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The Comedians season 2 ?

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Will there be The Comedians season 2 on FX? We are waiting for the premiere date in 2016. What about the new episodes’ shooting?

Some experts believe the television series The Comedians still has minimal chances to be renewed for Season 2, but in any case it sounds very optimistic.

Having been launched on FX in April current year, the given comedy series attracted the attention of about 900 thousand Americans and got high scores on Rotten Tomatoes (7.1/100). During the broadcast it appeared that the show was losing its fans and at its 13th episode release their number comprised only 306 thousand people.

The fall of the ratings was noticed already in the middle of the season, but the rights holders didn’t close the project. At the moment we don’t have (UPDATE 1) an official announcement on this account. Its not a secret that unprofitable shows rarely receive funding for the new episodes, that’s why the release date of the second season of The Comedians may never be announced.

We hope for the creators’ rights decision as well as for the positive verdict for the project. Let’s wait.

UPDATE 1 (July 23, 2015): Bad news… The series was cancelled after one season.

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