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«Terra Nova» season 2: release date

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Will «Terra Nova» return for season 2? What is known about premiere date?

Science fiction TV series «Terra Nova» produced by Steven Spielberg won the hearts of many TV viewers. The first episode of the given show premiered on FOX in September, 2011. The last eleventh episode of Season 1 was broadcast in December.

Producers of «Terra Nova» show announced about its sequel before it actually premiered. 22 episodes were planned to be shot and aired in the early fall of 2012. But the ratings of the series fell unexpectedly and FOX authorities changed their minds concerning show sequel. Massive voting, carried by one of the famous film resources, demonstrated that «Terra Nova» was losing its auditory. After that the rightholders made an official announcement about their intention to close the series with no Season 2 to be shot!

Such a verdict was announced at the beginning of May, 2012 and caused the negative remarks concerning the given TV channel but couldn’t influence the creators’ decision. The release date for the season 2 of «Terra Nova» wasn’t announced. Steven Spielberg accepted the rejection of the FOX studio with restrain.

Would you like the show to be renewed?

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  1. vishnu

    I am eagerly waiting for TERRA NOVA SEASON 2 to release

    • Beth Pickford

      I just found this series on Netflix (this past weekend) and I AM ADDICTED!!!! I spent my whole Sunday watching…and praying it was still being made and not leaving me in limbo! Please continue with more episode’s/series 🙂 🙂 I don’t have time during the day for watching t.v. but with Netflix I can watch at my own convenience while my little ones are napping, or having sweet dreams for the night 🙂 I hope I’m speaking for others out there that are not as prone to write or speak up for a show that seems to help us seed we don’t have it as bad as some of us think!

      • frank wedin

        I loved this show it had amazing back story and little twists in and out of each episode this is deff one on my fav shows out their great actors n acting story line went on and on always having somthing else to throw ur way I can’t live without a season 2 lol loved the graphics and the idea of going back in time to correct the problems we created in the future u guys gotta relise yes u probaly didn’t make as much as u wanted wbut everything has to start somwhere and if u put ur hearts into it u would come out on top theirs shows out their that have less to offer but are still going I’m not saying terra nova can compeat with shows like supernatural or spartacus but u guys can rele go places with the story line just add a little more action to it and more dino attacks and ull have an oscar for this show I have fsith in it and I stand behind it rele think it deserves a second season and if that dosent work out then cancel it knowing u gave it a chance

        • Ads Colbert

          Season 2 would be wonderful!

      • Alvinlee_234

        I can’t jst wait to hear abt the continuation pls don’t keep me in suspence forever.

      • Traveled to the future

        Greeting from 2015. And still waiting season 2 , i was hope they did next seasons, but failed. They didnt.

        • zane

          It is a great show. Pretty stupid they won’t bring it back. I heard the real reason is that it was too expensive and not enough profit. Figures.

      • Jomalys

        I just found this TV show and fall in love with it. Is something fresh on TV not like the other shows. I really like the concept and when I finish season one I was really hoping to see more. After looking more information I found out that season two was cancel. I don’t think is fair a lot of fans were hoping to see more of this show. They should have done everything in their power to continue and if they fail at least there was a try. I’m from the future and I want more of Terra Nova.

    • dusty

      bring us season 2 of this show I watched on Netflix and it definitely deserves a second season.

    • Hiruth Hansaka De Silva

      I’m waiting for season 2!!! , I’m addicted and plzzzzzzzzzzzz guys we need season 2!!!
      Many years have gone but we are still waitinggggggggggg !!!!!!

      #terranova #terranovaseason2 #terranovaforever

  2. Prince smart

    I need a season2, please prolong the movie

  3. gozzos

    please make a season 2….
    my whole family watch it and think its a great tv show. it a great family show to watch because it great for all ages and it great for a famliy to sit down and just relax while watching it. i hope you make a season 2 because when they said that they will proberly cancel the show it was a big disapointment as for the tv series had a great sucess for me and alot of others… season one was 5 star rating for me …. 🙂

  4. jack

    awesome series plz release its second season

  5. Hanas Marnell

    Me and my son, really cant wait for season two.
    Season 1 was epic. Please go for season 2!!!

    All the best from Sweden!

  6. Colt Johnson

    I need a season 2

  7. Deevika

    Terra Nova Season 1 was brilliant. I enjoyed it to the core. Its really disappointing to know that Season 2 is cancelled. Please dont do that. I want more of Terra Nova.

  8. Julie stock

    Please hurry up and show this eagerly awaiting great series

  9. sadiq abba

    everybody will surely love it if the season two is released

  10. Harv Aye

    Please please please PRETTY Please, Season 2 of Terra Nova needs to be produced, and soon.
    Its a great all round tv series that appeals to my whole family, 4 kids aged 8 – 16 and both my wife (who is not a big Sci Fi fan) and I loved the first season and awaited each new episode anxiously. Come on, listen to the people please Pretty Please!

  11. May - Helen

    I do nead the second season. It’s a must. With love from Norway. 😉

  12. Jordan Bell

    All my friends and Family are waiting hoping for a season 2!

  13. Moupex

    Bring it back! I think that Terra Nova deserves a season 2.

  14. kevin schuddinck

    I too cannot wait for a season 2, hope there is a budjet for it =D.

  15. zoe burrows

    Terra nova should never of been cancelled in first place got addicted after first episode and gutted there is yet to be confirmed for second season. Bring terra nova back!!!

  16. Kari

    YES! We’ve just rewatched the season 1 episodes on Netflix! Come on Spielberg, use that pull you have to get another season + in!

  17. heili

    I loved season 1 and I am very sad realizing now, that there is no season 2 🙁 . Indeed I started to watch season 1 all over again.

  18. Iwantterranova2urrrggg!!!

    Make the second one for crying out loud!!!! Ahhhh!

  19. Brad

    Taylor’s son is still out there so there should be a 2nd season

    • des

      Nope he got shot.. but they went north tho..

      • Soph

        He is still out there.Pay more attention!

  20. Abigail

    I loved TERRA NOVA sesion 1 and think its a fantastic series and hope that there will be a SESION 2.

  21. Jomo

    This is my favorite show I watched the first season like 4 times already I would love to see the sequel!! Please!

  22. Paula

    Please shoot Season 2 and more The interest is out there Netflix got me interested Thats how my husband and I get interested in tv shows

  23. Wesley

    Please bring Terra Nova back. This is one of the best shows I have watched in a long time. I have watched the first season 4 times…. Please hahaha WE NEED SEASON 2…. From South Africa

    • Alba

      PLEASE, do not leave us without the show. WE WANT THE SECOND SEASON.

  24. Terra Nova fan from Serbia

    I love Terra Nova, it is my favorite tv show. I like the story, the setting, best characters ever and plot is mind-blowing. It is too bad that people think more of profit and ratings then creating art, for that Terra Nova is. And every tv show has its audinence, it wuld be sad for us fans to be punished becouse someone else dont like the show. Just, think about this, please.

  25. Francisco

    Second season, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease, from Portugal

  26. Blup

    Season 2 !!!

  27. TJ

    season 2 Please. <<<<< I love the ep's. awesome job!

  28. Rachel

    Great series please make series 2

  29. Eva

    YES! Pleeeease!!!!!

  30. Potaytay

    NO IT SUCKED, joking, just want to be the first one to say no.
    Pls pls pls renew it, i’m addicted, and helping people with addictions is always a good thing.

  31. stav

    please make the second season !

  32. JP546

    awesome series plz release season 2

  33. Tom

    Hey, Terra Nova NEEDS to be renewed! It’s the most incredible series I’ve ever seen! We’ve all seen countless rom-coms, alien invasion, space war stuff, and silly reality TV shows, but there was never a really good series that included a lot of dinosaurs or time travel, etc… It’s SO good, and it REALLY needs to move on for a second season, at least!

  34. tommy

    We realy hope that season 2 is comming, what about netflix or HBO regards from Denmark

  35. bharath

    i want totally a fan of terra NovA …… BEEN waiting for season 2…. it should be renewed…. waiting for season 2…. with expectations.

  36. Jordan

    I knew before I started watching it on Netflix that the show wouldn’t be renewed from Google searches but after finishing the last season it pisses me off so much to see now my favourite show to be cancelled.

    Bring it back, I actually internet beg you.

  37. Kenneth

    Yes i really hope that season 2 will come! It’s the most fantastic series i have ever seen, i beg you to do it!!!

  38. elizabeth

    oh plz plz! My family n i just love terra nova! If u dn’t make a season 2 i will really cry! Terra nova is the best! Season 2 is needed! Its vital!

  39. Lisa

    terra nova must have a season 2 becuz it is the only series which makes us realize that the earth is really something that we should preserve cuz in reality we wn’t have a second chance! Terra nova is really special so there should be a season 2 at least!

  40. Mara

    We want season 2. You can’t just leave everyone hanging like that. Plus i think with all these other science fiction TV series around, Terra Nova has a good chance of getting awesome ratings!

  41. Tanya

    Was so dissapointed when I heard there would be no season 2.
    PLz plz plz plz make another one.
    Alot of people here in South Africa are dissapointed as well.

  42. Josefine

    I really like The serie, please make another season. I do beleive there will be a lot of people watching it.

  43. tetter

    Seizoen 2 moet komen! Het is echt de vetste serie aller tijden:D

  44. Lars

    Please make season 2 !!!!!!

  45. Buren

    please make season 2 to be on’s just a reminder of all of us…there’s no planet we could make our planet exists until the end..

    Just make it to be order the world will stop doing activities that harm our planet…

  46. Bryan

    I want to see how it plays out! Hurry up and bring season 2 out

  47. pkr

    please please PLEASE PLEASE make it back, PLEASE, is the one of the best series of the world

  48. David Yapha

    Clearly we all want our TERA NOVA back! please change your minds

  49. Crys

    Come on guys pls make the second (3th/4th…..10th) season for Terra Nova.
    Do you want us to see political movies on TV ?
    So remove the dust from the camera and start working.
    Love your work.I’m a very big fan from Romania.

  50. Kara

    Save Terra Nova – Petition

    • Penny

      I really need terra nova season 2. my kids and grandkids really loved this show, it was great family time that we all enjoyed and had something to talk about. so PLEASE bring back Terra Nova Season 2. I really need it back. It is such a satisfying show to watch. PLEASE PLEASE BRING TERRA NOVA SEASON 2.

  51. lcloco

    why dont thy use kickstart to get a season 2

  52. Jamil Maloff

    What do all of us crave at least once, and sometimes more than once, more than money, more than anything we wish for a second chance, Terranova is about that second chance. A most beautiful family program, best I’ve seen so far as family programs go. Thank you Mr. Steven Spielberg ; please don’t abandon this outstanding show.

  53. Michael

    Why is it when a GOOD, CLEAN FAMILY series comes out the networks want to cancel it? Terra Nova is just such an example of the Hippocratic society we are living in. They (the networks), want to show nothing but drugs, sex, foul language, and mayhem. Than they wonder why we have so many murders, rapes, and lack of respect for parents and authority. Bring back Terra Nova and prove me wrong.

    • LC

      Michael, well said and very true, good clean programming is always the first to be canceled! People wonder why our society continues to decline, one of the main reasons is the trash that is constantly pumped into our children’s brains from an early age by the media.

  54. Justin Smith

    I thought Terra Nova was a great series. why not a season 2?
    atleast put it on a low broadcast slot so those of us that like it may watch more. or atleast be able to DL it.

  55. Lauren

    Awesome show, love the concept. Im currently watching first season on netflix and I cant stop viewing. I think sci-fy channel should pick it up or any channel for that matter.
    Please renew Terra Nova season 2!! Im a big fan of the Shannons =)

  56. Lene

    Please, we are a lot of people from Denmark, who would like to see season nr. 2.

