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Stitchers season 3 start date 2017

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Stitchers season 3 start date

Do you want to know the premiere date of Stitchers TV series in 2017? Will there be a Season 3? Follow the news of Freeform.

Original network: Freeform
Created by: Jeffrey Alan Schechter

Season 1 episode 1: 1.28 million U.S. viewers

Season 2 episode 8: 0.39 million U.S. viewers

The critics say that the series Stitchers has a very little chance for renewal for season 3. The rating of the project currently is not high enough to approvethe shooting of new episodes from Freeform channel’s representatives.

That is why in 2017 we are unlikely to see a renewal (UPDATE 1) of this sci-fi drama, but let’s not yet make the hasty statements.

We note only that the third season is expected to slightly more than 400 thousand American viewers and experts claim that this is not enough. Having lost most of their fans in the first season, the series Stitchers is now fighting for airtime on Freeform in 2017, and the right holders have not yet announced a final decision.

Stitchers season 3 start date – [June 5, 2017] (at 9 pm)

We are waiting for news from the network representatives! Follow the updates!

UPDATE 1 (October 6, 2016): The Stitchers series has been renewed for a 10-episode third season. A premiere date – TBA.

UPDATE 2 (March 6, 2017): The third season of Stitchers is set to premiere on June 5, 2017.

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  1. Stanley S.

    Stitchers is a wonderfully written show. It constantly keeps you guessing and has a great cast. I really hope the fans can keep it going…

  2. Leslie

    I find the plot intriguing and I love the idea of stitching! WANT MORE

  3. Tiffany

    I’ve really enjoyed this show. Please make Season 3

  4. Shelly

    My three college age daughters and I love this show.
    My 72 year old mother loves it! Great cast and plot!

  5. Sophie

    One of the best shows on tv right now. Wonderful cast chemistry and interesting plots – please renew and keep up the good work. Hope this has several more years, there is certainly enough plot to work with. Just wish it had more publicity and episodes per year. So hard to wait.

  6. Beth

    My husband and I love Stichers! We live very busy lives and work different shifts, so we record it and watch it on the weekend. I hope they don’t cancel it!

  7. Cat

    If they don’t renew “Stitchers” for a 3rd season, it will be the second time that I have been duped by this network. I watched “Twisted” for two seasons…they cancelled it. Now I’ve been watching “Stitchers” for two seasons…PLEASE RENEW THIS ONE. My husband and I both love the show and we are in our mid-late 60s.

  8. Karen

    Love the show and actors.

  9. Mary

    Love stitchers. I have two friends who constantly compare our take on test episode. Addictive!

  10. Amy

    I love love love love love this show please don’t cancel it. I just got done watching season 2 because I had to watch it online because we where moving a cross the country when it was on, so I have to know what happens next to the team. I feel like part of there family to and will be heartbroken if you cancel the show.

  11. Lea

    I absolutely love love love the stitchers show and just when it started to get even better in season two, this totally s*cks I hope they get picked up again. Please I really like this show

  12. annsybl

    Well I certainly hope that this series is renewed. I would like to know what happens with the father. Cmon FreeForm, let us at least have some resolution of the story line. As for me I am 70 plus with disposable income and I love this whole.

  13. Deb

    Bring Stitchers back…we need to find out things…love this show

  14. Danielle

    Please make a season 3! I don’t know what I would do without the answers for the end of season 2. I really love this show! I think it’s awesome!!

  15. Myrna Ferrera d

    Bring the show Stichers back, this is awonderful show. Love this show, look forward fie every Tuesday night to see this show. Bring it back.

  16. Margaret

    Please renew my teenage daughters and I have a weekly date to watch it together

  17. Cielo Mari

    Please, Please, Please renew this show. I love it so much! The plot twists and mysteries have kept me a loyal fan for two seasons. Plus, you can’t end the show like this!

  18. tonia

    This is one of the best t.v series on basic cable its CSI IN EVERY city or a police show of sorts. How many Law shows did we need? Stitchers gave us a whole new twist new plot kept you wanting more, I’m always anxious for the next show. Cast is great!!!! Refreshing to have a new show.

  19. Leen

    Great Show – renew it! Good plot great writing

  20. Sarah Hogan

    Please don’t cancel my favorite show!!!!

  21. Elena Lim

    NOOO! Stitchers season 3 have to come out, u can’t just leave us hanging. Plus we need to finish the whole story! PLEASE RENEW IT!!

  22. Julie

    Love this show, hope they will have a season 3

  23. Sheila

    Oh gosh- This is a great show full of twists and turns u do not see coming!Would definitely follow this show as long as it runs!

  24. Shangri-La

    I’m glad to hear “Stitchers” is coming back! It’s a great show. I still re-watch seasons 1-2 on HULU.

  25. CJ

    I love the show and the cast is awesome.
    I hope not only for a season 3 but for many more after.

  26. S Nichols

    I love Stichers! Please do not cancel it!

  27. dt

    I enjoy the series “Stichers”, please renew for season 3.

  28. timidtornado

    I am one of those fans who is hoping for a 3rd Stitchers season.

  29. Cory


  30. Debbie

    Ah come on don’t take it off it’s a pretty good show.

  31. Kathy

    Good shows are always being cancelled! I don’t understand how this isn’t a #1 rated show!!!

  32. Fran Franklin

    There hasn’t been enough advertising for the show. Not enough people know about. But we love it.

  33. Barb struchen

    I live the show, couldn’t wait each week to watch.

  34. Vivian

    Love it! It holds my interest and the cast has great chemistry!

  35. Les Bartley

    Yes, keep it going, great acting, beauties, we love it.

  36. Jackie Tucker

    Please don’t cancel Stitchers. I love it.

  37. Yelena Sandler

    I am so glad the Stitchers were renewed for 3rd season. I love the show and has been watching season 1 and 2 on Freeform app. Love the plot and actors. Great show. Please do not cancel.

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