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Suits season 6 premiere start date 2016

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When will Suits season 6 premiere? The show was renewed for a 16-episode sixth season to start in summer 2016. Let’s wait the exact date.

The television series of Aaron Korsh Suits debuted on USA Network in summer 2011. The given legal drama attracted the attention of 4.64 million Americans, which predicted a successful future for this TV project. Doug Liman and Dave Bartis are in the list of the executive producers, and Gabriel Macht as well as Patrick J. Adams performs the main roles.

Running away after a failed attempt of drug trafficking, a self-taught lawyer Mike Ross, posing as a Harvard graduate, appears at the interview with one of the best lawyers in New York City Harvey Specter. Getting tired of boring applicants, Harvey takes a risk and hires Mike, as a young man has an innate talent and photographic memory, so there are all reasons to give him a chance. Thus, the most controversial and, at the same time, one of the most brilliant lawyers tandems in Manhattan was born in such a way.

The first season was assessed quite decently, but later its rating was growing. At the moment the fifth season of the given story was launched and again the creators proved that they wouldn’t stop. On June 1 the rights holders announced about the renewal of the show Suits for Season 6. As it was before, 16 new episodes would be created, the first of which would be released in early summer 2016. The exact premiere date will be announced later, as it is too early to talk about that.

Suits season 6 premiere – [July 13, 2016] (UPDATE 2)

Jeff Wachtel (CCO of NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment) reported, that Aaron Korsh was working on several surprises for the viewers at the end of the current season and exactly these plot twists would define the future of the project.

Follow the updates of the given article and you will be the first to know the fresh data!

UPDATE 1: Season 5B (episode 11) start (Return Date) – [January 27, 2016].

UPDATE 2: Season 6 of the Suits series will premiere Wednesday, July 13, at 9/8c.

UPDATE 3: Suit Season 6 return date – January 25, 2017.

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  1. Danial R.

    So glad we’ll have this top quality show another season. Thanks USA

  2. SARA

    Yes! I love this show. It has strong writing, great acting and interesting characters. Nice move, USA

  3. pai

    This show is fantastic. Congrats Aaron!

  4. Susie

    Love love love this show … And Harvey and mike!

  5. Iliana C

    Can’t wait for next season. Great show ! Very talented cast and their wardrobe is amazing.

  6. Sid

    The network is taking too long between seasons. It needs to decide during season 6 on season 7 and get to work on it and make an early announcement at least as early as possible. Its strength as has always been the case, is a cast of characters that we viewers can and do root for.

  7. t wood

    great show! never miss a show/great casting and writing


    By far this is one of the best shows on tv. So well cast and scripted.
    I have one complaint, the gratuitous use of g..d… It is not just used, it overused..
    The way it is thrown into the scripts makes it seem like the writers just have this need to use a curse word.
    This is a fine quality show and I am a devoted “suitor”, but I cringe when the word is used.

  9. richard

    really love the show
    thanks mike and harvey

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