  57. Yorch(Puerto Rico)

    Where is Terra Nova 2nd season?? I want to know the Badlands!!! I want to know from where the ship’s stern came from!!!! I WANT TO KNOW!!!!!!! iWANT TO KNOW MIRA’S PLAN FOR REVENGE!!! I WANT TO SEE COMMANDER TAYLOR TAL WITH SKYE!!!!! WEEEEEE WANT TO SEEEEE!!!!!!

  58. Nancy

    Yes please. Please bring back Terranova. I can’t wait to see season 2!

  59. Kyle

    my family loves this show and if you think about the ratings for season 2 so many people watched season 1 and they are waiting for season 2 if fox was smart they would do a 2nd season to give it a chance cause with the prolonged wait people are begging for it to be aired once again. we miss it. long live “TERRA NOVA”

  60. widow schramm

    I cant wait for season 2 of Terra Nova.

  61. Millis

    I soooo need a season 2!

  62. Mimi

    Need need need a second season!!!!!! Pleeease. From Chicago!!!

  63. Fabien

    Je veux une saison 2 !!!! 🙂

  64. Rick

    Plzzz make season 2

  65. meg

    Terra Nova is my FAVORITE show EVER. I was really upset to hear that series two was cancelled. I have talked to my friends and they agree. I don’t know how they know that the rating has gone down but I’m sure it’s fake because series 1 was AMAZING and I’m sure no one could resist falling in love with Terra Nova. Please, PLEASE give us a series 2… And 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and as much as you can make before the actors get too old. Thankyou.

  66. Amy

    I’m in love! Please continue this series!

  67. Dave

    Gutted this show has not been renewed.
    Surely DVD sales have warranted another look at season 2?????

  68. Ana

    I’m a really fan of this tv show I even buy the completed season in iTunes ..
    I’m waiting for the release of season 2.
    Please my brother and me are waiting for the adventure to continue…

  69. Richard

    Bring it back please why would we watch any of your new series we might like them only to have them taken off air

  70. Bj.

    I never heard of it when the First Season Aired but I just recently watch every episode on Netflix and loved it. Hope they reconsidered and Air a Season 2.

  71. Jt

    I hope they bring this show back it had a pretty good story to it and I was getting in to it I hope they bring it back

  72. Theresa

    Sign the petition please

  73. M. Rovers

    And Docter Who still runs ???????????

  74. Espen

    What and AWESOME Tv series! Just finished 1st season, and ovbiously the only season. So sad it never seems we get and 2nd season. So much is still so undecided from this Tv series. And what are awaiting them in Badlands. Seriously FOX are your never gonne give us the chance to find that out??? Also what will happen to Taylor son. Bring Terra Nova back, if not please NetFlix or HBO pick it up, and make 5 or 10 more seasons of this Epic wonderfull, brilliant, Tv Series 🙂 Force them Mr. Spielberg to keep your brilliant Tv Serie alive! Do It now, and bring the 2nd season of Terra Nova back to all the fans around the globe!!!! 😀 😀 😀

  75. isaiah barrera

    plz i need terra nova its a good show you have lots of viewers

  76. mike eldridge

    Terra Nova is the best show i have seen in a long time PLEASE RENEW IT I NEED ANOTHER SEASON.

  77. Tyler

    Please bring Terra Nova back it is a wonderfull series

    • Richard

      I agree it is my favorite show of all Time. and I’m 42 years old

  78. aman

    plz start season 2 of terra nova. It was an epic show. One of the best i have seen till date.

  79. lbgage

    I hadn’t watched tv for a year. Randomly selected Terra Nova and finished it in 2 days It
    I loved it! Refreshing, entertaining, family values, ethics, morals…what a show!! It is everything that 99% of tv is not about. Terrific actors too. Please bring it back!!

  80. Richard

    Long live Terra Nova

  81. reddwolf

    plz start terra nova plz season 2

  82. Leonel

    SEASON TWO please where the hell you see dinosours in a tv show just in terra nova common

  83. Richard


  84. Irrelevant

    You release Terra Nova season 2 or I will release the Carnos on Fox Network!

  85. Marah Cadena

    I am eager to see this show brought back. I was a huge fan from day one, and continue to be a loyal fan some two years later.

  86. Reagan

    I Randomly selected Terra Nova and finished it in 2 days. and I loved it.
    the entertaining, family values, ethics, drama etc.. I found It is 99.9% everything I was looking for especially the Terrific actors. Also I was sad to find out it was cancelled because I and every other fan out there wants to now what the badlands are and want to know from where the ship’s stern came from. It is too bad that people think more of profit and ratings then creating art, for that Terra Nova is. And every TV show has its audiences, it would be sad for us fans to be punished because someone else don’t like the show. Just, think about this, please.

  87. Pete G.

    Anything Steven Spielberg does is beyond amazing. I couldn’t figure out why it didn’t go father with the cast. Maybe more people could have been added for more stories. More animals could have been added as well, like a large T-Rex, etc. I am a big Steven Spielberg fan, any movies he makes I buy and enjoy watching over and over. The ending with the ship could have really opened up to even bigger discoveries. The fact that there wasn’t a second season was a BIG screw-up on the network!!! Please, bring it back and let us have season 2 and hopefully season 3.

  88. jeremiah

    i to want a second season

  89. Jeff L

    I am mad when it went off the air after season 1. I rate Terra Nova a 10 because I like the plot, so put season 2 on syfy or cw not the sametime as WWE Monday Raw 8pm to 11:05pm, WWE Friday Night Smackdown 8 to 10pm & don’t put it on when monday night football is on too. put it on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or even Saturday night between 8 to 10pm one of those four days. Reason why the rating went down because of WWE & NFL for season 1 last few episodes.

    Plus I like dinosaur, I like T-Rex the most. Hey I can make so many season for Terra Nova for what the plot is about.

  90. Lynn

    Come on what’s happening .we want tera nova to continue on , you have the fans wanting more. Give it a chance, it’s great watching.
    All my family loved watching it.

  91. Wanda

    Our family has watched the show on DVD many times. But we really, really want to see season two. Hopefully it’s in production now so the series can start in the fall.



  93. Theresa

    Yes, I need a Season 2. Can’t wait.

  94. Richard

    My fellow Terra Fans Science chanel on time warner cable is having an all Day Marathon of season 1 episodes set your DV’s to record it

  95. Artur

    make a sequel u bastards, cancel evething people like, even abc family canceled Kyle XY, dont do the same with Terra Nova, make a 2nd season, pls

  96. Elyce Cave

    Please make a season two….this show us awesum!

  97. ANNE

    I Randomly selected Terra Nova and finished it in 2 days. and I loved it.
    the entertaining, family values, ethics, drama etc.. I found It is 99.9% everything I was looking for especially the Terrific actors. Also I was sad to find out it was cancelled because I and every other fan out there wants to now what the badlands are and want to know from where the ship’s stern came from. It is too bad that people think more of profit and ratings then creating art, for that Terra Nova is. And every TV show has its audiences, it would be sad for us fans to be punished because someone else don’t like the show. Just, think about this, please.

  98. terranovafan

    Terra Nov airing all day on science channel!!! Watch it and help it get great raitings to get us season 2!

  99. mike

    Terra Nova Rocks … Can’t Believe We Still Are Forced To Watch These Terrible Reality TV Shows … If They Do Not Make A Second Season They Will Be Making A Huge Mistake … Tv Has Lost Its Way … This Is Why There Is No Hope For The FuTure Of Entertainment … Please help

  100. Melinda

    Please bring it back this is a show we as a family all looked forward to and why are all the good shows cancelled

  101. fan

    Happy to know terra Nova will be back!!

  102. Brenna & Chad

    We loved the first season, where is #2????? 😉
    We were very disappointed that it was cancelled!!!!

  103. Fan

    I am watching the marathon on the sci-fi channel now and seen them all on fox. Been wondering what happened to it. It is a great show and a pleasant viewing series in a world of cr*ppy and most times disgusting reality tv about dumb Kardashian bimbos!!! Those are the ones that should get cancelled! Keeping it on, hopping that I can help the ratings effort to maybe have the sci-fi channel think of picking it up. Hope it can in some way! Really enjoyed it.

  104. Harold

    The premise of the show and the plot are excellent. The “disney” dialogue has to go. But this is a fantastic series. To come is how the past and future will interact with each other. Adab of family dialogue is ok but not 15 minutes at a run. Spielberg knows how this should be written, let him pick the writers. This would be excellent on Showtime or HBO. Forget the dying traditional networks.

  105. Ada Bren

    I cannot believe that tv networks supports trashy tv over good family tv. fox shouldve had some patience to see where it couldve went. Please Bring this show back, i loved it!!

  106. Keith

    I would also like to see season 2 or at least make enough episodes to get past the cliff hanger. I loved the show.

  107. chris clapper

    YES! bring back season 2!! I am so tired of the junk on TV…all the reality shows s*ck

  108. Aliens

    Bring back season two please.
    Just watched the whole series all
    Day on Sunday. I am still hooked
    and would love a second season.

  109. William B

    Terra Nova is the best show to ever exist! I want there to be more! Do I need to donate money? I would donate money if I had to-in order to get this show back on air!

  110. Bayleigh

    I can’t wait for Season 2!!!!

  111. csmileyone

    Please don’t leave us hanging! Bring on more Terra Nova!

  112. Abby

    Have really enjoyed watching the Terra Nova marathon today on the science channel. Was so hoping to find that Season 2 would be forthcoming but I have not found anything on Google to indicate it was picked up by the science channel or Netflicks or ?? Hope the show had lots of viewers so the network would see folks do haveinterest in the show and they pick up Season 2.

  113. Mike

    It was very nice to have the science channel run the whole thing this past weekend. Now I’m left hanging as to the end, and what be the future or should I say the past. Hope there were good ratings so some one would pick it up and complete the story. It may cost millions to make but it will be around for a long time,look at Star Trek, the first series is still in reruns and how many spin offs and movies did it create. Plus it was killed at least once! Just my 2¢ here but stranger thing have happened. It was a good family show for the most part

  114. J

    The thing I found most interesting about the cancellation of Terra Nova is the fact that Fox stated that due to drop in ratings it wasn’t economical to keep the show running (it was the most expensive first season to date).However when Fox looked at the ratings they either chose to ignore the ratings from streaming programs like Zune or Amazon Instant video or they didn’t realize that now days in the modern society we live in the vat majority of people don’t have time to sit down and watch a show at random times during the day, so we’ll watch it when we get a chance through the internet. those numbers more than made up for the “ratings drop” the claimed to get for the show towards the end. Also if you look at how Fox schedules its shows when they want to get rid of a show and blame it on ratings they will move it from its original air time at the end of the week to some crazy time at the beginning of the week(usually Monday). Oh if ever Fox gets a good Sci-fi tv show and cancels it never expect it to go to the SyFy channel because its owned by Fox and they pull the same tricks there. There hasn’t really been any Sci-fi show on SyFy that has lasted more than five years(Stargate SG-1 doesn’t count because it was on HBO for 6years prior to going to SyFy). What it all boils down to is Fox hates Sci-fi and would rather piss off the fans than let a good Sci-fi show really run its course(of course there is always exceptions to their rules). So unless a sensible network like Science Chanel picks up the full rights to Terra Nova don’t expect a second season before Fox goes bankrupt.

  115. Michael Cline

    For crying out loud, science channel please pick the second season of Terra Nova, please you just don’t leave a shows fans hanging like that it not nice, please don’t make us beg oh hell PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE WITH A CHERRY ON TOP

  116. Joshua

    Plz release a 2nd season.. Terra Nova is the best show, it has and awesome cast. The writers know how to keep you on the edge of you seats. Its a great show to watch with you kids. My wife and I loved Season 1 (and yet she is not a Sy-Fy fan, but after watching Terra Nova, she loves the show.)
    Eureka on Sy-Fy no longer is showing, I think that Terra Nova is the next Eureka!!!!
    Please release a season 2 and many many more seasons.!!!

