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Station 19 season 3 release date 2020

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Station 19 season 3

There is an exact release date for the Station 19 series on ABC in 2020. Are you ready for Season 3? When to wait for the premiere?

Last spring, ABC presented a new spin-off of the series Grey’s Anatomy, called Station 19. From the first days, the series managed to attract the attention of a large audience, consisting mainly of fans of the original series.

Critics reacted to the series rather mediocre, but the audience appreciated the show and are now waiting for the release date of Station 19 season 3. We have prepared for you a lot of information that you will be interested to know.

Interesting facts about the show:

* The series was created by Stacy McKee, creator of Grey’s Anatomy.

* The pilot series was integrated into the series Grey’s Anatomy. So the 13th episode of the 14th season of Grey’s Anatomy is the pilot of the Station 19.

* The premiere of the first season took place on March 22, 2018 on the ABC channel.

* The series is designed for an audience over 16 years old.

* The project is being produced by ShondaLand and ABC Studios.

* The shooting of the series took place in Los Angeles.

After showing the second season, the creators did not test the patience of the fans and immediately reported that Station 19 was extended for season 3. At the moment, the exact release date on the ABC channel in 2020 is already known, but read about it below.

The plot:

The plot of the series revolves around the life and work of employees of the fire department 19, located in Seattle. These people are real heroes, as they often put their own lives at risk, saving those who were captured by fire. Often they have to interact with doctors at a nearby hospital.

But the heroes encounter difficulties not only at work, but also at home. The guys spend more time at the workplace than at home, which negatively affects relations with households. However, even this will not force them to quit their job, because the realization that you are doing something good is worth a lot.


Andrea “Andy” Herrera is a confident lieutenant in Fire Station 19 and the daughter of Captain Pruitt Herrera. She is acting as captain of the unit. The role was approved by Jaina Lee Ortiz.

Benjamin “Ben” Warren is a rookie firefighter at Station 19 and a former anesthetist who became a resident surgeon at the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Married to Miranda Bailey. The hero was played by Jason George.

Jack Gibson is a lieutenant in Fire Station 19. Passionate, energetic, and fearless. The role went to Grey Damon.

Victoria “Vic” Hughes – Junior Firefighter. She was played by Barrett Doss.

Travis Montgomery – one of the firefighters of Station 19. Hero was played by Jay Hayden.

Dean Miller is a charismatic fireman. The role went to Okieriete Onaodowan.

Maya Bishop – currently working as a firefighter, in the past she was an athlete and participated in the Olympic Games. The role was played by Danielle Savre.

So what’s next?

Fortunately, the series has already been renewed and is now almost ready for the premiere of the new season. We have official confirmation that on January 23, 2020, the ABC channel will release the first episode of the 3rd season of the Station 19 series. On the same day, the original series Grey’s Anatomy is expected to return to the second half of the 16th season. As you can see, in January we will have something to see, so we won’t be bored.

Also waiting for the release of the 3rd season of Station 19? Share your impressions about the show in the comments below.

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