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The 100 season 3: start date

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When will The 100 season 3 be out on The CW? The show was renewed! What about the start air date in 2015/2016? We are waiting for the new episodes premiere!

TV-channel: The CW
Created by: Jason Rothenberg
Distributor: Warner Bros. Television Distribution
Genre: post-apocalyptic drama

Season 2 Episode 1: 1.54 million U.S. viewers

Season 2 Episode 14: 1.55 million U.S. viewers

«The 100» television series deserved to be broadcast on The CW one more year. According to the official announcement, the rights holders have renewed the TV-project for season 3, but the exact number of episodes is unknown yet.

As for the start date of the new season, it is scheduled for October 2015 (UPDATE 1), as it has been actually expected by the viewers.

The creators are sure, there are no reasons to close the show, as it is being watched by more than 1,5 million fans in the USA and also it is very much supported all over the world (UK, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa…).

We hope, during its season 3 the TV-project won’t lose its popularity and will be renewed for another «pack» of episodes. Do you share this opinion?

UPDATE 1 (May 13, 2015): The show didn’t manage to be included in the fall schedule of 2015, that’s why it would return on TV air in the first quarter of 2016.

UPDATE 2 (Nov.23, 2015): Season 3 Premiere – January 21, 2016 (at 9:00pm).

UPDATE 3 (March 11, 2016): The CW renewed the show for a season 4.

UPDATE 4 (March 2017): The CW renewed the series for season 5.

Are you still waiting for The 100 season 7 release?

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  1. Levi

    Glad to see it has been renewed. I love this show since the first place, this is better than the most CW shows!

  2. Julius H.

    I’m glad to hear The 100 is coming back.

  3. Ryan Stokes

    love this show and I am very excited there will be more, can’t wait season 3.

  4. BigBobby

    Great show, far better than I thought. Glad it’s coming back.

  5. fayeeeeeeee

    Didn’t think it would happen, but happy that it did. The 100 is the best show ever!

    • michael

      Yeah the 100 is a good show I do enjoy watching it. BUT if you think this is the best show ever, then you’ve been living under a rock. In my opinion and millions upon million of others, Know that SUPERNATURAL is the best show ever

      • tye

        No it’s the 100 all the way

        • Jimmy

          yah clark and raven are bae

          • leroy

            no. Clarke, Octavia, and Lexa(spelled that wrong)/the commander are bae.

  6. Ernest Warner

    This makes me happy, I enjoy The 100. I find it to be the best show on CW.

  7. Terri Harvey

    yayy!! october cannot come fast enough!! love it love it love it..

    from the UK

  8. Swamps

    I got interested in the 100 in the second season, season one was a train wreck. I actually quit watching, but gave it a second chance, the writing and direction of the show picked up, the plot improved over a bunch of kids fighting each other with occasional threats from the outside, bad guys seemed to take over then become nice guys, it was so sweet. I think season two was strong only to have a dip in the plot late in the season when the space crew got screwed by their native buddies who made a late deal to get their people out only to sacrifice about the same amount earlier for diversionary tactics. The writers just smoked too much rope at the end of the season I guess. Never the less I am entertained, one thing to learn, if your show is nearing lethal injection, never surrender your plot.

    • C3rvantes

      Nah, the grounders made a deal to no longer have their peeps snatched from out they hood for blood sucky.
      Only reason the mountain let go of their blood bank, bone marrow from sky ppl is permanent fix.. and also they did not want to get deadified by ax or mallet or sword or teeth.

  9. Zack cate

    I’m so excited for this show to come back in October. It needs to hurry up though. This is by far one of my favorite shows on the cw.

  10. Evey

    Love the show, so happy it is on for season 3. YAAY!!

  11. Grub

    Oh man… can’t get enough of The 100.

    So dark and gripping, makes my heart race to watch every time. Also, Raven’s hot!

  12. pauline

    I was skeptical about this show at first. but the character deveopment has proven to be deep, and believable. I hope it continues a long time!

