Nov 20

The Affair season 2 and 4 air date

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Good news! Showtime renewed The Affair show for a 10-episode second season to premiere in 2015. We know the start air date on TV!

TV-channel: Showtime
Pilot episode: October 12, 2014
Creators: Sarah Treem, Hagai Levi
Genre: Mystery drama

Season 1 Episode 1: 0.507 million U.S. viewers

Season 1 Episode 6: 0.778 million U.S. viewers

In October 2015 we will see season 2 of «The Affair» show. According to the official announcement, 10 new episodes of the show are to be financed in the next year, as well as it will get its place on air. Such a decision of the rights holders wasn’t a surprise, as the show auditory is constantly increasing and the plot is a reason for the intense discussions on the movie websites.

The creators count the show will straighten its rating position in 2015, and will get several nominations for film awards. Good luck and look forward to the new episodes!

UPDATE 1 (July 23, 2015): Showtime has set a Sunday, October 4, 2015 premiere date for the new season of The Affair.

Are you looking for The Affair season 4 release date? Showtime renewed the series for a fourth season.

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  1. SmartRoy

    This is excellent news. I’m enjoying The Affair.

  2. Simba777

    Good move, Showtime! Dominic West is just fantastic! Can’t wait season 2.

  3. Milana J.

    I’m genuinely interested in how the second season of The Affair will work. I can’t wait until the new season started.

  4. Doneagle

    Too long between seasons!! Season 1 was great
    but who wants to wait a year or more for season 2??
    Poor planning by Showtime if you ask me!!!

    • carlaj

      Great show but way too long to wait for Season 2!

      • Jan borek

        Love the show. Can’t beleive how many people I talked to, watched it. Needed to have series 2 sooner.

    • USCG Mom

      It comes on exactly one year later. Like most shows on TV. The season starts when it starts. It aired in October for the first season so it stands to reason the second season would air in October as well. What other shows have a shorter hiatus between shows???

  5. margaret

    I Love the series The Affair ‘ disappointed that it will be October before we can see it again ,or the new season !could we please get an earlier season start date ? come on showtime you can do better than this ! ……

  6. Tatortotpup

    I think its terrible timing to wait a year between episodes. Noone will remember season 1!

  7. sandra

    That s*cks!!! October is too long to wait, they will lose viewers maybe?

  8. Mia Ahmad

    Throughly love this show! Fantastic writing! The character development is unmatched by any other show! October for season 2? Totally a buzz kill!

  9. Nancy Sechter

    Love the story-good actor choices-but way,way too long between season1and 2. C ‘mon Showtime – get it together! Now you’re showing repeats on Fri nights!!! That sh–ts old. Poor planning-somebody should get fired You’d best re-examine your timing-very poor

  10. Anna

    every series has their seasons a year apart… that’s normal!

  11. ed trout

    Ruth Wilson absolutely hooked me to the affair. She is incredible. I agree with all of the above about October being too long to wait…..can’t you schedule a earlier release.

  12. Sherry

    Anxious for Season 2 to start….very disappointed it is going to be so long before it airs. Not good Showtime! Some viewers who liked the show may lose interest & just irritating to us who were looking for to the return.

  13. Ann

    For all of us who are fans of this amazingly brilliantly written show, we should not complain. Rather, be grateful that we have a second season of creativity, fabulous acting, lust and intreague to look forward to on those chilly winter nights

    • Shelly Tanner

      If you think Ruth Wilson is fantastic in the Affair, watch her in Luther!!!

  14. Gigi Baker

    Please don’t make us wait til October! Was hoping for a summer airing for 2nd season. Such an interesting well-cast series. I absolutely love it!!!

  15. Linda

    Love it!! Helen’s reaction to Noah’s continuing affair is so realistic! Exactly how I would have (and have) responded! Looking forward to October for Season 2!! Can’t wait to see what happens next!

  16. Debbie

    Awesome!!!! can’t wait!! Love this show

  17. Honeystuff

    October 2015 is much too long to wait for a new season. I just upgraded my cable to add Showtime, “specifically” for The Affair. I wish I had read this first because I would have waited! Ridiculous.

  18. Betty

    Can’t wait for Season 2

  19. Silvia

    It is a such long wait, that I have already forgotten I watched the series. I remembered because I saw Ruth Wilson in a magazine. It will be impossible for me to remember anything in October! What a shame!

  20. alfie jr

    Hey,what moron made the decision to wait 1 yr between episodes…are you nuts?

  21. Fernande

    Yes…..I am so hocked on this Serie. Why on earth waiting so long for the next season??????????

  22. USCG Mom

    OMG I can’t believe you all complaining it is too long between shows. You do realize that all shows start about the same time every year??? Fall shows start in September/October. This is a fall show. The first season first aired in October. So it stands to reason the 2nd season will air in October. Holy cow!

    • Waitingwaiting

      Dear Ann and USCG Mom, You must work for showtime cause a year apart IS a buzz kill!

  23. Hjk

    This show is riveting. I watched all episodes almost nonstop on demand. I bet season 2 will be great. Unbelievable writing and acting. Just awesome.

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