  117. BridgerEl

    I really want a season two! Who would ever cancel this show please let their be a second season!!!!

  118. Brack

    Just started watching Terra-Nova since it aired recently (around June 6, 2013), on sci-fi Channel. I have never seen the show before then. It is a incredibly amazing show and I would watch every episode if they would come out with season two. The show does not get boring due to the new characters it introduces in every episode and amazing storyline. It is a shame to cancel a show that is so interesting and leave all of us viewers hanging and hoping for more. Like one viewer has posted already, that mostly nowadays there’s nothing but crap on TV so why cancel a great show like Terra-Nova? My hopes and wishes are that a network with any sense to itself would pick this show up and run with it. Good luck Terra-Nova!!

    Please (Science channel) pick up Terra-Nova, please please please!!!!

  119. Someone in the Universe

    They must bring the second season!!! There is so many things that I’m curious about….I can’t wait for season 2!

  120. barbara

    please do a second season why is it that good family veiwing is cancelled and they keep doing junk like 21/2 men please do a second season this show is great just watched all of season one on sci channel and really loved it please please PLEASE

  121. Terrence Maher

    I guess 17.2 million viewers just isn’t enough to warrant another season?

  122. Henry Young

    Terra Nova should have a 2nd Season; or made into a movie, like Serenity. Programming as of late has been boring, predictable, and safe. Terra Nova showed some guts, then what? It wimped out just as it gained some traction. Where are the guts that made America great? Perhaps lost in the winds of playing it safe.

  123. Jeff Barker

    Loved season 1 and want more. It just ends bad we need a second season of it!!!!! NOW

  124. FamilyOf4

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE… We need Season 2!! And Season 3… Our family of 4 really enjoyed this show… stayed up late over a few days to watch whole S/1. Of all the questionable, ridiculous shows on tv, this was has a great cast, & entertaining story line. Please pick up this show, somebody????

  125. RT

    Watched the Terra Nova marathon on the Science Channel this July. It was great to see the Season 1 episodes again. I think, it was premature of the Fox folks to cancel the series after Season 1. Terra Nova had better ratings than quite a few shows out there at the time. It should have rightly been renewed for Season 2. Had Terra Nova been on another network it would most likely still be on. Would love to see a Season 2. Gladly tuning in faithfully every week! /^^–;;

  126. amanda

    Yes I would love Terra nova to have many many more seasos I love this TV series 🙂 please bring it back!!!!!

  127. Brandon

    Support the return of Terra Nova here


    We need to make our support catch the needed attention of fox studios

    This was on of the best shows

  128. shelley

    Really wish they could try this series on another network. This is a fantastic show I can actually watch with my kids.

  129. Anuj

    I am so much eagly that i want to watch the season 2 as soon as possible, so please release it fast…

  130. Lish

    My whole family was looking forward to seeing what was to come on Terra Nova. Can someone please take it back up and let them shot a season 2 FORREAL

  131. Josepe

    please please please,
    continue this series i love it, i die for it
    and ai’m still waiting for season 2

  132. TerraNovaFan

    Terra nova is one of the best series please make a season 2.

  133. Robert

    I’ve only watch the series in the last month there’s so much they could do with this idea, i was devastated when i found out they got canceled, i would pay for a second season, “hint” “hint” FOX. Please make the second season.

  134. kate

    that is so rude. i loved the first season and assumed there would be a second

  135. One more Terra Nova fan

    If no season 2, then let it live in in movies.

    Star Trek is one example.

    Profits, profits. Lots of money to be made FX.

  136. Michael

    I do not know why everytime the is such a really good serial they have to say it is not good and sop doing another season… I literaly love this serial, it is everything i like on a seria… I bag u to do season 2 please… i think peple will love it!!!

  137. amanda

    My family loves the show. We thought there would be a season 2 announced soon after the “Tera Nova” marathon on SyFy. We are very sad. NO SECOND SEASON. This is a show we used for family night. There is nothing on television now that we all can enjoy together. Thanks FOX! U S*CK!!!!!!!! Some one needs to take a chance with this. It would develop a following like Star Trek. My kids were already asking for dinosaurs they saw on the show.

  138. Christy

    I just watched this season. Yes I know I am late, but dear lord how can they cancel Terra Nova?!??! It has to be the best season ever! Please make a season 2?!??? It had a wonderful story line, great graphics i mean come on dinosaurs And time travel? How can it possibly get any better? Please make season 2 I beg of you!!!

    • nadzarb

      sorry, but this is one of the best serials, i’ve ever watched…
      bad animation, jurasic park is better than this..
      but story line is good to be followed, and i am curious about badlands…
      but i am still hope that this serial can be continued

    • mex

      totally agree :(!!!!

  139. avg14

    second season… PLEASE!!!!!

  140. mex

    Pleaaaaaaase!! I need a season 2 !!:(( I am kind of addicted ..:D:(
    It’s such an f*cking amazing serial!!!

  141. teq

    Please guys,make season 2 .. !!:(( It is the best serial ever!!!! <33

  142. missy

    My family really enjoyed Terra Nova and are very disappointed that it wasn’t renewed for a second season.

  143. Scott

    Just finished watching season 1 on netflix …… Amazing!!! It had me captivated the whole time . My wife even got interested and she is no scifi fan . WE need season 2 .. incredible story line and characters ! C”mon man start filming !!!!!!
    p.s. I’m jones’n to know what happened in the bad lands !!! LOL !!

  144. Janice

    You have got to be joking….no season 2?!?? The europeans would love this serial! Make season 2, 3,4, 5…!!!

  145. Madi

    So I think it’s to late to do this , but you know how some shows are back by popular demand. Aka they were harrast. So that’s what we need to do. Though I think it’s to late

  146. mike

    I loved that show I really hope it will continue with a second season I really hope so.

  147. Larry's comment

    Al the cr*p on tv and they cancel this?
    Please cancel all the boring reality tv cr*p.
    Just don’t care Who wins silly contests!
    Nothing to watch on tv any more..
    First show I enjoyed in long time.
    This show could have 8 seasons!

  148. dilshan

    i love tera nova & plz make season 2

  149. Walter Corbin

    It would be GREAT to see a season 2. I loved it!!! Me, the wife, daughter, and grand daughter all made it a point to sit down and watch. We have watched Season 1 several times and can’t wait to a Season 2. Somebody needs to pick this show up, they will definitely have viewers. We love it so much we call ourselves “TERRANOVIANS”

    • Jeanette

      i LOVE THAT! TERRANOVIANS! I guess me and my girls are that too!!

  150. Ricardo Valverde

    i need a season 2 because the the first one was so epic. i cant wait until it starts up again.

  151. Marga

    Pelase renew second season, it was nice to watch a good series that was completely difierent from the tipical police shows. Pleassssssseeeeeeee!!!!!!

  152. Rafael

    Si season 2 pleaseeee fantastic and familiar serie. I love it!!!!Hagan el season 2 que esta pasando tienen buenas ideas de series con buen argumento y les dan con cancelar… Esperemos que retomen y hagan por lo menos dos o tres season que tengan una buena conclusion…saludos desde Puerto Rico…

  153. Jimmy

    And still the fans of Terra Nova ask for and plead….. Please bring back a great show that the public loves . It is such a shame to waste all of that great talent and besides the set is such a nice piece of work…… You’ve heard the criticism…. Now blow their minds and put out a great show. Thanks… Jimmy
    P.S. The critics were wrong…. It was a great show!……

    • fiona mcfarland

      Sorry Jimmy but it was not a great show.

  154. Jeanette

    My girls and I both watched Terra Nova on Fox as well as Netflix over and over and we want to see more I love it we love it. PLEASE MAKE A SEASON 2!!!!!!! SEASON2, SEASON 2, SEASON 2

  155. lisa

    Terra Nova is a wonderful family friendly show with well developed characters and a fantastic & more than interesting story line. It not only deserves a 2nd season but a 3rd , 4th , & 5th season as well… PLEASE bring Terra Nova back…

  156. Eric

    I just recently watched the show on Netflix. I remember reading about the series before it came out and thought it would be a good show. Unfortunately, I was never able to watch it until now. I’m very glad I did. The show kept me coming back for more. I loved the concept, the acting, the location, the story, and the emotion. I can’t understand why the show was cancelled. If ratings were down, I blame the promoters because a lot of people I know didn’t even know about the show. The persons I’ve talked to who have watched it loved it. If I had the money, I’d pay to bring everyone back for a season 2. I would really love to see this wonderful show continue.

  157. danielle

    I just finished season one on netflix and am shocked there is not a season two yet. I hope they make a season teo, im obsessed with this show 🙂

  158. kay steed

    too many sci fi shows with enormous potential have been cancelled and yet pro wrestling is on the SyFy channel. Hmmmmm. Give us a break. This show was goood. Nuff said.

  159. fiona mcfarland


  160. Enrique

    Please, please, please bring back season two i cant live with out it and hopefully keep making more please, please please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  161. Rhonda

    My son and I have enjoyed Terra Nova so much. There are so few family shows like this that we can watch together. We love the Shannon family and the whole idea of a new civilization. Please bring us a Season 2!

  162. jay

    Speilberg directed this? Wow. I was really impressed in how it was family friendly and adventurous and clean for all the family to enjoy. Not too many shows like this anymore. Bring back was worked then and now . The show rocks! My son and his friends love it too. The girls in their class also loved it. Please reconsider a 2nd and 3rd episode like all the awesome good shows.

  163. mikael

    bonjours yora t’il une saison 2 de terra nova merci

  164. greatlife

    amazing series, please release season 2!!!!

  165. sharon

    Where can we watch 2nd season. Love it.first season on netflicks.

  166. Patrick G

    I really loved this show very much and I would be thrilled if they made a seaons 2!!

    Please release another season

  167. michelle meghdir

    i watched the whole first season, amazing and highly addictive, i have them all on dvd, please do a season 2 it will be mind blowing!

  168. David

    I enjoyed this series and I would very much like to see it continued.

  169. Sgt. Heineman

    I was serving in Afghanistan while the first season was out. The only thing that kept me going was the new episodes each week. Must have a second season!!!

  170. Bear

    Why do they keep cancelling the good shows and yet they continue all the brainless stupid ones?

  171. Rob

    I would pay for so many canceled series. I gave up on TV and plan on cancelling cable as soon as my contract is up, Stupid brainless shows go on for ever and good shows get cancelled. The reason viewers are low is poor advertosing . I did’t hear of the show until I stumbles across it on Netflix.

    Season 1 was awesome!

  172. Megan Hancock

    Please Please Please make a Season 2 and MORE!!!! The first season was amazing!! I don’t get why all the good shows get cancelled but all the stupid shows about the same stuff on tv keep going. Please Please Please keep Terra Nova going!!!

  173. patrick

    It is a fantastic tv show and I love to see more so please make season 2

  174. Nilda Marrero

    Desperately waiting! Luv this series!!!

  175. Daniel Langevin

    It has been a long time comming , we would love to see the second season of tera nova please

  176. Nalin Sanjaya

    Please make season 2

  177. leanne johnson

    I have really enjoyed season 1, and would really like a second season. A lot of my favourt shows have been canceled as of late. That always seems to happen with fantasy and sy-fi programmes. I would implore the creators to listen to what the fans are saying. To may times in life have things been stopped because it costs to much, and i think this time someone should say no. I’m gonna listen to the people and to hell with it.

    I no that it is more than likly that no-one is gonna read this message let alone ake on it. But just this once i wish someone is listen. PLEASE MAKE SEASON TWO.


