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«Suits» season 3: premiere date

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When will «Suits» season 3 premiere? TV series renewed or cancelled? Release (air) date is known!

«Suits» series created by Aaron Korsh is successfully being broadcast on USA Network since June last year. Due to Gene Klein’s professionalism and excellent performance of the actors, the show ranks high enough in U.S. TV show ratings and is constantly the one, which is discussed by critics and cinema experts.

Season 2 wasn’t completed yet, when the rightholders announced about the continuation of «Suits» for Season 3. The premiere date for the first episode, confirmed by USA Networks, is scheduled for July 16, 2013. 16 new episodes are reported to be ordered, 8 of which will be aired by the end of the following year. The airing of the rest is postponed to 2014.

The fact that the series is to be continued was very pleasant for the numerous fans of the series, since Season 2 is being watched by around 3.5 million TV viewers (in the USA). The expected episodes are vividly discussed on the online forums but the official storyline of the show is still secret.

What do you want out of season 3? Is the show still interesting or not?

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  1. Rumen du Plessis

    I just can’t wait for Suits season 3 , the best tv series by far.

    • Upasana

      You are absolutely right! So realistic, no overacting , love this series.

    • Shuvo

      Can you suggest me some tv series lyk this?……plzz i’m dying for season 3…..:(

      • Sev

        Try Person of Interest or Newsroom… But there is nothing like Suits

  2. Joan

    Keep watching it over & over again……. love the suits! Gosh! Macht looks really good in Tom Ford!!

  3. Jimmm

    A third season, it’s not even remotely a surprise to me!

  4. dyd

    While this is very good, it is definitely not the best tv series. Sherlock my favorit!

  5. Khaya

    The best ever tv series Ive ever watched and I have all the episodes from season one till season 2_ PLEASE BRING SUITS BACK ON TV

  6. Chrissie

    Suits is excellent, cannot wait for series 3. It is different, witty, clever and glossy … And the clothes a wow!

  7. Emil

    Best ever! Cant wait for next season!

  8. Konstadina

    Can’t wait for next season!I love this show!!!Macht is amazing.Great show!Congrats to everybody.

    Greets from Greece!

  9. Milindha

    I live all the way in an island called Sri Lanka which is in the Indian Ocean and I love suits, there’s never a dull moment. eagerly awaiting for season 3 and for it to continue.

  10. bob

    this is the greatest tv show, i cannt wait for the next season, i hope this website is wrong because if not, bi*ches will die

  11. Ark.E

    It never happened to me like this. I can’t wait for the next.

  12. miska

    I am from Slovakia, and I just love to watch Suits, I really cannot wait to see the next season

  13. Brory

    They need to make more episodes of this show per season! I can’t handle seeing only 6 every 6 months :((

  14. jonobelk

    Alongside white collar this is the best tv show I have ever watched, could watch it over and over again..

  15. K

    The best ever its so addictive cant stop watching hurry up please.

    • Upasana

      hahaha…yes they better hurry up..we are dying here 🙂

  16. A-Rod

    I cannot wait that long!!! This is definetly the best tv series. Witty, gripping and very intellectual. I agree that more episodes need to be made per season.

  17. pinkkisses

    One more reason to anticipate June! (Summer being the other reason.) This is one of the best shows ever on television and THE best show on right now. Superb writing, top-notch acting and amazing directing. Suits just keeps on getting better & better. I love the fast pace & sometimes have to watch an episode 3 or 4 times just to spot all the in’s & out’s. Of course, the hotness factor that is Harvey doesn’t hurt either! 🙂

  18. jose

    im from nicaragua and after prison break (tv show), i have to say that suits is perfec. recomend breaking bad, very good too. bring suits S3 please

  19. Lendl Coutinho

    It is a very intriguing show, but has now left many followers in anticipation. I believe it should be released at its earliest and Really hope this show continues. Hats off to the the team working on this show an most importantly “Harvey Specter”.

  20. Uncle Richard

    I can count on the fingers of one foot the number of shows where I really, really, really care about the characters and how they will decide what to do with their lives. I really want to know, but suspect I’ll never find out what happened “that one time,” or the details of the “can opener ritual.” BTW: the State of New York doesn’t care what law school you’ve been to, or even if you ever went to law school. If you want to practice law in New York, you must, however, pass the Bar Exam, and Mike has done that.

  21. Ebrahim Abrahams

    Hey suits the reason why I’m changing my career to law

  22. jake ewing

    This show is awesome. Love it. I hope this show goes for at least 5 or 6 seasons.

  23. Mitchell

    suits, is one of the best tv show ever. I simply love it and I love harvey. He’s so amazing . excellent acting by the cast.

  24. stephanie

    hi can any one tell me suits will start in the uk hope it not to long

  25. Caroline

    Love the series and got my sister hooked as well! Really looking forward to the next season(Swedish viewer)

  26. Isobel Carey

    Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Suits….please air Series 3 real soon, it was so hard waiting from when Series 1 finished to the airing of Series 2, way too long – excellent programme & need my Harvey fix too, god he’s soo easy on the eye ha (Jersey, Channel Islands)..

  27. CRandolph

    Suits is my favorite TV series; however, I was extremely disappointed with the last few episodes. I felt that the show had too much profanity and the intimate scene between Mike and Rachel was too explicit.

  28. ollie

    When is it on in the UK???

  29. theresa

    i love suits! nothing else like it on TV. and action packed intellectual drama with some romance and even comedy.

  30. Sandra

    Can’t wait for Season 3. Excellent series and love this almost as much as my fav. one “Scandal”.

  31. Steve

    This is by far the best show on TV. Suits is class personified. Gina Torres as Jessica is as brilliant as she is sophisticated sensual. A formidable beautiful woman opposite the suave handsome Harvey played by Gabriel Macht. It is extremely well written and played to perfection by all it’s characters.

  32. Mary

    I love this show… watch it all the time! Please keep making episodes!!

  33. urh

    Please keep making episodes!!

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