand, continuing the Spartacus would be awesome!! But, on the other, after the final episode, where Spartacus dies, what possibly the next season could be about?((
    I’d LOVE to see the next season no matter what it’ll be about, though, so, please, shoot it!!!))
    No doubt it would be great!)

    • DC great

      i m very sad bcz of spartacus death . but what happens in nxt season? who become spartacus (the son that hered or….?)

  14. christian ...

    the show was great but that was what happends in the history….but….they can continue with the other characters…..i am proud that spartacus was one of my kind…

  15. elijah

    i actually want to see more episodes but the way things is going i dont think it will be easy for the writers and the directors.still the same i want more.please.

  16. eduardo

    waoo i just can’t wait 4 d season 5 of spartacus.

  17. Tony

    I can write a story line for the season 5 of spartacus.

  18. Tanya

    I’m South African and have watched Spartacus via the Internet!. What an excellent Series – Spartacus has “gripped” me since the beginning & I am so disappointed in how it ended! PLEASE for SEASON 5!!!!!!!

  19. et long

    YES for SEASON 5!!!!

    • romelregala

      yes for season 5 spartacus is amazing

  20. Fay

    I agree! They can give caesar a story now! Plz dont end the show 🙁 !

  21. Mirela

    I would like to see a season 5 of Spartacus

  22. Jordan

    Face the fact everyone … THERE WON’T BE A SEASON 5 .. THE SHOW IS DONE for GOOD the as*hole decided to pull a sopranos and just end the show keeping us wondering for years to come!! If you still want to wonder what Happens to Caesar and the Romans well here’s a idea .. Open up a history book!

    • pls we want season 5

      Pls we want season 5

  23. POntus

    Are this the season after war of the damned or are that season the last one `???

  24. leanne

    please please please series 5 we need it and those who have not watched this show you really need to i absolutely love this programme spartacus will live forever

    • Marisol

      Yes he will. I love Spartacus. I got all my friends into it lol

    • Michael

      Spartacus can’t die, even Gannicus. Because they didn’t show how him and Gannicus were buried.

      We see that Crixus was behead and burnt. But what about the Rabel King, who should have be given King Burial just lost out of the series without a burial.

      And to me Gannicus seeing Oenamaus was not a dead vision, but just an trans.

      So please, you guys must bring in season 5 to 12.

  25. Marisol

    I’ve been watching Spartacus since day one and have never missed an episode. i really hate that he died..i was already used to seeing this new Spartacus since, I really loved when Andy played the Original Spartacus (Andy Whitfield R.I.P.). I would love to see more of this show but i guess we have to wait and see if the writer is up for this challenge. Looking forward to it. 🙂

    • Edson fan of crixus

      I did not like the last episode, because spartacus side was lost the war…and also crixus……. that’s my favor character in the whole episode…start in Gode of the arena finish on war of the damned…. he always do his best to against the romans….

  26. azhar hussain

    I very humbly request the authorities that r behind the show to please continue the show that is loved & appreciated all over the world… please give us the 5 season …..:-)))

  27. Anton

    I really loved this show, I’ve watched every single episode and I really couldn’t understand the end. I really hope season 5 is coming up so we’ll have a better ending. Don’t let us down guys pls

  28. khan

    What a shame….u must b kidding man………we must have Season 5…..still lives Gannicus and crassus/ceaser………….how cud u end it like this……….Season V: battle of spartacus ……Gannicus vs cease+cassus COLLESEUM

  29. farhan

    yes it should continue. u should release season 5 ans show what happen after death of Spartacus.

  30. Gordon

    Must do a season 5………has to be about ceasear…fantastic end to season 4……..but still so much could be done with it

    • Michael

      The officials should know that it doesn’t make sense for the good guys to die; and all the bad guys live.

      Marcus Crassus should die like Legatus Glaber or since Marcus Crassus and Gaius Ceasar were betrayed, so they should go and form with the remaining rebels (Agron, Nasir) to become a rebel as well

  31. Laura

    YESSS !!!!!!!! PLEASE !!! WE LOVE “SPARTACUS” . we are so many to love the serial and the story ! please do it for us ! your fans ! kisses :*

  32. ken edwards

    Yes, I want………..:)

  33. zeezcomania

    pls let ther b season 5

  34. ghem dela cruz

    I am much awaited for the season 5 of spartacus I really can’t slip gush!!

  35. Luis

    No one saw Gannicus dying, You can tell that he just faint, Then 20 or 30 slaves did not follow the order and stayed to put Gannicus down from the cross. Gannicus can be the leader of Season 5

  36. romelregala

    im wating the season 5 of spartacus

  37. Viktur

    Pls a season 5 wil do, i find ma self been an addictd fan of spatacus hate that he died though, i want too belive some spin can stile be put to it in season 5′

  38. aadi

    i cant wait for session 5 i love this sartcus series and gannicus is the man of series

  39. aadi

    when spaetcus session 5 will b shown???

  40. Anthony Walsh

    Let me help w/ season 5&6. Hail Ceaser his brutality ,the games return ,the demise of a ruler and an empire. Finally season 6 will find venture into the afterlife. Spartacus will once again wield his sword and words of freedom. Those once oppressed will rise again for the final conflict and lay waste to there former masters. And the crys of liberty will ring through the afterlife ” NO MORE, WE ARE SPARTACUS”
    Then maybe a couple of more seasons b/c I’m really just ate up w/ it
    To the writers and directors please don’t quit now. We as ardent fans of Spartacus need closure on a higher note. Revenge with vengeance Put pen to paper words to action. We’re depending on all of you. Scott

    • Michael

      I love spartacus series very very very much. And i noticed that in all the series, the actors talk of the afterlife but the afterlife was not shown.

      And Legend of the Seeker and other adventures series showed the afterlife or underworld.

      So, i would advice the writers to some of the afterlife as an episode for seasons six to 12

  41. Samuel

    Cant wait

  42. lekzide

    D last episode of season 4 was so made me heartstrings, now dat Spartacus and his men as granted there freedom by death, wat did dey want to act in season 5, anyway let’s c wats gonna appen.

  43. lekzide

    Even though they act season 5, it won’t acquire mush intrestin to me cos Spartacus will nt b there, unless Spartacus rise 4rm his grave, lolzzz

  44. nabil

    please make a new season

  45. orup areef

    can’t wait for season 5…

  46. gaurav

    plzz plzz don’t close the show.. i really love spartacus.. <3 <3 and waiting for season 5

  47. Emmanuel

    Please don’t stop the seasons

  48. fans SPARTACUS

    I hope next season will be we hopefully because it great show……for all…but how can continue if the actor number 1, that mean ” SPARTACUS” on that story was dead..?? whether come new spartacus… or agron/gannicus continued to fight for freedoms, if so.. whether the title movie still Spartacus…

    Just remind.. the Spartacus that was not real name on that story, only nickname… pls open up a history book to continue seasons..

    maybe the Spartacus rise from his grave caused of blessing of god as above think…hehehehe… kidding

    Dear writers and director,
    Continued it pls, don’t stop for us.

    • Michael

      If the writers are ending this series in season 4 meaning they just act it and it is not from history book. Because even our spartacus has a name while in was Thrace.

      But they didn’t make mention of his name; and that doesn’t make any sense.

      If they are bringing out other seasons, meaning i regretted watching the series at all

  49. Duke

    it’s not a gud idea to end Spartacus for we are left in suspense. Bring on season 5 to get the complete story

  50. Amarilis Cepeda

    I want more episode Spartacus season 5, it’s unfinished yet.