  178. karthik

    i am eagerly witing for terra nova season 2…… and my group of friends….are sad about it….being not yet to be released

  179. yolo

    yes yes yes yes yes I want season 2 so bad best show ever

  180. sky

    Come on, we need season 2 of Terra Nova. Can’t leave us hanging like this. Really, it was a great family show for all those parents out there who wanted to watch something exciting and interesting with the kids ages, 9 and 10.

  181. ruben urrabazo

    We need a season 2 carry on the series. Season 1 was brilliant.

  182. Gavin

    lets air season 2 they can’t just leave us hanging we want to see what the phinix and the Sixers are going to do next and who found the camandors son ans helped him escape with no blood trail he must have had a vest on but he did get hit in the arm. we want to see wats in the badlands . And how Josh Shannon girlfriend survived the attack and got away but the sixes have her held captive to get to the camander to give them what they want. And Josh already thinks shes dead until he sneaks out and sees her when he axidently stumbles onto the sixes phinx es camp and sees her.

  183. Shannon

    Just finished season 1 on Netflix with my kids and I can’t believe there is no season 2!?! What about the bad lands? So disappointing; this is quality family television, and that is rare these days! Please reconsider!

  184. Stephanie

    I love the first season and I am so mad it is gone. All my favorite shows they cancelled. I really hope they keep it going. Is there any chance that they will?

  185. Mark Rovers

    Yes. Just make season 2.
    And 3 and 4 etc. 😉
    And they still make Doctor Who ?

  186. marko

    I cant wait to see season 2

  187. Jamie

    please put season 2 of terra nova. i loved the first season i cant wait to see season 2

  188. Josh Shannon

    Terra Nova was by far the best movie/tv show I have ever seen. The actors are amazing, the director amazing and the script was fantastic. I’m really sad and disappointed to see that Fox will not be going through with a season two. I am hoping that some other network will buy it, because honestly with the proper advertisement the show can get twice the views it got with Fox. A show of this quality and of this stature is really rare and one like this will never come again. I beg of you Fox please continue with a season two because I know that many, many fans and I are praying for another season. If I had the money I would give it all to the production of another season. Please, don’t let me down. For Wash and for Kara.

  189. Jim

    Hopefully there are network(s) out there that have enough foresight( or hindsight) to identify programs or series that promote human values. About…no am tired of all of the horror and zombie flicks! Terra Nova had a great mix of sci-fi along with the distinct possibility of a view into our future that made it attractive to thinking minds. Spielberg needs the work.

  190. josh

    Need season2 cant live without it need more terra nova and more Naomi Scott

  191. Joshua

    Plz make a season 2!!!! I love this series

  192. Yan Flores

    Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee we want season 2 of Terra Nova!!! You cant leave us like this… What happens on the the badlands???. here in Puerto Rico we are big fans of the show!!

  193. Roland

    terra nova season 2 shoul be published caused season was so awsome and should not be canceled

  194. Sumaia

    I am really waiting for the episodes of Terra Nova season 2.

  195. Amazonian

    Do you only think about money??? Sure, make your money, but bring back season 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t you see so many people want it?

  196. carlene cochran

    yes and while you are at it how about a half dozen other sci fi programs being renewed like Sarah Connor, alphas etc. etc.

    this is a great family program please do another season. you need to get a new viewer counting system other than that stupid antiquated Nielsen rating system from the 60’s and 70’s jeeze get with it and get it updated with some accurate rating counts.

  197. Beth

    Netflix was the first time I had started watching Terra Nova. My sister put her account on my t.v. went through and found Terra Nova……….I’m totally addicted!!! I would hate to see it end! I don’t watch a lot of t.v. And we get it for virtually no cost to us, but PLEASE don’t stop making this show! It has made me rethink certain citations in my life. I have gone to bed dreaming about this show and how it would pertain to my life. Netflix has introduced me to this show, and without my sister sharing her account on my T.V. I would not know of this wonderful show,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,please keep the new shows coming 🙂


  198. Susanne

    We did just see season 1, me and my daughter, and we loved it! Really hope there’s gonna be a season 2 soon…

  199. kosh

    Dear networkers and people of netflix

    Terra Nova is a great show hats off to the director , screen writer anactors! They did an amazing job loved the action, the love and much , much more! If any networs out there read this could you PLEASE! Pick up the show i would and millions of other fans would would very very much appreciate it! And if the props and stuff cost so much a word of advice is to re use them.or for the the action scenes re-use the scenes from the episodes before you could save lots of money in different ways you just have to think about what you could leave out and cant leave out! Please dont let such an amazing show with such talented actors go to wast networks i know that im just one person but there are so many others who im sure feel the same way.

    Thank you for your time and consideration

  200. Frank

    Ok First off Terra Nova was a great show. I don’t know why it didn’t take off like it needed to for Fox. If I was a betting man, I would say they put it in a time block that had shows that people were already hooked on and Fox did not push the show so people knew what it was. I put this show right up there with Revolution, Walking Dead or even Black list. I never miss them. And if Terra Nova was on that would make the cut to. But cant see them if they are all on at 1 time.

    The thing I am saying it I need to get this Season 2 aired. This is a good show and people like it. So give us a date to start seeing this show.
    I don’t think that the show is why it didn’t do what Fox wanted it to do. I think Fox did not do what they needed to. Fox can do 3 things with this show.
    1. Don’t do anything and let it end the way it is. and they make nothing on it
    2. Sale the show to someone so they can make more seasons on it. And by selling it Fox can make money and we can have a season 2.
    3.Fox can get off there butts and look back and see what they did wrong. IE: marketing the show. start making season 2 and push season 1 hard when al the known shows are running old shows. then they can be pushing season 2 as this years best new show for the family. And if Fox does it right they will have 2 to 3 times the people. And that will make money.

    You cant put out a show and think people will find it and love it. we few did but the numbers are low like this. FOX OFF YOU BUTTS!!!!!!!

    I have 1 ward for you MARKET. That’s what you didn’t do right to start with So fix it and they will come.

  201. John C.

    Absolutely! It should never have been cancelled! I don’t know who they survey, but they to change their ‘demographic’…or get one!
    Every time a good new show comes out that requires intellect and imagination, instead of an IQ under 100 and a taste for foolishness, it gets tanked. They need to pull their heads out, and air more interesting and imaginative shows. It doesn’t have to star the dead, half dead, living dead or supernatural to be a great show!

  202. Todd

    still waiting for season 2, I love the show and my 4 children love the shows, we own season 1 on dvd, please make season 2 even if it goes right to dvd, I would by it.

  203. Victoria W

    I agree with John C. above. One does have to wonder what “demographics” they are polling from. I have been around for a good long time and have never been polled as to what I enjoy watching on TV. Interesting. Anyway, most of us have always watched TV or gone to Movies to escape the current world situation we are in, have our minds stirred to think of other worlds, other lives, true or fictitious, seek out the fairytale, the hero, the happy ending, the humor, almost anything except regular old reality. Something that grabs our thoughts and our being for awhile…something that makes us think…..and when the cast is so good that it pulls you right in, it is even more amazing. Finding these types of shows and movies and even more so, finding ones that can encompass and interest a whole family……sure isn’t an easy take for the maker, the producer, but, now has become an enormous task for the seeker…… finally land on one and the next thing you know….its being cancelled…..remember Kyle XY? So what is the real reason Terra Nova isn’t continuing with a season 2…..who were they asking? Don’t really know if anyone who can make a difference reads these comments, but I hope they do. I am sure it is only a sampling. Hopefully, Terra Nova can return with a season 2 and more. It was a show that provided a little bit of everything for a whole lot of everyones in just about every age group.

  204. tina

    please give us more seasons of terra nova ……very awesome show !!!!

  205. Brian

    Season 2 would be awesome..

  206. Nancy

    Season 2…please!!

  207. mahn

    Season 2!!!!! Season 2!!!!! Season 2!!!!!!

  208. Lee Tipton

    Great show.i would pay to see another season.

  209. Linda Stepien & Kasen Ragsdale

    I recently bought the complete series on DVD and spent my vacation watching it. I was glued to the TV, stopping only to take short breaks. I even took naps on the sofa. I had never even seen the previews of Terra Nova and was so excited to discover it. When I watched the last episode…I said “what! That’s it? What was the mystery of the badlands? What about Taylor’s son? What about the Sixers? How will the people survive without help from the future? I wanted to see weddings and births and everything about it interested me. My grandson, Kasen, was recently at my house and found the DVD’s and watched them while I was at work. When I came home he told me Terra Nova was his favorite program. I am a 61 year old woman and my grandson Kasen is almost 19 years old. This show appeals to viewers of all ages. I can’t believe this was cancelled!!! We think it is great and we hope someone will bring this back for a season two and many more seasons to come.

  210. Derek

    I have the dvd box set and have watched it about 3 or 4 times I and many others need the second series so come on fox give the people what thay want even if you just put it on dvd you will sell it we need to know whaa happens in the end.

  211. lars

    Yes!!!!! Yes!!! Yessssss!!!!! Season 2!!!!! Season 2!!!!! Season 2!!!!!! I won’t to have it!!!!! 2014!!!!!!!??????? can’t wait!!!!!!

  212. Bobbi

    I have recently watch Terra Nova again, it would be wonderful to have this series reconsidered. I very much enjoyed the series. Please take another look at this program. I have been left hanging.

  213. gary

    wtf if fox and other networks aren’t decided to put out another season then just end it. this one would have been easy to. So I say to you fox, F*CK YOU

  214. Matt and Matt's family

    I’m ready for Netflix to pick this up and make a second season just to show fox what a huge mistake they have made by canceling this show Fox you have officially been boycotted from my household Lost a view more viewers now haven’t ya I will not watch fox nor my family watch fox until the one that pulls the strings for this show pulls his/her head out of there as$. Screw you fox come on Netflix get on the ball already and show these idiots my dog could make a better decision than the CEOs of fox networks Thank you Sincerely Matt ,brenna ,Conner ,allyssa and Trent We hope u loosing our five viewers make you idiots go bankrupt !

  215. Nick

    Just watched this 3 times in a row. Please give me season two!!!!!!

  216. Jeff

    I hate it when they take good series off the air and leave us all hanging with an unfinished story, that is just Video Torture. The biggest problem with series cancellations is usually the lack of the corporate advertising for the shows…big hype to get people started watching but never keep up the advertising. Or people get use to the series being on at a particular time on a particular day so people plan their routines to watch or record the shows but then the corporate gray beards change times/days and you never know where to find it. Great show it should be brought back.

  217. John

    Make a season two!!!!!!!!!!! Please season one was awesome and I need a season two! Even if it isn’t on a big network like Fox I believe the show will still do good because many people have seen the whole first season on netflix and are dying to see a season two!!!

  218. Eric

    This is one of the best shows I had seen in a long time. Not only did it have the scifi action but it also still conveyed a moral lesson which is missing in television currently. I would like to see it come back. I think it would be more popular than they can anticipate. I would give just about anything to see more of this show.

  219. Sean

    I am Taiwanese.I love terra nova.And I expect the season 2.Hope can see that.

  220. alanis martinez

    Please make a season 2…I just watched season one and im hook……I love the show!!!!!!!!!

  221. asaga

    save me ds stress…i nid season 2; if possible d season 3…really missing my Zoe..

  222. Adam Burns

    Hey I just found this show on netflix the other day and from the first episode to the last that I just watched today I have been hooked and he’d really hoped to find out when season 2 would be out and was Shocked when I found out that there wasn’t going to be another season.

    I really hope somebody else decides to pick this show up it clearly has a big fan base and I think everybody would love to see the return of TeraNova

    P.S. if Amy Franklin ever finds this page I want her to know that she is amazing and that I hope we get a chance to be together again someday 🙂

  223. aaron causey

    Great show hope there is a season 2

  224. MeiMei

    I’m waiting for season 2. I hope there’s more, I’m hooked!

