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«The Following» season 2: air date

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When does «The Following» season 2 start? TV series renewed or cancelled? Premiere air date is known!

The American drama «The Following», directed by Kevin Williamson, premiered on FOX TV channel in January the current year. Its pilot episode was watched by more than 10 million Americans. That fact was one of the reasons for ordering of complete Season, consisting of 15 episodes. Series ratings remained high enough after the first ten episodes. Soon the creators announced their decision to renew the show.

In March 2013 Kevin Reilly, Head of Fox Broadcasting Company, officially confirmed ordering of «The Following» Season 2. Preliminary air date (release) for the premier episode of the new Season has been scheduled for January 19, 2014. Season 2 will include 15 «fresh» episodes. Also it should be noted, that the given drama is on top among the shows of such type, broadcast by FOX. Also it is constantly discussed on social networks, which makes the creators feel confident and work to the best effect.

What would you like to see in season 2? Is it necessary to produce one more season?

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  1. Sean

    Yes! I would absolutely watch season 2. This show is excellent. Acting, writing, and directing are all very good. Love the twists that come with every episode.

  2. Dusty

    Most definite but making us wait til jan 2014 really

    • Cathy

      EXACTLY what I was thinking! I don’t know how in the world I’m going to last that long, especially after seeing the last episode of Season 1!!! Soooo not fair!

    • Teresa

      I agree, we should have it back this fall, not Jan 2014! That’s just wrong!

    • michelle

      I feel the same great show would defiantly watch season 2, but having to wait so long is torture. I do have trouble that this show is on fox though. Have started watching several shows on this network only to have them snatched from the lineup without another season to finish the story. I hope the Following returns soon.

  3. Dan

    9 months ??????? How am I gonna get my Following fix ?????????

    • Carol

      Its more like 6 months and the time will go fast!!

      • GrimOracle

        You should have read the date under his comment. It was 9 months from the time he posted. you only replied to his post 3 months later.

  4. Kenneth Toretto

    Joe Caroll is not dead, this is part of his story. He planted his DNA on the man that he killed at the light house md put his body in the boat house, Joe escaped swimming away. I can’t wait for season 2.

    • kim kim

      @Kenneth- I also have doubts about Joe’s death but…. They claim his remains were confirmed through DENTAL records, not DNA.

      • emma

        I’m the biggest fan and I can not wait this long but it is worth it

        • Stephanie

          In my opinion, the person that confirmed dental records as Joe’s is one of his “followers”, therefore, he will confirm what needs to be confirmed to keep Joe secretly alive…

          • sammy

            Right on Stephanie. I think that as well.

    • Heather F.

      didnt they match dental records though? pretty hard to fake those

    • natalie

      Well all the people Joe had working for him && escaping from life in prison, I’d pull out my teeth n get fake ones to “be free”

      • Emms

        I would imagine the medical examiner who confirmed the dental records was one of his people…

  5. Paula Nebroskie

    I think season 2 should happen in the fall and do a season 3 in march of next year why??????keep us waiting!!!!! Love it …think that Parker should come back and it be part of the plan to say she is dead for “Joes” sake…and bring her back…Ryan didn’t check her pulse she may have been breathing and it might have been slow and undetectable… would love to see her be part of his Story and not be dead…..which she could!!! hint…hint!! Show is awesome!!! bring it back sooner then 2014!!! thats too long to wait!!!!!!!!
    Paula Nebroskie

  6. Melissa

    Do we really have to wait til next year for Season 2? The suspense just might be to much

  7. Dawn

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show. My sister & I planned our Monday evenings around “The Following.” SOOOO glad there will be a second season!!! Come on January 2014!!!

  8. peg

    I highly suspect that Joe did not die and will reappear in the 2nd season. The Following cannot continue without its main character. Interesting??

    • den

      maybe its called the following for a reason… Joe may not need to be alive, Emma is…

  9. valerie powell

    Yes more please. But let Debra come back so how.