  51. arbain

    me too, i want more episode, because ” spartacus ” FILM the best movis, .,.,.,.,
    waithing 1 more episode ,.,..,.,.,.,

  52. demola

    Pls you can’t just end it like that,what about ceaser and romans…ganicus and agron are still alive,you can’t juss tell us that all spartacus effort was in vain…spartacus ccan just die for fun…plssss bring on season 5 ASAP

  53. M. Haseeb Zafar

    Please dont close the show!!! We all want next seasons, next seasons!!!!!

  54. To be honest i can not wait see the next season.

    Waiting for next show pls, i make sure that the ceaser/falls and the romans.

  55. godwill okere

    Please make sure that all the romans falls and freedom will be granted to the gladiators,please u keep us on a suspense,i want to know what happens next,ceaser and marcus are suppose to be sent to the after life,am not pleased to see the bringer of rain falls in this war,mean while he is not suppose to die,but live and celebrate the victory,as well as the freedom too.pls i am expecting a greater ending in the next season i.e season5 movie,because all that spartacus suffers is not suppose to be in vain,thanks for the movie,this is the best ever movie so far.


    I AM SPARTACUS!!!!!!! ……… Rome shall fall!!! They will all follow Glabber in death!!! And we shall gain FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!! . But ave you fogetted? We haven’t gain the freedom yet…. . We won’t to have th revenge of our legend that dead…. And gain forever FREEDOM!!! . SPARTACUS!! SPARTACUS!!!! SPARTACUS!!!!!!

    • Edson fan of crixus

      you all talking about spartacus, you all forget about crixus..why?

  57. toms

    season 5 plllsssssss

  58. kings

    i was not happy with the way the film ended, what about caesar and marcus what will be there reward? Now spatacus has fall, it should not just stop there, season 5 should end it up with the Romans.

  59. hashim

    yes i want next season of spartacus ……….roman s freedom then end the series…plz make the nxt season……

  60. Leo

    Yes. Season 5 please

  61. melody

    Wooooooow can’t wait for season 5 of spartacus

  62. catrina

    pls. don’t end!!! im looking 4ward to the next season!! a very very nice story,, i hope wont end!! season 5 … season 6…. seaon 7.. and so on!!

  63. jie magat (Philippines)

    season 5 please…

  64. james

    Spartacus body was nva found thay showed bring it back Agron is still alive he could lead them spartacus did why not let agron lead them in to battle

  65. don col

    Plz plz will need spartacus season 5,I love it.

  66. Laolu

    Hey, mr producer,pls i need more batiatus men to watch.season 5 on my mind,cos spartacus is great and fortunate things

  67. morhason

    You can’t just end the movie like that, we have see what happen to the rest slave, ceasar and marcus.

  68. Bruce

    hOW THE F#K can u end a show just because you feel the story would have a bad impact wtf does that matter if it’d be the last season god money hungry assh#les

  69. abbas

    iam irane

  70. Kevin

    Plz we MST have season5 no matter what season 5 MST cum out plzzz

  71. martino

    Spartacus died in real life, the Romans won, Caesar won. They can’t just redo the historical foundation just because you f*cking retards want it. Open up a goddamn book to read how Caesar ended his life, instead of appearing like f*cktools on here

  72. benjazy

    we will like to see wat happen after spatacus is dead…but it hurt me so much when i see that spatacus is dead. Anyway just continue the season 5. Ganacus can still be the leader in season 5

  73. isaac addai

    we are waiting for season 5

  74. tonia

    spartacus is d best series film so far,i cant wait 4 d season 5 to out,but y must spartacus die,who is nw goin 2 be leader of d peopel,agron?spartacus hv 2 rise frm d grave so dat d peopel can gain dy freedom.

  75. abdulwahab

    plz plz plz, show the season 5, im waiting for this with anexity, and all season is superb, im mad for spartacus and im daily search the web for next season

  76. dicastle

    spartacus is a very interesting movie, though the undefeated and funking gual is down dat does not mean the seasons should come to an end. Agron’s show should begin so rome can feel the impact once more. Spartacus season 5 bring it on…………..

  77. I ned spartacus 5

    Why did krisseus die in seaos 5

  78. mayowa

    what time is the spartacus season 5 coming out.thanks

  79. dennhitler

    we wanna see season five……waiting for it n*gga

  80. M. Rovers

    Still haven’t seen 3 and 4 but also want to see 5

  81. comrade

    It was actually an interesting show, and tells us d historical maltreatment, genocide and holocaustic treatment melted out on d slaves by d powerful and rulin Roman renegade. Spartacus faught a spirited fight aimed at total emancipation and freedom of brotherhood/slaves. How he died was in fact not dignified, which made incomprehensive and incongruity, d story line. Again, his body was neither shown no cremated as in their culture. They only showed us a heap of stones with his war materials, Gannicus and some others nailed to d cross, while Agron, Nasia and remnant others fleed. To end d show like that means to encourage slavery, and discourage fight for freedom. Spartacus 5 should be aired with Spartacus continuing his role bc he is not dead. Gannicus or Agron can also lead the fight-on group so dat, d efforts of Spartacus and death of Crixus and others will not be in vain. D producers should add feathers to their caps by producing season 5 else, their credibility will be questioned. We are anxiosly waiting.

  82. Ezekiel

    Am from Nigeria and Spartacus is the most interesting series film have ever watched next to Prison Break. The writer has really done a great job here but can still put pen to paper and put more actions to words. Am a writer and the film should continue making sure that Spartacus and his men win the battle with or wothout spartacus

    If the producer really want to pass a message to the world, this is just not how to pass a message because he will be encouraging slavery. It means slaves can’t fight for their freedom……. The blacks fought for their freedom, Nigeria fought for their freedom, Africa fought for their freedom and freedom is what Spartacus is fighting for.

    You just can’t end Spartcus just like that when Ceaser and Marcus are still very much alive. Are you encouraging slavery? Then, if the f***ing anwer is NO, spartacus should not die or Glaber and Gannicus should continue the fight coz Gannicus is not dead.

    The Roman should’nt win the war in such a manner………. Even if Spartcus find it hard to win the war, then the Roman should come to an agreement to end slavery or better still Rome should bow and spartacus men will win the batte.

  83. James

    I think the should make a season 5 to continue on from where Spartacus dies. show what happen to the rest of the free slaves, and what happen to the rest of the romans.

  84. isaac addai

    gannacius can lead them in season 5 bucos he will not. die

  85. emeka

    Spartacus had berra wake up some how….or else, the whole serie is shit….I wouldn’t encourage any1 to watch it. So u people should look 4 a way and fix him back in!!!!

  86. dean knight

    omg i want a season 5 i dnt care bout what but bring them all back for a final season in the afterlife war!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. vincent


  88. Jason

    Best series iv ever watched they should def bring out a season 5-10 there is so much they could write about! The survivors, ceasor, huge battle potential and even romes conquering of the gauls or thracions etc they must write a new script and keep this series going it is epic and amazzing

  89. beatrice

    season 5 pliiiz ⊙ω⊙

  90. Abdullahi

    The show is quite interestingly moving. However, so many gaps remain unfilled. In the last episode of season 3, Spartacus had a child and nothing was said about the mother of the bastard child and the woman that snatched the boy and attempted to murder him in the next season (season 4). The fall of Spartacus in season 4 did not, in my own view, reflect the victory of the war he wedged against the romans for freedom. Ceaser and Marcus should die so that slavery is brought to an end; because this is what Spartacus and his men are fighting for. Generally, the ending was not pretty good with Spartacus and other key players dead. The story writers did well but they need to put pen down a bit further to make the series much more interesting so that it have a pretty well happy ending. We will be looking forward to seeing the continuation of the series.

