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When Calls the Heart season 4 and 5 start date

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When Calls the Heart season 4 start date

Is the series When Calls the Heart renewed for Season 4? Do you want to know the premiere date in 2017 on Hallmark Channel? Let’s wait for the start!

Original networks: Hallmark Channel (US), Super Channel (Canada)
Production companys: Believe Pictures, Brad Krevoy Television, Jordan Films
Original release: January 11, 2014 – present

The third season of the series When Calls the Heart showed excellent rating in both Canada and the USA, which gives more hopes for Season 4!

The number of viewers on the channel Hallmark Channel, who are watching this project, now more than 2 million people, and such a high rate, remind, was only at the end of the first season. The right holders are confident that the trend will continue, and the total number of fans will gradually increase, so no one is going to close the show in 2016.

The representatives of Super Channel in interviews are not confirmed (UPDATE 1) the renewal of the series for Season 4, but no one denies the fact that it will happen.

When Calls the Heart season 4 start date – [February 19, 2017] 9:00 PM / 8:00c

We are waiting for the official announcement, after which we will post here the premiere date of the new episodes. Don’t miss!

UPDATE 1 (April 15, 2016): GOOD NEWS! Hallmark Channel has renewed When Calls the Heart for Season 4. Production on the new season is scheduled to begin in Vancouver this summer.

Are you looking for When Calls the Heart season 5 release date?

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  1. Molly D.

    I love this show so much! It’s a wholesome love story without the smut for all viewers. Please, make Season 4

  2. Dianne

    I miss this show. DO NOT CANCEL, please!

  3. Hilda Allen

    Season is way too short. Just hope we get a happy ending with Jack and Elizabeth.

  4. Ronald

    My wife and I also watch it together. We hope for Season 4

  5. James S.

    Please renew for more seasons!

  6. Anna & Sam W.

    We hope there will definitely be a Season 4 and more!

  7. jessica

    When will season 4 be??? Got to know! Only one more episode!

  8. Kathy

    Please continue with season 4 and many more

  9. Hannah

    Can’t wait for season 4 I want to know what else is yet to come in hope valley I ddi not see the season finale yet but can’t wait to

  10. Vicky

    Can’t wait for season 4, the best movie on tv. My husband and I always watch it together. The stars and the director are the best. Need much longer season, the season is very short. My friends and I talk about When Calls the Heart all the time.

  11. Sue Lucas

    PLEASE !! Can not wait for Season 4 Premier . LOVE this show HOOKED on it ! A very wonderful family . It is the very best of anything on TV !

  12. Christopher C

    if it does end now at least it ended on a good note
    most shows end and dont get a conclusion aka cedar cove . at least here we could just assume what happens and can be happy if for some stupid reason the show is canceled

  13. Elisabeth Enoch

    please don’t cancel the show! Let there be season 4 and more! My family and I love this show, don’t cancel!

  14. Linda

    Just love this show…please bring Season 4 back soon!

  15. missy

    Please oh please renew when calls the heart…its the only thing I watch on TV.

  16. Dominika

    Proszę kontynuujcie kolejny sezon 4 nawet my w dalekiej Polsce go kochamy

  17. Meme Scarboro

    Oh my gracious!! The seasons are too short!! Our family loves this clean and family friendly show. Keep up the great work! But hurry up already! We’re ready to see what happens next!

  18. Carol Allen

    I love this program, long time since we have had something this decent to watch on TV please do not cancel it.

  19. Jennifer

    so what happens to the sister and brother and Charles and the parents and Clara. Too many loose ends you need to have more episodes in a season 9 is not enough just when we get back into it its aver

  20. Bo

    Great show for families & friends. No profanity no nudity
    What a wonderful difference of life in 1910 Canada
    Wonderful characters Great acting

    Please continue this wonderful story of true love and friendship

  21. Elisa C.

    We watch this show over and over and over again on Netfix. We like the wholesomeness and moral values this show has. It doesn’t try to stand on profanity and vulgarity to captivate the audience. Plus, it is one of those shows that everyone could become addicted to. Even my husband likes the show. We watch it together, like I said, over and over again. I agree that they need longer seasons.

  22. Melly

    God bless you for putting a decent show on television to watch. Please continue to do this good work. Love, Love, Love this show!!!!! Wish it was on more. Thank you

  23. Yvette

    If there were more shows in a season and we didn’t have to wait so long for the next one, there would absolutely no question as to whether there would a new season or not. I absolutely love this show and don’t want to lose interest because I have to wait soo.. long for the next one. I know making tv programs is a lot of work but the payoff for all is worth it.

  24. Donald

    This is my and my wife’s favorite show… Watched seasons 1 & 2 on Netflix and bought season 3 on Amazon Prime. Can’t wait for further seasons. Thanks Hallmark!

  25. Robin

    I look forward to this show each season. I happened to come upon it quite accidentally and became hooked immediately. I watched 2 seasons back to back to catch up, I couldn’t get enough. I love the relationships and characters behind the storyline. I love the cast as well.

  26. Chalcedoney

    I am so in love with just show, discovered season 1 & 2 on Netflix and was hooked after first episode, paid for season 3 on Amazon and am anxiously waiting for #4. Please add more episodes per season!

  27. Macbooper

    I don’t usually comment on websites, but I absolutely adore this show. I have purchased Season 1 & 2 and bought the download for Season 3. I will probably purchase the DVD when it is released. I constantly watch all three Seasons on my iPad over and over again. I am patiently waiting for Season 4.

  28. Barbara

    My husband and I love this show!! Please please please continue it! There are not enough shows like this one!! Loved the books, love the show!! May God bless you all

  29. Chan

    Amazing. Good clean show to enjoy. Ive fallen in love with the characters. Please renew. We need more shows like this one

  30. Teri

    Love this show. Hubby and I watch together. Thanks for renewing.

  31. Barb & Jim

    Please bring HEART back ASAP, My husband & I never miss it, we could watch it for hours. An hour or the season is just not long enough!

  32. Deborah

    Please continue this wonderful family show.

  33. Jeanette Pittman

    The best show I’ve seen in a very long time.Keep up the good work most wonderful and respective of old times.

  34. Joni

    Great storyline looking forward to season four. It’s really nice to see how respectful were in the old days not like the kids of today.

  35. Terri Chapman

    Please continue this great and wonderful show. There is nothing that compares to this. It’s about the only one I watch after I discovered it on Netlflix.

  36. Claire Cashwell

    Great show! I love it, A wonderful, exciting, and wholesome show
    There are not enough of them on TV. Please continue
    the series and add more beginning with Season 5.
    Elizabeth & Jack makes it something to look forward to each week.
    Please bring back Jack; such a great live story and
    I cried also when he left.

  37. Catherine Colby

    A great wholesome show. Always look forward to watching it. Please continue. We need more shows like this on T. V.

  38. Jeannine

    I do enjoy this wholesome episode. We need more of these types of dramas to watch

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