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The Blacklist season 4 start date 2016

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The Blacklist season 4 start date

When will The Blacklist season 4 start? Do you want to know the exact premiere date on NBC in 2016? Let’s wait for the release!

The creator of the series The Blacklist Jon Bokenkamp does not plan to finish his work in the near future.

Even last year, he said that NBC’s representatives have approved the financing for a new episodes, and have renewed the project for Season 4, so on September 22, 2016 (exact date) show will return to television broadcasting.

This rapid renewal was approved by all fans of the show, but the reaction of critics was mixed. Of course, the TV series The Blacklist is quite successful and it deserves the fourth season, so we support the decision of the NBC and wish for Jon Bokenkamp further success in his work.

We note only the fact that there is a slight decreasing of the rating of the series already in the third season and the number of fans for the first time dropped below 6 million people.

The Blacklist season 4 start date – [September 22, 2016] (10 pm)

Could this be a problem for the further development of the show? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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  1. CarlaSanchez

    This show is still one of the best on NBC. This season has been good!!! Looking forward to Season 4

  2. Chris56

    Happy The Blacklist got renewed for season 4. My wife and I absolutely love this show.

  3. willie

    love the storylines…all great actors…can’t wait season 4

  4. Miranda W.

    To say that I absolutely love this show is not saying enough!

  5. OllO

    Great show, great acting. Love James Spader!!!

  6. Arlene Cross

    My favorite show. Never miss an episode!

  7. r cook

    it is one of the best shows on TV all the acting is just great, the only show I can say I have never miss seeing the last 3 yr’s !

  8. David

    This is the finest and most powerful television imaginable, needs another 6 seasons at least.

  9. robert

    Love the show, love the actors, especially James Spader. Looking forward to season 4.And well done Jon Bokenkamp.

  10. CAT

    Can’t wait for season 4, one of the best shows on TV think James Spader is awesome

  11. Moira

    Absolutely brilliant program hope it keeps going.

  12. Lesley Williams

    I like the Blacklist but have waited for 2 seasons for the character ‘Tom’ to be killed, I can only continue to watch this show if he leaves and Elizabeth works with Ruddington again, they were the nadir of the show, my interest has warned in season 3.
    By the last episode I was really fed up with it..

  13. jacqui

    Just finished season 3 on dvd, I’m totally hooked, can’t wait for season 4, love reddington, love the whole thing,

  14. marton

    totally love the show keeps you on your toes ,never know what is gonna happen . could watch over and over .please continue it some how .one of best shows going .

  15. Simon

    Well. No doubts that I kept watching Season 1&2 non-stop. But for Season I watched few episode to start off, but then I stopped watching it for few months. Anyway, I am still hoping to watch season 4.

  16. karen g

    My husband got caught up in this show fast…about 2 episodes into the 1st season he had me watch it…now I’m hooked .We watch it on Netflix so I can go back and catch up any that I missed. Within 1 week we watched all 3 seasons! Hopefully Jon Bokenkamp decides to actually go further than 4 seasons this show is far better than any so-called reality shows such as {The Kardashians}!!

  17. Regina

    Love Love this show!! My husband and I have been hooked since 1st episode!

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