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«Survivors» season 3: release date

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When does «Survivors» season 3 come out? Official premiere date is known?

British series «Survivors», based on Terry Nation’s novel and produced by BBC was perfectly adapted version of the same story of 1975. The first season included 6 episodes, each of which had a great success. Season 2 started rather chaotically and raised intense discussions.

Some of its viewers considered hectic atmosphere, created in the series to have a negative impact on the story which would definitely result into complete failure of the show. The others believed that these plot details would help to keep series ratings on top.

The final episode of «Survivors» was broadcast on BBC in February, 2010. After its airing creators closed the show. The release date of Season 3 was unknown and the fans were looking forward to more details. In April, 2010 it was announced that the low rating of the series caused by the failed Season 2, was the main reason for its canceling.

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  1. MichelleRae mckay

    I am so disappointed I want season three or if not a two hour finale! Spent hours watching on Netflix and no ending. You leave me hanging 🙁

    • fran

      I agree, you left me hanging.., need a good ending.., please :<

  2. Linka

    Great acting and great story!! Maybe AMC would continue season 3. This is one of my all-time favorite shows.

  3. krista

    Amc should buy it. Its just as good as walking dead but more realistic. At least they should buy the rights to the first season to see how it goes. I’m positive it would be a big hit.

    • Mickey

      I’m with you. Watched it on Netflix and now I’m just left hanging. This blows!!! It reminds me of The Walking Dead (which I absolutely love), but without the zombies. Maybe AMC could pick it up or some other network in America.

  4. rally

    What do you think the chances are for Season 3?

  5. Nina

    I HATE that. I’ll have more time next year since a lot of my favorite shows got cancelled…

  6. Gomer

    Very disappointing there will not be a third season. i thought the acting was pretty good and thought that they could have made another season at least.

  7. deanna

    what no season 3 wow to bad in my op season 2 was good and i think the reason it didnt get alot of ratings is because they didnt promo it the right way they should put a vote on it again after promo it again and this time put alot of advertisement on it. me and my husband watch this for the first time 2 days ago and it was the first time we had heard about it. if they dont come out with a #3 i hope amc will come out with it they know how to advertise…. just saying lol

  8. Yourhat2

    U know im 15 years old and i really love this show, since it more awesome and little better then walking dead. Again people in comment suggest u to Sell it to Amc, well u should and better be i dotn wanna wait, i want them out by sooner!!! It almost seem like it will be best-hit ever!

  9. Veronica

    Bring the show back it was a good show love it we want part 3 want to know more

  10. Alejandra

    No season 3 ii was SUPER excited to see it
    My personal opinion is that you guys who made it should do season 3 ii loved it ii got so hooked on it. Its like one of the girls said do a finale close.

  11. Adrian Nancy Cantu

    Episode 3 will be a big hit, I’m desperate to see it. I like the way everyone acts especially Tom. Please gives us a date.

  12. Tatiana

    Well,bring it back,people!
    It was good and made me think how real it was!

  13. Luke

    at the end of season 2 it looked like there was going to be another season. i hope there is going to be another one

  14. Svava

    Love Survivors

  15. Ruben

    God damn it, come out with a season 3 already!!

  16. rebecca hautala

    Watched on Netflix …should be a warning ….show canceled no ending….I hate to start watching a show and it leaves you hanging…..come back long enough to put a closer to the show.

    • Fay Woods

      I just finished this serie on Netflix. Highly disappointed that there is not another season. I finished it in two days in between working and I want more. It’s like Lays chips, I can’t just have two I need more. What happen to Tom after he got on the plane. Did he get to the hide away, did he set it on fire, do the others realize he is gone, do they go and rescue him, does Anya realize she loves him and can’t live without him? What happened next?

  17. The S. family

    Whole family watched both seasons on Netflix and all of us agree we need a season 3!

  18. C Johnson

    with netflix getting survivors and large number of people watching it shows we need another series. BBC always axe good shows

  19. D.Mccurdy

    Netflix or somebody bring back a season 3!!!!!

