Oct 21

Survivor’s Remorse season 2: premiere date

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Starz renewed Survivor’s Remorse show for a season 2. We are waiting for the 10 new episodes in 2015! When does the new season start?

TV-channels: Starz
Pilot episode: October 4, 2014
Creator: Mike O’Malley
Genre: Comedy

Season 1 Episode 1: 0.203 million U.S. viewers

Many experts called the Starz decision to renew the «Survivor’s Remorse» television series for the second season to be controversial. We can’t say that the ratings of the given show allows to order the new episodes, as the given basketball comedy isn’t so popular among the TV viewers.

Apparently, the rights holders decided not to interrupt the story and to give the show the opportunity to reveal itself, as 6 episodes of the first season aren’t enough for this. The second season will have 10 episodes, and the premiere date of the first of them is said to be scheduled for the August 22, 2015.

Such a long waiting may «bury» the show, may not it? Hurry, Starz!

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  1. Mops

    The show was horrible… Season 2? No ratings, but let’s renew it anyway.

  2. pat kline

    I just completed watching the 1st season 6 episodes, they were good. i’m looking forward to seeing season 2, and not on demand. It was great seeing fresh new talent, but even greater seeing the season one’s (Tichina Arnold, Mike Epps). I didn’t view this series as a comedy by no means. Even though the language gets somewhat harsh, their a good story within.

  3. Eve

    I love this show. Can’t wait for its return!

  4. AJ

    This was the funniest show that I have seen in years. I absolutely LOVE IT, and pray that it returns for Season 2. Being a basketball fan, I can imagine these are truly things some players go through in their daily lives. The actors are very convincing and the storyline are good!

  5. PK

    I so look forward to season 2 of “Survivors Remorse” these actors work so well together and really made the show fun to watch. I haven’t laughed and enjoyed a show this much in a long time. I recorded the shows introduce friends to watch it’s a good time laughing especially with Tichina Arnold, it’s the only time of the year i will definitely order a premium channel (STARZ) to watch. Looking forward to the return of Season 2 in the fall.

  6. Anita j

    My husband and I stated watching Survivors Remores and it’s so FUNNY, we love it and can’t wait for it to return, I so very happy that it’s returing… Thank you !

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