  10. lavette

    come on people jan 2014 is way to long. people are going to forget about it and the ratiings will go down because you guys took so so long for it to come back. this show is fantastic,brillant all of that and then some.

  11. Jenae

    I have been watching The Following continuously since it aired as soon as I heard Kevin Bacon was in a TV series I think he is an amazing actor. However, let me tell you the show has been upsetting me everyone something good happens 10 bad things happen. I was really hoping the good guy would win and it would b done its just too intense to continue. When does season 2 begin? I can’t find anything about when it is supposed to start again and I want to know. Several things I would change in Season 1J Debra not dyingn Jacob not dying (he should of killed Emma,) in the last episode they should of buried that guy Ryan shot, I really wish Jacobs friend never died, several things if good does not triumph over evil in the end I will b very upset, and that ending sucked for the last episode I knew what wad gonna happen, and I don’t approve I like happy endings and Ryan and Claire getting stabbed is not happy. Anyway I just want to know when season 2 will air please email me and let me know cuz if I seriously have to wait til january im gonna go nuts. But this season more good better happen then bad.

    • Cathy

      OMG! I soooo cried when Jacob died! I kept hoping he’d be the one that got the deal from Ryan, that he’d get his life back…at least as much as he could after something like that. But then Emma killed him. Very depressing. And then Agent Parker dying. Grrrr….I LOVE this show but I agree, they have to stop killing off ALL of the awesome characters. They have to give us at least a little something to seriously cheer for every now and again.

      • Carol

        They also kill off popular character in the Walking Dead also..Bummer

    • sammy

      Sorry Jenae but I have done a lot of research regarding the show and unless there is a change in plans it will air in Jan 2014 as scheduled.

  12. Jessie

    Absolutely love Kevin Bacon! The Following & all it’s actors, actresses, & characters are awesome! This is truly a work of art & I can’t wait for season 2! Keep that plot thick & the excitement & twists & turns a coming! Thank you all for this great show! : )

  13. Pam

    I can’t wait until 2014 for season 2!!!!!! I agree with the writer that Parker should still be alive. Please don’t kill off Claire! I just can’t wait.

  14. V

    We want Season 2 before next year. Ridiculous!

  15. Enid

    Love love this show the cast is great.Why Jan not before ? THis show should get EMMEY
    Just to let u no this is the only show on TV that I can’t wait to watch

  16. Brook Leigh

    yes I loved the first season…I’m sad i have to wait 8 months to start second season

  17. june

    great show with the sad ending. i just didnt like the fact that Agent Parker is dead:(
    she’s an awesome charactor in the show and too bad she got killed.
    but anyway! can’t wait for season 2!!!

  18. Geri

    Joe is dead. Fall of the House of Usher style. Emma is the real cult leader. I have never hated a character as I hate her. No redeeming value. I must see Emma get hers. You cannot analyze the show too much because some things are too far fetched in the face of what logically could have happened. TV land. The magic would have been if the logic holes would have been filled. Therein lies art.

  19. Angela

    Should have had more closer even with season 2 coming….and I agree Jan is way too long to wait. That will lose peoples interest. I just hope whenever it does end they don’t leave us hanging, too many shows do that and it is not fair to the viewers!!!!!

  20. Mickey

    Joe Carroll is not dead, but somebody needs to f*ck Emma up real bad

  21. Mickey

    I think Joe Carroll got away and will appear in season 2, Emma must be killed!!!!!!!!

  22. Cassy

    each episode of the following left me at the edge of my seat!! i remember half way through the season i started to get frustrated at the fact that there was no justice being done! then, i realized, that’s what sets the show apart from the rest. there IS justice, only it’s not predictably every episode. it sets the show up for more seasons and more suspense. i truly am not used to that, i give the creators & everybody involved props for creating a one of a kind. keep it up!!!! i would say season 2 definitely needs to continue joe’s story even if he’s not there. there had to have been a lot more not to mention the diehard, emma. also, i believe they should get into the mind of joey. did all of this leave an emotional scar on him that could affect him psychologically? lastly, they can get away with killing off one main character, but not two. ryan’s gota stay !

