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The Americans season 5 start date FX 2017

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The Americans season 5 start date 2017

Are you waiting for Season 5 of The Americans? Good news! FX renewed the show for the fifth season to air in 2017. What about the exact start date?

The series The Americans has no plans to come to an end. Its Season 5 awaits many millions of fans around the world, so the creators should not worry about falling ratings.

At the moment the representatives of the channel FX have not yet made an official announcement (UPDATE 1) about the renewal of the show for a fifth season, but executive producer Joel Fields tweeted that the start of work on its creation has already begun.

Remind that in addition to the United States, the series The Americans is broadcasted also in Australia on Network Ten, Canada on FX Canada, Ireland on RTÉ Two, and the United Kingdom on ITV. Such a large-scale project deserves a few more seasons and even demanding criticsagree with this.

The Americans season 5 start date – [March 7, 2017]

Well, we are waiting for news about the exact release date of the new episodes. Follow the updates!

UPDATE 1 (May 25, 2016): FX renewed The Americans for a 13-episode season 5 to air in the spring 2017 and a 10-episode season 6 (final season) to air in the spring 2018.

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  1. Martha Brown

    The Americans is one of the few shows that has consistently improved every season. Please don’t stop!
    P.S. Thanx FX for S5 and S6

    • Gary N.

      Yep… but the ratings are really low…

  2. Erik

    This is the only show my wife and I watch together. Thank you FX for fulfilling your promise to see the show through to a natural conclusion.

  3. Roxanne

    BEST SERIES EVER! It’s really nice of FX to keep supporting this high quality show despite the moderate number of viewers. TU

  4. Linda raze

    I am so glad I discovered The Americans! It’s my favorite show and I look forward to each episode. Such high quality and all the actors are fabulous. I love Kerry Russell and Matthew Rhys!
    I can’t wait for 2017!

  5. T & P

    Great series! The best on TV! We love it!

  6. cw

    and who do you blame for that?

  7. SCott Reed

    The best story with the best actors I have ever seen and know it must end but ALL persons associated can be very proud.

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