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«The Secret Circle» season 2: release date

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When will «The Secret Circle» season 2 come out? Official premiere date is known?

Representatives of CW hold their ground – there is no money to shoot the sequel of «The Secret Circle» series. Fans collected more than 20 thousand signatures to support the favorite show, but that fact didn’t influence the CW director’s decision. Fans of hope that the one of the major U.S. broadcast networks will buy the rights for the given series and Season 2 will be shot.

Today the creators don’t want to finance the second season, despite the fact that the ratings of series are one and a half time higher that in «Nikita» series, financed by CW. Release date, expected by fans, is still possible to be announced, but the experts believe that the sequel isn’t going to be produced.

TV series based on L.J.Smith’s book of the same name. The first episode was aired in September. The series was closed in May, 2012.

Would you like to see new episodes of the given story?

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  1. Ratchet

    they should make Secret Circle season 2 they made very big mistake

    • Kat

      I agree.
      So many people love that TV show

      • samantha

        I agree
        to they need to make a season 2 and 3 this is my fave show and kat and retchet is so right I will keep watching season 1 until I get tired of watching it I am the biggest fan the guy that created this tv show need to make season 2 3 he or she should have cassie and adam should have a wedding I would do anything for the guy or girl to make 2 3 and mybe 4

        • Mora M

          I want to seem what happens to Charles (if he’s still in there) and see what happens to everyone else

          • Max

            I guess if there is a season 2 it will revolve around the balcoin circle a circle formed with dark magic and how Adam uses its power instead of cloaking it to save the balance of the universe from tipping and I think Charles will still be paralysed with sigils on his hands to stop demons from possessing him but he will feel no pain in his state.

        • Nicole

          I Agree. The way they left the Ending. they should make a Second. & a Third. You Cant Leave Off with Ending like that & Stop. They Should Keep it Going!!!!!!

          • Victoria

            I agree it isn’t fair how they just left us with a crazy mystery and how cassies family is coming to chance harbor

          • Florence Bailey

            change [.] org/p/netflix-bring-the-secret-circle-season-2-to-netflix is a petition asking Netflix to take on the project of bringing The Secret Circle Season 2 into it’s network. Please sign the petition and share, please?

          • Lilly

            Yes they should make a second season but why don’t you people read the books that the show is based off of? The books are WAY better than the show they have a lot more detail.

        • Sinceria shipman

          They need to make a whole series because people love and it has more Views than the Nikita series and it will probably give them more money

        • Hannah


          • katilyn

            i agree with remember their written in the stars

          • billie

            Adam and Cassie cant be together they are cursed.
            Yes they might be destine to be together but since her father
            Was a blackwell it cant happend Adams heart is good. Cassie is corrupted by the belcoin blood line. So that wont happen. Cassie is going to be with jake his heart matches hers.

          • Claudia

            No they are not cursed John made it up to keep them apart, we was worried about the power they would have together – he killed the birds and made Jake sick

          • munene vinnie

            cassie’s father just lied that their bond is cursed..they are destined to be together.

        • fundays18

          I think they should make a 2and3i love the show.

        • Kaylynn

          I know right and I want them to make a season 2 of The Secret Circle because I want to see if Adam and Cassie get back together and I’m really hoping they make a season 2 of The Secret Circle and I’m hoping Adam and Cassie get back together because they make the perfect couple.Hannah is 100 percent right that Cassie and Adam need to get back together because they make the perfect couple. Love them

          P.S. Hashtag ADAM + CASSIE FOREVER

      • Wise

        I agree this is the best show I ve watched it so much and never get sick of it and he ending is season one this show can not end like that there is too much suspence

        • Miss disaster

          I think Cassie and Jake belong together AND blackweld faked the cuirsed anyway black magic can’t cancel out true love

    • Elena


      • ?


      • katie

        i would be the worlds happiest person 2 and if it does come back i wont kill my self next year caz thats my fav show in the world

    • Cassey R.

      They really need to make the second season. I really loved the secret circle. They made a huge mistake not putting it back on that is so aggravating.

    • Casper

      Hello Everyone ! I’m from Sikkim , India and i really love this series . They have made a Big mistake by canceling The Secret Circle . This series has got only one season with incomplete story. On the last episode The four witch possessing Black magic were shown heading towards the chance Harbour………..Do we People will ever find out what will happen Next ??????

      • ThreshingBee2012

        We need another season!! I am going to be very happy ungratfully happy wonderouslly happy because it is a great show and I need more of it I have been hooked on it for along time it’s very great! You can’t just stop with one season that’s called abuse right there haha if there is no second season I would be terribly depressed! And don’t even get me started on the cliff hanger it was do huge I mean the four other balconies children were standing on a rock heading to chance harbor unitedly there new characters so we need to meet them! How do you think the cast feels about ending I mean td new characters didn’t get to be shown, they didn’t get the spotlight for more than 3 seconds we need this new season I’m sure it would rank up more views and everyone that is in the petitions could tell others to watch it do u get enough money to cast the next season so plz do I know this show brings happiness to a lot of people like it does for me it helps me forget the bad moments of life and focus on the good parts and the secret circle is a good helping supporting series

        • Underdog

          I think their should be ten seasons at least a good ending between the love triangle by
          Jake Armstrong and Adam Conant which one will Cassie Blake choose to be in the messed up
          World She has been put in the that place by her father also their should be the parts of he first season throughout the ten seasons that’s what I’m talking about and left of where Diana decides to leave town and what happens to the Mysterious Balcoin kids will they try and kill Cassie and Diana would that be a wicked twist or what?

    • Amanda

      Yeah it bulk cr*p that they are not going ot continue out the rest of the season. You know they say that they love to know how their fans feel about all the shows and etc, where here is a show that they killed all because they said either because they didn’t have the financial back or they just did not to. It’s so stupid to end it they way they did just to keep you wondering..

    • kathrine

      i agree: there should be the secret circle season 2

      • regina

        if you check on save the secret circle, you could bring it back by voting

    • Shirley Kaye Marshall

      Yes they should have already made it !

  2. Eloo

    I want a second season ! Please !
    Une deuxième saison !
    This TV show is soo well-done…
    So better than the books

  3. DevAman

    1 year going to complete……..produce soooooooonnnnnnnnn!!

  4. Ratchet

    some people say that Season 2 might be possible when there is enough money to make Season 2 maybe in 2014/2015

    • kim

      That should be now… since a few show from this season have ended or gotten cancelled… Gossip Girl, 90210, Emily Owens M.D etc…

    • Ash

      Really? do you think there will be a season 2? I hope so! i cant live with out it!! Its so so so hard!!! 🙁 🙂

      • Grace

        Netflix might make one if we sign the petition!!!!!!!!!! Look up things like this and sign the petition! Over 57k people have

    • Shaun

      Yep, heard it 2 4 bout a month ago from 40 diff peps

  5. Ratchet

    i just got confirmation from 1 of my sources that Season 2 is not happening anytime soon Because The Special Effects cost too much money
    when CW or Some other Network Has Enough money to make Season 2 they will make it but not in 2013 i’ve been hearing chatter That Season 2 Might come in 2014/2015 i will let all of you know when i know more Peace out people

    • paul

      No money??? Maybe they should stop this stupid boring shows cause no body watches it and BRING back new season of circle dammit!!!! I NEED to see it!!!

      • Ariel

        Agreed!!! Nikita and beauty and the beast need to be gone, there rating aren’t nearly as great as what TSC was!

        • Ash

          Your right!!!

        • Teayonna Lovee

          Totally agree with you!! They need to bring it back with the same actors and actresses!! This was one of my favorite shows #2 on my list after my #1 Vampire Diaries.

      • Sasha

        totally agree!

      • jon

        No money for a good story show but have money for cr*p shows that doesn’t make sense

    • Reymart Blackwell

      Well, glad I heard a “slight” progress about all this. Because no matter how the theCW says that the show “is done” they know deep inside the company that they MADE one of the Biggest Mistakes in television history. They couldn’t ignore the fans of the TV show. Let’s say America gave a small crystal sharing for TSC and more bitemarks to other shows but HOW ABOUT THE WORLD? I am a fan, both of the books and the season one. And all I can say to this is, the books have their best, the series has its best. And with ONE OF THE BIGGEST, HYPERVENTILATING,EPIC cliff-hanger in TV Series’, who will not root for a second season. What I can think, and say about all this… Season one revisited and edited the book with its own semi-original plot but with the same intentions of the book (The Initiation), and Season 2 will surely make the story five times higher than the first season, because what do we expect in literature? First part teases the mind, second parts explodes it.

      • Ash

        Your absolutely right! They cant let down there fans and it will become more popular in season 2.. for example The vampire diaries and teen wolf etc all became MORE popular as the season went on… Anyway they left a massive cliff hanger and its wrong to walk away from that and forget it!

    • aaliyah

      are you sure about that what if it is completely over with already but I hope their not

    • Madison

      I heard a rumor that Netflix is considering picking up the secret circle for a season 2 I hope that its not a rumor if the do renew it the would make a lot of money off it keep you fingers crossed

  6. Karissa

    I watched the secret circle from the beginning!!! All of my friends love it and are extremely devastated that people were stupid enough to listen to ratings!!! So please be smart and bring it back… They bring everything else back why not bring back something good! Bring back Secret Circle!

  7. Angellica.T.

    Yes please renew the secret circle pretty please

  8. Ashu akre

    We want de season 2 4 tsc…… Please renew our circle

  9. Lilli

    Watching this series in Germany after I got to know it while living in the States.. Love it!!
    I was sooo desperate when I heard they won’t go on with season 2! They need to!

  10. vitor

    It would be possible The secret circle – the movie? like they did with Veronica Mars with money raised with help from the fans! twitter to post this idea in the series producer Andrew Miller @MillerLoLife

  11. Angellica .T.

    please renew the series everybody is waiting on it

  12. guy

    Such a promising show.. Cannot believe it was cancelled. When i found it was cancelled I was distraught. If I could wish for anything to with TV Shows then it would to bring back this show. So much cliff hangers at the end scenes which could have made for an amazing second season.

    • guy

      to do*

  13. fami

    Such a lovely show!,I really hope they still bring it back.My friends love it, and I still can’t believe this show is canceled. because its a definate one of the best show.

  14. Secret Circle

    Why did they even start the show if they had no money for it ?. Cw is a bunch of Fat head suits and just wanted to do what they did to FANS to prove they have Power !.

    • Caitlyn

      all they want is money and if they cant get it then they cancell u.. thats not fair give it a chance and it will show u that they can make it.. alot of people need this show to come back on and misses it.. please come back and try to find the money for it…

      • Reymart Blackwell

        Sure thing. And they’ll bite at the edges of their nails when the season 2 pilot will have a much higher rating than the rest of season one. Season Two, obviously, will make it’s mark on television.

  15. secret circle

    is it really coming back??

    • Ashlyn Davis

      i want it to come back i love this show and the director dont know what he is taking about lol<3

  16. Ariell da best

    Pleeeeeezzze bring it back pleeeezze

    • Miss disaster

      If you guys are reading this crew of the secret circle u know what the right thing to do is fight for your TV show back plzzzz I love this show more tha n pll no but its getting there so plzz come back

  17. hillary

    omg i can’t live without the secret circle !!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. vanz

    please season two should come back so many people love the show already!!!!!!

  19. Ashlyn Davis

    i really like this alot no i love this show it is sad it only made one season lol the director dont know what he is talking about<3

  20. Angellica.T.

    I cant live without a dose of The Secret Circle either please save it it was ment to be on for a long long extra long time more season please cw pretty please wit whiped cream and stawberries on top please

  21. mike

    Please bring season 2 in, I have watched the first season and my family loves it, now we want to see season 2.

