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The Blacklist season 3: premiere date (2015)

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When does The Blacklist season 3 come out? NBC renewed the series! The premiere air date is scheduled for fall 2015. Let’s wait for the start!

TV-channel: NBC
Created by: Jon Bokenkamp
Producer: Anthony Sparks
Distributor: NBCUniversal Television Distribution, Sony Pictures Television
Genre: crime drama

Season 2 Episode 2: 12.55 million U.S. viewers

Season 2 Episode 10: 10.11 million U.S. viewers

Probably there is no doubt that «The Blacklist» television series will end in the current year. This TV-project is being watched by about 10 million Americans, which makes it one of the most popular shows on NBC. At the beginning of February the rights holders announced about the renewal of «The Blacklist» show for the complete season 3, and the premiere date of the new episodes is scheduled for September 24, 2015 October 1, 2015 (Thursday, 9 pm). Season 3B premiere – [January 7, 2016].

Also it has been confirmed, that the contractual agreements with the new characters of the show were extended for one more year and John Eisendrath would again be responsible for the production of the new episodes.

Have you expected such an early renewal?

UPDATE 1 (December 5, 2015): Good news! NBC renewed the series for a fourth season.

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  1. Mable Gr0SS

    Not surprised. The Blacklist is f*ckin’ awesome!

  2. seth

    Great news one of my new favorite shows! I’m glad.

  3. Rivera88

    James Spader makes the show! Here’s hoping for 3 or 5 more seasons ))

  4. Shirley(Strngr)

    So quickly? I’m surprisingly happy about The Blacklist. One of best shows on a Network.

  5. ----HoffmanL91

    Great news! I hope The Blacklist can sustain itself longer. Can’t wait to watch new episodes…

  6. Ella!!!Cult

    I’m happy with The Blacklist’s renewal. It’s my third favorite show on NBC.

  7. Tina 381

    love the show happy its coming back on


    Intelligent show with many avenues it can explore to keep it fresh and long running. One piece of advice. The writers can never let Red be viewed as a consensus good guy. There must always be doubt about his sincerity, his motives and his direction. This will elevate it far above the typical “good guy” dramas whose entertainment value wanes in the latter series and fades out altogether after 20 episodes. Quit trying to demonize the rest of the cast with the exception of Ms Mossad. She would make a perfect clandestine bedfellow for Red, or others on the Blacklist.

  9. Macwallace

    I am getting anxiety attacks reading the various reviews on ratings and how up/down they are. I am hoping this is all speculation, because I know when the ratings are not at a certain level, there they go cancel the show. This is one of the best shows on worth watching, it has to keep going so please do not divulge everything about Red and Keen’s past. I love the mystery about Red, is he generally good/bad or just torn. One thing I do miss and I have not seen in Season 2 is his sense of humor, seemed a bit happier then but almost getting kill would put a damper on things. The last episode I sensed he might be an undercover agent himself, with his resources and barking out orders as he does. Part of his cover as the FBI’s most wanted in order to flush out the cabal, interesting. Look forward to many more seasons of the Blacklist.

  10. Miranda

    That’s so long to wait for a new season!!! But I’ll wait cause I love the blacklist!

  11. Marsha

    One of my top3 favorite show
    Glad to see it renewed for season 3.
    Can’t wait until September
    Terrific acting
    Questions left unanswered
    I’m certain there are more suspenseful episodes to follow
    Thanks NBC

  12. frank bryan

    One of the best tv series by a long way love every minute of both season 1 and 2 like most others will wait with bated breath for season 3 can only get better in my opinion been in uk its hard to keep up with american tv as the idiots over here take ages to show it thank god for the webits my life saver

  13. Olga

    Really waiting for the 3 episode… Too much untold in previous ones …

  14. Mary H

    Love this show, is it being aired in Britain in September or is it only in the USA.

  15. eisha

    i love this show Cant wait for season 3

  16. Michelle Gonzalez

    One of the best shows on network tv, so glad it’s coming back. Thank you NBC

  17. Judy Lineberger

    This is one of the best series I have seen for a long time, James Spader is awesome, please keep this one for many more seasons, rather than some dumb reality show. Thank you THANK YOU AGAIN

  18. barbara dancer

    Love this shoW. . I ts the besr one Ive seen in A very long time. kEEP it going for a very long time.Im an invalid so ehats about all I can do. I ABSOULTY LOVE IT.

  19. donna365

    I do think this is the best show on TV. James Spader’s is wonderful. He really makes you think he is Raymond Reddington. I hope this show has many more seasons.

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