  23. Elsie

    I bet he had all his teeth removed, got implants, then put the originals in the boathouse, along with that man’s body with the planted DNA!

  24. Rose

    I watched the whole season of The Following. I can hardly stand it that I have to wait until January to watch season 2. I think it needs to start up again in the fall. The suspense I am sure is killing a million viewers.

    • Rose

      One more thing. I don’t think they should have killed off Agent Parker. She was one of the main characters. Maybe you should replace her with another female in playing one of the leads. She was very good.

    • Carolyn Little

      I am glad I checked to see if The Following would be renewed. I can’t wait for season 2, but guess I will have to wait until January—the wait will be worth it for myself, daughter and son-in-law!

  25. vera The Netherlands

    Fact: all foreign shows air with a huge delay in the Netherlands (Thank god for the internet)….but even waiting for Jan. 2014…that is just too CRUEL!!

    please tell me that’s a Joe-like twist…which is thus not the case and…tadaa big surprise: new air date is in the fall??!!

    I don’t care (that much) whether Joe will be alive or dead..season 2 will be as compelling as season get on with it and just air season 2..

    Who do we have to speak to, to get this arranged??

  26. Judy

    I agree that January is too long to wait for season 2 and may just forget about it with so many new shows coming on these days. I do love this show!

  27. Syl

    One of the better shows on TV! Please keep it going and run all first season in order, marathon like, to watch everything back to back!

  28. kath

    if joe is still alive the second series will just be a rerun of the first he needs to be dead and when agent parker was dying she mentioned her sister maybe she could join ryan as an avenging angel cant see how they can bring parker back as has been suggested by some fans i agree emma could take over as the cults leader but they do need to be careful as ryans heart wont keep taking all this stress maybe this second series could be more mentally challenging with less dead bodies !!

  29. Zackary

    I think joe is dead and thats relieving and next season is going to revolve around Molly Ryan’s ex !

  30. Mercy Evelyne

    This show totally rocks.I can’t wait for season 2 but january 2014 is to far please bring it sooner..I also don’t think Joe is dead he is still very much alive

  31. Martha

    Why so far so many months apart. You really expect us to wait that long maybe we won’t be interested anymore

  32. Lexie2569

    January 2014??? I don’t think I can wait that long!! Pleassseeeee air it this year!!

  33. Grace

    I agree with every decision they have made in the series. Everything happens for a reason, wether they make us happy or make us cry. Soon everything will be clear to us (as in the people who watch the show). And also, if you truly loved the show and were loyal to it, you wouldn’t be posting things like “It’s to long of a wait” or “no one is going to watch this after 9 months.” You would be saying “wow I can’t wait until it premieres!!! I love this show so much nothing can keep me from watching it!!” So I will wait until January and be glad that it was renewed for a 2nd season. Take that you leaders it’s the followers turn to shine!!!

  34. natalie

    Same as Sons of Anarchy, ends in december n you have to wait till September. This ends in May n have to wait till January, it keeps the ratings up because everyone will be anticipating a huge season!! HURRY UP JANUARY!!!

  35. Vicki

    I too also think Joe is still alive, I think the coroner is a cult member also and just falsified the records, making everyone believe he is dead. However I don’t think he will show up again till halfway through the season. I love this show as well, and it s*cks having to wait until Jan!! This really is one of the best series ever! But at least I have Supernatural and Vampire Diaries to keep me company until it restarts lol

  36. Tanner Swartout

    Joe is definitely dead, I agree with Kath, it would just be a rerun. But I don’t think they should have killed Ryan, maybe just kill Claire and have Ryan take custody of Joey, some kind of twist like that. I’m definitely thinking Emma will take control of the cult and become the new psycho leader.

  37. Heather M

    Ryan’s not dead. Joe’s probably not dead. And Claire…if she’s dead I’m gonna be pissed.

  38. WDC

    Emma Die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. vicky

    It is the best thing on t.v totally brill

  40. amanda

    soooooooooooooooooooooo glad it’s coming back with another series. i knew they would when everyone around me said it won’t be back on….. blah in your faces lol…… LOVE this show!