  22. Amy

    This needs to be renewed !!! Cw has canceled 2 of there new shows
    That money to make those bombers could have been spent making a show where there

  23. Quendella

    Pls release season 2 of secret circle cos I can’t wait 2 see wats next. Tnks

  24. Caitlyn

    Please bring this show back.. I really do like this it took me three days to watched it on netflix. I am so mad that i watched it to late wish that i ould have done something to bring it back.. this show is is just like other shows the first season is great and the next is better and then better.. Just like one tree hill and supernatural.. I takes everyone heart and let it feel things that are wonderful and amazing.. trying to guess who will be with who and who they can trust and betrayed them.. I cried when adam and cassie broke up i know in my heart that they are meant t b with each other and they need each other from going mad.. and stay good.. nd we were left empty with adam’s dad.. what happen to him and is he ok.. all my question arent answered about the night of the fire.. did cassie mom really love adam’s dad and will cassie find outwhat happen to her mom and will diana find out that staying away from evil isnt easy that she needs her friends and do they all know that completing the circle is the best thing for them.. I have alot more question.. please bring the show back.. or at least do a movie to finish off the ending of the first season.. please

    • Ash

      your right!

  25. Caitlyn

    going to save the secret circle on facebook.. and like it plus comment on it mayb we can get it to come back please

  26. Angellica .T.

    renew it cw we want secret circle renewed really really really really bad and i say really want it renewed please for 2013 2014 season please work it out so we can see our again soon

  27. bri c

    they cant go by just the first season ratings if they werent high enough because some people wait to watch on netflix or dvd, i watched it from netflix and fell in love right away. there should def be another season after i watched the first i told all my friends about it but no one would watch it because i told them there is only one season. who wants to watch a show and fall in love with it and there only be 1 season ? DEFINATlY need another season.

  28. Jana

    Solution: Cancel Beauty and The Beast, bring back the Secret Circle. #ItsNotComplicated
    I’m totally in love with the Secret Circle <3 but now that its gone its just not the same. Seeming as im 16 I can speak for other teens that love and miss the show. If it weren't for The Vampire Diaries, I would not watch the CW at all. BRING BACK OUR WITCHES. #ThisWarIsNotOver #SaveTheCircle

    • Ash

      I love The vampire diaries (TVD) and im only 14…. i watch all of season 1 2 3 in 1 week! And i watch all of season 1 of the secret circle in 2 days!!! I love it! X)

  29. Evan

    Please everyone I love this movie and I can not wait 2 or 3 years I want now please

  30. Deanna

    Please let them come back on i don’t know what we will do with out the show . There is 4 people in my house t that loves the show . I paid money to see the show Direc tv is what we have. So please put it back on some place.

  31. CFaith

    There ABSOLUTELY needs to be a season 2. It was loved by millions and cut very prematurely. I just don’t understand how a show with a lower fan base and rating can continue on and this be cancelled. It was a very bad decision to cut such a good show. The CW lost my views. I will not ever watch a show on the CW again, and I know I’m not the only one who has committed to this. This show needs a renewal. We all deserve to know what happens to everyone now that the other Balcoin children have come to Chance Harbor. It’s just wrong to leave the show off on such a major cliffhanger.

    • catti

      I agree, we got to fight for season 2!!

  32. gene

    they should make season2 I love that show with a passion is one of my fav show

  33. yo

    BRING IT BACK , It was a cool show! I’m a guy & i even liked the show! way better then those sappy soap opera chick shows like vampire diaries…….

  34. David Cooney

    Yes ,I would like to see the series returned to the air.I do worry that with all the time that has past that getting the original cast back would be unlikely,without Brittany,Shelley ,Phoebe,Thomas, for sure and the rest would be great to have but without those people the show would be totally different.Brittany and Shelley are an absolute or in my opinion the show would not work.Peace.David

  35. Ariel

    One of the best shows that was on CW! I watched every single episode, and eating dying for season 2. Ill never watch beauty and the beast, TSC needs to be back! I think the fact that Nikita took over when it was apparent that TSC was way more popular and higher ratings then Nikita. TSC would be well appreciated and is beyond missed! They cut it off too early just as the the story was taking place. The same author wrote TVD and TSC, it’s clear how well TVD is doing, TSC needs the same chance.

  36. Ana

    BRING BACK THIS SHOW PLZ PLZ PLZ! I Love this show!!! 🙁

  37. Angellica.T.

    Renew it please 🙁

  38. mario

    riportate il circolo segreto 2 vi prego ora dobbiamo agire le decisione dei rinnovi si decidono il 11 maggio

  39. tp

    We NEED a second season

  40. Cayla

    I miss this show it helped me a lot!!!! So inspiring and so many lessons it teaches young kids.. They are stupid for ever shutting this show down. Protest!!

  41. Danielle

    I just started watching it this weekend (Saturday) and finished last night (Tuesday) was a little irritated that I couldn’t watch anymore. Please please please bring back this show.

  42. Jacqueline


  43. thash

    I still love the secret circle! !!please come back♡♥:-D

  44. aaron

    Come back we love the secret circle

  45. Nicole

    OH MY GOD PLEASE MAKE ANOTHER SEASON! someone told me about this show so me and a couple friends started this first season and was hooked finished it in one night! Please continue this series I do believe it will kick off like “pretty little liars”

  46. Holly

    Please bring this back !!!!!!!!!!!! Shitty you left it off without knowing what happened !!! Best show ever

  47. Malin

    i love the secret circle and i wan´t to see more so please make another season, the end of season 1 was so good.

  48. Amber

    Maybe someone could start a kickstarter account!!

  49. Angellica .T.

    renew it please

  50. kari

    I have been waiting and waiting for it to come back and am very disappointed that it isn’t. I don’t like nikata and never will. I would watch secret circle over any show on CW. I think they are making a big mistake. I want more of secret circle. It is an amazing show. I want to know more.

  51. amal

    bring back the secret circle pleas!!!


    i fell in love wiht the secret circle, they NEED to make a second season! heaps of shows have way less ratings than the secrret circle, so on behalf of well everyone! MAKE A SEASON 2! PLESE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! You will regret it otherwise!

  53. I love the TSC with all my heart

    I wasn’t there in the beginning but I have been watching non stop I just kept watching and watching until I realized that it was like 3 in the mornin and I had been sitting there for hours and I realized this is probably the best show I have ever seen in my life like I was so into it and then the season came to an end and I had so many questions especially about Adam and Cassie cause I just love them <3 I hope that there will be a second season and that these id*ots come to their senses and realized that they have lost the biggest show of their lives and if there is another season hopefully ,I am gonna scream !!

  54. laquaysha

    I want to see 2nd season soooo bad……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I love the TSC with all my heart

      Especially the way it ended in the first season with so many questions

  55. Esja

    has anyone ever wondered if- excuse me i mean when- the secret circle will come back, that they might have changed the characters completely or set it years later? they better not though!! we want to see what happens next. i really want to see adam going dark…

    some amazing person decided it was about time that fans of the show who weren’t around for the original campaigns get their chance to make season 2 happen. so here’s another petition, and hopefully this one will get heard. because, i mean, if they can renew four of their shows, all with lower ratings than the secret circle had, they can damn sure find the money to make season 2 happen!

    • Esja

      ok for some reason it didn’t show so just type on google bring the secret circle back again and its the petition on the petition site

  56. allie

    i want the show back i really wish i could see it again

  57. Miranda

    Season 1 was wonderful! I just watched the entire thing for the first time this week on netflix. It’s truly a shame that it was “canceled”. I honestly wonder if they’ve been filming season 2 and are just holding out hoping for a larger fan base. Actually, I hope that’s the case. They can’t wait much longer because those actors are getting older and can’t pull off being a teen (when in season 1 “Adam” barely could then IMO) Anyways! It’s such a shame. Maybe I’ll get into the books.

  58. SyannaR

    I fall in love with The Secret Circle season 1.
    I hope and pray they do a season2. THERE MUST
    BE A SEASON 2!!!!!! I bought the books and the
    Books are great but a season 2 will be AMAZING!

  59. veronica

    they make so many shows that people don’t see but when people do want to see a show and want it back on they wont that’s not fair.

  60. Sally

    Ok, so I’m a little behind the times here… Was looking for something to watch on sky on demand and The Secret Circle was listed, almost finish season 1 now and I’m absolutely gutted to here that the show was canned, it’s an amazing show!! You so need to bring it back…!! Did’nt relise there are books as well, they are so gonna be my next purchase.

    • dude


  61. Jenn

    It woudl be fanstastic if Secret Circle was renewed…. Come on people – get on the band wagon and lets get this series the recognition it deserves!

  62. dude

    there should be a second season!!!! I LOVE THE SHOW SOOO MUCH, I got disappointed when i heard there was no 2nd season

  63. Tanya

    Don’t stop the secret circle go on with the seasons its going to be very big, all of us are watching the secret circle all over the world!!!!!!!!!

  64. Missy

    Shocking should give a warning no season 2 so don’t get hooked!!! This must b the 4th US series I have watched in the UK with no following season being aired. Tell the viewers before hand I say!!!

  65. catti

    that`s not fair, it is my favourite series and they can`t just end it like it did!!
    We got to do something about it, it`s a really popular series and I need to see more of it.

  66. jj

    the secret cirle is amazing i have an ounle 24 who watches it for teens and adults they just cant cancel i will not watch the cw ever again

  67. Marshall

    So meany people would love to see a second season as well as a third.

  68. elsa love the secret circle


  69. Mirre

    I loved this Show one of The bestest i ever seen! Second Season i don´t care who does it i want a Second Season and this is much better than Nikita !!!!

  70. Gemma jones

    If money is the probel they should move to a different channel or not have very many special effects or get fans to sponer if ever fan sponers I little bit of money they’d for shore have a nuf money for ad least season 2 or may be just make 1 episode just so the program dosent end on a cliff hanger

  71. Angellica.T.

    Yes they should do more seasons more than a million people are waiting for more seasons and also

    Myself if i might add

    • sindy

      please bring saeson2

  72. mercedies

    ok if they wanna cancle the show then fine but at least finish it i mean come on its messed up to leave eveone hangin just like that you cancle the even tho it had good rateing i know of people watch that showand if you guys were gonna cancle the show couldnt you at least finish it you could of did the second season and show us what happened instead of let us sit ther i mean you just cut it off at a houge climax point and didnt even give a resolution and that show could of also gone on for many amazing seasons

  73. Angellica.T.

    Just renew it as soon as u can please soon as possible

  74. Faye

    this is just awful how could you not make a second season ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  75. cilla

    Bring back secret circle!!!!!!

  76. Natalia

    They should honestly bring it back. They have money to produce more new shows but they act like they can’t bring back the secret circle for another season. IT DID BETTER THAN EVERY NEW SHOW THEY HAVE. before they deleted the official cw fb page it was very close to reaching a million likes. they need to bring it back! if not another season what about a damn movie so we can get closure?

  77. kaicchan

    bring back the secret circle pleaaase!! TSC deserves it…and we fans deserve it!!!

  78. amy

    They should at least close up the show. How can you end the first season like they did and not expect fans to be outraged when you dont produce another season and just leave the show hanging. Totaly bs. I feel like the cw set the show up to fail. Please bring it back! I hate not knowing whats going on!!

  79. ziolo

    Im from Poland and I want The Secret Circle back!!

  80. Raven

    They absolutely SHOULD make a second season! Undoubtedly! This show has so much potential!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. Atlance

    Of course we want!!!

  82. reda482

    they should make Secret Circle season 2

  83. Kelyshia

    There should definitely be another season. I think that they should release then during the summer when they have a higher chance at gaining even more viewers. Just like with the secret life of the American teenager. I don’t think the producers realized how strong of a fanbase this show had. Every Thursday I had a group of people come over and we would eat cheeseburgers and watch the show and then discusses it afterwards. This show is definitely worth a second season.