  91. thankGod

    can’t wait for seasons 5 pls

  92. MAni

    great show i have even seen in my whole life please bring its 5 season with good story. great show no words to praise it

  93. lee

    Yes plz it b awesum to watch cos I followed it from gods of the arena to war of the damned

  94. Miss CHase

    Spartacus is the Best show around!!! I love Spartacus!!

  95. edson

    i can’t wait to see the season 5

  96. F**** me Gannicus

    just do wat so ever u wana do 2 write the script for season 5… i dont care wat so ever the story will b.. will it follow real history or not… no concearns…. just do it Season 5 we cant wait ………. and plz do something 2 bring Gannicus back,, he must not fall, His c*** Must Rage On! ..hehehehehehe

    • Genvy

      True… Gannicus still lives so there’s still hope. And I think spartacus is not yet dead hes just out of consciousnes because of so much wounds so the show must go on.

  97. talk2

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    pls we need season 5

  98. Rosekazy

    I don’t wan to know how U̶̲̥̅̊. D movie out just. Bring it I want tO wtch it OoºO°o˚˚˚

  99. Arif khan

    Spartacus my favorite drama in my life and I want the next season

  100. lennox

    spartacus is 1 of the best movies of a century.i really love to c its season 5 which i dnt knw if possible since the star died.thanks

    • ZYZMIX

      Pls all we want is spartacus season five.either follow history or not we dnt f*ck d f*ck

  101. sadaf saeed

    Spartacus was & is something the likes of which i have never seen before.From story to characters & grip..its sheer awesomeness…it should never end..i have bought the cds of all available seasons & keep watching from time to time…Kudos!!!

  102. dipesh singh

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  103. Eiin

    Please don’t stop the show , we’ve become invested in the characters . Or at least spin-off a show about Ceasar …

  104. Easside M.J. Kamara

    “Dere is no greater victory than to fall from dis world”. Said spartacus at the gate of death to his two brother, who promises him that his dream will never die. Plz produce season 5 for the downfall of the Roman and for the slaves to gain freedom. I’m so much disappointed of the death of spartacus who brought about this dream.

  105. Easside M.J. Kamara

    It was on my Birthday when i got the season 4 from my friend who return from Nigeria. I played the season 4 that day to make myself feels happy at the end of the season my birthday became sour like a man who lose hope in his life. I cry why should it end up like this, plz season 5.

  106. realmoneyfamily

    We need season 5 of spartacus ,if u need reason I will write till december add me 2a1b7bf7.

  107. rey

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  108. anderson

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  109. shaiket

    plz release spartacus 5 early…i can’t wait any more….why spartacus dead in last season…fuc the director…

  110. Bello

    Dear the dirrector;spatacus season 5 must be doned,becouse magority of peoples are unhappy with the way of ending the searies,we are all heat by the death of spartacus,he have to be wen the batle,if you remember sptcs with his peoples are note live in the city, that means the freedon is not complete,He the best hero must remained alive due to his fighting for the truth.

  111. john

    Pls am beging, u guys should try as much posible to release season 5 for the fans sak

  112. Genvy

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  113. Minzain

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  114. Dayzmee

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  116. Freakypaul

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  117. Emma The 2nd.

    Ceaser and Craxus still draw breath,Spartacus(Slayer of Theokoles) and Gannicus(who won his freedom upon the sand) sent to after life!.That carries no meaning.Then what did Spartacus f*cking fought for? Fall to spartacus fans feeling and see stars to purpose of forging season 5. SPARTACUS WILL LIVE ON!!!!!

  118. jibran

    plz plz plz
    continue with the 5th season regardless of the history……..

  119. mr-loya

    SPARTACUS IS NOT DEAD.!!!!!!.. have an idea, now continue the damn show… they left him burried but some merchants will see a hand popping out of the ground, and he is saved. comes back later raged with anger. LEAVE THE F***ING PLOT TO ME OR DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

  120. bazsaw

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    Eu sou fan do filme [ SPARTACUS ]Gostaria de dar continuidade no episodio No 5.O que eu
    pretendo e que nao houve um bom final sobre o ultimo episodio.Espero que o spartacus aparesa
    no epesodio 5 para fazer face ao Cesar. O ganican, Onimus, e os outros que nao morreram
    na ultimo epesodio.
    Brevemente quero assistir o SEASON 5

  124. scott

    i believe in history that ceaser had a taste for the arena.. maybe he can own his own gladiator..
    agron can even come in to it with his shield/sword weapon.

    • scott

      also.. fans should do some research on spartacus. its base on a true story.

  125. claude

    i have the end never seen a movie that an actor will die at the end is that correct even in a movie politics will intervene in it that is wrong my dear

  126. zaharaddeen umar attah

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  127. specialist

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    if u wana read up on a hero….check Salahiddin out

  128. Juliana

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  130. Cloud

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    1. Gannicus proven himself to be god of the Arena but he doesn’t proved himself to be a leader.
    2. Spartacus gave Gannicus a chance to lead but he rejected the offer to be a leader.
    Spartacus proven himself to be a good leader and he leave a Legacy to all the people who is under him but Gannicus doesn’t.

    Maybe for me I want Gannicus to be part of Spartacus Season 5… I Want him to be a Leader soon..If it is Possible..

  131. Sayeed

    If spartacus end in season 4,without spartacus achive freedom thes tory is meanless.we need season 5 where spartacus wether it come from death or it son will accomplish it mistion (freedom)

  132. Mfunky

    Pls release spartacus season 5,we actually want to know what happen to spartacus men,those who escape and those who were captured during the war. And who will be the next spartacus that will took revenge against maccus crassus and ceaser.and what will hap

  133. Arshad mehmood

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  134. Ay FLaVouR

    I think they have said it all coz majority carries the vote, pls see it done…….the would still lingers and what is beneath my feet is blood.
    Wanna see more blood vengeance, spatacus never dies, Agron still alive, even Ganicus is alive as well.
    Let the jupiter’s cock crasus pay for his caused.
    Anyway, your will, my hands! Apologies if I speak absent thoughts, SPatacus Season 5 should be released.
    Gratitude for granting my request!

  135. special

    pls we need spartacus season five,because we did nt knw if gudiacus died or not, pls once again we need it

  136. crusarer174

    Well if they dont continue Spartacus they should maybe make a new series. Gladiator? One of my favorite movies with russell crowe. I can see them making a series out of that. Maybe not use russel crow cuz he might not want to do it and he is aging alittle but they can always use Liam from Spartacus to play in it. Continue more with swords and blood. But i see season 5 be that ganicus doesnt die and he is rescued and finishes what Spartacus started.

  137. Haze

    With all respect for history, this is entertainment, as long as some disclaimer is put in there, they should be able to take the story where they wish, and i will happily follow along through many more adventures if the great Thracian so loved by the gods survive. There is so much more room to go with this. The true fans deserve more. History will not alter with the telling of this tale in entertaining fashion.
    Young Guns did make Billy The Kid into a survivor, I didnt here complaints about that. Hollywood should have enough creative personel to circumvent all these slights of illusion on history. As young guns did, have a elder gentlemen relive days as if he was Spartacus, without really confirming. And tell his story of Vctory over Rome. Imagined or not, We dont care. Fans are biased. We wish for more.