  41. jonathon

    well I must say im impressed. joe will come bck as the dude he stabbed delivered his get away vehicle(which actually was a boat) without ryan the show would not be able to go on. so he will survive, but maybe at the start of the second season it will look like emma has inherited the throne?? just a thought ?? jan 2014 wow wants to be worth it after making the world wait that long.

  42. Jill

    I must say I have never been so utterly annoyed at a series in my entire life. This story with this trumped up cult leader that could pull off miracles only the most simple minded people would believe. Everything in this series was beyond believable. Now I suppose a burned up stabbed beaten man will come back for revenge. The ending had to be the worst of the whole thing with this nurse Molly that kills people for kicks. I just can’t understand why they didn’t make the show a little more believable or were they looking for total farce.I will not subject myself to another season of hog wash.

  43. linda

    I love this show! I am definitely going to watch season 2.

  44. Ellle

    BEST show in a long time and YES but why the long wait for season two? It seems like shows make you wait longer now between seasons but then other shows come up so you find new one that offer more episodes and are closer together. Maybe two months between each season instead of six, eight and ten. I LOVE the Following but please give us MORE episodes AND shorter wait between seasons. 🙂

  45. Nily

    I would watch the second season but I think some changes need to be made.
    I would like to see Claire live and I was kinda hoping the Joey is Ryan’s son. Is that even possible? They never said as far as I can remember when was Joey born.
    As of Joe I don’t think he is dead, it wouldn’t go right with the plot (although there is a part of me wanting to see Ryan, Claire and Joey living together as a family and Ryan chasing some other bad guys because really how long can this book go on?! But I guess that’s a different story/show…). Anyways, as I was saying I don’t think Joe is dead and I don’t think he planted the DNA/dental evidence because those are hard to fake. But if he has people at the medical examiner’s office, they can fake the documents to match the results. By the way, I don’t think that was the original plan since we saw Emma crying at the end of the last episode. And also, if Joe is dead who would replace him? Neither Emma or Molly are fit for the job and really they are the only ones left! Personally I don’t like Emma very much so I definitely don’t want to see her as the next bad ‘guy’. The revenge shouldn’t come from her if Joe is indeed dead. Maybe he has a brother and the whole killing thing runs in the family… ;D

  46. Mikey

    Its a very good series but sometimes you get really bored of the huge mistakes they make. How FBi react, how they do things, how they dont do it…. Its just a way to drag things out and to make it “acton”. One of all the stupiest scenes … When they go to the motel with the uzis and fbi all watch it from the motel room , they split and the one remaining in the room blocks the door and “stands behind the f door ” like a amateur grandad and waiting to get shot… For what option did he gave them, not to go in the room?? Ah… I was expecting more professionalism on this series!!!! Oh and ryan leaves the motel with her debugg the car but as an FBI agent he should know better to stop somewhere on road and check for other bugs bfore going to a trusted place…. There are so many of this sh*t!!!!

  47. savingcents

    The Following Season 2 should start NOW!!!

  48. Jen

    This a show you love to hate–so many turns and twist–happy endings?–
    Still one making you want more.
    Great casting and actors and actresses–great job.

  49. Rhonda

    I totally got hooked .Carol had to have escaped the story was left hanging because Ryan and Claire where both stabbed but their was no real ending. Looking forward to season 2 hurrrry uuupp.

  50. Kelly peterson

    CAN’T WAIT FOR SEASON 2. losing Dexter … gaining THE FOLLOWING! Should be on cable

    • friedston bowen

      please don’t give them any ideas of moving the following to cable. Thanks for listening Kelly.

    • BK

      Dexter is 100 times better than The Following. Sad to see that one go.

  51. Deanna Hayes

    Why did they have to kill off poor Jacob? I was hoping he’d kill that Emma girl instead! All in good time though, right? Even more crazier is I miss Charlie Meade, what idiot would kill off a Follower so valuable and smart? And sexy too? Season two just won’t be as awesome without Jacob, Charlie, or even Paul.