  13. Ton

    Show is really good. Like it because it is so far away from normal and takes you in

  14. RJ

    Love this show. The interplay of characters is awesome. The constantly shifting alliances and relationships keeps you guessing and on the edge of your seat. Nice formula for freshness and longevity of the series.

  15. C3rvantes

    I prefer gratuitous violence over gratuitous porkulation and pre-porkulation.. but I guess they have to appeal to a larger audience that doesn’t have access to the triple x-ray sites… Aside from that, I like the show.. but Clarke and the tree pee lady leader.. nope, nuh-uh..

  16. SandyG

    I am truly glad the 100 is staying alive!!

  17. Leony

    Waiting patiently for Season 3. Hurry!

  18. Joan

    I am so pleased about a season 3, it’s a fabulous series great acting and plots. Wish it was sooner than October!

  19. Jim

    Great show.

  20. Alex

    I have literally never been more into a show than The 100! So excited it got renewed for a third season! I just hope this won’t be the last season!

  21. stacyy

    I try not to get attached to a tv series, because once I get really into it, it gets cancelled, so I am glad that this show is being renewed, it is a great show! The characters are perfect! Come on October!!! This is one of my favorites… The Walking Dead, Once Upon A Time, and now this one!!!

  22. MichelleSmith

    YASSSSS!! You gave no idea how excited i am for this!!! 😀

  23. Stacey

    Love this show and I hope it has a long run.

  24. ChrisA

    (SPOILERT ALERT – second season remarks follow) Gripping entertainment. Watched both seasons over about 3 week process. After getting my wife to watch it, we burned through the last 20 episodes in a few days! AWESOME SHOW! Shocked by the Grounder Queen’s (Lexa) betrayal. Big twist I didn’t anticipate. MORE MORE of the 100 please!!!

  25. tye

    The show is the high light of my week the young cast are amazing
    your always on the edge of your seat IT IS AMAZING I NEED MORE OF THE 100

    I beg the writers to release series 3
    come on you never disappointed me
    it’s gripping and so DAM GOOD

    • Tiffany

      On point

    • Mark

      Damn not Dam.

  26. tye

    Series 3 is now my life I’ve watched 1&2 like 5 times over

  27. Fluerette

    Love it! like a lot of my friends….

  28. Kitty

    Please don’t stop this series , Please I beg for more

  29. Aiyana

    I love this show!!!! I wish it would continue forever

  30. Rich

    I love The Arrow and Flash but absolutely love The 100 along with my wife and daughter and son. I told them all about it after 5 or 6 episodes. Once they sat down and watch 2 or 3 episodes they were as hooked as I. Its great to have a show with entire family interest. I’m disappointed its not making the 2015 fall season cut but look forward to it in 2016.

  31. Magdalyn

    So if not October, when will the show be back on ? If i understand the update it is sometime in 2016?!

    • Ta6


  32. Suzie Vance

    Love this show! I got my brother to watch it. Now he’s hooked too–and he rarely watches TV.

  33. Tiffany

    I absolutely love this show!!! It is amazing, I love the story line, the characters, the whole idea of the site. I forgot get lost in it, I get angry, I get adrenaline, the sky people rock!!! The site is intense and I cannot wait to see where the story goes in the new upcoming season. Just wish we didn’t have to wait so long, I hope this next upcoming season is just one of many more to come. Ricky Whittle is just an added bonus;-)

  34. Ed

    I started to watch this show by accident while flipping the control remote on Netflix. I gave it a shot and watched S1 episodes 1 and 2 with my son and wife (comment: my wife doesn’t watch any show) and we got hooked! My wife and I watched the entire S1 in a week and we are half way on season 2 — we can’t stop to watch this show, it’s addictive! I am shocked that CW11 didn’t do a better job advertising the 100 to the general public — the amatures have a mine of gold on their hands and don’t realize that since they bumped season 3 to the 2016 calendar, what a mistake!