  138. afoke love of Gannicus

    I don’t know u re doin,but what ever u re doing,just try to do a seaon 5,n say gannicus n d other crucified slaves didn’t die,they were rescued. That they regroup with new slaves n killed d bad guys

  139. Khan Shahnawaz

    I m from indian I like spartacua season the thing you done wrong is that you have kill spartacus and I m now waiting for spartacus season 5 pźzzzźzźzzzzzzzzźzzzzzzzzzzzz realese early as you can try

  140. Thomas kamara

    Why most sparatacus die. There u distory d whole movie

  141. yadc

    I don’t know what I have to say about Spartacus?
    Some friends call me Spartacus since I try to to act like Sparta.I haven’t seen the final b/c I needn’t to see that his end of life.

  142. nabeel

    Don’t Late,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Hurry Uppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp

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  146. mike

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  147. ashley

    I think the only way they can carry on season five is with agron surviving the roman empire
    or they go back and create a back story for gannicus like how he became a slave
    and a gladiator

  148. aamir

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  149. khattak

    Really tht was a great great show.thanks to all supporting staff…but realy surprised for the end of this historical and loving dramma.please realease other shows.plz plz.othere wise it will be a great mishapped tht sparticus had given sacrifices for freedom.but his nearest frnd gynacus is not clear.that will be a great great drawback

  150. Gannikus

    If during EVERY season in multiple occasions they talked about greeting each other in the after life, why don’t they continue it but with Spartacus Gannikus Onomeas Sura Crixus ect be in the after life and they will have to fight there out because hades holds some of the best gladiators like th Ochiles for example hostage for entertainment and there is this whole thing about it and they rebel and try to take over Olympus, and Spartacus could have then became a god.

  151. BarryCheddars

    i would like to know the released date of the season 5. what a great historical and loving Drama i cant wait…

  152. joseph ogbe

    They are still lots of things to be fixed..1 no history has being change in the life of the gladiator..2 the top men in room are still alive..guenacus was not show he might still be alive in season5 pls help us with season 5..I no that no body has ever defeat room before but this is just a FIRM help us to see the down fall of the Rome..


    Please whow is the actors in season 5? Thankyou

  154. ganicus

    season 4 was the last no season of spartacus are comming any more

  155. Avinash

    Ya I want to see Spartacus again in as season five I have seen all the season and I am very thankful to director and story give me this awesome series thanks

  156. saiduis

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  157. yasir mehmood

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  158. Denise

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  159. Deniel_3wa

    y u betray sesion 5 a most awaitin series ever…i lov to see spartacs again deprive for his glory n dignity…wat abou ganicus a most powerful still…pls series 5 comin…………………………

  160. Mondor

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    • sajid

      absolutely ri8

  161. Paul binks

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  162. Ernie

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  163. Linzi Smith

    My family has watched all seasons several time. PLEASE, PLEASE let there be another series. It is unique in TV series’s. Don’t worry too much about the storyline, we just want to see the characters.

  164. Rehan

    they should make season 5 with ganicus as the main character cuz he actually never died (at least they didnt show) somehow he survive by agron or whats left of his group and then they will go hunt for rome again. that should be a nice start of season 5 and maybe bring spartacus back to life and make more season like and show the fans how actually spartacus survived by some magic or whatever but the must continue making this show its one of the best show ever and that little child should be crixus:P

  165. Ghost

    He met a new women
    They can make a new season of a son
    Of his to reclaim vengeance

  166. pjay

    Please.We All Want Another Episode of Spartacus.Please

  167. Dale

    spartacus: there is no greater victory than to fall from this world a free man….

    please ,,,,,season five (5) ,,,,,,please….

  168. kita

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  169. kingsley okere

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  170. Saeed Ismaeel

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  172. DODI AKIZ


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    • Danii

      only just recently watch SPARTACUS how good is the TV seires and how shock i was to find out why they change the lead role.i new of andy before his rise to fame in spartacus very sad to find out his life so tragically cut short .Andy Whitfield may have lost his battle but his true warrior SPARTACUS spirit lives on. The song fix you by cold? play says it all for Andy

  174. sydney

    real African fan of spartacus series:i need something to do with the afterlife plz,a season 6 if i may say.

  175. sharps pliz

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  176. myndi

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    the said movies was really amazing…please release season 5

  178. Usman Tahiru

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  179. Elizabeth chukwudi

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  180. shagufta

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  181. sajid

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  182. shahid khan

    I have never seen such a great series like that , i would like to request you to start New series Spartacus 5 .



  183. E

    Need a new season 5. Can end like it did. Sad way to end a great series….

  184. jd

    Many good points in the comments here. I think there should be a season 5, after all everybody that was fighting at the end was calling themsleves spartacus. Therefore they could keep the name and have others on the show kill in his name. I think it could work. Also they could also break into ceasar story line all the way to his demise even though his character on the show was dispicable, i would still watch it. Even so this is a great show and wish they would continue with some of the other characters that lived history or not this wasnt completely factual so why not. I would still watch…..great show all around from writers to the cast all the way down to the guy who is the boom operator great job!! Lol if you havent watched any give it a shot i loved it and will be sad to see it go.

  185. nomi

    we want season 5 soonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  186. nicole

    way would they stop making another Spartacus?

  187. shahid khan

    How long it will takes . we want season 5.

  188. Alexander James wesson

    You should keep making more episodes and make geneges live from that cross on the last episode on season 4 make it all about him for a common acter and let him take up a new army against rom it would be breath taken and good for the movie makers I’m a righter my self and know it can be done.
    There are a lot of tails about grease going to war against rom that might be a way to continue season 5 bye bringing the actors that were alive and most of the ones that were on the cross, the actors that make it into season five retreat to Greece and raises an army in spartucuse honer in memory of freedom bring the legends of history into film making and see what can be achieved of it all seasons were great really good the directors ,righters and movie stars have done a really great job I hope it could still continue thank you for your time.

  189. phyzco

    spartacux is my no_1 movie xo far plz season 5

  190. opeyemi

    I think season 5 shud be make..pple talkn about history!!!.av we not been watchn som season film which dey were not history yet dey’re up 2 season 5,6,7…10.Spatarcus is a film dat need 2 continue cus pple like it and willing 2 by it even if it up 2 season 10,dia ar still ma
    sny story 2 write about e.g ceaser is not dead yet,canicus is not dead yet,agron is dia not dead yet even we can say if spartacus is dead or not,d imperitor is dia.Dia ar still a lot 2 write on pls pple are dia want 2 watch so y won’t u want 2 write?,4get about history and write a script(spartacus season 5)

  191. shadab

    Please release the season 5 pleseeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  192. kareem aziz

    pls continue am in mode plssssssssssssssssss

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  195. David

    Yesssssss please that’s my yet favorite show it would be great to see season 5 thank you all for the great series

  196. sohaib

    plz sir release the new season 5.6..7 very papular in pakistan. good series all time . sir ganicus is ur new heroes plz do it
    spartacus i great series of stars warz

  197. sohaib

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzb release new series i m witting

  198. Husene

    this film has been a useless film…spartacus must not be dead…i need to know what happen at last…i need to see the end..