  52. michelle

    Best show ever!!!

  53. Robin

    OMG, not till January! I can’t wait that long. I couldn’t wait from week to week! It is the best show on TV! I think Joe is still alive and that he staged his death. Got his teeth pulled and now has fake ones. Kevin Bacon is a great actor, along with his co-stars! I just love this show. I was really saddened that Agent Parker died and Yes, Emma must get whats coming to her!!!

  54. Diane

    This is a great show with wonderful actors. I don’t like waiting but it just makes it all the more exciting when it finally airs. I hope that they continue with the same type story line, and not end up being another crime show. This show is twisted and keeps you at the edge of your seat. I’m really glad Kevin Bacon is on this show he is a perfect match.

  55. Donna

    Bring it back for the Fall, waiting til January bites! Dump a reality show instead 🙂

  56. hannah

    i love this show and i will defintley watch season 2 but making us wait till Janurary 2014 really s*cks i mean c’mon

  57. claudia m bundrick

    I think The Following is one of the better shows on tv, and Kevin Bacon one of the really, really good actors.. every episode of this show is well written and the entire cast does a great job.

  58. Carol

    They are smart to wait until January….they won’t have to compete against Monday Night Football on the east coast.

  59. Lori in WV

    We love this show. Even my hubby who hates watching TV loved it. Can’t wait for season 2.

  60. friedston bowen

    I have watched the five episodes on the internet and I believe with all the garbage comedy shows on tv shows like the following are a slam dunk. what was there to think about. Kevin Bacon makes the show. I can’t believe there was a question of a season 2.

  61. karen

    Can’t wait for the new season to start.

  62. Debbie

    can’t wait to see what happens next

  63. Dianne

    The best show I have seen in years. I hoping season 2 is even better.
    Thank you

  64. kelide

    I was really hoping for a fall premiere 🙁

  65. Katie

    Joe isn’t dead. He pulled some teeth out because he is sick like that. I can not wait till the next season. S*cks it will be soooo far away. :-(((

  66. Digitt

    Best show on TV. Make it happen sooner then 2014, can’t possibly wait that long!!!

  67. Goldengram

    I don’t wanna wait until January. I hope season three doesn’t take this long. Geesh!

  68. rachel

    I love this show just ‘re watched the entire season!! Here is a thought-guy in the light house turns out to be a cult member also and dying in the place of joe is his “story”… dental records confirm joe because he has dentures? Implants? Medical coroner is a cult member? Who knows!!!

    I really wish Jacob wouldn’t have died. Wanted him to turn on the cult. And Emma ugh don’t like her. And really hate how the season ended!!! Ugh. 4 mnths

  69. Karen

    I loved the show! My husband and I don’t watch much tv we’re sick of all the scripted reality crap,but when this came out we were hooked. We loved every last minute.

  70. Marilyn

    I love this show and have gotten a lot of other people interested in it now. I can’t imagine waiting until January! That’s just torture! Bring it back this Fall!

  71. sammy

    I love this show The Following. I wish though that we didn’t have to wait until January 2014 to see season 2. That’s a long wait. It has been way too long since season one ended. The show has a lot of fans and I think I just might be the biggest fan.

  72. maryann

    Just love,love,love the show. I am even watching the reruns. best series ever, can you tell I’m hooked

  73. allaboutwork

    Well…i reall ythink it s*cks that we have to wait that long. But everyone is right…..the SHOW IS THE SHIZZNIT

  74. CDean

    Cant wait until they air Season two, The suspense is killing me!!!!!

  75. Cathy

    My favorite show. Keeps my pulse racing! It is so not fair to keep us waiting until January 2014!

  76. Texastig

    Wow it’s like an eternity!! Can’t wait to see Season 2, January can’t get here fast enough! Kevin Bacon plays an incredible role, can’t imagine any other actor playing his part. Kudos to the producers!!