  84. Me

    Yes,yes and yes!!!!!!!

  85. Manuel .A

    The secret circle definately needs a season 2. It filled my days with excitement and happiness! The thing is, they could try to cut down on the expencive stuff in the beginning if they say the locations were to expensive. And they could start a fundraiser for fans willing to support the show etc. This show has a bright future if it would renew for a 2nd season. They just had a bit bad luck in the 2nd part and so many are intrested in The Secret Circle now, since it’s airing date was a while ago. It’s been aired on so many networks in other countries. Including Sweden where im from. So some money must’ve been earned from that. Im sure the actors would participate. The CW should at least try for a 1 episode on season 2 and depending on if it tops the “goal of amount of viewers” the fate of the show could be decided? GAME ON THE CW! >:)

  86. Renu

    Please start the season 2 for the secret circle. I would be so happy !!

  87. Sasha

    PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE make a 2nd season of the secret circle! All my family and friends watched it and were heart broken when it ended!

  88. pet5i5q

    The Secrer Circle is the best show EVER about wi
    tches. I want it back for season2 and i ´ll be gratefull , if they will bring it back …. BEST SHOW EVER about witches and it is too close to IS, teenagers <3 just want it back

  89. mrs aquino

    You should make a second season but no about $$$$$ give the fans what they want they want and We Want Secrect Circle on the AIR

  90. Kayla

    I would love to see Season 2 of The Secret Circle!!

  91. Amanda

    I have moved on don’t even watch that Channel any more.

  92. angeljose21

    I loved the first season !! They should make another one!! I hope they dooooooo :):):)

  93. Kim

    Please bring back the SECRET CIRCLE!!!

  94. vane

    We want a second season! and we hope another network will pick it up!! 🙂

  95. Chanty

    They Really should make season 2 they made a big mistage to stop it that was a really great show way better then Nikita Please come on put season two of secret circle a lot of fans they have 🙂 Alot of signatures.

  96. Bobbi

    Bring this show back even my boyfriend is pissed it is gone!! Cw I hate your network I’m down to one day a week is all I watch now so your welcome.

  97. Brianna

    I really still can’t believe they refuse to make a second season. They definitely have the following for it. They’re losing out.

  98. Peter

    Thats the problem with the CW. They start a new show and cancel it after the first season.

    • Kathy

      That’s like ABC Family. They get us hooked, then cancel shows and never give us a proper ending. They leave us with too many unanswered questions.

  99. Kate

    Please someone make a season 2! This is an amazing show! Hopefully a new network will pick it up or something Im begging you!!!

  100. Jessica

    With ending that they left for season one their HAS TO BE A SEASON 2!!!!

  101. sule

    Bring the Secret Circle back please I loved the show I want to see more

  102. Crystal

    Please…….. bring back TSC, I miss watching it so much. I pd seperately 4 the CW channel just so i could watch The Secret Circle & i wondered y the 2nd season nvr came on yet & I just found out its been canceled. OMG!!!!

  103. aaliyah

    I love TSC but I don’t know why they didn’t get season 2 on yet I really want to see it I am addicted to it

  104. Madisyn

    I started watching The Secret Circle on TV and couldn’t keep up because of school. I then found it on Netflix and fell in love within the first 3 minutes. I have been waiting for the second season to get on Netflix but it never did and so i decided to Google it, i then find out that it has been canceled. What a rip off, it was an amazing show and could still be one but the CW decides to add boring shows and wasting the money on them instead. Bummed.

  105. jerry

    Please make season 2!!! I watched season
    1 on netflix and fell in love with this show

  106. Deanna Gardner

    Me & my son that is 14 love the secret circle & it’s a mistake for someone not to put it back on. CW has good shows on Wen, Thursday & that’s it. Chiller should have keep it. I’m thinking about tacking it off my bill that’s all i had it for so i don’t need it anymore. People will love it if
    Someone would give it a chance. Family is only good on Thursday. Someone put it back on & see it will make it. If my son in to it that says a lot.

  107. Angellica.T.

    Cw should renew it or sale it another Network to do more seasons tell dem dat please pretty please who ever wrote dis article please we all want TSC back and there are more than a million of us TSC fans

  108. DaweLOL

    TSC must be brought back. Y’all have to put CW under pressure, that’s the only way how to save this show.

  109. Ratchet

    go to smgo[.]tv and Suggest this show for KickStarter Program it’s the only chance to get our show back

    • Angellica.T.

      I love dat idea

  110. Lorranye


  111. alycia

    Bring back secret circle i have to know what happens!!!

  112. beth

    The secret circle needs to have a season 2! There are other shows like Vampire Diaries. It started out good and I watched it every week, now though it has pssed onto the realm of weird. CW has a way of prolonging shows that are not good and always caceling the decent ones. What’s up with that?

  113. Catgom

    Can BBC pick the show up?? They are more of a risk taker and TSC has a following already…

  114. Catgom

    I have been dying to find out what happens!

  115. Angela

    There needs to be a second seasonnnnnn. Im dying to find out what happens next. Pleaseee make this happen ! Everyone is waiting for it … Just pleasee.

  116. rojen

    They should bring it back I love the secret circle so please please please do something and bring it back

  117. Nina

    That’s wrong! It’s sn amazing show! Everyone loves it why would u do that!! Bring it back

  118. Aureliz

    I love that show they should just put it on abc family and let the fans enjoy the show again……!!!!!!!!!!

  119. Rena

    Cancel one of your lame shows you have airing now and do the secret circle 2.. you have made a huge mistake on this one

  120. Letisha

    please bring The Secret Circle back…maybe yourl don’t have the money this year but can yourl acleast save up and start producing next year. There are so many series that don’t deserve to be on TV right now can’t you people cancle those ones and use that money to produce The Secret Circle. Please just do something…I really miss the show…

  121. Asma

    please we want the season two !!
    bring it back

  122. maria

    Bring Back the Secret Circle please….
    it is fantastic
    series… it is magic… help to dream…

  123. Cassie S.

    Honestly I am sick and tired of these tv networks canceling great shows to pay for lousy television. This show was amazing and I’m upset that it just ended like that, and you keep nikita and hart of Dixie? This show is unique and original and has so much potential and you just threw it away I’m disappointed I’m this dicision, and I think CW is making a huge mistake.

  124. Randall

    You don’t make a TV series that entertaining and original and then just stop after the first season! Ain’t nobody got time for that! I try and try to get into to TV shows and I can’t! This show was so entertaining, unique, awesome and suspenseful! I was pretty much mortified when I searched for the second season and found out about all this mess! I don’t even wanna watch the CW channel anymore!! Every actor/actress in that show made The Secret Circle incredible! Good luck finding another amazing crew like again, CW. Hit me up when season two starts 😉 ta-ta!

  125. Andri from philippines

    PLEASE bring back the secret circle.

  126. mellisa

    I want the new series to come out im so intrested in it please start a new one

  127. Chelsea Lee Moody

    Why don’t they start making it again when the vampire diaries finishes that will probably be next year then they’ll have enough funding and vampire diaries fans will watch it so there will be even more ratings as well .

  128. Shelly Sheler

    The secret Circle was a fabulous program!! As you even stated it was one of the larger ratings, how do you not have the funding, if you have the ratings? This is one of the many programs you have let slip through your fingers.. Kyle XY was another one, it was a massive hit and all of a sudden it was off also; each time there is a huge hit it ends up disappearing. I have gotten to the point I fear watching anything on this channel because I worry it will end up being taken off. You have such wonderful programs, but they get taken off; that isn’t the problem though, when they are everyone is left with cliffhangers!!
    The only bonus is having the books to this series, the only down fall is the series doesn’t follow them… Ugh.. Please consider bringing it back, look at all the viewers you will satisfy..

  129. nicole

    I think netflix should buy rights and continue the series.

    • Kathy

      I think netflix should continue the show as well. They did it with arrested development even after like 5 years because fans never stopped asking for it.

  130. rojen

    Please bring it back I haven’t forgotten it. Its my favorite tv series please bring it back

  131. triantafyllos

    I agree…. And I want the secret circle!!! I am affected by this series… I love it.. Please do something!!

  132. Kelly

    I love secret circle I would never want it to go ever!,!,!!,,!,,!,!

  133. Kate

    I love secret circle I would never want it to go

  134. Enigma

    Such idi*ts!
    If a series has a higher rating than most popular then why cancel?
    They should make an effort to get finances the Secret Co shoot episode 2 of The Secret Circle.
    Soooo very disappointed!!!!

  135. anita

    they should make a second season because I love that show if they don’t I think I will die that is the best show on the planet I cant go a day with out that show pleeeeeeeeeeeeease make another season .
    Feeling Very Disappointed 🙁

  136. colleen

    They should bring it back I love the secret circle so please please please do something and bring it back

  137. colleen

    the hole family couldnt wait to watch it

  138. kareem

    I think they need to bring the show back as soon as possible.. Its a shame how much time you could spend watching the show and building a relationship with the characters just to have it all cancelled. Hopefully these rumors of them bringing it back when they have enough money are true.

  139. anonimous

    the should bring the secret circle back season 2.the series is really awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  140. Ash

    They should do a season 2! They can leave it on hold for ever… i mean there is LOADS of cliff hangers and they cant just walk away from something like that! They should raise the money off the fans or something and earn it!! im so so upset that there is no season 2 and angry that they left it!!! X( ;( <3

  141. Coucoualili13

    C’est vraiment dommage . La série est géniale c’est inspiré d’un livre et d’autre série , mais elle reste unique dans son suspens. La Saison 1 est un vrai régale mais pas d’aboutissement final . Si il est malheureusement vraiment impossible de faire la Saison 2 pourquoi ne pas essayer de répondre aux questions et faire un épisode final ? J’aurais beaucoup appréciée voir la Saison 2 mais si ce n’est pas possible autant clore la série par un magnifique final non?

  142. Blake

    Please bring it back! so many people love this show and i do too! im so hooked i dont know what to do!!

  143. Krystal

    The director needs a reality check. Not enough money for season 2? Thats cr*p when they can canceled one of their highest rating shows just to save lowest rating shows like hart of Dixie and other pointless shows. The CW lost more money than they would have spent to give the secret circle another season. Bring it back!!!!!!!!

  144. Izzy

    They need to seriously bring it back!! Or let someone else have the rights to it – it would make my number 1 must watch show over anything!! C’mon, we are all dying here!!!!!!!!!!!! You can’t leave us fans hanging here – you left so many potential twists & turns that will draw us in for years to come!! “Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back!!!!!” 😉

  145. janiya

    I think that they need to. Bring iT back. Now

  146. Tiphany Marsh

    Please bring it back for another season, for the people who haven’t read the books it’s going to take them a little longer to hear about the show, give it a chance, and catch up to the storyline. For me I was s*cked right into the story, the characters, the excitement f it not being about the typical vampire/werewolf drama/love sagas that are flooding the airwaves these days. It was refreshing to see something that wasn’t so played out. The last watchable witch she was Charmed, and I have to say The Secret Circle was much more exciting, and addictive. I was crushed to find out there wasn’t even going to be a second season????:(

  147. Leeanne

    Omg please bring back another season, seems like I get hooked on a show and they cut it. I know some of them have went on to do other shows, like under the dome, and vampire diaries, but this show is amazing. And the ratings are high makes no sense why they would cut it… Kinda s*cks. But that’s what they do, get you hooked and then cut the show.
    Please bring season two out.

  148. radhika singh

    the season 2 must be shot!!! it’ll be a huge disappointment if the series isnt shot..

  149. Laura

    This was one of the best shows I have seen in a long time, you need to give a show at least 2-3 seasons before it can really be judged!Season 2 needs to happen!