  199. kaeth

    please release season 5…Spartacus is one of the best movie of the century….

  200. godstime

    i saw ganicus in a stadium nail to cros,and agroun made a promise to spartacus dat roman will pay,roman declare ponpy victry instead crasus,it can continue season 5

  201. Bryan

    I want a season 5!

  202. Shahab

    Please don’t stop the seasons

  203. Spartacus

    I feel the Spartacus’s baby survives the fall! Found by….Nomad Thracians and learns of a great God among men who set slaves free from bandage and admires his cause training from early child hood to be like him. He grows up and sets forth to find out more about the man and finds some of his companions and learns the truth about himself being the sole heir to his father. A lot of room there to bring us devoted Spartacan fan delight in a Season 5.

  204. Dennis

    Great show – Terrible ending!!!! Would watch season 5 though!

  205. asad

    plz release season 05. need to know about the ending story of s

  206. atif

    we want to see it…after the death of spartcus…a how bad guy won?season5 should be on aired…..

  207. frederick

    please release season 5…Spartacus is one of the best movie of the century….THIS GHANA WEST

  208. melody

    Spartaous is one of the most incredible series I have ever seen. I believe it should continue with a season 5 because at the end of season 4 gods of the damned the story want finish cuz the Roman army was to continue going after spartaous men andbthe free slave was trying to make itacross the mountain for safety. Please as a great fan of Spartaous finish the story.

  209. noman bin ashiq

    its a reallly fab movies when release season 5??

  210. M.sabir

    we want to see it…after the death of Spartacus…a how bad guy won?season5 should be on aired…..

  211. olabode

    Plz we all need season5 of spartacus….gud wrk….

  212. ankush

    In this season it should be shown that spartacus was not completely dead in the war and from the ground his hand is sawed by a slave when the groups of slave were passing by and he was saved by that slave…

  213. Shahnawaz

    plaese, Season 5 should be mandatory

  214. Mahboob sanghi

    I must want to see season of five in the sapartucs seriers please release plz plz plz

  215. Patricia Moore

    Love the show~ would love to see season five and more. we wait endlessly for each show to air!

  216. Gloria Admire

    Really love the show. and I really like the story. so Please release the season five of the Spartacus show. cant’s to see it. Best show eve I’ve watched. Thanks much appreciated. Good work to all of the people who are involved to made this show.

  217. demetric

    Yes’s please bring back Spartacus I was on this show when it first aired,my favorite was ganagus, he was very viscous,crixous couldn’t touch ganagus..

  218. emmanuel

    thats won’t make any sense why did our hero spartacus perished

  219. seemab

    I am very exited for the 5th one….. wanna see Ganagus in action.

  220. Salisu Kalgo

    What happen after the death of spartacus…. Please release season 5 can’t wait

  221. Travis tennant

    Continue the series it’s great

  222. Omni2019

    please start season 5 I would love to see it.

  223. Mz.Unknown

    I am in love with all season. Great plots. Themes, and even better Characters, i hopen pray thwy create a Season 5 with atleast 10 episodes. I wish they hadn’t killed SPARTACUS

  224. TravisW

    They need to make another season! They should have kept the original actor for Spartacus but I wish they’d keep the show going

    • Duke

      the original actor died thats why he was replaced

    • Jordan

      I agree too. The new actor for spartacus was alright but the original was a million times better.

  225. Marcus

    Did Spartacus died ?

  226. Jordan

    This show must continue! Maybe make spartacus awake from a deep sleep, due to so much blood loss? He needs to wake up and marry that redhead Roman woman! What happened to ganicus or agron? They need to save ganicus! What about the fall of rome? And Marcus? He needs to die! And pompie too. This is a horrible ending to leave the show on. There needs to be more!

  227. Kyle hurt

    This show has brought me much emotion you can not leave a show like this it’s uncalled for the slayer of the shadow shall live on on top of all of us in a hearts and heads or in the heavens of the gods them selves they she’ll being rain and death to this earth for one day he she’ll rise again

  228. Alick Loftin

    That is so effed up posterboard kids thought they should relieve make a season 56 and seven like what’s good which focus the real, shit happens now when they saw the world’s going to love the new shipment to make amends exported to show fuck is wrong with people is fucking bowl and then ass here Spartacus I want toCecil more episodes boy E

  229. Spartfan101

    Season 5 please, please, please!!!?

  230. sheldon

    They followed history (to a certain degree) and ended it with the death of Spartacus. I say leave it. To try and write a continuance, especially one in which Crassus dies, would be an insult.

  231. vanessa

    pleaseee!!! there should be season 5!! it didnt end good!

  232. Andrew

    This is the best show I’ve ever seen and I would kill to see more. They should do a spin off of Ceaser or just continue with fictional story board rather than historical.

  233. Rashid menhas

    I am waiting for season 5

  234. junior

    Just have him punch out of the rocky grave like an 80s movie cliche! I wouldn’t give a sht as long as he’s back up decapitating romans lol. We the fans made you a assload of money so we in turn deserve to see more Spartacus damnit! JUST DO IT ALREADY! SPARTACUS! SPARTACUS! SPARTACUS!

  235. alex

    Please bring Spartacus back gannicus did not die just crucified, his love and his men would go back and rescue him to bring forward season 5

  236. chibest

    Please, it will be unprofessional historical bcoz the death of spartacus dispitch dat Slaveries is still on and that Freedow life can’t be won… The producers should make it a way that a person or group can fight for a freedom and got it. The shouldn’t ended dis way because it encouraging slavery. Gannicusis not death yet.. So they try to produce season to end slavery

    • prince

      I agree

  237. Tony Clark

    Bring back spartacus now. Why r u not making it no more. It is a bad ass TV show.

  238. josh c

    I’ll see my cock to your mouth if season 5 does not air!!

    • Champ Watson


  239. romina deleon

    I want spartacus season5,please

  240. hunter Kellogg

    Please put season five on something

  241. preetam

    We need Spartacus season 5 otherwise I am Spartacus to kill Marcus

    • Sarah Lynn


  242. Jason McNamara

    Please make season 5 make it about his fellow people that Spartacus helped saved them from slavery they can follow his dreams of ending the Roman empire so that all slaves are free.

    • prince

      That’s where the Spartans come in

  243. Champ Watson

    Why not make a show about Gannicus, and his adventures after he gained his freedom from the house of betiatis, he was everyones favorite character anyways

  244. Sarah Lynn

    Can t wait for season 5!!!!!!!

  245. ryan bush

    i love spartacus

  246. prince

    Yes everybody make sense in there own way but it’s hard to make another season considering most characters died off and plus like a few said it followed actual events of history but Spartacus is the beginning of Spartans men fighting for free land and freedom so it’s kind of hard to keep it going and be true to actual events

  247. tyler

    no dont watch it because when spartacus dies u will cry for sure actualy just watch it lol

  248. Ahmed Fouad

    I Consider Spartacus The Best Serie That I Have Ever Seen With No Doubt And I Wish There Is Anything That I Can Do To See Season 5 And I Am Sure Many Ideas Can Work Out So Please Give Us Spartacus Back And We Will Be Forever Appreciated Because Its Simply The Best Show Of All Time

  249. shahid khan

    Why don,t you plan session 5 ??? Comon Men Do it ,

  250. cleopatra

    Im very disappointed about the last episode, I feel all what i watched was futile. Show must continue, Gannicus still not die, (thank god, he was my favourite character.) also Agron and Nasir. So its not hard to continue with the season 5.

