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Still Star-Crossed season 2 ?

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Still Star-Crossed season 2

When will Still Star-Crossed season 2 come out? Is the television series already renewed? We want to know the start date in 2018!

Are you waiting for the 2nd season of “Still Star-Crossed”? Is the start date already known? The news is not very pleasant…

The first three episodes of the series did not surprise the ABC representatives and failed to score a high rating. After their broadcast, it has been decided to give the project a new time slot, so all subsequent episodes are broadcasted on Saturdays.

Many experts believe that such a move from ABC means that it is not worth waiting for the second season of “Still Star-Crossed”. Will this project be canceled officially in the near future? We are following the announcements and publish new information as soon as it appears.

Remind that the premiere of the series was watched by 2.3 million people, but at the time of the third episode this figure was reduced to 1.6 million people. Did the film work from Heather Mitchell turn out to be uninteresting?

Low rating from critics and lack of excitement from the viewers of ABC channel leave no chance for the 2nd season for “Still Star-Crossed”, but we hope that another channel will give the project a “second life”.

Still Star-Crossed season 2 start date – [cancelled]

After the announcement from ABC this article will be updated.

UPDATE 1: Bad news… ABC cancelled the show after one season (Torrance Coombs‏ on Twitter).

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