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Stitchers season 2 premiere start date

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Will the be Stitchers season 2 in 2016? What about the premiere start date of the new episodes on ABC Family? We want to know more about this.

In September last year ABC Family ordered the production of the television series Stitchers, the premiere date of which was scheduled for June 2, 2015. The newcomer received good recommendations, but didn’t manage to get many positive reviews of critics. On Metacritic it was assessed for 48 points out of 100, and on Rotten Tomatoes its rating comprised 29%.

The plot follows a young woman, who is working for a secret government agency. She “stitches” her consciousness with the recently dead to solve murders. The idea is quite interesting, that’s why the number of fans was over 1.2 million people at the show start, but within the broadcast this number fell to 0.8 million. Jeffrey Alan Schechter is the creator of the television series, and Emma Ishta acts as Kirsten Clark. Jonathan Baruch and Rob Wolken are in the list of producers, and such companies as StoryBy Productions and ABC Family Original Productions are responsible for the production.

Of course, the given show couldn’t be called the most successful crime drama on TV, but it deserved its place on ABC Family. At the moment there are the reasons to renew the project for Season 2, but if its rating keeps falling, the show will be cancelled. Experts agree that the rights holders won’t keep broadcasting unprofitable project, that’s why we will hope for the increase of popularity of Stitchers TV show.

Stitchers season 2 premiere – [March 22, 2016] (UPDATE 2)

The future of the series is now a question, but if the decision concerning the new episodes financing is taken, we will announce about that and will publish the start date of the continuation. Let’s watch the remaining episodes of the first season, waiting for the verdict of ABC Family. Don’t miss!

UPDATE 1 (July 14, 2015): Good news! Stitchers will return for a second season. ABC Family announced that the continuation of the show will be released in the summer of 2016.

UPDATE 2 (January 29, 2016): Freeform announced that the sci-fi drama’s second season will premiere Tuesday, March 22, 2016 at 10/9c. What about SEASON 3 of STITCHERS?

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  1. Tiara

    I love Stitchers and they shouldn’t end it. The show has an intriguing plot. We want season 2!

  2. Vickie Ely

    I would be so disappointed if It was cancelled. Really like the show and hope it continues.

  3. BaoS

    This show is absolutely terrible. Not surprised the ratings are so low.

    • Caryn T

      That’s OK…it’s ratings are probably equal to your level of imagination and ability to be entertained.

  4. Ion21

    Cameron is really dead??? She needs to survive!

    • Stitchers Forever

      he’s actually alive..

  5. Letica Porter

    I’m glad stitches is going to come back for a 2nd Season, but do we know the date of which it comes back?

  6. Kathy H

    I’m hoping season 2 will start before summer ’16. If it takes that long their fans wil lose interest in waiting. It’s an interesting story premise and it deserves better visability.

  7. Levana

    Stitchers is one of my favorite shows ever! I’m so pumped for season two ❤

  8. Jessica

    Stitchers is an amazing show. I am so happy it is coming back for another season!! I can’t wait for the summer of 2016!! 🙂

  9. TCR

    I was thrilled and intrigued to see a Stitchers Holloween special on ABC… Wondering how they are going to work it though…. I am very much looking forward to Season 2!

  10. Stitchers Forever

    ARGH, I seriously can’t wait for the freeform episode of Stitchers in 2016!!!! I watched the Halloween special and Cameron is still.. alive in that episode; which means there is a chance he’s dead. SPOIL ALERT, just so you guys know, Cameron lives. 🙂 I know how to get information.

  11. tina

    I am just now watching Stitchers on Hulu and I think it is very good and I like all of the actors the story telling is excellent! Please do another season hopefully others will do what I did and watch it on Hulu and fall in love with it!

  12. Caryn T

    It is a very entertaining concept to have someone able to enter a person’s consciousness for just a few minutes for memories just prior to their death. It is a wish fulfillment for quite a few people. So, let us continue to entertain this thought and enjoy this show! And before July 2016!

  13. Doxie 2

    Stitchers is a interesting show. With a hint of what do we NOT know in the background as we are watching it. I’m enjoying the MYSTERY- and it is soooooooooo GREAT to watch a program with OUT vulgarity-nudity-and using the LORDS name in vain every five minutes, I didn’t think family shows were still made any more. GREAT JOB!

  14. Felicity

    I want Cameron and Kristen to start dating because they look cute together

  15. Doreen

    Please don’t end it like this. We never found out more about Liam. Or the connection between Cameron and Kirsten

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