  225. Steph

    Terra Nova needs to be brought back for season 2!! It’s always the best shows that get cancelled.. It’s been what, 2 years since it’s been cancelled? Tons of people all over the world have seen this show, on Netflix and other streams online. Everyone’s dying to watch it again, yeah.. It wasn’t big when it first came out, but since then.. Many people have viewed it, they love the story line.. Don’t understand how Fox or any other provider wouldn’t want to make the 2nd season. They could at least give it a try, and see if it’s a hit. Who knows, they could make a lot of money off it!!

  226. jack27412

    Totally want to see season two, if there is not one I am never going to watch fox channel again

    Does anyone want to go on strike with me to get Terra Nova season two back on TV?

  227. miadanw123

    I really hope they decide to make a season 2 !! They have to figure out what is going on in the bad lands and how they are gonna make it own their own with out 2149. It just not to end a series with a big cliff hanger like they did!!

  228. Pan

    Please release a season 2 of Terra Nova, just spent my entire Saturday watching all episodes of season 1 and feel I was left hanging with several unanswered questions. Seems very unfair to give a taste of a new provocative and addictive series just to leave its new fans hanging.

  229. Zaid Velez

    Please bring back Terra Nova!!!!!! I hooked!!!!

  230. carson

    make a season 2 so many people want it

  231. john

    Ever since the end of the 1st season I have been waiting very patiently for a season 2. I would appreciate it very much if someone got off the keester and make a tv show so they can earn more money and more importantly make the fans happy. I loved the tv show an still do. But I guess us other 7.2 million people dont matter much to them. If I am wrong then please by all means prove it!!!!!!! Thanks…

  232. shane fortier

    pleaseeee I love TERRA NOVA it cant be done already it was the best show next to defiance which is a great show too and that one is having a second season why cant this one have a second season it should be like endless episodes like star trex or starwars or something I don’t get how people cant like this show its amazing!!!! really wish it would bring back season 2!!!

  233. KenDella Musgrove


  234. charlene

    Terra Nova is a must have- come on hurry up will ya

  235. Tammy

    I would like a season 2 and more please!

  236. C

    when are is Terra Noval season 2 going to be release?

  237. Hernandez

    We stumbled on terra nova on netflix this weekend. Wow we could not get off the couch we were hooked. I am disappointed that’s where it ended. We want more. We definitely want Season 2 this can’t end there!

    • rik

      The same here watching the last episode right now

  238. rik

    I need season 2, or my life wont be the same without it

  239. Emil

    Whathe heck are they canceling it for? Bigger part of europe didnt get it until this year every body is addicted and craving for more!

  240. CR

    Im addicted to the series i will like more episode i need to know how it end that series is awesome and it will be a shame if it dosent have more episode

  241. Kati

    Please continue releasing Terra Nova. I’ve seen the first season so many times and I’m still waiting for season 2. I’m not the only one!

  242. joshua

    it was a wonderful concept and a very well thought out show it should have several seasons IMO

  243. Brittany

    I loved terra nova I watched it religiously when it was on fox and since I’ve watched it over maye 4 times on Netflix I wish Netflix would make it a series or something so we can see a season 2!

  244. Shmuel

    I am a Sci fi buff; I eat those type of shows up so are we going to cancel the current run of sci fi shows to replace them with more silly sit-coms. I hope not; PLEASE TERRA NOVA back!!

  245. Cindy

    I feel as if having this show cancelled was a huge mistake. I don’t watch many series but this one I did. I would be so excited to have another season or 2. Please bring it back!

  246. Mike

    I think there needs to be a season 2. This is one of the few programs that truly had the dinosaurs correctly in the time the show is representing, and everyone likes dinosaurs.
    Please bring back Terra Nova for some closure. It left us hanging.

  247. Heather Holmam

    I love this show

  248. Danny Hernandez

    I’m serious about this, Terra nova was one of my few and favorite shows.They can’t just cut it off without a proper ending. I am sure millions of viewers are eagerly waiting for season 2 as I am. Fox has nothing to worry about, because we are sure the next season will be a success also.

  249. turtlenutt

    Please make Season 2 Terra Nova!!!!! Just found this on Netflix. This is a great series!!!

  250. Dj

    I hate to say fox don’t care what we the people want to watch there always cancleing TV shows that we want to watch Terra nova needs a season two but will they make one I doubt it because all fox realy cares about is money and ratings it does not matter to fox if people like a TV series are not or if a family watch’s a TV series. As long as fox only cares about ratings and money we will never get to watch a family show we the people like to watch! I say bring Terra Nova back and more family shows that people want to watch not what fox assumes we want to watch.

  251. Brian

    Bring on season 2!!! The show was awesome I think it was poor advertising of the show

  252. sampreeth

    its one of the best serials i have ever seen,i would be very sad if they don’t continue it,all i have to say is that i am eagerly waiting for season 2.

  253. don

    come on, get with it and make a new season. If Netflix don’t pick up the show, then Netflix can go.

  254. lori

    great series, loved the show and was very disappointed to find out there was no season 2, it is a shame to cancel the good shows, come on bring it on, we want more.

  255. Ivelina

    Whant to see from it

  256. alan

    I feel thats it is so unfortunate that shows having entertainment value just get shelved because of rating. I think as so many that the story line was really well done and was addicted from the start. I go through the TV guide every day and I find a show that maybe might get some interest. I am such a science fiction type person and I wish that Fox would sit down and rethink there posistion in bring back a season Two. I wonder who takes the poles on rating these shows and why networks can’t see a good thing when they have it. For the fans of Terra Nova , Please reconsider doing another season….. Thanks

    • scott

      poles are done by sales market if dvds and there cr*p dont sell they think it meens no one intrested but i dont see how this one got low ratings one of the best shows thats been made

  257. Mikael

    Me, my wife an our 12 year old daughter just had a marathon weekend with Terra Nova on Netflix. We got addicted! We need more! Get us the TN2 this year!

  258. Petri Vainio

    It is just cruel, why would they leave us hanging on a cliffhanger? I struggle to find any series that interests me. Please produce tera nova series 2.

  259. Bram

    Please make a season 2!!
    Im addicted 🙂

  260. LaDeane

    Please, please, please don’t end this series. I suspect the fault was with the advertising, etc. Many people didn’t know about it. Once I found out, I to am addicted. Please bring it back.

  261. scott

    please make a season 2 this was one of the best tv shows that i have watched in years be a shame for it to stop only after one season

  262. Zabryna

    Terra Nova has been my favorite tv series since it aired in 2011, then I heard it was cancelled and no network would pick it up and I was devestated, this is the best show to come out in years. It’s not too late for a second season!

  263. giveitback

    uuuurrrgggg, I never knew of this show when it originally aired….I would have watched….must have been a poor pre-press release for letting its intended audience know that this would be airing on Fox network…I never heard of this show until I seen it on Netflix….After I watched the first episode, I was hooked…I watched all 13 episodes in 2 days and was looking for more when I found this…they just have to bring it back…come on people why take a good thing away….bring it back!!!!!!

  264. GustavUN

    I am addicted aswell… Come on guys, make another Season! Or 10!
    Ppl are still getting to know it and more keeps watching…

    If it’s the money you should make fans donate 1 dollar, and you would have plenty after a week! Please!

  265. ricebrnr119

    I’m was little late in discovering Terra Nova and loved the show. I was verrrry disappointed to find no season 2. It figures a show that doesn’t have supernatural cr*p in it would get cancelled. There is a lot of us viewers that look for a good sci-fi that replaces Star Trek, Stargate (SG1, Atlantis and Universe) and all the other unnamed shows and when one comes out they screw up by cancelling it. They really did not give it a chance to gain a following by doing another season. I personally think a lot of older viewers (35yrs and up) would have caught on to this series and would have become avid watchers. Fox and Netflix missed an original “Star trek” like opportunity to turn a creeper show into a cult following. Thanks a lot Fox!!! You need to fire the decision maker on this one.

  266. unknown

    Season 2 Season 2 Season 2 Season 2 everybody chant this in the comments

  267. Robert

    Just found and watched the entire season 1 on Netflix. I am now addicted and need a season 2.

  268. GIJOE87

    Bring back a season two watched all of season one last nite and today ,,, this show is awesome

  269. Grimmis

    Love this show really needs a second series, I’m sure one of the smaller networks would take it on.

  270. Josh Flippo

    Heck yeah i want this show for another season, i just finished season 1 last night on netflix, and like any show it left us hanging. Someone needs to get on this and start season two

    • Kiddingo

      Netflix was going to buy the rights to terra nova and make a second season.

  271. Kiddingo

    I own season 1 on DVD and have always hoped for a second season. I wanted to see an end to the cliffhanger in the end of the first season. If they do not make a second season they should at least make a movie for the cliffhanger. Please make a season two.

  272. jon

    Just watched this show on Netflix and we have enjoyed this. Wouldn’t you know Fox would cancel a good show and keep cr*poy shows on TV. I really hope someone keeps thus show going.

  273. Maria

    I really need season two…. Terra Nova has been my oxygen for a week now.. come on please!!!

  274. pawhuska

    I`ve never been a big tv series kinda guy but for the first time im hook`d and want more! i felt it was belivabletoylor kick`s it lolhoping ever hoping we get the second season and a 3rd … ty for the oppertunity to speak may peace,bewell and be Kind…D.

  275. peter

    I really hope that new season will come out because the first one was just so amazing

  276. Alina Tepunkt

    Have seen Terra Nova few years ago and loved it!
    Than I heard that there wouldn’t be a second season and I asked myself ‘Why?’.
    When TN was starting on Tv in Germany I’ve never missed an episode
    and so many of my Facebook Friends were so addicted to that awesome Tv-Show.
    And now I’ve seen that the first season starts on german screen one more time.
    I thought that there is maybe a second season and because of that TN will start
    a second time with us. Then I’ve asked Google and it showed me the sad truth
    – there isn’t a second season.
    Argh! Why are they so mean to us? I mean there are so many shows which were cancelled.
    For example Primeval. Loved that show, too.
    I hope that sometimes a new season of TN (and Primeval) comes out!

  277. shell

    Absolutely love this show. One of the best I have seen. Would love to watch season 2, 3 , 4, 5, 6…get my drift?

  278. selena

    I was really disappointed to see that season 2 of terra nova was not going to come out. I started watching terra nova a couple of days ago and its the best tv show I ever saw, it was really entertaining and it is just amazing. I was really hoping to see season 2 and the rest after that. I believe that the episodes of terra nova should be renewed. I am so sure that a lot of people would like that to happen and I’m positive that if it does become renewed thousands of people would watch it. TERRA NOVA is just an amazing and IT HAS TO BE RENEWED.

  279. Paige

    Please please make a season 2! It’s such a good family show, no swearing, gore & guts, no sex.. Makes a great family show! On another network.. Who cares. But please at least make a season two.

  280. JMG

    Just renew the show, there are plenty of shows in the history of TV that didn’t do so well in the beginning, but became the most popular ever, I would love to see a Season 2, so somebody pick it and put it out there for all to enjoy!!

  281. Floyd Brown

    Just watched it the last couple of days.on Netflix.

    Looking forward to a season 2.

  282. Patrick dippel

    Please bring back terra nova!!

  283. Treisl

    Pleas make season 2 :)))

  284. Frank Ferruccio

    I have a solution to get more seasons well first sign the petitions out there second we need to send letters to 20th century fox and address how torn we were when the show got cancelled third we need to never stop posting, sharing on social media sites and tagging helps alot because we want to tag fox, 20th century fox and all of them

  285. Frank Ferruccio

    If money is an issue I will donate 10$ and I think every fan should that would give fox a 7 million extra dollars and they should cut down on the realism thry dont need to be so realistic it makes the show amazing but some of it can be xut down and saved the show could be cut down to 130 mill for a whole 26 season as oppsed to 100 mill for 13 episodes

  286. kelsey

    Hi I love terra nova it is my Fav show and i want to see season 2 so bad.

