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Homeland season 6 premiere date

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When will Homeland season 6 premiere on Showtime? The series was renewed for a sixth season! We want to know the exact start date in 2016!

Executive producers: Alex Gansa, Howard Gordon, Gideon Raff, Michael Cuesta, Avi Nir…
Production companys: Teakwood Lane Productions, Fox 21 Television Studios, Keshet Broadcasting, Cherry Pie Productions, Showtime Networks

The Emmy-winning Homeland, which has been aired by Showtime since October 2011, isn’t going to be canceled. Last week the rights holders made an official announcement the show was renewed for the full sixth season, which is to premiere in the fall of 2016.

The exact start date of the new episodes will be announced later, as nobody is able to plan the TV program for a year ahead.

Also, it has been confirmed that the television series The Affair, which is being broadcast on the same day with Homeland, would also be renewed for a new season.

It should be noted that this year the creators delayed a bit with the renewal, as only two episodes remain unshown. Last year the announcement concerning the ordering of the new episodes was made much earlier.

Homeland season 6 premiere date – [January 15, 2017] (at 9/8c)

Could it mean that the creators aren’t sure about their decision? What do you think?

UPDATE 1 (June 1, 2016): Showtime is nearing a deal to renew Homeland for Season 7 and 8. David Nevins also confirmed that the show’s sixth season will not launch in the fall 2016. Instead, it will bow in January 2017.

UPDATE 2 (August 12, 2016): Showtime has renewed Homeland for two additional seasons. Are you waiting for HOMELAND SEASON 7 ? Follow the link!

Season 6 Trailer:

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  1. MrP.

    Happy about Homeland. Good show.

  2. DZavo

    Great series but… I’m not as sure about how many seasons it has left in it…

  3. Mike S.

    These are my two favorite shows on TV.

  4. PasteRRo

    Is anyone surprised? Always hooked since the beginning with great actors and writers.

  5. Zack Rollins

    Homeland’s been amazing this season!

  6. Lucie J.

    happy about both!

  7. Janet Edmiston

    Best show since 24. Please don’t kill anymore of the main characters. Very disappointed when Brody was eliminated. It was a magnificent pairing. Why did they have to kill off Brody?

    • Donna S.

      I agree. Why!!

    • Doc

      I really don’t think we have seen the last of Brody. I think it was a setup when they hanged him. Some kind of harness or something so it liked like he was hanged. I think he will be seen in the last season at the end.

  8. PennyG

    Finally! I’ve been checking back over and over! I hated when the character of Brody was killed off, but I understand as he has the new series presently running. When Peter Quinn died it broke my heart once again for our beloved Carrie! How much torture does she have to go through to have love and her daughter? I mean couldn’t she move to Switzerland and have a beautiful courage? Lol!?

    • Joni

      Peter Quinn is not dead.

  9. Terri klein

    Can’t wait for Homeland to return. Best show ever. Hope it comes back soon!

  10. Gary

    I don’t care who gets killed off in the series I just hope the quality is maintained. I am not much into sitting around watching tv series but I was introduced to this show last year and have watched every one of the episodes. I really like it. It touches upon the world as we know it now, with terrorism being part of our lives. The accuracy of what goes on in the CIA world I cannot know but I can imagine the jobs they do behind the scenes must be daunting. Great show!

    • Suzanne

      As long as Claire D. and Mandy P. are in. I’m all in. I still miss the tortured soul of Jack Bauer. Keifer’s best role to date. Clair and him working together and maybe shipping them would be the 1 true pairing of a lifetime !! Saul, Carrie and Jack would make for excellent Viewing!!

  11. Jude

    I’m delighted that Homeland has been renewed, but it’s a bummer to have to wait until Autumn to see the new season. Yeah, politics, money, blah-blah-blah, but it’s a heckuva long wait!! I hope the actors are either enjoying the huge oasis period – of finding other work to keep them going.

  12. Donna S.

    Really looking forward to the next Homeland. Too long to wait!!



  14. sylvia forbes

    Hope Quinn did not pass away….looking forward to it!

  15. Everett Dotson

    Really looking forward to Season 6 heard someone say it’s going to take place in NYC

  16. Avida M.

    One of the best shows on the air. I am so very ready to see it return!! I love the suspense and the surprises. Great writers. I refuse to get hooked on any other series during Homeland’s scheduled time. Now I find that I have to wait until Jan. What a bomber!!

  17. Cherry suskind

    I am so glad the 6th season is coming back on Jan 15 2017. I hope it will have a new character to replace Peter, and it should not be too dark. The show was so good, and no show alike can compare.

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