  35. Jimmy

    Im glad to see it another season when I frist saw it I thought it would be boring but I watched seaason 1 in a day I give the amazing reveiws and I ship Clark and Belemey.

  36. Debbie Cranford

    My favorite of anything I watch. I look anxiously forward to each and every episode. I am really disgusted that it wasn’t scheduled for this year. I hate that!!!! Now I find out I have to wait until next year??? Bah Humbug!! Best Sci Fi in yrs …why not take something else off that has a lot of similar shows on air, and let the Sci Fi people at least have this one. I am 61 and Sci Fi is still my favorite!

  37. Lynda Purdy

    I like this show A LOT! I’m disappointed that it will be off air for a year. Too long!! I’m sure they could find a spot for it. I hope I don’t lose interest between now and then. Why are the networks doing this? Thumbs down.

  38. Don Wright

    I picked up season 1 at Best Buy … the premise looked good. From the first episode to the last and the purchase of season 2 on Amazon this has been the most enjoyable, well acted, emotional roller coaster of a ride that I have ever seen on TV. My wife, who has been a “so” “so” fan of sci fi dramas like this watched episode after episode and didn’t want to come up for air! This show, it’s characters and their stories have touched us in ways that few if any series ever have. It is a shame that I had to discover this series, browsing through discs at the store, by accident. I have told everyone I know about the incredible story portrayed in this series that captures all of human emotion and portrays it in such a way as to take your breath away. Kudos to all the actors and personnel behind the scenes that have brought such a well crafted series for us to enjoy. May the series “live long and prosper!”
    Hey, can they get this series to a channel on Direct TV next year? No matter. I will anxiously await the start of season 3. This series should be made available to our men and women in uniform. I spent over a dozen years on active duty … watching Super Bowls etc. would pale compared to this.

    • Jen

      It’s on channel CW34 on direct tv

    • Talena C

      I so agree with everything you have said. I have spent hours and hours thinking about these characters, who are so real it’s hard to remember it’s fiction, and what the check will come next. I didn’t know they were on DVD. Thank you so much for telling me because this one I intend to watch over and over. I did watch season one when it was on OnDemand and found new insight that I missed the first go around. My granddaughter was visiting when I did n we ended up watching the whole season in one sitting. She was mesmerized and protested loudly when the last episode ended..

  39. joe

    i’ve been eagerly awaiting the return of the 100! easily the best scifi show on tv

  40. TerryB

    You will loose a lot of supporters being of air for more than a year. Please try and revise release dates as it is a good show, but other also keep coming out…

  41. luke clendennen

    Favorite show , really great I hope this Is a long time series honestly here waiting for season 3 ! Please don’t stop this series

  42. BONNIE

    I am soooo glad this is going to be continued! My whole family is hooked! I am talking about Daughters – sons-in-law as well as the grandkids!! (all over 18 yrs)

  43. misty

    Love this show so much it’s one of only three shows that i’m giving my precious free time to. I hope it stays on for a long time and keeps on developing its wonderful characters and story.

  44. Christine

    Can’t wait for Season 3 to start!! My whole family is hooked on it!
    Hurry up! 🙂

  45. Tammie Barker

    I also caught “The 100” on Netflix… I am hooked, but as for it being 2016 before we see season 3, I am very disappointed…. Why so long??? Most of the best series now-a-days, you have to wait 6 months to a year before seeing the next season…. WHY??? I guess that I will have to wait.. The 100 is worth it…

  46. Trevor Lake

    Cannot understand why the show is not coming back in October. Love Flash and Arrow and hope CW does not blow it by cutting it out.

  47. Tim V

    It’s been to long. They should start over from the 1 season and go from there. More people will watch and it will go right into season 3. I wish.

    • Talena C

      I’d love that too and so would the 1.5 million dedicated viewers

  48. Wanda E

    So glad to hear the 100 is coming back, but what’s the hold up? I’m anxious to see it.

  49. Lorrie W

    I’m glad to see the show has been renewed. The long gap had me worried that it was cancelled. I agree with Tim that it should be started over from the beginning. This could bring in new viewers and to refresh the memories of its fans.