  287. terminator

    Please make a second season Bitte bitte bitte greates from Germany

  288. Joseph

    Just watched this series this weekend and I love it. Please bring back season 2!



    • Bailey

      I agree with this 100%

  290. Keturna

    Would like to see the series come back. Enjoyed the 1st season.

  291. taylor

    This is an amazing show found it on netflix and eagerly want a season 2 to be realesed

  292. Amy

    Terra Nova, while I understand it was expensive to make, is worth the time and money to continue its production. Instead of paying people with low morals and poor values so much money, how about spending that money on a show like Terra Nova that promotes high moral values, strong, loving family ties, true friendship, and a sense of hope for the future? Perhaps if televison showed more shows with the quality of Terra Nova, people would come to accept high moral values as the norm, not the exception. That being said, PLEASE bring back Terra Nova!

  293. Innesa

    AMAZING SHOW!!! we want it back!! Love it!!!

  294. andrew

    This show was the best show I have ever seen and idiots just throw it away I can’t believe it…I sit here everyday hoping they finally bring it back

  295. lili

    yesss i , m stilll expect to see it ..i hope….

  296. andrea

    i really enjoy its first season!,. its kinda great tv series ever made.. please i want season two…!

  297. Chris

    This is my favorite tv series and just based on the popularity it has gained from Netflix they should reconsider and continue this AMAZING show.

  298. Tatmans

    What they^said..

  299. Veb

    Keep it on going! This is one of the best sci-fi shows released on netflix, and I’ve been waiting for months for season two release…

  300. jann

    I would rather watch Terra Nova any day over the Dome. I was very disappointed when they did not bring it back…it was one of my family’s favorite shows. PLEASE bring it back!!!

  301. Melissa

    Please bring Terra Nova back!!! Good clean show for a change.

  302. Deborah butler

    I have been waiting for season two sence I got Netflix. I loved season one and was wanting to see more.

  303. Amber

    My son and i just finished Season 1 on Netflix, we want to watch Season 2!!

  304. Jenny

    Just finished watching Terra Nova on Netflix We need a season 2 !!!!!!!!!

  305. Cee

    I have to agree with what everyone else is saying: Terra Nova is an AWESOME show and needs to continue. Unfortunately, I don’t expect to see that happen. For one thing, it’s been what, 3 years since it released? That will cause major continuity problems with Zoe. I mean, she was 5 I think in season 1, now she’ll be much older than she should be. For another, the sad fact is that it’s an original idea, which is something today’s ultra-greedy network executives don’t like. Rather than take a chance on an original show with a good storyline and strong moral values, they prefer to rake in the money with the tired old “cookie-cutter” shows that are currently stinking up the airwaves. If it’s not an idiotic sitcom, a police/medical drama, or a “reality” show featuring a bunch of low IQ morons cursing at each other, the people in charge of what we watch won’t touch it. Fox in particular is bad for this. They did the same thing to Firefly, which in my opinion was even better than Terra Nova, despite the outcries of the fans. We live in a world where the only thing that matters is money, not true entertainment. Anyway, I’ll get down off my soapbox now, and keep hoping against all odds…..

  306. Jc

    I FELL IN LOVE WITH TERRA NOVA!!! It went world wide!!! IT WAS SUCH A GREAT SHOW U NEED TO BRING IT BACK!! IT WAS SO GOOD!! 🙁 and Naomi Scott is absolutely GORGEOUS!! Don’t keep me away from my future wife!!! :'(

  307. Tope

    Make a second season Netflix, we need closure

  308. Silke M.

    I was so sad to find out that Terra Nova ended at Season 1.
    My husband and I always looked forward to watching this adventurous show and still hope Season 2 and many more will follow.
    People watch less TV as our schedules are better suited for watching on Demand.
    We caught on to this show via Netflix and couldnt believe that it was done:(
    It was an awesome Entertainment!

  309. Bailey

    Do you you mean to tell me I have spent two days watching thud amazing TV show to find out that there isn’t going to be a season 2? Okay this show was a great show and to think that it’s been crazy? Is that why it was left off the way it was? So you could leave us happy with a small cliff hanger? to give up? Who cares if the ratings went down? ONLY ONE SEASON WAS MADE SO WHEN YOU STOP THE SHOW HOW ARE THEY EVER SUPPOSED TO GO BACK UP? I cant believe this. I can promise you that if there were more seasons they ratings and viewing would’ve went through the roof. It has a good story line, meaning and the acting Is outstanding. I think that the show should come back. Heck yall could promote it and then people would go back and watch season one and then yall could have season 2 being filmed. Its 2014 people are way more into this utopia theme now then in 2011 bring Terra Nova back with a bang, because as you can clearly see people care. Bring it back and let there be another portal in the bad lands but to a different time and then let them find it, and say there’s a portal in every time they go. theres an idea now work off it and bring Terra Nova back.

  310. Michelle

    Year nova was a great show and we should have more programs that all families can watch. There is way to much dirt and things I wouldn’t let my kids watch. But this is one my whole family watched. It seems they have taken all the family programs off to put trash on the air. They once said that mash, happy days, Cosby,family ties would never make it but it did. Now we have shows like the Simpson’s, south park, earl, and they teach kids how to be disrespectful to others, mean to others and makes it ok to bully others. In this day and time we need more family values then ever. So we find a show that makes you feel good and you throw it away so you can make more trash movies. BBRING BACK TERA NOVA FOR A 2 SEASON.

  311. Mac

    Please air season 2!!!!!

  312. alex

    Please make season two. There are few good shows on tv and just because you don’t get the rating you want doesn’t mean you should cancel it. Smallville had its ups and downs and even when the story changed and people complained it stayed on and got better. Now your rejecting a show that people like and one that others will want to see. Please reconsider the cancellation of terra nova

  313. june

    Just finished season one, loved it. Please release season two. It is a good family show.

  314. anommynos

    please will some 1 show the cast so they can make season 2

  315. Sylvia

    I just started watching Terra Nova on Netflix, and I am addicted. I was really hurt to find out there would not be a second season, it is a great show. Please,please, please release a second season. There is a lot of us that never really watched it, but now that we have we are hooked, only to find out that it has ended. This happens a lot with a lot of the good shows. I hope you can find it in your hearts to give us a second season.

  316. Tyler

    WHAAAT!?!?!? No season 2……. That is depressing I just found this show on Netflix watched it every day until the season ended just to find out there will be no season 2.. I Have NEVER COMMENTED ON ANYTHING LIKE THIS but I would REALLY LIKE TO SEE A SEASON TWO

    I don’t think I’ve ever changed my tv station to FOX… But if they aired a season 2 of terra nova Im there

  317. Frank

    Me and my wife just finished watching Terranova not flexed what the hell season two must go on

  318. terranova freak

    Steven spielberg always have bin my hero but not continuingg this series was like a hell broke lose now i hate him

  319. Jared

    They need a season 2! I miss this how!!!!!!!!

  320. Gayle P

    Please release season 2. Love this series and need to know what’s going to happen to all the characters.

  321. Nick P.

    BRING BACK Terra Nova I love this series and have been waiting so damn long to watch the second series bring it back please!!!!!

  322. Dawn Evans

    I have watch season one and I’m wanting to see season two but to be cancelled upsets me if I new there wasn’t going to be a season two I wouldn’t have watched season one now I’m into this and want to see season to so please make season two I would have loved to be back in that time movie is cool

  323. ana

    Just finished watching on Netflix …. great series _ sorry that it didn’t make to the second season 🙁

  324. Ibnou

    I just discovered this serie of Terra Nova and i love it, i am so upset that season 2 is discontinued and was really disappointed about FOX decision. This is an awesome serie .but i am know left in a limbo with no 🙁
    Please revise your decision and go for season 2.

  325. angela

    I feel terra nova had sort of a responsibility to make another season since it left on a cliff hanger. It was a great show that cannot just be forgotten I mean it was a great show finish what you guys started.

  326. Lily

    Please put a new season!!!

  327. Giselle

    Its 2015 and i still hope for a season 2 of terra nova! I know its been long since its cancellation but people still hope for a 2 season of terra nova. This show is great it has a lot of people that support it and want to see it succeed. Its 2015 new goals = 2 season of terra nova. Please!

  328. ava

    YES its so amazing season 2 hast to come out i mean I’m 10 years-old and i like the show. and believe me not many 10 year-olds like shows like that. so please show season 2.

  329. Shawn Taylor

    This is F-*-C-K-E-D up . I just watched all the episodes of Terra Nova and LOVED it . But am so angry there is no more . Had I known I would have been left in LIMBO I would never had even started it . You should have warned us . Good programs with no smutt is hard to come by . I would rate this a 10 if that rating exsisted . PLEASE CONTINUE MORE EPISODES .

  330. Jay

    I started watching this series on Netflix since I’ve always been interested in dinosaurs but I never expected my wife to get so hooked on it too! Please continue the series!!!!!

  331. Robert Lynch

    What an amazing show! Please make a season 2!

  332. Mike

    I need season two where are you

  333. Christian

    OK so it should now be extremely clear that the audience for Terra Nova has not died. So now the question is who should we be talking to to get it back on the air. I really need to know what was in the bad lands!!!!

  334. BCS

    I am addicted too just saw this in Netflix and I hope they will move forword with season 2 !!

  335. adrian porras

    Please,please,bring season 2,,,I really love this show,,and I miss Elizabeth,

  336. Bill

    I love how the writers put this together and would just like to know why can’t you guys give us one more season?

  337. nessa

    just ran across this in a second hand store and it looked interesting, now my whole house is addicted, but sad to say there is no other season, we would love for season 2 to premier. devastated that the show was so short lived, finished the entire 1st season in 2 days 🙂 LOVED IT AND ALL IT’S CHARTERS 🙂 PLEASE BRING IN SEASON 2!!!!!!!

  338. Unity

    please do season two I just finished season one! love the show!!!!!

  339. court

    I love this show!!!!! I want to know what happens in season two. I think it was such a good story line and Fox just killed it. Stupid. It could have been a great series.

  340. Michael Valentine

    Please continue the series into season 2. I love it. Lucas is still alive. What is in the badlands? To many questions left open. Spielberg doesnt make something, he makes the best. This is history, science, astrology, and the genius daughter. Dinosaurs? Is really all that needs to be said. Make the show again. Lucas knows how to make another raft in time.

  341. Jamie

    Please make a season 2

  342. Elena

    Come On why do we get addicted to a show and they have to freaking cancel it same thing happened with the river, well at least for me

  343. Shaun

    Please bring back Terra Nova back
    I seen it when it was first on TV and recently watched it with my girlfriend who doesnt really get into tv series but loved this show and mad me remember how good it was.
    please bring it back
    its not too late !

  344. David Poynton

    I am waiting for TERRA NOVA SEASON 2 to release

  345. Asja

    So here goes why season 1 went bad, maybe you should first make it world wide before giving the finger, that is towards fox. In Holland it came out early september on netflix. It has been watched a big amount. Lots of people want the show. Cant believe you make a show, cancel it after 1 season and after you cancelled you sell it to other Country’s. To Steven Spielberg, there are more fish in the sea then just Fox. Try to sell it on a other network station. Do not get yourself hit out in just 1 play.

  346. kwabena.Anning

    This movie is so fantastic.keep it up..

  347. Jill

    My boys and I are eagerly waiting for season 2. My husband and I watch on network when it was airing. My boys have found it on Netflix and are HOOKED! They are super upset that it was cancelled and there are no more episodes. Please make a season 2. FOX is NOT the only network.

  348. michael

    It would be nice if they would put a show in a time slot and leave it there and for them to make a show the people like, like Terra Nova and not do the stupid voting polls and do it for the fans and people and not just their pockets for a change , good story ,great acting , and great effects , Fox and Spielberg need to do it for us for a change . Bring Back Terra Nova . or cant you read .?