  251. Keoni

    I wanna season 5 soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo badly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  252. Terri

    I love Sparticus. Hope there is a season 5.
    Terri. U.K.

  253. liam towey

    Season 5 needs to happen u have left it open wot a show loved every minute of it more to be made of this revenge is on the cards for Spartacus to whom r free men but I do believe Spartacus was the one that did that for them, and so all will kill 4 him Romans need to die 4 it

  254. Mike C

    This show is awesome, well researched and put together
    Please air a season 5 for us Spartacus junkies
    Truly an army of badasses!!!
    “Hail Spartacus”!!!!!!

  255. Brian

    I would love to see not only season 5 but many seasons after that. The writers, directors, and actors capture the best of humanity which is always numbered in its years. (RIP Andy Whitfield) And the new Spartacus (Liam McIntyre) gave an exceptional performance and picked up beautifully where Andy left off. This series has infinite potential and is a shame/ waste to let go… for whatever reason.
    You could also form the basis of the show off a legitimate or illegitimate child of Spartacus and bring back a bit of the myths and superstitions of the old days (like Theokoles) mixed into a solid, realistic storyline. I personally liked the aperitif of fantasy before swallowing the whole storyline. Bait and hook. And it can be done again 😉

  256. wayne

    make a series or movie about a person named Arminius he destroyed the roman army

  257. Val

    Spartacus should have a son from the last woman. His son should continue the fight for justice and take revenge to Caesar.

  258. paro

    i agreed with u val. spartacus must have child frm last women . 🙂 come little spartacus and take revenge to ceasar .. season 5 <3

  259. reus

    spratacus is dead.. so serial also finished… 🙁

    • Hassan

      but rome has not fall yet….

  260. Hassan

    awesome….series i love it,i wish for the season 5 to release soon….
    i’m waiting for it…..

  261. Andres Vasquez

    Im from the philippines.. And i want to see Marcus and Caesar heads parts from their necks! Pls. Continue the series for season 5! Ahoo! Ahoo!

  262. Alex

    F*ck you if you think the next season will have a negative impact I don’t believe it will we all come to watch this show for the drama and the killing so let it continue so we can see mor roman blood apon f*cking sands of battle

  263. Spartacus and friends resurrected

    please make season 5 with spartacus and some friends resurrected and found out that the remaining rebels went to greek and trained their whole lives waiting for them to return

    you could let the title be spartacus and friends resurrected or Gods among us

  264. jhon sherpa

    Spartacus series must continues it made fans too seek

  265. Vivo Sadek

    The last episode was heartbreaking. It would’ve been more preferable if at least Gannicus had survived through escaping with Agron and Nasir!! The death of Spartacus was devastating and f*ckkkkkk history! I don’t care about historyyyy; I care about the story and the f*cking series! it was supposed to be a fair ending rather than the victory of the roman imperator through the vanquish of victimized slaves!!!! Where is the f*cking justice in the end????? I expect a season 5 where Gannicus rises with the others towards revenge and of course with a f*cking victorious ending!!!!

    • Jonathan Campos


  266. Liam Morehead

    Yea, make a damn season 5. It is good. Bring it on to 5 and then let’s get the show started.

  267. Imagè Edwards

    I miss this show! Thru should definitely bring it back!

  268. Jason

    Seriously I agree with everyone comments that says, there is always a room for season 5. In the movie I do understand spartacus is destined for greater things, his myth was to Echo for thousand of years as the bringer of rain. The Romans killed his wife, and he was condemned to die in Arena, they do some miracle he should be awaken from the grave to unleash hell on the Romans, and see all the Romans given a deserve end. He should be the one to defeat to Roman cunts, but to me it seems and looks like they defeated him. The fans don’t it so, please what any miracle to wake him up from the grave, and see the Roman cunt all dead. There similar movies like this, they don’t end like this. Just him finish what he started, to make the fans all over the world happy.

  269. Mehboob khan

    Me and my some friends are really excited for spartacus season 5……
    So we are requesting to u all spartacus team to released the season five of spartacus…..

  270. Mykal

    Should bring back show… Yes he dies… Do something and talk about times after he dies…

  271. siddharth chaurasia

    I think 1 last season of this show should b released soon. It must show how spartacus tackled other challenges in his quest to conquer the rome. Such as killing of pompei and him becoming a ruler lf the great Roman emlire and ceasar taking over from him can be the sixth season. I dont wnt this shkw to end.

  272. Paul

    Finally a “normal ” TV for men without all the feminists propaganda.

  273. athar

    Pls start the spartacus season5

  274. Bashir Abubakar Mohd

    Spartacus is one of the best films I ever watched, find a way to bring back Spartacus in season 5 and also want to know what happens to gannicus.
    we are waiting anxiously

  275. The warrior never dies

    I do not thing that Spartacus must die, and dying of Spartacus erases what Spartacus has been fighting for. I also thing that the Roman must learn a lesson that they cannot make people slaves and take their loved ones and still prevail. Spartacus must not die

  276. LaToya Thomas

    Please do a season 5 of Spartacus. I love the show and the story.

  277. janeen j

    I LOVE SPARTACUS!!!!!!!!!! Please keep it going so i have something to watch with a good storyline.

  278. phillicia freeman

    I love it. Yes. Season 5 sounds good. Make it happen.

  279. Jonathan Campos

    Why did Spartacus die?! That’s dumb! They should of made more seasons! I love this show! The way it ended is stupid and it made me mad! Crassus should of died and Ceaser! They better make a season 5 to continue! To start over would be stupid!

  280. M. Lynn

    I would be incredibly happy, excited, anxious, and eager to watch another season. Spartacus was/is by far one of the absolute, best TV Series to have ever been made. So another season….Season 5 of Spartacus?! Definitely…

  281. Pŕïňçę Äbđü Høñêßţ Bøý


  282. Thomas

    the last episode is very disappointing, they should make season 5 please!

  283. Daniel

    All 4season was great but the way the 4th season ended I would like to see a 5th season to see what happened to the rest of the group and do they get revenge on the Romans for killing Spartacus

  284. Michelle

    I would love to see season 5 as I really enjoyed watching, is there going to be 1??

  285. adi

    “a man must die but his idea must live”other wise the spartacus name will be forgotten, so yes for season 5

  286. periyar

    Can’t wait …..
    When will u ???

  287. Evelin


  288. isaac bew

    I don’t want to miss this season 5.please harry

  289. jimmi

    spartacus season 5 must be on air, because it is necessary to complete a story, and if it ended like this then the whole cause of spartacus is useless …. so make another announcement

  290. Bobby Merino

    Please Spartacus season 5. Can’t wait

  291. Bassey saviour

    I wnt d season5 of spartacus

  292. KC

    I never for once thought of cryin like a baby until i saw his eyes closed and stone gathered on his dieing spot. I’ll advice that you DAMN history and Pls bring SPARTACUS back to life, he is my main guy before others. U can frame dat he actually came back to life afterall we once cheered him as slayer of the shadow of death, bringer of rain etc so its convincing if miraculously he survived by the gods themselves. Perhabs he should have a son through his last lover who would reign after him with greater gift even. Name it what ever you feel fit. Spartacus reloaded, afterlife or revolution etc. make sure the show doesn’t end this sad i beg of you ”i love it and can watch till infinity” I NEED TO SEE VICTORY OVER SLAVERY.