  150. Davi

    I want more seasons of The Secret Circle, which has so many seasons as Supernatural

  151. Lucas Lopes Guimarães

    Tragam a série de volta.

  152. Thandara

    Vooolta secret circle

  153. Luis Felipe Lombardi

    yes yes yes yes i needy the tv show again

  154. Bruna

    We NEED season 2 of The Secret Circle!!!

  155. Marla

    POR FAVOR!!! Queremos muito a segunda temporada, assim que assisti viciei na série, ela é boa demais!!! Não tem como vocês cancelarem! Vamos rever isso… POR FAVOR The Secret Circle Season 2!!!

  156. Korina

    of course !
    they must do that!
    we want the 2nd season♥

  157. Bruna

    I think the fans of the whole world deserve the season 2. The producers can’t just stop it with so many thing to happen in the story. This magic can’t end this way!

  158. Giovane


  159. Moara


  160. chante

    bring back secret circle, i need it, im gonna die, it ended at the best part and then they canceled it. not cool ata all. BRING IT BACK !!!

  161. kem

    Secret Circle has the same potential as Charmed and Heroes….pls bring it back

  162. Darcy

    Don’t understand they got new shows coming on all the time. Really hope they reconsider and make the second season love the show and really miss it come on CW.

  163. michelle8947

    I am so sick of good stories being created and then cancelled. This was a really good show with a great storyline!! The nine lives of Chloe King another one!!! Not happy about this decision!! They need to reconsider!

  164. M.P

    I cant believe this !!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS SHOW its so unfair !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!worst part of this is that they can make so much money because so many people are hooked and so many more can 2 because is such a good series !!!!!!!! 4 ex I didn’t start the vampire diares until 2 season !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if they cancel it then that’s just not smart and is also their loss!!!!!!

  165. R.R

    and btw “no money” my ass that’s total B.S!!!!!!!!!!! they got shows coming lft and right that’s a big lie !!!!!!!!!!!!!THAT’S ALL I KNOW IF THEY WANT 2 CANCEL IT FINE BUT TEY SHOULD at least tell the truth !!!!!

  166. yadhaw

    really badly wanted them to release secret circles season 2.. hope so.. they do release it in the future..

  167. King



  168. Amberfina

    Wow – I just watched this on Netflix and have to say, I’m pretty frickin’ bummed that there was only one season of this show. I mean seriously this show was rated nearly five stars on Netflix. Great plot, exciting, and let’s not forget the season finale – wow. No follow up is strictly bogus. Here’s to hoping that Netflix buys the show as they did arrested development. I’d really like to see more!!

  169. Angellica.T.

    ok just found some new news according to secretcirclemegafan blog post chiller is going to officially air secret circle november 13th of the 1st season mean while their will also be a twitter post so if any one has twitter the key word posts that needs to go up on twitter are “Chiller Network #SecretCircleSeason2”, “CW #MoreSecretCircle”, and “#WeMissTheSecretCircle”.an needs to be on everyones twitter post that night including on the chillertv twitter page, it also needs to be posted all over facebook and needs to post promotions for the show that night to get as many people to watch it as we can they are going to try and boost the ratings more to gain more money for a season two … idk if this is true but i heard this on facebook and copied and desided to paste on here just in case becuase than all TSC Fans need to be ready

  170. michelle

    You have to be out of your mind not to make a season 2. Damn sell those rights to another broadcast. Please. Im watching it on netflix and I really wished I watched it b4 on CW.

  171. april

    I started watching it on Netflix and I love it. Then I went online to see when season 2 was going to start and I find out that they canceled it I’m mad they need to being it back now I’m about to get the books and watch season one again. I’m disappointed they ain’t being it back after they end it like mad good leaving wanting to see more.being it back !!!

  172. Mendy

    I LOVED the show. I’m heartbroken they arent continuing it to season 2 theyre making a huge mistake. So many people love it I think netflix should buy it lets hope!!

  173. Nicole

    I just finished watching The secret circle season 1 & I am hooked. They have to continue with season 2. It’s a big mistake if they don’t. I love this show x

  174. Mahboob Khan

    i want session 2 i like very much plz

  175. Steve

    Currently watching the first series and it is one of the best program’s I have ever seen. Please make a season 2

  176. Grayce

    I’m just going to finish the book series lol, it pisses me off when they do one season, the say that they’re going to never ever finish the freaking show… It just makes absolutely no sense whatsoever..

  177. Jamie

    I think some TV exec should be FIRED!! What kind of an idiot takes a show off that fans got 20, 000 signatures to keep on? Not to mention some of the most assinine shows on TV and the fans can’t even get a show they actually like! What a jack a@@!!! I want season 2 of the secret circle!!!!! What a giant mistake they have made!

  178. me

    Hey just go to nikita’s fansite and write bad comments

  179. jewel

    yes why would they cancel it such a good show they could’ve gone far with this pls bring it back

  180. tas

    I really enjoyed season 1 and would like to see this show renewed, it is so much better than some of these other shows that keep coming back and should be in the trash…

  181. mystery

    Come on I love this show it is my favorite

  182. Maria

    Somone should go to kickstart and set up a page, so people can donate to make a season 2.

  183. chey

    I love the show to BRING IT BACK. TVD, TSC,TO forever and always

  184. TAY


    • Chase

      Yes! I said the same thing! I would always want to see the ending to the vampire diaries but if it meant the secret circle would come back. I’d give it up quick!

  185. Isadora Benato

    I love The secret circle, I’m actually addicted to the series and when I heard it was canceled walked around possible site to see if there was any chance the series had continued more it depends on the broadcasters so please, please, please take a continuation series … the fans are crazy asking for a second season and I’m sure will give enough audience …

  186. Isabella

    Please make a season 2! I loved season 1 and would love to see the same people in season 2. The story isn’t quite done yet.

  187. Verania Sosa

    Please bring back the season 2 I live this show it is my favorite show and I will give up watching other shoes on the CW to be able to bring it back and watch it again please please please please bring it back. I will give up the vampire diaries the originals to he able to see the show again please bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Amsterdam

      You are right.. we have to stop waching other shows!! Maybe they will see that the secret circle is worth to have a secondseason!!

  188. Khrista

    You Need to make a second season of secret circle it was a good show

  189. Amsterdam

    Ooo pleasee, can’t you see that we are sooooo desperate to see tsc again!!! So please we are begging you please BRING THE CIRCLE BACK!!!!!!

  190. SecretCircleLuver

    I think they made a big mistake not bringing back the show I totally got hooked after the first episode it is and amazing show and so many people like it why not just bring it back every show gets more ratings and viewers on the second season just look at Pretty Little Liars and The Vampire Diaries

  191. Don'tNeedToKnow

    Don’t know what to say now………….
    We JUST want it back-.-

  192. Zozo

    Okay, C.W I don’t know what’s going threw you’re heads even tho im just a stupid ol fan boy who’s opinion means nothing to big company’s like you but i love this show, it’s the best supernatural tv series I’ve ever watched. I had no idea about this show till December 16th when it caught my eye after i finished watching the tv hit series “Merlin” In which was also cancelled and left us with a cliff hanger that’s digging at me, and after i finished the last episode of season 1 of The secret circle and realized there was only 1 season i looked online to see if there was a season 2 and i realized the show was discontinued.

    I’m asking you WHY would you cancel a show with so much potential? Despite the fact you left us with a major cliff hanger on season 1 i’m about to die. Every good show on the air always gets canceled because you don’t want to “fund” it, The rating are off the charts, people love the show.

    You’ve mad a big mistake, and it will bite you in the butt.

    Message me back

  193. none ur buisness

    I love the tv show more than any of you lol and if u cw directors here me u r missing out on making one of the best tv shows ever I just wanted to let you know that

  194. gg


  195. Margareth

    Bring back secret circle!

  196. Vanessa Canny

    People I am South Africa. I just watched the last episode!How can you not make at least a second season. Such a great series with so many open ends. Very disappointed. Its was like a book a couldn’
    couldn’t put down. Awesone cast, awesome story line, no monotony!!!! Poor descion americans!!!!!!

  197. Megan Shuck

    I believe that there should be more premires of this t.v series I was a big fan of the true blood series and also the twiglight but this series here caught my attention more than any of them. It keet me on edge at all times wondering what was going to come next. I am currently attending college and I do believe with the knowdlege that I have that broadcasters are making a very big mistake not doing another series.

  198. Angellica.T.

    more Secret Circle please cw I know you’re out there

  199. moose

    please bring the secret circle back its the best show ever and so many people love it and want it back

  200. Aquilah.E.

    these days who like reading books alone. We the people of this generation love to see the books come alive so they should REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLLYY!! Do season 2 up to E22 even if they want tht to be the final season the could make S2E22 the finale caz we would hate to see it go but atleast we will have a accurate ending. Like those people dont know what is best for business. SMH

  201. Ciara

    THE SECRET CIRCLE IS MY LIFE. It makes me feel so furious to know that the secret circle is ten times better than all the other shows being continued right now. If they need money to start the second season then they should cancel the other ones. Well I honestly don’t see the point in commenting since no person is even gonna see this but DO THEY NOT SEE THE ANGRY FANS OUT THERE?!?!? ITS BEEN TWO FUCKING YEARS. I NEED THE SHOW BACK! And yea, I’m not watching the other shows cuz they are all gay ass shows! THE SECRET CIRCLE IS THE ONLY FREAKIN SHOW THAT I AND THE OTHER FANS LIKE SO START THE SECOND SEASON ALREADY! ITS PISSING ME OFF.

  202. Laura

    I would like to see the next season of the secret circle. I loved the first season. I know that if the second season came on there would be a lot of happy fans. So please let’s continue the show.

    • Natalie

      Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss I agree!

  203. Natalie

    I think that they should just go ahead and make the second season. Lots of people like so they should put the show on CW or Abc. Who agrees with me?

  204. Angellica.T.

    I agree natalie

  205. callie


  206. Angele

    They should so bring back the secret circle, I honestly loved the first season and I know if they did make a sequel than it would be amazing. Pleassse bring it back!

  207. Jennifer

    I’m not happy with the fact there is no season two… My cuz Nikki n I just picked this series on net flix to watch, we loved it.. We couldn’t wait till nite after a long day to come home to watch.. I loved season one, we was hoping for more.. Really someone find the money and continue.. Not making season two was a big mistake.. Please listen to the fans..

  208. Chase

    Please bring this lovely show back! I am literally dieing for this show to come back! There is like so much more you could cancel to get this show back. But you are saying that the show is to much for the network but you will earn a lot more money for putting the show back because you will probably get a lot of viewers, but anyways please bing the cecret circle back. Wait, what? Cecret circle? Ugh. The confusion. Okay, now let’s be serious. Bring the show back and make people cry from happiness. This would mean a lot to me and most likely a lot to many more people out there who watch this show. Like, I watch this show all the time on netflix. I like know all of the words the the first three episodes. I love it to death. I know. I seem like I am to obsessed with this show, and I can assure you that I SO AM!!!!! WHO WOULDNT BE? IF YOUR NOT YOUR FLIPPING CRAZY! I know I am freckling over this show and I really want it to come back so don’t be afraid to waste some time making this show. But, if you were afraid about wasting time, you wouldn’t have read this entire comment. Nevermind. (But not about bring the show back. Just bring it back. 🙂

  209. Angellica.T.

    CW just bring the show back already or let another network pick it up

  210. Alyssa N

    But isn’t it possible for them to switch networks? If they do, they could go to ABC or something. It would be a lot cheaper and they could make the second season…
    I miss this show sooooooo much. 🙁

  211. Donner

    Me and my daughter love this tv series total buzz kill I have watched many tv series and The Secret Circle is a keeper there many other tv series aired out there and some of them s*ck.