  349. Maria

    I just finished watching season one of Terra Nova not realizing that there was never a season two and so on . I really enjoyed season one and would hope some how filming season two is in the NEAR future regardless of how everyone looks now . Please bring back Terra nova .

  350. Hannah

    Season 2 is needed, im addicted to this show.

  351. Richard hammiel

    My son loves dinosaurs and my wife and I love the show please make a season 2 PLEASE!

  352. Alicia Absher

    I am awaiting season 2 of Terra Nova! I am addicted! I don’t like how they get us hooked then say that there may not be anymore!

  353. samantha

    please continue this show most people don’t even get into a show until the second season where it was left off left a lot unsaid

  354. Kristen

    i jst finished season one on Netflixs. it was awesome!!
    I want do badly to see season two of Terra Nova! too much is left hanging. Ready for the adventure to continue!!!

  355. Evon

    Waiting for Tera nova season 2.
    Can’t wait to see it.

  356. Andy

    Very unfortunate that they discontinued the series. It seams like every series I enjoy gets cancelled. The series was very good.

  357. Nita

    Still waiting for Terra Nova Season 2!!!

  358. Sara

    I was beyond disappointed when I learned Terra Nova ended at season 1. I too started watching it on Netflix and couldn’t quit watching!!! It has a great back story, a great story in general and it was left with such a clicker hanger feeling. My boys and I watched together. It’s rare to find a tv show appropriate for children while still being interesting to the parents. Please bring Terra Nova Back!

  359. Michael

    Fox, you s*ck. Everytime a great show starts to take off it’s all about money. I will never watch your stations again.

  360. JB Wood

    My family and I would enjoy a season 2 and more. The show was/is equal to a great western or outstanding space adventure. I was so looking forward to the badlands episodes.

  361. dante

    ofc i want season 2 and im waiting for it

  362. John H

    Really….myself and many of my friends and family are still talking about why this program was canceled while so many…and I mean a lot…of junk reality programs are still running amuck.

  363. Maria

    My New addiction….Terra Nova… Please make season 2 come alive, need to find out what is in the Badlands and learn more about The Shannon family and their future in the past.

  364. kim

    I just watched this show on Netflix and I would like a second season. Too bad you cancelled it

  365. julz

    I watched this series when it first hit the tv, bought the DVD, and still watched it on Netflix please please please make the second season for tv , DVD, or at least a book this show was and still is awesome and Fox just dropped it leaving myself and many others dangling with no end and no way to get one. Fox admit you made a mistake and fix it bring back Terra Nova

  366. Brandon

    I agree with all these people up there. Im addicited to this show. Bring back Terra Nova plssss!
    Fox made the biggest mistake ever by cancelling this amazing show. I push everyone to watch this show its one of the best shows i have ever watched. Hopefully if everyone helps we can have a sequel season to this EPIC television seris!!! #Season2

  367. Elisabeth

    How about Netflix putting out Season 2. That would solve all the problems. I just love Netflix and yes it could improve but I love it still–nothing like it.

  368. Angely

    I just found terra nova on Netflix and I love it. Please please bring back terra nova. I would like a second season. Too bad you cancelled it please bring it back

  369. Tamekha

    PLEASE make a second season, such an awesome show, I am addicted!!!!

  370. des

    2015 here, Second season please? 🙂

  371. eid khattar

    Terra nova is the most beautiful tv series i have ever seen. A season 2 is a must be. Please make a season 2 for terra nova or simply continue the first season its so beautiful the story is amazing and i would rely like to know if there will be something between josh and skye <3 i love them.
    keep working on new episodes guys and please dont let ur fans down

  372. Alex


  373. Ahmed Alkhudari

    they should reconsider producing season 2 now specially with today’s 3D graphics level, it should be more realistic and attract more viewers, since now days ppl r more interested in sci-fi/fantasy productions more than before

  374. Rebecca James

    So, did they ever have a season 2? Really would love to know.

  375. Michelle

    I’ve been looking for the Terra Nova show every since it first showed I liked the show and my son is a dinosaur fanatic it would be nice to watch the show again I’ve been waiting for the second season for quite awhile thinking I just didn’t have the correct date or day it was one of the show my son and I love to watch together that we enjoyed. Please return the show it would be nice to watch it again. Thank you Michelle and John.

  376. gjgko

    I want to see a season 2

  377. Kent

    I so wish for season 2 to start, but why was it canceled in the first place it was one of the top TV shows of 2011.

  378. Demetrice

    Where is season 2

  379. Tanya

    Are you serious?! Please Spielberg bring this show back!!!!! Trust me there are plenty of viewers!!!! We are waiting and its 2015!!!!

  380. joann

    yes would very much like to see a season 2

  381. Saajan pokharel

    Plz bring it back

  382. Dustin sprague

    Please bring it back I love this show!!!

  383. Chce

    Please bring to life terra nova season 2!!! I love love love it so much I have watched the first season about 10 times now. its such a great show and I wish you guys would bring it back because I’m just so excited about where it left off leaving a huge cliffhanger about the boat!! Please and Thanks!!!!!

  384. whalkay

    I need a season 2! I watch the whole season before I read that there was no season 2! Must make a season 2!

  385. Sabirah

    It is not fair to get caught up in a great show, just to not have it resume, I can’t stop thinking about what is going to happen next. What is out there in the “bad land” please bring it back. and I hope it isn’t to late to get the original crew.

  386. Victor

    Just seen this show on Netflix, if season two is already filmed please show it

  387. adam

    This show is gripping, season 2 should be done, leaving an show with a twist like that is bad, we all think we know what going to happen but would be better to see if we are right. Was there another time hole in the bad lands did it happen in the past what I want to know… AIR IT MAKE IT DO IT RIGHT NOW

  388. Jackie King

    I love terra nova n please bring back season 2 !!!!

  389. zane


  390. Mike

    I just finished the last episode, very disappointed that there are no more for me to watch. This is a great show!! Steven Spielberg did a great job with it and I cannot believe it wasn’t completed. I was overseas when this came out so I thought it was a newer release.

  391. Cristian

    This many people commenting care about the series please try to bring it back.

  392. christi

    I just started watching this on Netflix. I’m very disappointed that there is no season 2. If Fox doesn’t want to make it, I wish another network or Netflix would pick it up. Terra Nova could really be a great series.

  393. jerry brown

    this is a great show. It needs to be continued.

  394. Jimmy

    Hi I’ve been watching terra nova for a really long time now and it upsets me when I hear that season two was never released and I have been waiting for so long now and I just really love the series and the actors and the sorry behind it all. I hope that they will make a season two and continue the series of terra nova

  395. Seif

    I just watched terra nova on mbc action and it was extra ordinary fantastic and i am waiting for season 2

  396. Rob And Melissa

    The day we found Terra Nova we feel in love with the program. My family makes this a family night with the show being viewed in our living room sitting on the edge of our seats. Please make a season 2 for this is a movie for families to enjoy together and besides you have left us hanging with wondering what is going to happen next.

  397. Tanja

    I so hope there will be a number 2 season. My son and I love the show

  398. anna

    Watched on T.V. was so disappointed no more. Waited and waited. Still disappointed in FOX

  399. Lizzie

    Please please bring back Terra Nova ..a season 2 would be great, an amazing series can’t be left in limbo needs to be followed up with the Badlands.

  400. christine flechner

    I just found terra nova on Netflix and spend my hold day watching it i loved it so much action.and my son loved the hole dinosaur thing . point to be made i was hoping there was a second season and to here it was canceled was a big let down. I’m really hoping if fox don’t bring it back that Netflix would cause leaving it like that did would be very disappointing.

  401. krystal bunker

    Omg……. I’m heart broken I just finished the first season and to find out they cancelled the show how could they i love it it needs to come back PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  402. Anita Hufferd

    I found complete series on DVD at Walmart rather I seen them or not I always grab cheap complete series lol an I was an still am in love with this Terra Nova I really wish an believe they should make 2nd one showing what they search an find in the bad lands they ended it weird an open wide open the man escaped there an they find that artifact in the case well tell us why he went there what they find come on with the part two

  403. Connie

    Just found this show on Netflix,Loved it’s.Sure would like to know what happened next!PLEASE

  404. Krystal Pantoja

    Please release the second season, this show is GREAT!

  405. Chris

    Can’t beleive Fox cancelled this show watched the whole first season loved every minute what were they thinking bring it back. It deserves a continuation. Somebody be smart do the right thing the people have spoken. We want more Terra Nova.

  406. steve

    Great Show – for me session one was a foundation to creating something really special in session two – please bring this show back

  407. Tony

    terra nova season 2 needs to come out

  408. jack baker

    Apsolutey gutted u haven’t made another season come can we have a update its now 2016 4 years later and can I just say terra nova is awesome best series I’ve ever seen

  409. Josh

    there wont be another season 2 it was Canceled and who ever made that choice needs to rot in hell i bet its the same f*ckers who killed off firefly.

  410. Mrs. Saw

    Please bring back Terra Nova my husband and I really enjoy this show. There’s not a lot of good programs on tv. Now that we’ve found one they want to not continue it. Again! Please PLEASE!!! BRING TERRA NOVA and same cast back!! We really would appreciate it!

  411. Shimoje

    PLEASE!!! BRING TERRA NOVA and same cast back!!

  412. ??

    BRING BACK TERRA NOVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  413. Vince DiDonato

    better late than never
    Please bring back Terra Nova
    From my 12 year old and me.

    Great Series, I just rewatched it on Netflix.

    Would love to see this continued…….

  414. Michael

    need season two found on Netflix great series.

  415. gwen

    Please bring back terra nova I just found it and love it. Please

  416. Cynthia

    Whached this on netflix it was great. I really hope season two will be aired. It was a great series, different yes, but well worth watching and I look forward to it continuing.

  417. Mojomamasan

    Didn’t this same thing happen to the Original Star Trek, low ratings among some but a hit w/a few, only to get revived andngo on to become the blockbuster franchise we know and love today??? Just sayin….
    Somebody’s missing a golden opportunity here…bring Terra Nova back w/it original cast if you can!
    Itz a good little show w/alot of potential…just pick it up where it left us all hanging and all will be forgiven!

  418. Lady Pink

    This show is amazing. My children (1-9) love it. It is the only modern day show that has prehistoric details. It teaches survival skills as well as the “Walking Dead” series. Maybe AMC could pick it up?! There is most definitely a place for this show, find it! I rather enjoy learning new ways to stay alive!!!!!

  419. Sarah

    I am 25 and a girl. I only found this show on Netflix yesterday and I’m absolutely in love with it. What an awesome show. It has everything. Romance, drama, family, the past and future tied into one, prehistoric dinos and much more!!! Something for everyone! Why cancel it? What a stupid move! Bring on Season 2. We want it! It is one the first shows I’ve found that I actually like. Not all that Kardashian waste of space! Terra Nova is all about imagination and creativity! It is really really great. It has the potential to be amazing! Cancelled in 2011 and people are still discovering it and loving it. Season 2! Season 2!

  420. gloria sterling

    yes please run season 2

  421. Tara

    Why does netflix show season 1 in many series if there never will come a seson 2. I cant wait for seson 2.
    Netflix stop sending just 1 season of so many difrent series if all people in netflix knows season 2 never come

  422. Joshua Wilson

    I Understand that FOX right holders are people but come on this is one of the great shows they had and Pissed away. I honestly think the series was a major hit and they only pulled their numbers from a small Demographic. Season 2 needs to be made and all the following seasons after. This show may have been a few years to soon, now that we are a few years later relaunch is in order. A show hitting on future times, dinosaur, romance, mystery , he’ll even murder deserves a second chance. If I had the funds I would buy the rights and all scripts written to date find main actors to look as much like the original cast as possible hell some of the original cast too and relaunch this amazing show myself. In short bring it back and make your money by doing something smart this show will have the ratings you like just give it another shot.