  20. Kathleen

    Just saw the two seasons on Netflix. Well written, action packed, fast moving story. I am a big fan of The Walking Dead, and this series could give that show true competition. Why take the well made shows OFF the tv?

    • Kelly Johnson

      I agree with you

  21. Bob

    Come on already make a season three! With all the cr*p that’s on TV today this show blows everything away!

  22. Connor Thomas

    I’ve just found the show on netflix, spent the last couple of weeks watching it . I got to the end of series 2 to find the ending, wanting to see what happens so bad, I then I find it got cancelled?): you must make a third series! We need to see more! People still complaining a few years since the cancelation surely says a lot of people loved watching?

  23. pete

    Just watched this show again on Virgin rewind. There should be a new series or at least a final show, what happens to all the characters? The BBC usually give their shows a decent ending, I hope that were not going down the American path and cutting shows for ratings only. The ratings for this show held up quite well. Survivors was a thought provoking intelligent series that deserved a proper ending and so do the shows fans. Compared to some of the dross the bbc turns out , this show stood out for it’s excellence , good story and good acting, bring it back or at least a feature length final episode, where the story has moved on 4 years.

  24. Kelly Johnson

    I only just watched the series on netflix, such a shame they didn’t do more, it was very good and now disappointed

  25. Michael Beer

    Unbelievable just finished watching both seasons of survivors on netfix, and there is no ending, how can they cancel this show its brilliant, I want to know what happened next, it so annoying bring out season 3

  26. Pieter

    Just finished watching both seasons on Netflix. What a great series! I really need at least a 3rd season…

  27. Joanne

    I feel so let down what a great drama I’ve spend ages watch it on Netflix for it to end thil that
    So many unanswered questions I would really love there to be a season 3 fantastic drama was hooked from the word go very l disappointing indeed

  28. Leslie Hill

    Just finished 2nd season, loved the story line, will there be a season 3? Need to know how Tom got on that plane.

  29. jimmyg

    Apparently netflix is in talks with the bbc to buy thc rights to film it and thr writer’s hsve already wrote the script ib 2010! So lets all email netflix to encourage them to film the third season you never know they might listen? Unlike the bbc who take our money without having to answer to anybody! Well if your british that is

  30. Jean

    Looking for another season !!!!

  31. Lin

    Just finished streaming 2 seasons on Netflix. Want more!!

  32. Amy

    Just stayed up till 2 am in suspense watching end of season 2 only to realise that’s it!!! It’s outrageous!!!! Shame on you Netflix for not stating that there’s no ending…not on!!!!

  33. Clover

    So dissapointed to find out there wont be a next season,.. Wat hed the first two in Two days,.. Please please make season three!!

  34. Kerry

    Loved the show!! Sooooo disappointed that no season 3 will be produced. Can’t a one episode season finale be created!?!

  35. Nuyt

    Even in Holland a great succes!!!
    Must have season three!!! Please??

  36. Aska

    so many people watching The Walking Dead…. and we are desperate to see the next series of Survivors. Give us something we really want to watch during cold winter evenings in UK… not everyone is Big Brother fan… you had a decent thing going on… why stop? Give us an idea how quickly present life can change… and how to survive as HUMANS not animals… Great Show (Survivors) by the way!

  37. Mandy

    Please!please!please make a season 3?????

  38. Mark barton

    Ok that just wrong I watch all of 1an 2 and there no ending come on it was awesome you have got to make ending

  39. Rere

    Why would they put the show on Netflix if it doesn’t have another season to explain the other 2 seasons… POINTLESS.

  40. Maher Sayadi

    I been waiting years for the beginning of series three. How on earth can you do that to us? Tom was on that plane and what the hell happens next? I can’t believe you people would do something like this to us – it’s not bloody cricket. Everyone I show this series to love it and to say it’s was a terrific show. To say series two is a failure is rubbish. What drugs are your producers on for gods sake. It’s just as bad as the series completion of JAG – a CNN production

  41. William Curley

    Why do you network people come out with a decent series then cancel before the story line is complete? Restart the series and continue a good show that was well acted! It’s really a disappointment the way you people manage things!!!

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