  212. ann

    This was one of the few shows that I could actually watch with my older teens .

  213. Denise

    When is the secret circle coming back?!! i miss that show.. It was awesome!!

  214. sonia

    YES!!!! The show was awesome i cant believe they are spending money on the other boring shows that they airing now most of them s*ck i am desperate to know what happens next

  215. Ryesawne

    Plz brig back secret circle season 2 because u know how many people want this show back me to and u will make a lot of people happy plz and thank u
    It should be on 04.27.2014

  216. Christina

    I am re-watching season 1 on Netflix. I am so happy to be able to watch it again. I am so sad there has not been a second season. The season finale of the first season left so many possibilities for storylines of another season and beyond. I really hope some day that it can continue.

  217. angellica T

    hey i just realized and heard on zap to it all shows that are renewed on cw so far are owned by the Warner bros which own the secret circle as well so we should use that and who ever isn’t blocked from cw facebook page should ask for TSC on there whoever are blocked should tweet them and feedback them on there website pass the word need as many pple as possible to do this

  218. Ann

    Really? Wow.. They would do so much better producing this sequel than half of the stupid shows they do finance and produce..

  219. Christian A

    This might never be read because the enormous amount of comments in this page but if you are reading this. This IS proof that there will be enough fans for The Secret Circle to make profits out of. Thousands of fans are asking for the show back and there has to be something done about it. We feel angry that they would put on a great show and then cancel it, that’s not very humanitarian. So do us a favor and PUT BACK THE DAMN SHOW. :]

  220. Sue-ann Williams

    There really should be a part two, I mean it was sooooo good, how can WB leave so many fans hanging like that…..just make the second season, and it will pay for itself….garenteed. …

  221. Wanda

    I watch this show on Netflix and just loved it….PLEASE BRING IT BACK

  222. Camille

    I love this show. I wach it on netflix too . It’s an amazing show please bring it back

  223. Jessica

    Oh how I felt when The love affair was over! I felt the same knowing Season 2 wasn’t going to happen!

  224. lonnell

    I mad that it just going to go off like that but I be watching on netflix

  225. Shavetta

    I loved the secret circle its amazing why they had to cancel it I’m so sad

  226. Mia D

    Omg its 2014 it should be back come on I loved season 1 thier stuipid to not put it back on
    Everyone loved it plz plz plz bring it back im dieing to know whats on season 2

  227. Haddrice

    I also totally loved season one and when I found out there’ll be no season two, I was sad, angry and kind of depressed because the show was great.
    After I was searching for days whether there’s still hope or not, I was very disappointed when I read there won’t be a second season.
    But I still have some hope that they’ll announce in 2014 or 2015 that season 2 will happen if theres enough money.
    I just think that’s a shame they cancelled it and also that it doesn’t matter that we Europeans want a second season too because over here there are also so many fans… besides here in Germany ‘The Secret Circle’ was aired this year… for the first time!!
    The German fan base will grow, I’m sure about that.
    PLUS: If they would have released the series on DVD, they’d gain more money than they’d lose by doing it.

  228. Amélie

    PLEASE PLEASE YES <33333 I'm soo agree <3

  229. MISTY


  230. kaylie

    Hi look CW network! U have to make a season 2 cause the secret circle is such a good tv series! Pls pls

  231. dani

    They don’t have the money to finish our series but they can do harry potter, or pointless shows like those hick shows I see all the time on TV, not fair to the ppl who really enjoy TSC.

  232. Angellica.T.

    I agree with dani

  233. SHashi Budge

    They should do a second season. First one was great, my kids loved it and I actually did tooo!!!!

  234. SHashi Budge

    TV has Nashville Wives, People that “do reality shows”, alligator hunting shows, hoarders,etc…. those are dumb as hell. When a mom and her kids can enjoy a show and really get into it “The Secret Circle”, they should continue it, we really enjoyed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From Pennsylvania, US. Please someone continue and keep all the same actors, they made it great and are not replaceable!!!!

  235. yany alvarez

    You have to shoot season 2 trust me its soo gonna be worth it you cant just have people hooked on something and then just take it away its unfair like come on think about all those fans not just me there are many people out there that are already disappointed and what would you rather have negative comments which brings your number of viewers down or just give the fans what they want and get something good out of it on both sides you ( CW) get high ratings which is what you want and we (the fans) get to finally get the 2nd season of “The Secret Circle” Just please think about it 🙂

  236. Anonymous

    Okay, for crying out loud that show was freaking great, if they don’t have enough money to make a second season then make a movie or cut things that aren’t necessary (like random fires and recked ships) just make a second season I mean the whole world will be much more happier like this, plus Netflix would want the show to continue and The secret circle is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just bring it back I don’t care if you have to rob a bank or plead for money on the highway, JUST DO IT PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  237. jayla

    so many people want a 2nd season for the secret circle and i do to yes money might be a probably but if they show a 2nd season maybe people will hear something are see something on the TV about the secret circle and then like so they will watch the secret then the show can more money and the fans of the secret circle will be happy so use humans can only try

  238. anonymous

    Bring back the secret circle…

  239. Bass Austin

    we just need the secret circle season 2

  240. pantelis kogios

    εχουν ξεκινησει κατι και πρεπη να το κλεισουν ! ειναι παρα πολη οραια σηρα … και ειναι αδικια και γαιδουρια να την κοψουν ! ειναι απαραδεκτοι! να φροντησουν να μας δοσουν και της υποληπες σεασον!!!
    greece i love secret circle!

  241. yvette

    Renew put on netflex DVD something we want season 2 already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???!!!

    • Taylor leighton

      thank you im not the only one who wants season two on netflix and finished even.

  242. Taylor leighton

    oh my god can they please just bring back the secret circle or at least advertise a little bit more so people can watch it and fall in love with the story. i showed my sister this show and she loved it and shes 12 and about to turn 13. I’m pretty sure that you can get this story to younger kids by getting it to their friends and their family. just to do that you need more advertisement. make posters and post stff on instagram and facebook just like the fosterstv show producers do. have updates and keep people on the edge of their seats when you release a date if you ever make season 2. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring back the secret circle!!!!!!!!!!!

  243. maria

    You guys are right and my family love that show and was so mad when they cancelled it.that was a huge mistake.

  244. Olivia

    I don’t like a lot of tv shows the only ones I like are tvd, pll and the originals. I love it when their are some love stories, some mysteries (or secrets) and fantasy facts. That shows is really good. i’ll talk about it to some friends and I hope it will change some things. Everyone should do the same so this show will be more popular and maybe CW will change their mind. It’s a really good show and it has to come back so please make it come back!!! PLEASE bring back the secret cirle!!

  245. nora

    I don’t care if it 2014-2015. The actors/actresses are still young. You have diana in teen wolf. She looks exactly the same. If you read all these comments there not one that doesn’t say. BRING TSC BACK!!!. The last episode was mean. Like if your just going to do that to your fans don’t make the tv show. All the people who acted in this where amazing. But if they decide to bring it back, bring the same people back. Don’t be like hereous and have new people and a new character line. TSC meant a lot to all of us, just bring it back!!!!!

  246. john

    Okay first thing is I’m a guy. And I absolutly loved this show. TSC was so addicting. Look at all of those comments. I’ve never seen so many positive comments for a show that happend a couple yrs ago. I bet everyone that really liked this show woulddonate. HECK, its for a good cause. You would have to keep the same people tho. C’mon CW ABC or anything else. Bring it back!!!!! You will be so rich. Then you can shove it in the CW s face because it was an awful idea to cancel it. I honetly surprise people haven’t rioted yet. I’ll tell u I’m about to. BRING BACK TSC!!!!!!!!!

  247. sharyn

    If any network were to bring this back they would get so much money. So many people would watch this. Thratings would be off the hook! All a network has to do is convince the actors/actresses to come back and start filming. You see all the fans just on this little comment session. Well I can beat that is not even 1/4 of the fans. Do you really want to deprive us. I mean what the hell is beuty and the beast. Your just possinig us CW. it was a big mistake to cancell ur most anticipayed tv show. Hopefully ABC or another network, maybe even CW will come to there minds and realize that there are TSC fans everywhere!!!! BRING IT BACK BRING IT BACK BRING IT BACK!!!!!!

  248. lydia

    Please make another season of the secret circle I love that show

  249. Tammy

    SEASON 2!!! What a big mistake in not continuing this! Since when do your fans not count? Since when do ratings not count?

    • Candis

      I agree we need to boycott watching any shows on CW.

  250. maria

    πρεπει να συνεχυστει ειναι πολυ σειρα εχει ενδιαφερον λυπαμαι για αυτουσ που το σταματησαν



  252. Candis

    I love this show.. I wish a network would pick it up so season two can be filmed. What a waste CW I’m boycotting your station.

  253. kevin m

    I love this show and even if Yu guys have to wrap it up in season2 just bring it back I’ll even put money toward the show cuz it caught my attention

    • Jasmin


  254. Victoria

    Fell in love with this show on Netflix!! But seriously you’re going to cancel a show, a really GREAT show, after just one season but the end of the season 1 finale is set up for a sequel? I am extremely disappointed especially while shows like 90210 and Gossip Girl are still around even though you can’t really keep making story lines for those shows because of how dried up they are. Here’s a word of advice for all TV network stations; do not make the finale of a great show set up to be a sequel when in fact you have no intention of making season 2, it loses viewers and pisses people off.
    To add to my post, couldn’t they at least make one more episode of The Secret Circle for closure? What will happen to the characters? Diana ran off with the Aussi, Cassie and Adam are on a power trip, and what will happen to Jake, Faye, and Melissa? Will Cassie and Adam remember their love or will they reveal the elixir never really worked? These are things fans have to know people.

  255. ???

    I love the show and would love to see more but does anyone think about the actors? maybe they have new roles or something and can’t act for the show. if you’re a big fan of it stop asking and come up with a solution.

  256. summer

    i loved it and i want to see more i think there should be at lest 5 seasons so that way they run in to all kids of things and to fine out what really happned to there familys that day on the bot and to see if it will cassie and jake or cassie and adam i want more becuase i loved it

  257. PJ

    Just blew through Season 1 of “The Secret Circle” I discovered on Netflix. Wow, big mistake not to continue, great show! I turned others onto the show and they will be disappointed there’s no season 2.

  258. elis

    Just watched season 1 on Netflix. So disappointed there isn’t gonna be any more seasons. Could have been a top show since it’s way better than we have on tv now.

  259. ringai jesmai muchanya

    Zimbabweans want season 222222222222222



  261. Derek

    Someone please bring this show back stat!!!

  262. katie

    WE NEED A LOT OF PETITIONS EVERYONE GO TO wetpaint [.] com/the-secret-circle/articles/save-the-secret-circle-sign-a-petition-now IN THE 2 PARAGRAPHS IT SAYS 3 HERE IN BLUE CLICK ON IT AND READ IT AND SIGN IT OR DON’T READ JUST SIGN IT HAS 56749 Signatures

  263. Destannie

    I think they should release the secret circle season 2 I was so disappointed when I found out that it wasn’t on netflix I would love to see it back!

  264. ALYSSA

    I really love that tv series and I would be sooo sad if the didn’t add the second season. They can’t just end a tv show like that with the rest of the story starting to happen in the last episode that they showed.we need to no what happens to the Blackwell circle because the four new characters are a big part of the show and we would like to no what happens to them.we would like to now what they do to cassie’s circle or what the other Blackwell’s will do to the other circles.I now that the people that want to end or favorite show has a favorite show as well so what if their show just ended how will they feel so we need a second season please please give us a second season.