  423. Tamara Turino

    Of course GREAT to have it back I cant wait to see it All my family leave whatever doing to enjoy it TOGETHER Awesomeeeeeee

  424. Kaila

    I want Terra Nova back…Im addicted!!!!! Please bring it back!!!

  425. CommanderTaylorForPresident


  426. CHRIS

    Dont leave us hanging . whats in the badlands a portal.. ? aliens? ancient ruins? come on season 2.. my son loves this show

  427. Alanna


  428. Felicia

    Why is something always cancelled that I really enjoy….Stalker was another that bit the dust. If I was only a producer with lots of money!

  429. Lawrence

    tera nova should come back for season 2 as it is the best show ever

  430. Tgigi

    Where is season 2…. I’m waiting

  431. lucky

    Amazing film… waiting for season 2…. please release soon….

  432. Charlene

    Please make season 2 there’s alot of people that love this show and i’m one of those people please keep makeing this T.V. show.

  433. Stephen

    This one goes out to Fox BC for cancelling season 2 !!! #MORONS !!

  434. Donna

    I heard Netflix was trying to acquire this show.I just finished season 1 and would like to know what happens next!

  435. JoAnne

    It is 2016 I just finished watching season 1 of terra nova. Where the show left off how can they not have a showing of season 2. I sat up all night binge watching the series. I hope Netflix shows season 2 soon. There is so much left up in the air At least give us closure for what happened to Lucas, what is in the Badlands, what happens to the colony now they are cut off from 2149 and what does Mira do now she cant get to her daughter. So many questions that need answering!!!!!!!

  436. Robert Hallmark

    Loved this show

  437. Danielle

    Terra Nova has been cancelled since 2011. It is now 2016 and people are still requesting the show. TAKE THE HINT WE WANT IT BACK, WE WILL WATCH IT!!!!!!

  438. Menu

    I want terra nova season 2,please bring it back,don’t leave such a great tv series ,plz plz

  439. Kaleb

    Plz make another season I’m begging yall!!!

  440. Dan Lyons

    I only just watched Terra Nova, and that bit at the end, leaves you with question, question that should be answered with a season 2. You can’t just end it like that. That’s just dumb. And if there’s no season 3 don’t end it with a to be continued scene, think before you do.

  441. Fredrick Sharp

    Season 2 NOW! There is still story!!! And it’s easy to explain why characters are older! Get to it!!! We want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  442. Tobias (DK)

    Give us Terra Nova season 2 please!

  443. Ryan

    Plz this was one of the best shows I already miss it and I only just finished the first season 10 mins again plz for the love of god make another season and more after that I want to know what’s in the bad lands why the bowe of a ship was in there plz just make one I need this in my life they always cancel great shows I’m I’m tired of them canciling the great shows that it of propel love

  444. kavindu

    give me terra nova sesaon 2pleazzzzzzzzzzzzzzz we want it. it is very grate show pleas give terra nova sesaon 2

  445. Casaandra Bremiller

    I am confused I love terra nova I dont understand what fox was thinking cause. I have been waiting for terra nova season 2 for awhile. I give this a 5 star’s…

  446. Jeff R

    I just rediscovered Terra Nova on Netflix. I remember how much my Wife and I enjoyed this show back in 2011 and I can’t understand why it was ever cancelled. Watching season 1 again on Netflix just reignited my passion for the show and I just want to say:
    NETFLIX, PLEASE PICK UP THE BALL & RUN WITH IT!! We would all love to see more seasons of this show!!

  447. Susan kassick

    I just recently started watching series on netflix, first haven and then terra nova. I was so disappointed to find both of them were cancelled. It is very frustrating to spend so much of your time on a show you enjoy and then find its not going to be continued

  448. Marie-Claire

    Just found the series.
    My son and I love it… so far.
    Looked up season 2 and discovered the horrible news.
    I’d never heard of the show until yesterday.

  449. Devani Ocana


  450. Spencer

    Please bring back season 2 . PLEASE

  451. Ads Colbert

    Our whole family loved the Terra Nova series and we are very disappointed that it was cancelled.
    We would love it if they change their minds and came out with season 2

  452. Dwayne

    2016 watched on Netflix.
    I feel it would do well and more would watch if Netflix would do a season 2 or a 1-3 shows to close all the cliffhangers left.
    Bring closer.

  453. John Joiner

    Bring the show back!!!!!!!!

  454. Ada johnson

    I just found the show terra nova, on Netflix. Watched it all in 2 days. It’s was an awesome show. It was a wholesome family show and I guess because it didnt have sex, nudity and foul language it couldnt possibly have good ratings. U r wrong. There r a lot of people out there that do not need the excess waist that’s thrown in most movies. The movie was excellent. Shame on u Fox.

    • Vincent hall

      I am gutted it doesn’t have a season 2. My kids our fuming would like to se a film if not another series.

  455. Scott Askins

    I really hope season two comes out soon. I am really mad that it has not yet.

  456. Sam.

    I just finished Terra Nova on Netflix. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE SHOW!! please bright it back. I want season 2 and so on!

  457. whin

    I just love this tv show… wonder why they cancelled? hope the people behind this will reconsider the decision… from Qatar here.

  458. Vincent hall

    Someone have a word with netflix Steven speilberg fox anyone who will listen bring back terra nova

  459. Darren

    Terra nova is great I want to see season 2

  460. mujtaba

    I love this show we want season 2 pleas
    Any updates? About sesson 2

  461. Carlos

    Terra Nova Season 2 is Needed. You can’t leave all of these Fans Hanging including me. Please Fox we need an Update on the New Season. Even till this day Fans are waiting.PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!!!!

  462. Possy P.R.

    Please consider a sequel! I don’t care if the actors are getting older, just say there was a time and the badlands were dangerous to navigate without them fortifying and bolstering their capabilities. WE WANT A SEQUEL!!
    I am sure Netflix has brought many many people back to viewing this.
    Sometimes shows lose views for unrelated reasons, a sequel after all this time could be the needed surprise to bring this back to the spotlight.

    Ark Survival (game on steam) is very profitable (check steamcharts)

    The dramatic world of dinos are the in-thing!

  463. Cathy

    Ugh. Here it is, 6 years after this show aired. I just found it on Netflix and watched THE ENTIRE SEASON in one sitting (gotta love a sick day)… and it was AMAZING. Best show I’ve watched in a very, very long time. I’ve always been a huge dinosaur fan and for some unknown reason, there are very few quality dinosaur movies/tv shows. Terra Nova season 2 (and 3 and 4 and 5…) NEEDS TO HAPPEN! Steven Spielberg, get on this train!!!! Look how many fans are begging for more! Facebook pages for this show, comment boards on every site I’ve researched this show, everywhere you go… WE ARE DESPERATE!!! Netflix needs to approach Fox again and work something out… Please put us out of our misery and give us more!!!

  464. Lori

    Yes i want season two! I hust found on netflix and i love it!!!!

  465. Mindy

    Terra Nova come back!!!!!!!!!! I’m so mad for the show being cancelled!!! Terra nova is one of the best shows I’ve ever seen.

  466. Silvia Ortatepe

    I loved the serie terra nova,and I have watched sesong 1 many times in longing fore more sesong ‘s. I gave this serie to my mother and also she loved it and were so sad when sesong 2 didn’t come. I hope so very VERY much that it will come back and continue looooooong time terra nova became my hole family’s favorite,and we miss it so much,please continue to make…

  467. Doina

    I also think the cast is remarkably chosen for the right character…the subject can go in every direction with many possibilities all around. This sis also an opportunity to remember to take care of our environment … so is politically correct . One more thing…good actors and also very good looking…something to enjoy is also the wonderful nature…a bit like AVATAR , but different enough.
    AVATAR was so predictable …this one is not so easy to guess… I hope the cast is not to old now ….will be a shame to replace any of the main characters …
    Good luck with the new Series.

  468. Frank j. Garcia

    Terra nova, great story line and great actors. Please come back.

  469. Cindy

    Just watched Terra Nova on Netflix season 1, and loved it. I would definitely watch.

  470. Linda Reid

    Sad to hear there will not be a second series I’m absolutely hooked,been watching on Netflix and watch at least 3 episodes a day

  471. Thomas Cole

    Yes make a season two

  472. Gregg Barnes

    we need another season of Terra Nova ….. June of 2017 ….. please

  473. Mike Martin

    I remember seeing the ads for Terra Nova back when it first aired but it was during a time slot that I was working and I didn’t have a DVR then. I had forgotten about the show until I found it on Netflix a couple of days ago. I watched the entire season and thought it was a great show, with some SciFi, some drama, struggle, love, family, etc. Most TV shows today do not get into REAL life struggles, just shoot’em up, gore, garbage or overly sickly lovey dovie unrealistic fantasy and they wonder why the youth of today are so messed up ethically.
    Terra Nova is a good family program that shows what humans can do when they work together. Terra Nova deserves to continue. Netflix, FOX, Spielberg, PLEASE bring Terra Nova back!!!

  474. Michelle

    Please bring it back we in South Africa enjoyed it very much. Stayed up late just to watch it. I found it the other day and re watched it, forgot how good it was sat up all night and watched all 13 episodes.
    So PLEASE Netflix and Mr Spielberg, bring it back. WE WILL be waiting TERRA NOVA FANS OF SOUTH AFRICA.

  475. Calvin

    I think Terranova is great and has been canned way too early. When will TV executives learn the lessons from Firefly? Maybe a film can be made? Serenity was made because of the groundswell of support for a Firefly come-back.

  476. Robyn

    I have been watching series 1 of TERRA NOVA on Netflix and I am addicted to the show and hoping to watch series 2.

    Terra nova has been my favourite series. Please bring TERRA NOVA back and PLEASE release Series 2 soon.

  477. Robbi

    I LOVE WATCHING TERRA NOVA and I am gutted series 2 was cancelled???? WHY???? This show had ethics which is a rarity today. I watched the entire series one within a week, I was so hooked. I Love this show.

    I cannot believe there is no more episodes of Terra Nova to be released! WHY? I found and watched TERRA NOVA on Netflix and I am very upset that there is no series 2 to watch even though I have searched the internet and know there is a series 2 that has been made and rejected! WHY REJECT A SHOW THAT IS SO GOOD???

    PLEASE BRING BACK TERRA NOVA SERIES 2 and keep on making more episodes. TERRA NOVA is my favourite show of all time. Please keep it going?

  478. Sef

    Terra Nova is AWESOME! Why wasn’t there a season two?! Why?! It was one of my favorite shows that never got it’s continuation! You ended on a cliffhanger! I wanna know!

  479. Gean

    yes as I have watched season one many times in the hope of seeing a second season come.
    Even my six year old loves it and asks if there is more.

  480. tururu

    just bring it back… the best

  481. Tricia

    Come fox put series two of terra nova on

  482. Anna Leskiw

    Bring back Terra Nova please, it was one of the best show ever

  483. Bethany Mayfield

    Absolutely, positively PLEASE continue Terra Nova!!! I’ve been a Sci-Fi fan my whole life (I’m 54 now) & it is one of the Best Sci-Fi shows Ever!!!!!!!!!

    • Prayag Krishna

      Watched it when i was a kid and now rediscovered it after all these years and i feel nostalgic and sad that it never got a second season

  484. Vivian D Gloria

    I am so upset that it was cancelled, like home and away I WILLnot get to see clean shows.
    please bring back TNOVA 2 and home and away Ep 402 and more

  485. Mp3FF

    It is a good series, I have been waiting for a long time to see the next season I saw Chapter One in a way that was very censored It was, but I watched the first season until episode 10. We, Iran, are very unfortunate.

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