  293. Enna

    I like to see spartacus season 5

  294. Sevennnn

    You all are without history if you think that this series is awful and misleading

  295. Chiks john

    Season 5 to be released pliz bt also with spartacus back

  296. swoxtik shrestha

    I am from Nepal.
    My name is swoxtik shrestha.
    I watched the all four season of Spartacus and I really love this movie.
    And I request to release the season 5 of Spartacus.
    Love you all.. Spartacus, crixus, ganicus, agron etc….

  297. Damien nash

    This is the best series ever..nothing is greater than a lifestory of a man.legends of batiatus would be great on next season..thank you.!

  298. Elma Alamo

    Hi I’m from Philippines..
    I just want to tell to all cast and crew of that movie.
    I’M SO VERY DISAPPOINTED! what happen to gannicus? How come Spartacus is dead!!! Till. Now I can moved on… For god sake!! What about season five??? Gannicus is my favorite.. Believe it or not… I can’t. Sleep after I watch Spartacus on my DVD player ., Spartacus is dead!!! Gannicus,, is he alive?

  299. anonymous

    plx release spartacus season 5 as soon as possible

  300. Spartacuss

    Pleas release season5 for the f*cking blood&death of romans

  301. mustabshira

    pls is Spartacus season 5 out cz I can’t wait to watch it. it really pains me wen Spartacus died but still hope another Spartacus wud come so he can face d romans

  302. r2

    dyoung r2, were so glad to hear this news and we are waiting for it.

  303. chris casey

    Huge fan of the whole series and would love to see where you all could pick up with the successful escaped former slaves. Maybe taking down some more roman cities or meeting forces with so called barbairan armies. I think you’d have a huge follwing for any direction!

  304. Gyrus Treka

    My comment is that if Spartacus Season don’t comes, then no enjoyment for Spartacus at alll. Because we need to know who was the next Spartacus after Spartacus die.

  305. angel

    I hope that there is a huge come back I absolutely love this show and want it to come back and with a big opening like spartacus lives……

  306. Amos Mhene


  307. hasssan Ibrahim

    we are in worry to see next season 5 of spertacus we are waiting in Nigeria

  308. Art


  309. ali al hasnat

    ———-please bring back spartacus season 5————-

    1) agron and nazier lived
    2) spartacus’s son might be alive
    3)gannicus’s son might be alive
    4)we didnt see ganincus die
    5)lot of slaves escaped

    *) people expect a revenge ,crassus and ceaser to be killed ,and a good ending

    this is a real story from the history,but the ending is very very sad,but this is the best TV show ever made ,and after 2013 the show ended, in 2016 ,still people are hoping ,searching, for spartcus season 5 to come,so please take these peoples comments and ideas into consideration Mr .Steven S. DeKnight and Mr.Chris Albrecht and give us what people demand so badly, after ll these years still people havnt given up……………………..

  310. Sarabjeet

    Please do something for season 5.
    Crew, do you support the bad and the evil. Don’t you feel that good must win over bad. For the god sake keep it moving until they win. I have seen him dying like someone very near and dear. I was in tears and waiting for some one to rise again. Dont kill hopes and expectations of tour fans. Do something to bring bck life . Plz plz plz !!

  311. Philip

    Pls do somtn about season5 plz plz.

  312. Marcus

    Please We bleed for season 5 of spartacus

  313. Ncedo

    Let Spartacus rise from the dead

  314. Kenny nguyen

    Spartacus is not his name….

  315. Mo

    Please continue for season 5 . Gunnicus is still alive. Aslo argore.

  316. umar farooq

    we desperately waiting for season five plz continue it…

  317. Prince Vaye

    Please Mr. Steven S. Deknight let spartacus rise from the Dead and let season 5 began

  318. Paskito

    It would be so nice if season 5 will be aired. I can’t wait to watch it.

  319. Giovanni Cisneros

    i didnt sleep for 3 day just watching this its a really good tv show I recommend it

  320. Gyrus Greenger

    i’m crying every day why Spartacus have to die. i can’t wait to see lot of Romans death. and i apologized to whosoever producer to end the full Movie. the way we started it nicely, let us end it nicely… everyday i’m on the internet asking for Spartacus Season 5…………….

    If u people stay need actors, i have no idea on acting, but i will try to take path..i love the movie so much i want to be part of the fight

  321. LAST1LEFT

    Make a movie that will hit theaters i guarantee millions will pay good money to go see it kinda like the movie 300 but better sparticus has been by far my favorite show so far

  322. Rob

    The show as to come back. They start season 5 with Spartacus girlfriend and Gannicus girlfriend both giving birth 2 two gladiators.
    I just watched the entire series again. Please get the crew together and get the show back on Starz soon. You can easily make two to three more season if they use the same directors and screenwriters.

  323. Juniorthelovechild

    I never get tired of watching the series,i still have season 1 to 4 in my library waiting for season 5 to come on air,…..plz bring back the Spartacus show once again,or who ever will be lucky to get season 5.please share it with me I’ll be gratitude

  324. hamxa

    I just wanna know that the show ll continue up to season 5

  325. moses

    there is no proof that spartacus died beacuse there is no body found where they Burial spartacus did not found by roman so it could be a next seson or season 5 we realy want to watch spartacus

  326. Hammet

    I m waiting for s5

  327. kingsley

    when is spartacus season 5 coming i cant wait to watch it

  328. Moe Dahir

    Man when we will get Season Five? the story ended unExpected Moment the Loins Dead atleast I can trust Argon to the Next Season But Just Release it Gratitude

  329. Glenn Trotter

    I believe you should bring it back and maybe have lightning strike the shield and bring back Spartacus as if the gods brought him back to do what they were meant to do

  330. Mrs. Fuller

    Please bring Season 5 of Sparatacus! It’s addictive and I’m still on the edge of my seat waiting for more.

  331. MNazeer

    I’m deeply sad cuz SPARTACUS death…… plsssssssssss stop discussion all we is season………….#5

  332. Anglem

    Season 5 would be more interesting……I’m waiting

  333. Ndifreke

    pls I want to which the season 5 of Spartacus

  334. Brandi

    I love the show and would like it to be renewed!

  335. steven

    it s*cks that spartacus died like that but what happens to gannicus after all they left him up on the cross

  336. jacob

    spartakus is the most great movie
    he speak a history time
    a true events
    passion of history
    passion of feeling
    if there an episoide 5 it will be wonderfull
    it was the best movie i’ve ever seen
    ———-please bring back spartacus season 5————-

    1) agron and nazier lived
    2) spartacus’s son might be alive
    3)gannicus’s son might be alive
    4)we didnt see ganincus die
    5)lot of slaves escaped

    *) people expect a revenge ,crassus and ceaser to be killed ,and a good ending

    this is a real story from the history,but the ending is very very sad,but this is the best TV show ever made ,and after 2013 the show ended, in 2016 ,still people are hoping ,searching, for spartcus season 5 to come,so please take these peoples comments and ideas into consideration Mr .Steven S. DeKnight and Mr.Chris Albrecht and give us what people demand so badly, after ll these years still people havnt given up…………………….

  337. Jon Snow

    You have to put a child instead for crating such a great drama series end with nothing……………

  338. Sebastien

    f*cking definitely, Spartacus is a bloody amazing series that should be continued and not left in such a disgusting cliff hanger.