  77. Cat

    I too hate the suspence of having to wait until January. But then I figure season one started in January. Also this way we do not have to watch as many reruns. At most tv shows have 24 episodes a season. Most have 22. From September to May is approx. 34 weeks. From January to May is approx. 20 weeks. The following has 15 episodes. That means only 5 weeks of either off the air or reruns versus 10 weeks for a regular season. Also who are we kidding we are way to hooked to not watch.

  78. linda

    I knew Joe was not dead because of him watching Ryan making love. You can’t kill me, I’m already dead. Joe, paused, and repeated it. Waiting like the rest of you. I just think it is hard to get everyone scheduled at the same time, thus January!

  79. Ruthieb1956

    Oh yea…we HAVE to have at least another season.
    Great show and I really like it. But 2014? Really?

  80. NurseLady78

    This is my favorite show right now!!! I was hoping for it to return in the fall. I can’t wait to 2014 to see season 2.

    • #1fan

      I was hoping it’d come back soo, 2014is way too far….

  81. beacongirl529

    I am a fan of the show. Can’t wait for it to come back on. I have been checking to see when the new season was starting. Glad to see it is coming back. Can’t wait!!!!!!!!

  82. Michelle

    Love the show!!! Ugh, Jan 2014! I was so hoping the show would start back up in October…but my husband and I are very excited for season 2! Love the psychology behind the show! 😀

  83. BK

    I am probably the only one in the country who is very disappointed in this show. It started out as a pretty exciting show but quickly deteriorated into mediocrity and predictability. The scripts and story line kept getting worse with every episode to the point of it ending up like a third rate ridiculous horror flick. The actions of the characters were laughable. I mean the wife taking off to “rescue ” the son. I mean, really! The show would be good if the characters behaved in ways that had SOME resemblance to reality. Even Kevin Bacon, who I consider to be a terrific actor can’t save this turkey.

  84. Hank

    Love this show… watched the entire first season on Netflix this past weekend… now I’ll stay up past my bedtime in 2014!!!!

  85. Mary stephens

    Man, I can’t believe I have got to wait until Jan. 2014. I have watched last seasons episodes again. Kevin Bacon and Karen Sedgwick are two of my favorite actors. Bring her into the mix on the show. PLEASE DON’T KEEP US WAITING!!!!!

  86. Sandy Fischer

    I can hardly wait for season 2

  87. bobby wesley

    i cant believe fox is airing The Following so late in the start of the premier season. I love the show , it’s fantastic. i can think of many premeir shows right now i would switch to start in January that’s started now instead of waiting to January to see the Following. Now i got to wait until January. Oh Rats. By the way , yes go ahead and start on filming season 3.

  88. Holly

    I loooove this show!! January is sooo far away, seems like its been Forever!! Cannot wait! 🙂

  89. shayne dudley

    my girlfriend and i love this seriesope it outlasts seinfeld

  90. amy

    this show is great cant wait for season 2 love it

  91. Nuiky

    Omg, season 2 in January 2014? Too long. I never watch this show when it first came out but I just start it in netflix and yes it very good show and I completed all the 15 episodes and really really want to watch more of this show. I love this TV series !! Hurry up come out . Lol

  92. Blue Eyes

    I am so excited !!! This show is spectacular ! Outstanding suspense & acting . Best TV series on TV … I always hated the ending of every show due to its intensity & would have to wait a full week to see the next spectacular unfolding . Just GREAT stuff

  93. Mike

    heck yeah it is necessary… one of the the best and most intense shows ever on TV, right up there with 24 and Homeland

  94. james

    Listen folk,

    if you miss the Sapranos, or did you get into the ‘LOST” Series, you will love KEVIN BACON
    in the FOLLOWING. It has all the excitement, the characters reaching out and pulling you in wanting more. Suspense is packed on this series. Great writing for all characters.
    Great acting. Kevin Bacon does not disappoint. I sat down checked the fist show just because I said ahh lets see what bacons been up to …he always pulls off a good show. But before I knew it I watched all of season 1 on netfix until I seen all episodes, and im hungry for more. I cant wait for season 2.

