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Sense8 season 3 ?

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Sense8 season 3 release netflix

Will there be Sense8 season 3? Give us the new season! We want to know the exact release date on Netflix in 2018.

Fans of the series Sense8 are ready for the 3rd season! The release date is expected by viewers not only from the USA, but also from other countries of the world.

So will this multi-million-dollar television project be renewed for a new season, or will the right holders not intend to engage in further production? The nominations for prestigious awards and the victory at GLAAD Media Awards in the category Outstanding Drama Series have already given the experts an opportunity to think about the future of the TV-project.

Many of them are sure that Netflix will not stop there and will order the development of new episodes, because Sense8 really has deserved it. At the moment this science fiction drama web television series is one of the most successful projects on Netflix, but its creation costs a lot.

The official verdict from the right holders is still expected, so we can publish the release date only after the announcement of the decision.

Sense8 season 3 release date – [cancelled] (UPDATE 1)

Do not miss an update that will be faster than you think! Write your review about the series Sense8 below!

UPDATE 1 (June 1, 2017): Bad news… Netflix has cancelled its sci-fi drama Sense8.

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  1. Shawn M Hoyt

    sense8 has to be continued…this is my favorite show…and please make more episodes per season!!!

  2. pat

    loved it. now, when is the 3rd. season coming out?

  3. Quark0ne

    Netflix you can not end it there !!!!

  4. nova

    amen love the show. please don’t end the show . It’s suspenseful leaves me wanting more. A really creative show something different. PLEASE keep it going.

  5. Deborah

    nETFIX I have toldall my Netflix friends to watch this show. PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE keep it going. I love this show.

  6. Debbi

    I really hope they decide to go further with this show. It is so different from other shows and has a great cast. I loved it. And will be sorry to see it end.

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