  339. Valgene Traylor

    I would like to see Spartacus season five but not if the story line isn’t as strong as season one through four although we saw Spartacus demise there are many more Spartacus out there trying to achieve the same golds defeating Rome

  340. david

    pls and pls release season 5 0f spartacus am thirty of spartacus season 5 i want to confirm may be spartacus have die pls am waiting

  341. Arslan

    please release season 5

  342. malik asif

    Tell us next date of season five pls pls pls

    • Donatus precious

      plz give us season 5 please before I will drop my life for it.

  343. Zainab

    Please release season 5
    Somehow i was really sad seeing Spatacus down.
    For some reason it’s all goes with history.

  344. Mick

    Where is Season 4 ??? I Cant find it any where , Anybody know where i can get it or download it please……..

  345. Majik

    Netflix has ALL 4 seasons….

    Please bring on season 5

  346. Shawn

    Yes please i love this tv series my favorite ive watched it twice.

  347. Mr.joker

    Damn i m biggest fan of spartacus can,t wait for season 5 i hope they they do it!!

  348. Jason

    They should make season 5 about what happens to agron and the other surving slaves and show the fall of julius Caesar the reason its a good idea is cause marcus crassus dies by the hands of the parthian empire by getting boiling gold poured down his throat and pompey gets killed in Egypt and julius Caesar gets killed by the senate so there you go everyone spartacus didn’t die in vain

  349. Josh

    Come back season 5

  350. Donatus precious

    plz release season 5 and it is good to know what surly happened to the Romans.

  351. shoaib

    please release season 5 of spartacus ….pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • jugal sharma

      where is season 4 ?

  352. johnbosco

    yeah Spartacus 5 should be there due to public demand… it does not make sense to let it go at 4…I mean I wanna see more romans blood spilt. in deed its sad to see Spartacus dying… I shade tears guys….plz plz bring 5 plz……

  353. shaheer

    season 3 was very disheartening you have to give us a season 5 story like all season 3 was a dream because didnt do justice with spartacus,crixus and gannicus, i think u r roman too

  354. Chloe Munsey

    Please i am begging let’s Spartacus continue…it’s not making sense where you want it to end it should continue

  355. James

    Waiting to watch, war of the damned season 5

  356. Roberto louis

    I am waiting for seasons 5 I’m looking forward to watching it Spartacus shouldn’t have killed.

  357. GODHARD


  358. Deborah obafemi f

    I really wish Spartacus didn’t die,can u build on ganicus who was crusify,let see him alive,let see spatacus leave a seed in the womb of that slave queen,let see were the people Spartacus left behind fight the enemy back,let see. Spartacus has a son who will deal with the enermis along side ganicus,pls can’t wait to watch season5

    • phillip kimu

      yeah he son must have something nice

    • Tebo Gavin Tsima

      Wow that is amazing. I thought of the same Deborah.
      Really a good one there.

  359. Superbuttshotboy

    Nasir and Agron are still alive, can become stronger by attacking other mines etc. They could free more gladiators.

  360. Shayan

    Please release session 5 can’t wait to see spartacus victory as his return

  361. GannicusLiveAgain

    It’s 2017 and still no spartacus season 5? This is absurd. This is bad for humanity. The stroies isn’t finished yet. The evil still winning and the good defeated. NO! NO! This stories is wrong. Only satan love story like this. Is satand made this story, No? Then continue to make a season 5 where spartacus and gannicus have a son through laeta and sibyl named after them. They will be trained by argon. We need the good one kick roman ass to the hell.

  362. Jon

    What season focking 5 count me the fock in

  363. Ishaya

    My favorite is death crixus can’t stop crying
    Please please please and please we want to see Spartacus season 5

    Gannicus and agron are not death and even nasir.. So they can revenge what happened please I beg

  364. unday

    I want to download

  365. Maricon canada

    Season 5 please im so disappointed if thats the end!☹️

  366. Anis

    Can some one tell me, spartacus season 5 is aired or not ? I’m very disappointed if that was the end.

  367. Sheli

    Heck yes! That show was awesome in every way

  368. Bob

    I want season 5,6,7,8,9,10 etc. Why not ? Best series ever. Nothing like it has ever been produced. We all keep waiting, please recreate something ASAP. I kept watching all 4 seasons on DVD.

  369. Ariel

    Is there a season 5 for this?

  370. Tebo Gavin Tsima

    Spartacus made everyone believe in free will, why not those in 2ND command take from his legacy and grow up a legion on those hidden mountain until they are strong enough to strike again and free more warrior slaves in the mists of Roman grounds.

    That last woman who was in love with Spartacus may be presented carrying Spartacus ‘s child ”pregnant” who will restore hope to the freed & slaves and grow up to lead as his Father did


  371. Victor

    Ending up like this will bring no meaning without season 5,we need season 5 or else it will be the most annoying series I have ever watched


    good begining and painful ending. it is very difficut for a man with great vision and good heart to die like a rat. no? what happen to your continuity? if u need help consult me for countinuty to attain glorious end on season 10.

  373. Abdurrahman Nasir

    Actually the series goes by the history from the beginning to downfall of Spartacus, although most people read and and follow the story line, at least the series shall be having season five, in which agron coming back for spartacus revenge, or go back to the history of oenamaus being the champion of the house of batiatus, and how he lives aftre facing theocles. But that is on my own opinion.

  374. Daniel

    I can’t be happy yet until I watch season 5.this is the best serie I have ever watched though the ending is so disappointing…. Pleaseee pleaseee I am waiting for season 5

  375. Arnoldo

    Its not right 4 romans 2 enslave other people who do not share their blood n worse of it use dem as entertaiment in arenas 2 slaughter one another. I belief spartacus was fighting against dis. To me was fighting a jxt war. Instead of him wining, i si no reason he shd fall. Season 5 shd b continued n i long 2 si spartacus or anyone who assumes his mantle on d wining side. D romans were wicked n shd pay 4 their wicked acts.

  376. Crixus

    Any update for spatacus season 5?

  377. Adeyi Friday

    The story is one great story so far,I can’t wait to watch season 5

  378. evans

    i think producers were too much drunk whn realizing episode 10 coz hw comes the best fighters were all dead gannicus the man with no words bt when it comes to blood shading he is the best.crixus deserved to die becoz he had his own desires.then one of the girls should have remained especially gnnicus’s ex girlfriend.finally, am too much confused whether this story was based on moses with the israelites people because moses died before reaching cannan,and spatacus died nearly reaching the is the confusing part, gannicus was supposed to kill ceaser the spy and yet ceaser survived how??cryso took everything from spatacus in seoson1 and finally the man didn’t payback infact he survived. pliz bring back spatacus and gannicus in sn 5.

  379. Luigi Hammach

    Hoi iedereen ik ben benieuwd over siezoen 5 komt laaste stuk voor film maar het lijkt voor mij erg leuk en spannend serie dat ze nu spartacus laadt afleving dood maar komt er nog een nieuwe plaatse van spartacus overgenomen op film ik hoop dat wel dat is echt super goed serie film ik hoop dat aflevering en siezoen 5 komt stel dat wel komt vind ik mooi om de zien hoe goed spelers in die film lijkt me leuk voor laaste eind serie stuk 5 komt tot die Romein afgelopen is en dan is eind van die film dat is mooiste is van serie film is bedank voor iedereen groetjes allemaal xxxxx

  380. Richard

    I would like if they can reopened the movies spatacus season 4 and 5 this year 2021,I think that would be nice and will make the producer to be fairmous again thank you

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