  50. Jim

    If we are lucky, they will write Porky out of the show.

  51. It

    100 is better than Game of Thrones. Clarke, Raven, and the Commander are hot, but what was hotter is when Clarke and the Commander kissed!! But yes can’t wait till season 3.

  52. Talena C

    I am SO glad that The 100 will be back for season 3. It is the most unique plot for a series that I have watched in years. Well written and suspenseful. Love the characters and I’m always in anticipation for the next episode. But, I do hate it when we reach the one of the season. Can’t wait…

  53. Tracy

    If it didn’t air immediately on Netflix people would be more inclined to watch it during its scheduled time, added to number of viewers. It was just easier for us to watch in Netflix, but we absolutely love the show!!

  54. Rello DaMan

    This Is the Best Show Ever. It should Never End!!!

  55. love 100

    thank u for not canceling this show sow so happy to hear it was was going to to keep going love it so much cant wait till season 3!!!

  56. landersonkay56

    love this show watched season 1 and 2 now im hooked. now for season 3. bring it on

  57. Cheryl Wittmann

    I CANT CANT CANT WAIT TO SEE Season 3 . Thank you so much for not cancelling the show. Just shared on Facebook .

  58. Julia

    The 100 is my favorite tv series but I always have to wait such a long time to watch it cause I don’t know what channel it is on, on charter. I really hope that this show continues to season 4 cause it’s a great show.

  59. Kendra

    I love this show. I’m watching the end of season 2 on Netflix ad I write this. I was just so pissed that Lexa betrayed Clark and the Sky People. She will probably die in season 3 since she’s on Fear the Walking Dead.

  60. Michael Loredo

    Love the 100s and I agree with most everyone else. Best show of the CW.

  61. Debbie Atherton

    We LOVE this show and hope to see a lot more of it!!!! What a concept! What a great cast!

  62. alisseya


  63. Vanessa

    I love the 100 bellman is hot

  64. randy

    love this show ,keep it coming

  65. Dave Perry

    LOVE THE SHOW…………………

  66. Tom

    Awesome show! Keep it rolling!

  67. Brian P

    Glad to know this show will continue. This is one of the best shows out there. Need more of it. Its just as good as Smallville and charmed.

  68. debbie

    cant believe we have to wait so long. none of the other e4 offerings have come close.

  69. shayshay

    Please hurry and release season 3 my whole family cant wait to watch it!!!!!!!!

  70. Thomas

    Love the show! Glad to see it’s coming back!

  71. nyasha

    Wow i hope it would continue ….i was shocked by the betrayal of the commander

  72. Sarah

    Love the show , I’m a big shipper of bellemy and Clark can’t wait to see if it happens . Love shows where there is happiness and someone to fight for like “the arrow ” greatest show ever because they can be happiness .

  73. Courtney

    I AM ADDICTED TO THIS SHOW. seriously, idk how id survive 2016 if season 3 wasn’t coming out. thank the heavens it was renewed!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. marty

    I am so hooked on this show, can not wait til season 3

  75. Alexandra

    I LOVE this show! I never heard about this show until I saw it on Netflix. So excited to watch the new season!

  76. ed flores

    Bring it back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. Julia Oravets

    Best show ever! I want to see season 3 more than anything!

  78. Cat

    What time will the hundred go on for season three ?

    • RRoy

      at 9:00pm

  79. kim

    Yay!!!!! Can’t wait till 100 comes back. Start working on season 4 please.

  80. Alexis

    This show is great I’ve seen 1 and 1 1\2 of season 3 and I’m dieing to watch the rest oh and I just love Monty , Lincoln and Bellamy but Monty’s bae

  81. Bill

    One of the most exciting shows out there. We are so glad it’s back and continue to watch faithfully.

  82. Stephanie Payne

    When will the season 3 finally be on the air!! I’m sick of waiting!!! Loosing interest with all these games the networks are playing !!! Real genius!!!

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