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Surface season 2 ?

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Surface season 2 release

Will there be Surface season 2? What about Netflix or HULU? We want to know the release date! Are you still waiting for the renewal?

The series Surface still remains one of the most beloved television projects for science fiction fans. Is it worth waiting its returning for the 2nd season?

In 2006, after the broadcast of the 15th episode of this magnificent show, the NBC channel representatives informed the fans that further financing is not foreseen. So, the series Surface got the status “canceled” and lost the opportunity to get the 2nd season. The release date of new episodes is awaited by a huge army of science fiction fans around the world, but at the moment no channel is discussing with NBC on buy back rights to manufacture.

Specialists from Rock Fish Productions and NBC Universal Television Studio dealt with that the development of the project, they coped well with their task, but the low rating of the series did not allow it to stay “afloat.”

The fact that HULU and Netflix added the series Surface gave the fans a reason to discuss a possible renewal, but, unfortunately, the production is still in the “frozen” state. Would you like to see the new season?

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