  265. Angellica.T.

    let’s get at Netflix because they’re thinking about doing reboot so ask them for it back

  266. gg_for_life

    I really love the secret circle I am really lookimg forward to seeing it I have to know what happens I need to know who the other blackwells are I really love this show I have never seen anything like this to be honest and I really loved it I want to see season to soo soo soo badly I need to know what happens to adam, diana, cassie, jake, Melissa, and faye and the rest of the blackwell family please give us a season 2 to u dont want to upset ur fans do u I am really looking forward to watching the secret circle season 2 I love “The Secret Circle”

  267. Lorna P

    Iam a FAN!!..I love secret circle.can’t wait to see the next season..

  268. twotall82

    please, bring secret circle back! it was one of my favorite shows that I enjoyed to watch each week & look forward to see on tv? there was nothing else like it. I loved the show. it was one of the best tv shows on. it was different & one of a kind to see the history of the children’s family tree’s to discover that they inherit powers & gifts to be witches & warlocks because of there parents & etc? it was awesome. I wanted to know more about there history? I wanted to know what cassie’s dad’s secret was that he was hiding from her? please, don’t let us down? give it another chance! don’t give up on it! I don’t care about Nikita show! it is really dumb & stupid! I am not a fan of that show & I do not like it. I rather sit & watch secret circle because it is amazing & I am a fan of the show. It needs a second season & third one too & whatever else! I’m waiting around hoping & praying that it’ll return on cw again! as far as the 20 thousand signatures are concerned with the fans wanting it back on tv & brought back on cw where they should of been counted for & meant something? something should of been done? and right too? it was a huge mistake canceling it & not doing the right thing with the signatures of fans? plus, even the fans comments should be a factor too & count for something as well too! they all should be in consideration? so, please rethink it & your decision! I’d be grateful. Return Secret Circle back to us fans!!!!

  269. corinna

    Please bring it back. I love this. I wish shows never ended.

  270. Nina

    Please bring TSC back!! I watched season 1 5 times and I love it!! Best show ever made!!!!

  271. Cade garmon

    They need to so make a season 2 of the secret circle it is seriously my favorite TV show please make a season 2

  272. Alicia Sinkler

    They should make a season 2 I for one love the show I watched it over and over on Netflix.. I would love to see what happens next.. Its one of my favorite witch shows.. Make a second season its going to make more money than season 1 you can count on it..

  273. S. Luellen

    I just watch the first season and knew that their was going to be more. But no disappointment! Oh my….. My mind is racing with question like Diana, Charles, Adam and Cassie, Faye and Jake, and what about that Balicorn’s Kids?????? Screaming F*ck C.W! Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  274. Madison

    I heard some info that netflix is renewing the secret circle for a season 2 I don’t know if it’s true but let’s keep our fingers crossed!!

  275. Martha

    I LOVE THAT SERIAL, I’m crying, I cant live without The Sekret Circle, I cant…I NEED 2 SEASON!!!!! So much fans need…

  276. nikki

    Plz bring season 2 back. This is like the best show ever… #secretcircleRocks!!!

  277. vanessa

    I love this show I really wish they did another season and even more after that I can’t believe this show is canceled I feel like I wasted my time watching it on Netflix because I loved it and now I can’t see these characters anymore!

  278. megz

    I want a season 2!! They should totally do it. There’s enough money in this selfish society to do so! I really love the show… Please do something 🙁 allow Netflix to purchase it or something.

  279. Trish n Kyle

    Please make a season 2 n 3!!! My son and I started watching it on a Friday and finished it that weekend. Please please we were on the edge of our seats and it ended like that!!!! Money has to be made to fund it yet they find money to make cr*p shows!!! Truly disappointed…..

  280. Katie

    Ok so this is how I see it they say there’s no money then they make a new show or keep some old ones that most everybody hates and they are just making it stupid so I think they need to do a vote pick the tv show that everyone hates and secret circle we do an online vote and the winer can stay or come back on tv I tried reading the books to get the ending AND then Jake wasn’t in them I mean JAKE he is my favorite character and isn’t in the books the books s*ck and are nothing like the show so WHY just leave us wondering I mean secret circle is like my favorite show ever PLEASE bring it back or at least consider my idea

    # Cassie and Jake forever

  281. christina

    They need to make a season 2!!! I loved the books and when I the show came to be I was like OMG! So well acted. So captivating. Great story. People need to see the rest of this story!! I know its been a couple of years, but please, its not too late!

  282. Stacie de Leon

    This show would blow Vampire Diaries away if they would give it another Season. Please bring back The Secret Circle!!!!

  283. Carlitos

    I’ve been obsessed w/ this show since the beginning. I was devistated when it ended. Please bring it back.

  284. CPawlak

    I am so mad!!!!! They should make season 2!!!!! That is not fair.. It made me addicted to watch them all story.. I want to see the show what happen with other 4 newcomers!!!!

    Oh come on…. Please do make them season 2!!!!!!! Same thing I want see the show with “the Lying Games”!!!!!!!

  285. Kate

    I come from Scotland UK and we loved this and are having only reruns of season one again so yes there should be a season two as it was a really fab program. Remember Charmed and how long that ran for well this could be just as big given the chance. Please do season two.

  286. Sydney

    I really hope it comes back on it was my favorite tv show and if they don’t I will hate them for the rest of my life they better put it back on I just finished the first session and it left me with a cliff hanger and I can’t be left with a cliff hanger they have to make a second session of THE SECRET CIRCLE! And if I can make some tips. So Cassie and Jake should start going out and then have a child then get married and live happily ever after then Adam and Melissa should date the have a kid then live happily ever after and Fay should met this really nice guy then tell him her secret and he ends up being a witch to but he doesn’t tell her that and then he walks out. But then one day they met again like 2 episodes after then he tell her his secret then they have kids then live happily ever after. And the same with Diana and her boy friend that she runs away with but he respects her and loves her even if she is a witch and they have kids and live happily ever after!

  287. K'la Dahms

    They the being stupid if they aren’t doing a season 2 and 3 because I’ve watched season 1like a million time so they must f*** off if they don’t do a season 2 and 3. I want to know why happens to the other siblings that were standing on the cliff that night
    What the HELL is wrong with these people we need Secret Circle to survive. I want to see what happens to the circle and the four siblings that was standing on the mountain and I think that Jake and Cassie should be together not Adam. So I think that they should do like a fund raiser to get the money and put that flip pen show back on

  288. Nicole

    I really loved the secret circle I have seen how the first one is back on the telly and I would love if they could make a second one

  289. kaitlynn

    I think they should make a season 2 cause they left it at a cliff hanger

  290. abhay

    i would love to watch season two…..
    i m a huge fan of the secret circle
    there should surely be a season 2

    • Olivia

      They should totally make a season 2 because the storyline is amazing-balls

  291. wendy rollo

    Bring this back i mean what would it take look at all the comments people love it,they just showed season 1 on living tv in the uk and now its done why,lets set up another petition,bring back secret circle xxxxxxx

  292. 8648675todo

    Why’d is there such good shows out therer that get cancelled. i know its been a while but i still hope for a chance to seen more of what i got hooked on. I love this series and i want to see more!

  293. Julie

    Just found this on netflix. Enjoyed it a lot but what is with all the high school sex and drinking. They really could have made a good show without that. Or at least make them college age.

  294. lizzie

    The secret circle the cw syas they don’t have enough money well lets give them some amaicans between all of us we have enough money for the secret circle season 2. Americans we need a season 2 and more

  295. alicia

    they need to put it back on
    like now

  296. cassandra miller

    You don’t just make one season and leave it hanging it’s just not right I know a lot of people are disappointed because I’m one of them I mean there are 2 choices and they should be fairly easy. I mean make the second season or sell it to another tv station so they can start it back up

  297. Arianna

    They really need to make a seconde season!!!

  298. Billy B

    Season 2 season 2 season2…………cmon wake up cw just look at how many people want it on this blog but yet series like hillbilly teens reality tv and honey booboo or whatever are maling season after season and sons of anarchy omg terrible shows just wont stop but good ones that make sense are not good enough??????? Really !!! And just look at the ratings and amount of people that were watchin it sorry im done ranting

  299. donteshia

    yes I think they did make a VERY big mistake! I love this show I still watch it to this day. they need to bring back everyone and start season 1,2,3 and so on.

  300. Valeria Roman

    Please I really need 2 or more seasons of the secret circle to come they inspire me and gave me confidence to go on and I want to know what happens to Cassie and Adam I really want them to be together and please Nikita…..what a STUPID season you got there if there’s anything worth wasting your money on it should be the secret circle

  301. Kizzie

    I started back watch season one if the secret circle since there isn’t a season 2…I really miss the show…please bring the secret circle back

  302. Hannah

    They need to make a season two because on episode 22 “family” the said there are more of the Balcorn blood coming to Chance harbor and they showed Cassie and Diana marked and the other four of the balcorn blood standing on a hill over the city with there hands marked and jake read a piece of paper saying that “The circles are coming together your fight is far from over” from his grandfather and he got something kind of elixir or spell in a what looked to be a very old bottle and Diana’s “father” or Charles didn’t really die her grandmother saved him with a spell or some kind of thing to cast the demons out of him And Adam was told to do something with the skull and as he grabbed it and it seemed like he was taking in the power and Cassie used her power from the sign that had been marked into her skin. SO they had better do a second season cause if they don’t that would mean they are just being lazy. ~_~

  303. Carrie Anne

    SUCH A MIstake!!!!! This is a great show! Pls sell it to another network!!!!

  304. ?

    I think they need to make a season two cause of the way they ended season one

  305. Holly Thompson

    If you won’t do a session 2 of secret circle , then how about making a spin off called something like the balcoin bloodline or the balcoin circle considering that the other four were looking down on chance harbor and Cassie and her half sister got the mark on there hands and Jake was given a tool from his grandfather bc the fight was far from over, and make a twist with Adam since he was touching the skull and looking like he really liked the power he felt touching it. … you could make a story line out of this

  306. Susan

    No way! It’s still on Netflix! Maybe other independent sponsors would be willing to
    Invest. Such a waste to let an awesome series go.

  307. Lexi

    they cant just quit the series everyone loves it they would make a whole lot of money plus you cant just leave it with the ending it has all though it is smart to wait a year or so because then people who have seen season 1 will really want to know what happens so they will buy it or Netflix and the people who haven’t seen it will want to just make it more suspicious and mysterious and show a preview and everyone will want it and it will become one of the main popular tv series but don’t end it we are the people that you need to entertain and if people keep canceling tv shows we wont be satisfied you should release in 2016 in my opinion and I speek for the people -sincerely lexi p.s please keep the people satisfied

  308. Janice

    WOW no way they didnt make a sequel is a pretty good show ive seen worst shows and they have more season that 1 …very very dissapointed i was super excited about season 2 just sad

  309. Latecia

    I just watched this on Netflix and its one of the best shows ever…we need a season 2

  310. Josh

    I loved watching season 1 of The Secret Circle and then for them to not make any other seasons is just pathetic. They ended the first series with the other four Blackwell children standing on cliff and also the Crystal Skull in Adam’s possession and Diana leaving. There are to many loose ends that have to be tied up in order for the show to come to a good end. I watched this entire season on Netflix for three days. The people who made the show need to continue with the other seasons. I will be very disappointed if they don’t make any more seasons of this series.

  311. nevaeh blanchette

    People need this tv show. Secret Circle is one of my favorite tv shows after watching the last episode and learning there wasn’t any more I cried for hours. FANS WILL DO ANYTHING FOR TIS SHOW BRING IT BRING IT BACK ONE WAY OR ANOTHER!

  312. nanabooh

    Please bring back the secret circle!! I love this tv show ! Big fan !

  313. Anonymous

    It’s pathetic how they start something so fantastic and then they end it I really do like it I do wish they would start another series though since 90210 is over

  314. Kimberly Murdie

    There should be a season 2. It is just wrong to start something, get people hooked, and then leave everyone hanging!