  95. Sherry

    Will SOOOO watch. Just left us hanging and just had to know how it turned out now I will. YEAH!!!!!

  96. Cindy

    I have been waiting for this show to come back on!!! It is an amazing show!!

  97. Pam

    Oh my gosh! The Following, Season 1, was nothing short of amazing. Scariest show EVER. I have turned at least 10 into fans by catching up on Season 1, anticipating #2, like me. I adored his wife on The Closer, now Kevin is my fav. So glad to hear that Joe is alive. It would not be the same without him!

  98. Howard

    Of course we all knew that there was no way that Joe was dead. I had heard that Natalie Zea was coming back but in the teaser that Fox has been showing Kevin Bacon says that hunting Joe has cost him everything so I am thinking that Claire is not going to survive. Natilie made a nice arc in Under The Dome this summer and I would like to see more of her.

  99. Howard

    Never been a show that I can remember that had me saying ‘Oh, no they didn’t’ during every episode. Incredible acting and James Purefoy may be the scariest man to ever hit T.V.

  100. Alicia

    Just finished watching season 1 and loved it. I hate the way it ended but happy to hear that there was going to be a second season. It will be hard to top!

  101. Glenny

    Just finish watching season 1 and i was in love with it. I believe that the second season Joe is still alive i think he had a reason to run to the cabin fake his death and have someone else take his place. “The greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing the world he didn’t exist.” Cant wait for the season 2 by far one of my obsession ..

  102. Rhoda Fry

    I have been anxiously awaiting for Season 2 and if this season is anything like Season 1, I will be expecting the 3rd Season. I love watching this show it keeps me on the edge of my seat and from show to show I cannot wait to see the next one. Kevin Bacon always Rocks!… But the guy who plays Joe Carol..I never want to meet him in a dark alley!

  103. Jennifer

    I have been waiting what feels like forever for season 2 of the following, I can’t wait to watch it, this is one of my favorite shows. I am so happy they decided to do another season

  104. Mary


  105. Tammy

    I love the show! I thik Emaa will end up preggy with Joe’s baby and then you willl have lil baby joe a bad boy eventually in the show. Son like father. lol, Emaa makes the show.

  106. sharon

    can’t wait till jan 19 kevin bacon has always been my favorite actor every show last year left me breathless

  107. Myra

    I absolutely love this show! The actors, especially Kevin Bacon & actresses are awesome. It keeps you wondering constantly about what is going to happen & who else is a follower of Joe. So glad to hear it will be airing January 19, 2014. Can’t wait!!

  108. Shannon

    This is our FAVORITE show, ( second only to the voice, shh!), we can not WAIT until it stays!

  109. JoAnn

    Yes!!! can’t wait!

  110. Amanda caprioli

    Wtf this is the last seasons last episode I’m so pissed I’ve been waiting and waiting and this!

  111. Stringtail

    It’s taken forever! Can’t wait

  112. peter

    many of my friends told me the show is fantastic,, i caught up on it, and love the fact the director is using my one-of-a-kind,,,,H-1 hummer in it, hope they can use it for all the episodes. can’t wait we all get together like the following…lol…

  113. Rosalie

    I agree with Paula Nebroskie think Parker should come back indicating maybe they did not want him to know until they were sure she would live. I live in a Senior Complex with 400 apartments in it and most of us watch this and some record and we have bid discussions. Thanks so much am ready for the show tonight.

  114. bobb

    When does season 2 start?
    on 1/19/14 Fox played a football game instead of the following.

  115. ellen palm

    this show keeps me on my toes,i don’t normally watch show like this but wow this one is just great. ,Im so glad its glad its finally here,Kevin Bacon plays a great part glad to see him back out here and jjoe ohmy gosh he is a scary one but u cant but kind of like him to . so the show has a lot of twists and turns in it its great

  116. steve kaczmarek

    Great Show. Just starting watching on Netflcks, and will start watching on Fox as well. One of the best shows. If you like CSI you will love this show.

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