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The 100 season 7 release date 2020

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The 100 season 7

Now we want to know the release date in 2020 on The CW of The 100 season 7 series, because it has been extended and is already in development.

Post-apocalyptic themes have been gaining popularity in recent times, perhaps because of this, the ratings of The 100 (The Hundred) series are kept at a high level. The sixth season is over and fans are already looking for a release date for the 7th season. We are constantly following the news and are ready to share with you some information about this TV-project. More details in this article.

Facts about the series:

* The basis for the series was the work of the same name by Kass Morgan.
* The project was developed by Jason Rothenberg.
* In early October 2012, The CW acquired a pilot script from Alloy Entertainment, and already on January 25, 2013 made an order for a pilot episode.
* On May 9, 2013 the series received a green light.
* The series was filmed in Vancouver.
* The average duration of one episode is 43 minutes.

Do you know it? :
It was originally planned that Raven Reyes, played by (Lindsey Morgan, would die in the first season. But not only didn’t happen, the actress was also included in the main cast of the series.

The plot of The 100 TV series:

Almost a hundred years ago, the Earth was subject to a nuclear explosion, which destroyed all life, in any case, it is believed so. However, there are surviving earthlings who huddle in a huge space station called the Ark. As often happens, resources tend to run out, and there’s no place to replenish them, so for the slightest misconduct there is the death penalty. But this rule applies only to adults.

And then once a hundred violators of the order who have not reached the age of majority, it was decided to send to Earth, so that they checked whether it is possible to return to their home planet. Something goes wrong, and the guys are planted in the wrong place where it was planned. It soon turns out that there are survivors on Earth, but it’s not safe here…


Clarke Griffin is the daughter of Abby, who is the unspoken leader of The Hundred. Eliza Taylor (The November Man; Neighbours) was approved for the role.
Abby Griffin is a doctor, a member of the Council of the Ark, mother of Clarke. She was played by Paige Turco.
Finn Collins is the guy Clarke is in love with. The role went to Thomas McDonell (Law & Order: Criminal Intent, The Forbidden Kingdom).
Wells Jaha – has warm feelings for Clarke, being the son of Thelonious. The hero was played by Eli Goree (Supernatural; Da Kink in My Hair).
Bellamy Blake – leads The 100, being the brother of Octavia. The role is assigned to Bob Morley (Home and Away; Neighbours).

So when will season 7 of The 100 coming out?

Fortunately, in the summer of 2019, The CW channel management informed the audience that the 7th season of the project was sent to development. Filming will be held in Vancouver until March 2020. It would seem that the news is good, but after it was followed by an unpleasant announcement. It turned out that this season will be the final for the series and season 8 is not worth the wait.

We managed to find out that in the 7th season there will be 16 episodes. Thus, we have three episodes more than usual, and in total the project will receive exactly 100 episodes. Coincidence?

As for the release date for The 100 season 7, it is set for April 2020, but the exact start date on The CW are still not known. As soon as new information appears, we will publish it at the bottom of the article.

Are you waiting for the new season of the series? Did you expect it to end so quickly or is it normal for TV projects of this genre?

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