    • ana

      is true

  315. amanda

    It’s 2015!!! Have they decided to make season 2 yet????

  316. angellica .T.

    im still a 10000000000% behind everybody on this. Now that hart of dixie and beauty beast are defeated yea thats right they cancelled the two shows that they replaced the secret circle with but now that they are gone they should bring the secret circle back its awesome

  317. Randy

    There not gonna make Season Two, cause thats what they do, they get you to like something, then they go and take it away, cause all there worried about is there assets. They love there money and they would be spending more then what they would make from it. Its sad how they twist you’re mind then throw it away like its trash. I’m sorry everyone but its how it is, and how it will always be.

  318. dusti

    I wish they would make seasons for the whole book series. The Secret Circle tv show is just as good as The Vampire Diaries, if not better! I have no idea why the director would make the choice to not continue this series! I got so addicted to this tv show and very disappointed that there are not anymore episodes to watch!

  319. person

    THEY REALLY NEED TO MAKE A SEASON 2 AND MORE SEASONS AFTER THAT!!!!!! I LOVE THIS SHOW JUST LIKE I LOVE THE VAMPIRE DIARIES!!!!! I AM OBSESSED WITH THESE 2 SHOWS!!!! I really do hope they start the show up again because so many people would be SO VERY happy!!!! I am going to read they books to the series and then I will know what kind of happens even though the books and show are way different sometimes!!!!! But like I said before I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY HOPE THEY MAKE A SEASON 2 AND 3 AND 4 AND MNY MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 THIS SHOW IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  320. Larya

    how can you just make one season with out a 2nd one

  321. jade

    Needs to be brought baaaaaccckkk!!! I still want to know what happens after. For example, did Adam knock up Diana or Cassie? Or perhaps is Faye pregnant with Jake or that weird voodoo guy, and is Blackwell really dead? He escaped death once already, what happens to Eben? And who betrayed the parents circle and the teens? And is Adam going dark liking the power of the skull too much, so many questions I have for this was and still is one of my favourite shows, bring back the secret circle!!!

    • Abby

      The traitor was Cassie and Diana’s father Cassie found out that Diana’s her sister and Adam and Diana broke up a long time ago and the vudu guy was killed bye his dying ex Eva with that devil stuff she was awakened because when vudu guy broke Fayes stick he traveled magic to Eva his dead ex so it’s with Jake and Cassie and Adam got together and had u know what and Cassies dad John Blacwell(Blalcoin) did a fake curse to keep them apart and at the very end Diana leaves with an Australian dude all the way across the country!!!

  322. Tiff


  323. Vanessa

    I just finished watching it n searched why there wasnt a second season yet n when i read that the werent going to make one threw my remote n scared my mom. WE BOTH WATCH IT N WE BOTH THINK ITS TORTURE IT ENDING THE WAY IT DID N THERE BEING NO 2 SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  324. Biggest fan of TSC


  325. Angie


    • Katie Reed


  326. david gellon

    I think they need to make the second season and keep it going because this is the best show I have ever watched and I would watch every single episode because I think this show is freakin amazing it is my favorite show ever I hate that it is cancelled but I have a whole lot of friends that would watch ever single episode to because they also love this show I hope they will start it up again.

  327. Alexis B

    I just finished the first season and i will die if they don’t make another one. I love stuff like this, and the last five minutes of the show are the biggest cliff hangers ever. I hope above all else that they make a second season, maybe even more. *Crossing my fingers here.*

  328. victoria

    what?! no!!! they totally have to make a season 2!!! i hecka want to see about blackwell and if the circle becomes hole with cassie and her sister, i think aadam will turn evil omg no, they havvvvvveeee to!!!!

    • Darlene

      Why can’t u make a season 2 and 3.

  329. Darlene

    I love this tv show can you put it back on. I want to see season 2 if u make one

  330. brittany

    I love that show they have to make season and on u cant just tease ppl like that I wanna know whats gonna happen their just being lazy dang it.

  331. Abby

    I demand another season!!! It is awesome what happened to Diana when she left what happened with Cassie and Adam did they finally realize that the curse was fake??? What happened after Nick died for the second time What happened with Faye and Jake And what happened to Mellissa PLS MAKE SEASONS 2 AND 3. I NEED TO KNOW:O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  332. Stefeni

    OMG I need to know what happened to Cassie and Adam! D:

  333. Wendy Graham

    I am so upset, I wish I’d have seen that there was no season 2 before I watched it. I would have not wasted my time on 22 episodes to find that there was no season 2.
    I also watch allot of cw shows and it upsets me that they don’t consider the ones opinion that keep watching all their programs. I literally watch originals, vampire diaries, secrets and lies, arrow, flash, revenge I’m sure there’s more but I cant think of them all. They shouldn’t start a series if they don’t have the funds to finish. Because honestly if they cancel vampire diaries and originals I will stop watching any programs on cw and my extended family feels the same.

  334. Nicole hitt

    I think they should bring it back the secrecy circle will never go away so never forget about it because they will think that we don’t care so always hope it will come back and it will soon they just have to find the people again half of them are in other shows so keep on commenting on it season 2 come on out for us sad fans

  335. Viraj

    We want to see next season , these is one of my favorites you must release next season ..

  336. lisa sherman

    I just watched the first season, loved it.they have to make a second season,just can’t leave us at just one season,that’s just not right,bring back the secret circle

  337. Sonnya

    BRING BACK THE SECRET CIRCLE!!! How are the makers of the show ignoring all of these people, who obviously love this show so much. I’ve read that people are even suicidal about it. I have just finished the first season and when I went to look for a second I was shocked that it had been cancelled. Why? The books are great, I read them when I was a kid. I was delighted that they had made a TV series. Even if they decide to make the books into movies that would make a lot of people happy!!!!!

  338. cody

    I have watched this show twenty times over it is downright treason for the companies to leave this at one season they have 11 seasons of supernatural yet they cant make 1 or 2 more seasons of this that is pure bullshit I say bring it back and the world will be a better place.
    And plus they have people commenting even now years after it came out what does that tell ya

  339. Angel

    They need to make the 2season they can not end like that

  340. tara

    I was really disappointed to find out that there not going to be shooting a a second season. This show is a great show and I am a huge fan …when I was going threw some personal stuff in my life this show helped me take my mind off of my problems …so it would be great if the people that made the show could continue on with season to….plus the way it ended it just seemed like there should be another season

  341. kiaya

    Please show season 2 full

    Epsiode I want to know what happens to Diana and cassie and the other Blackwell child from other circle and city

  342. Ceriamn

    Will there ever be a season2 hope so really enjoyed watching this

  343. esme

    it’s been so long but i really really really really really really really really times a millon miss it best show ever the secret circle hope there is a miracle and they do season 2
    I watched the secret circle season 1 a millon times

  344. Monet

    I finished watching season 1 on Netflix and was completely crushed when it finished and I realized there is no season 2. HOW COULD YOU LEAVE US HANGING LIKE THAT. it was an amazing show that you just dropped off , you desperately need to bring it back, it’s on of the best witch shows I’ve seen and trust I watch(ed) a lot of them, including charm and, witches of east end ,but I have to say The Secret Circle has been the best with its story line, the season final of season 1 was preparing us for season 2, don’t be so cruel and leave us hanging on the cliff.

    • Cheyenne

      I’ve watched Charmed and Witches of the East End too.

  345. Karen

    Plz do another season idk what happen that you guys stop making episodes I’m begging you plz

  346. Kylie brewer

    I think they should really make a season 2.. It’s 2015 and I’m inlove with the show! I need more! There are so many shows that have less viewers then the secret circle. Obviously people actually love and enjoy the show and they need to make more than one season. Your killing us here!

  347. amanda

    Bring back that show, many people love it you are all wrong stopping it

  348. Alyssa nez

    Ok so I grow that u guys are misrebel but u guys don’t. Have to take u frustrations out on the people u can buy all these other shows that s*ck and try and make it popular or u can take or buy a show people actually want to watch I really care about this show so please don’t let it fade away for a stupid show no one likes go for a show everyone. Like and make more money so go for the secret circle please

  349. Amanda

    I wonder if they’d ever bring this show back… It’s so good!

  350. Kaylee

    They need to make season 2 I love this show

  351. Rachel godwin

    I need more episodes! I was so excited and I realized there is no more 🙁

  352. David

    This show was going to be the best! the creators have to make more seasons. The Secret Circle was promising to be a big hit like Vampire Diaries or Pretty Little Liars. One of the hottest shows i ever watched, so much suspense, romance, horror, a total package. Plizzzzzzzzzzzzzz bring it back on TV… 🙁

    • isabelle

      you pretty much described the mortal instruments

  353. krystina

    Do you people not see all the comments some people can’t watch it right when it comes on and some people forget but I pretty sure that they go on different websites to watch it but the messed up think is that to us that show was amazing but just because you all didnt get a lot of views you cancel it really go on YouTube see how many people watched it do the same for Netflix and use these comments the good ones then compare how many people watched it then I bet you will put it on then and may you do have the money to put it back on you just have to think of how happy these people will be
    Or you could get people that want to build the show back up

  354. Zoe

    Save the secret circle!
    Need season 2

  355. Maggie

    I wish they would have continued with it.

  356. Mryynn

    Not making a season 2 is going to be the biggest mistake they will do in there life

  357. nicole

    thats bs they should make the secound season and many more they have the money to do it if they didnt have it then they wouldnt have hired the actresses and actors that they did. plenty of people whatch this show. they just dont want to spend the money.

  358. karen

    It has been over 2 years and I am still missing The Secrect Circle. Please bring it back. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  359. Christie

    I’m with Karen still waiting on seaons 2 here this was a great show with a very good story line!!

  360. Regina

    Please please please bring it back

  361. isabele

    I love the show I really want them to make a second season. if you like the secret circle you would most likely like The mortal instruments its a book series that was made into a movie the movie is The mortal instruments: city of bones. I really like the series and the secret circle reminded me of the city of bones.

  362. Trenace Stark

    Please bring back Secret Circle best show ever! We need our witchy fix

  363. Madison


  364. Jamie

    Please bring this show back. I was hooked immediately

  365. Kit

    The must make another season!!!! It’s so good and dumb if they don’t there stupid

  366. Rebecca

    I totally agree. They can’t just end it with the Las 4 balcoins coming to chance harbor. They need to make more now.

  367. Ella

    I really love this tv show and it hurts my soul every time I re watch it that I can’t see what happens. I really hope they make any other season!! It’s an amazing story and they chose amazing actors. Also you can’t just leave us with that cliff hanger. 🙁

  368. Yumna

    W T F do we really need to ask them to do season 2 &3 hell no they should do it from them own I see other series that have 8,9&10 season

  369. Demensha

    The fact that this comment section is still going strong should say something, deffo need more seasons.

    • Trinity.B

      Yes, I totally agree, I just finished watching the first season for like the 10th time, once I started watching it, I instantly became hooked it is such an amazing show and the actors fit great for the characters in it, idc what they say they need to bring TSC back, yes maybe in 2012 it didn’t get a lot of ratings and viewers, but now they have soo much more, and the fact that its like almost 4 years on from when they canceled it and loads of people are still talking about it, they need to bring it back, it would be diffrent if they made one final episode to finish it off so there wouldnt be cliffhangers and all that but they didnt, they just left us waiting, like what sort of person would leave a massive show on such a massive cliffhanger like that like cmon srsly!? I know they said that CW didn’t have enough money to keep it going, but I don’t see what’s stopping other channels from carrying it on. I just thought that they would hae kept it going yanow, plus, it was 2012 now its 2015 like after all this time, they should have enough money do season 2, shouldn’t they? Well Idk if they are gonna renew it or carry it on or whatever and I don’t think anyone else does either, but we just all have to hope that they start a season 2, or maybe and hopefully Netflix will. Rant over. XD

  370. Chyanne

    Bring it back !! I really want a season 2. I’m still depressed not being able to watch it after work.

  371. Ery

    You must have second season if you can’t see that everyone that left a comment wants it too there are like 500 of them they are missing so much more details about a dim and the crystal and Diana and Charles and the bolcoin blood circles why would you just stop and leave us hanging if you want more secret circle then keep the good comments coming!!MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE come on people who’s with me! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  372. Moonlight

    U must have a second season plz I love love loved this show I’ve been watching it non stop u can’t just leave it with the hands showing the signs and the girl lighting the fire all evilly and the boy become enamerd with the skill there must be more plz!!!!!

  373. Erin

    I love the secret circle. Ive got all my friends hooked on the first season. we need season 2

  374. SONIA

    Are you serious!! They definitely need to continue to the series. I am so into the show. WOW make the second season ASAP !!!

  375. Courtney

    I found this series on Netflix and I just couldn’t stop watching it. When I realized there was only one season at all I honestly felt heartbroken!! by far one of the best TV series shows I’ve ever watched!! Netflix has GOT to pick this up. They can make so much money off of this show!!! Please bring back The Secret Circle.

  376. ana

    bring back de circle plz one of the best series made

  377. Hayley

    Started watching the first season and didnt realize that there wasnt going to be a second one. There were so many questions left unanswered in the season finale! So upset. Really wish they would bring it back.

  378. Kassandra

    please bring this back!!!!! season 2

  379. Hannah foster

    I really want to see season 2 plz come out with it

  380. alyssa

    i think they are making a huge mistake… this show was amazing… if they were going to kill the show why in the hell would they show the other kids…. should of just left it with diana leaving…. the end is what killed the show ratings… then the fact its canceled! STUPID> please bring the circle back!!

  381. Camie

    Please we want season2 i just hope what i read was true they say cassie and adam gets back together in season2 please bring our show back

  382. Jess

    You guys are stupid I love that show and to not make a season 2 is messed up at least give us something instead of leaving us with a cliff hanger. Make a movie. Make a very small season with 2 hour episodes. Do something but don’t leave us hanging

    • Toni lutz

      I love this show i watch the 1 season over an over agin if they dont make season 2 or 3 ill die lol it the best show i ever watched when u watch it your on the eged of your seat it intense crepy but there SAYING THAT THERE WILL NOT BE A SEASON TWO im wondering if they r or not make more.
      I hate how they just left us hanging it like come on if u dont make a season two it like what the point of even making it dint get me roung i love this show im SO MAD I HATE IT

  383. Toni lutz

    Life suck i hate when this stuff happens when they make the bast move ever an cancell it

  384. Arianna

    I loved this show, it was so good I cant believe they are making the 2 season like what kind of shit is that? So very disappointing to all who watched and love it!

  385. briony

    They need a second season I loved the secret circle so much and even after these years since they’ve stopped I still hope for another season. I agree they have made a big mistake…. please please bring out the next season I still have hope that they will.

  386. Laney

    This is stupid everyone loved this show why not do another season you can’t bloody end it like that honestly I’ve seen stupid stuff made and release but when it comes too something good that thousands love you cancell it !!! Not happy

  387. candy

    This is just wrong, i love watching this.

  388. Gisell

    I think they should do a Season 2. With the last episode of season 1, you want to know what happens to the girls and guys and the circle. Hopefully they do make more seasons because this show is really interesting!!!!

  389. Crystal

    I really likedon’t the show I would love to c more the way it end was wrong there is so much more to the show and I think they should finish the seasons

  390. Jennie

    This was one of my favorites.. Seriously obsessed

  391. Jenny forbes

    I think you should make a second season,everybody loved that show. Shows with a lot of les ratings have second seasons. There is money for them and you have a lot less people watching.
    The secret circle was I really big hit.

  392. Madeline

    I dont know hat i will do if there isnt a season 2. This show definitely is a 5 star!!!

  393. adriana

    this s*cks because the show was really good I watched the whole thing on Netflix just 3 days .some network need pick it up and will go crazy if there was a 2

  394. TyNa

    I think there should be a season two what do we need to do for them to make more seasons

  395. Sissely Johnson

    Really want to watch season two I can’t believe this is messed up

  396. Kareena

    Yes the secret circle is amazing! I love this show. I really think there should ba a season 2!

  397. Cheyenne

    I love this show. The one thing it needs is an ending. In Charmed(its about witches and its on Netflix) at least at the end of a season they ended it correctly. WHATS GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT. If they cancel the show without ending it I am leaving a very mean comment. With all respect I mean that in the nicest way possible. Were humans and we deserve what we want. Who is with me.
    We are humans and we have been through so much. We at least deserve our shows how we want them. I hope that everyone reads this and agrees with me. At least Charmed(its on Netflix)had a great ending. That didn’t leave us in the dark.
    While you wait for The Secret Circle watch Charmed I recommend it

  398. Princess Tucker

    I think this one of the best shows I ever watched and I NEVER watch series on t.v because I’m always busy but I made time just for this show..Please bring it Back ..

  399. Linda

    My teenage daughters had showed me this series and I loved it ,I watched it with them and their hoping that they will reconsider making season two!!!!

  400. tara

    i’m HIGHLY upset at the decision to not make a second season it’s just dumb this show had more viewers than nikkita yet they say they dont have the funds?! that’s dumb just a lie. someone better buy the rights to the show and give a contract to all the original cast.

  401. Aileen

    I’ve been waiting years for the second season I’ve watched the first over and over and over again waiting for the second ! We need the second season the secret circle and its cast is great and we want to see more of them and the show. Bring it Back..

  402. Patricia

    Hey!! I found this petition. Please, leave a voice!!!! Its about the 2 season of The Secret Circle!!
    P.s. sorry for my english, Im from Lithuania 🙂

    change [.] org/p/netflix-bring-the-secret-circle-season-2-to-netflix

    • The secret circle lover please!!!!


  403. The secret circle lover please!!!!

    They NEED to make another you can’t just leve us hang please oh please bring it back and if it has higher rating then drop that show and bring back this one!!!!

  404. destiny gilmore

    they really need to bring back the secret circle what is the point in the huge cliffhanger at the end of the season leaving all of its fans wondering what is going to happen next when they aren’t even going to make a season 2 that is messed up.

  405. Anna

    With the way season 1 ended it would be wrong not to have a season 2.

  406. Julia


  407. Catherine

    After all those teases of future story lines and that cliffhanger in the series finale, we need a second season. The CW is stupid to not bring it back, especially after all the support the show has been getting and the demand for a second series. Bring it back! Any channel, doesn’t have to be the CW but just someone get some sense and make a season two for goodness sake!!!

  408. Victoria

    Please make a season 2, I’ve read the books and its only right to continue the series.

  409. Jinx

    Season 2 PLEASE!!!!!! Love the show!!!!

  410. Cathy

    Please, please bring back secret circle

  411. Leanne

    The secret circle is amazing why stop know with season 1 they need to make a season 2 our lots more seasons

  412. Kaylie

    Bring it back I want to see what Jake does and cassie should get back with Adam that is if he’s not evil. Point is I’m going to get my show back more seasons PLEASE.

  413. Izzy

    Season two for this show is a must. They left it off with the biggest cliffhanger in the world
    Wtf CW bring it back!!!!!

  414. T-Rose

    why not bring back more seasons of a show that is successful? i just don’t get it. they need season 2 and 3.

  415. Rose

    I bet if they made a second season, ratings would skyrocket and then they would have the funding they need to produce it.

  416. Sory

    We need season 2 it’s a good show

  417. cool

    This is the best show. We need to know if Adam is evil. It CAN’T end like this it just CAN’T !!!!!!!

    • linda parker

      I get really tired of watching a show, get into it really good, and it ends with a cliffhanger, and then you find out there’s never going to be another show, or you have to wait 6 more months to see the next season. Only if you get that channel! I have Netflix and that happens a lot. I’m about to go back to buying movies. I just found another I truly like. Hell on wheels. I’ve seen all the old movies, and I look for newer ones. This s*cks big time.

  418. linda parker

    I get really tired of watching a show, get into it really good, and it ends with a cliffhanger, and then you find out there’s never going to be another show, or you have to wait 6 more months to see the next season. Only if you get that channel! I have Netflix and that happens a lot. I’m about to go back to buying movies.

  419. Ravi

    TSC should be back.

  420. Zaina

    We want TSC back. It was a really good show and it sucks that it ended like that.

  421. Elini

    There are still fans waiting for the second season man. Atleast make a movie to let us know what happened. ._.

  422. Chamoini

    I want to see were Diana goes and I love this show don’t take it away from us BTW Jake and Cassie forever

  423. Chamoini

    I love the secret circle you guys are airheads for not giving us a second season plz give us one

  424. Nadine

    I watched The Secret Circle on Netflix and really liked the show. With the way season 1 ended, it looked like season 2 would have been great. I’m upset that they cancelled the show.

  425. Katie Reed

    I think the show has a big impact on fans such as me please create a season 2 for “the secret circle”!!

  426. Danielle

    The Secret Circle needs to come back on tv! I’m dying to know what happens to everyone. And I really hope season 2 airs. This was one of my favorite tv shoes to watch. It’s not fair how it ended. There’s so much more that needs to be shown and explained.

  427. Destinee

    The secret circle needs to come back on Netflix. They can’t just let that be the end

  428. shyla

    when are you going to make a season 2 of the secret circle i love it and it was a great show and i went to know what happen next. so if you can make a season 2 of the secret circle it will be amazing

  429. Donavan Whitney

    So need a season 2 for the secret circle great show

    • D.N.L.

      It is 2017 and I agree with Donavan Whitney!
      BRING THE SHOW BACK!!!! I was hooked on the first season and EXPECTED a SECOND SEASON as MANY of us did! Please bring it back!!!

  430. Kaytie

    Please bring back the Secret Circle!!! You can’t leave the show wide open for a sequel and then cancel on us! Plus, Adam and Cassie have to find out the Blackwell was lying about the curse, and that they can be together!!!! #secretcircleseason2

  431. ariyanaaa

    yes , omg they should make a season 2 pleaseeeee it is very interesting and it is the best show that is out literally theyre making a mistake by not making another SEASON

  432. matt

    i agree

  433. GY . Elicia

    I’ve been waiting for so long for season 2 and just found out the truth it will not be produced after Y2012. So sad. Really hope it could come back to TV…

  434. Ali

    This is bullshit, they should make another one. How the f*&k are you going to just leave a show hanging like that. Don’t make one in the first place if you cant finish it. The CW is a broke joke and need to get their shit together. The second season could make bank if they stopped f*&king around.

  435. Stephanie C Brown

    Love this series. I have watched Buffy, Haven, The originals, Vampire Diaries, Bitten, True Blood and more. Secret Circle had great potential to become a cult classic. Even this long, I wonder if anyone would pick up.

  436. brian

    will it come back

    • Edmond

      Hope so

  437. Robin C Elerick

    I agree as well, the secret circle is one of the best witchcraft series there is out there that people enjoy watching

  438. Edmond

    I followed secret circle closely and liked it very much , it is a petty they won’t make it season 2 and more

  439. Alin

    It will come back from Netflix ! Just this situation with the virus is gonna take a bit longer !

  440. Jan

    Huge mistake! i watched the whole first season in a week it was so good. I don’t understand why all the good shows are cut short. They should make a season two.

  441. A

    I watched this show over and over again in case there was a season 2, though there’s still not, I will continue to watch it over and over. I LOVE this show and wams a season 2 and 3 and however more, they can’t end like that. Hopefully they make more seasons cause this is one of the BEST AND MY FAVORITE SHOWS

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